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Inside the NBA reacts to Bucks vs Celtics Game 5 Highlights | 2022 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics - Full Game 5 Highlights | May 11, 2022 | East Semis, 2022 NBA Playoffs
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  • ducci
    ducci Day ago +1

    This was an INCREDIBLE game, both teams left it all on the court and Giannis was hitting a level that other players can't match. Gritty as hell to push through that injury. The bucks have my full attention, that's how you win a ball game.

  • Why though
    Why though Day ago +404

    What a series so far. Basketball at its best! No stupid egos, part time players, fake back issues, tweeting of feelings or any other excuse. Just two teams going at it.

  • Rey Miles
    Rey Miles Day ago +641

    Holiday is so under appreciated for the things he does man. Able to facilitate, defend, and shot create for himself and others at an above average level. A top 10 point guard in this league.

  • nbalegend51
    nbalegend51 Day ago +1

    Boston led by 14 in the 4th, but the Bucks came back in clutch time, led by Holiday's block, and Portis putback, Giannis also had a huge game for Milwaukee, great game for them all around🔥

  • James Brown
    James Brown Day ago +343

    last 3 minutes of play for the bucks were incredible, truly championship level ball

  • akshay sheoran
    akshay sheoran Day ago +884

    This series is going legendary.... Three games out of five goes to last seconds.... Amazing by both teams🧡

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    What Giannis is doing in this year’s playoffs will cement him as a top 15 player all time if he wins another ring

  • Ivan Djuric
    Ivan Djuric Day ago +799

    Incredible finish. Defence wins championships.

  • Reasonable Person
    Reasonable Person Day ago +380

    This was The Best Game of this year's playoffs! Bucks were fierce down the stretch 🙂🙂🙂

  • Rose. L
    Rose. L Day ago +500

    Thank you Chuck for speaking facts and giving Giannis the praise he deserves yet most people deny.

  • []#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•

    Man this series has lived up to everything man!! The Bucks are showing the whole NBA why we won the Championship last season. Gianni's has gone to the next level folks. Bucks in 6!!!! Let's go Gianni's!!!!

  • Ball Dancer
    Ball Dancer Day ago +171

    I said during last game, that I suggest everybody grab a beer and watch what would Giannis do to Horford from now on. Giannis has a mamba mentality, as late Kobe said it by himself... Great game from Holiday and Portis. Bucks need them big time. Let's not forget that the Bucks play against the best defensive team, without Middleton. Giannis blood on his face says it all about these series...

  • Lucas Battles
    Lucas Battles Day ago +113

    Love this bucks team man. You can just see the heart and passion in them.

  • Bell D. S
    Bell D. S Day ago +85

    The ending of the game in which Jrue steals the ball is 100 percent representative of what happened. They stole one in Boston, and damn it hurt. Great game from a great point guard. There’s a reason they’re champions. He haunts opposing guards.

  • VandPgaming
    VandPgaming Day ago +21

    Shaq spot on, never even been a Giannis fan but that's what greats do. 2/17 from 3 and he has the confidence to take a 3 anyways and knock it down in the clutch for his team. Reminded me of Duncan's shot against the suns.

  • OG LOC
    OG LOC Day ago +359

    If Giannis gets back to back championship he not a superstar anymore. He's a MONSTAR. THE TRUE EMBODIMENT OF A FREAKING MONSTAR!

  • Jon
    Jon Day ago +68

    Giannis keeps breaking his limits, dude is incredible.

  • Bully-Maguire69
    Bully-Maguire69 Day ago +120

    Jrue with the 3 over Smart to tie it up. Then the block on Smart. Then forces the turnover on Smart. Then steals the ball from Smart. This dude does everything

  • A O
    A O Day ago +106

    Portis is my new favorite role player. What a teammate to have for the returning champs

  • Megajack Wackstyles
    Megajack Wackstyles Day ago +25

    Im in my late 40’s and its been a long time since i have seen two teams play and compete like this in a series this will go down as one of the greatest games in a second round pivotal game as i can remember for me personally speaking in my opinion. I just lovef how both teams competed and left it out on the floor it was basketball at its purest form .