The Greediest Streamer on Twitch

  • This is the greatest greed of All Time

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  • R
    R 24 minutes ago

    If this was idubbbz’ gf Charlie would be defending her

  • Rory Cauchi
    Rory Cauchi 27 minutes ago

    Imagine paying to watch a tumblr user half ass stream

  • Roman Balandin
    Roman Balandin 45 minutes ago

    well, 20 dollars are 20 dollars

  • Gavin Mydlowski
    Gavin Mydlowski 46 minutes ago

    1:20 I'm dying

  • I eat bread
    I eat bread 51 minute ago

    Would not be suprised if she made a ‘charity’ stream just to get money.

  • V2 AR
    V2 AR 55 minutes ago

    Bro, that clip of them IRL was some of the most unexpected cringe I’ve ever experience. Truly made me die inside. What a fuckin idiot lmao

  • LegitGaming69
    LegitGaming69 Hour ago

    that ad blocker tho

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas Hour ago

    You know whats funny? She hosts extremely left wing political streams and wonders why no one donates?
    Because they're all Broke Bernie Bro's who can't afford any donations because they don't have JOBS lol!

  • The Canadian Viking
    The Canadian Viking Hour ago +1

    Takes a parasite to know a parasite I suppose

  • Jarv - ジャーブ

    5:37 SIMP ALERT 🚨

  • outerworld100
    outerworld100 2 hours ago

    you've made me laugh for years bro

  • ꧁Naruto꧂
    ꧁Naruto꧂ 3 hours ago

    Its not like people don’t have jobs. Its not like the majority of your fanbase is children.

  • AMC guy
    AMC guy 3 hours ago

    Who is she?

  • Devyn Fahd
    Devyn Fahd 3 hours ago


  • Will Nick
    Will Nick 3 hours ago

    What’s her twitch

  • lucy paulino
    lucy paulino 3 hours ago

    I’ll will donate to her 0.00000000001 micro cent

  • Shahrukh Shaikh
    Shahrukh Shaikh 4 hours ago

    Don't know why people even watches her

  • CLOUDsxm
    CLOUDsxm 4 hours ago

    It's my money and I need it now

  • D W
    D W 4 hours ago

    Kids have no money and hours of time...

  • Adamlel
    Adamlel 4 hours ago

    whats your micophone?

  • Lucas_Foreal
    Lucas_Foreal 4 hours ago

    If she’s having trouble getting donations then she should do what literally almost every other streamer does and make a Flash-Player channel and make a highlight video from her stream or a certain topic they talked about in her stream but since her whole stream is just her bitching about money it would just be a whole bunch of videos called Why You Should Give Me Your Fucking Money

  • Dominic Morris
    Dominic Morris 4 hours ago

    'chocolate starfish' XD also, she is the human embodiment of EA

  • Tokoshi Case
    Tokoshi Case 4 hours ago

    sorry I actually couldn't finish the video she's too cringe

  • Viral
    Viral 5 hours ago

    i think its called *free* entertainment for a reason but uh thats just a theory

    • Viral
      Viral 5 hours ago

      not referring to the dude called dog, referring to the streamers in the video

  • chunkymonkey435
    chunkymonkey435 5 hours ago

    When minimum wage is $7.25 in some states, then it is reasonable to not donate to someone

  • Anraí Duine
    Anraí Duine 5 hours ago

    man that poisonous face at 2:19, and that whole sequence afterwards... she's like a cold midieval orphanage director who makes all the children feel horrible, is more bitter than old endives and shames the people who come to adopt. spooky shit

  • Twisted Foot
    Twisted Foot 5 hours ago +1

    She is the equivalent of the diarrhea i had this morning

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 5 hours ago

    She is such a bitch I gotta say

  • The most dope watermelon alien


  • collin jones
    collin jones 5 hours ago

    People like this need a good ol' fashion punch in the fucking teeth.

  • DJ-TlK
    DJ-TlK 5 hours ago

    Lottie Blix - (noun): The definition of a gamer girl screaming at you in Minecraft for not putting your bed right beside her's.

  • Jaruj gg
    Jaruj gg 5 hours ago

    she seems like a person that would ask to speak to your manager

  • Fallen Angle jt
    Fallen Angle jt 5 hours ago

    I know why she has bug eyes

  • CheeseCrackers
    CheeseCrackers 5 hours ago

    ah yes, normal people

  • Go Away
    Go Away 6 hours ago

    25 seconds in the video and I've already said outloud to myself "Oh shut the fuck up."

  • Andreas dam
    Andreas dam 6 hours ago

    Id slap the shit out of her

  • Temmie de boi
    Temmie de boi 6 hours ago


  • John G
    John G 7 hours ago +1

    Shutup meg

  • Zach oof
    Zach oof 7 hours ago

    2:45 doesn’t she have add block on...

  • Noe Königseder
    Noe Königseder 7 hours ago

    He is the new classier Leafy x)

  • SwollaG
    SwollaG 8 hours ago

    there's so much irony involved in an extremely greedy person running leftist political panels, where at least a portion of the debate should be centered on our problems with greed in society

  • August SN - Norsk
    August SN - Norsk 8 hours ago

    Her name is badbunny (i think)

  • Oracle VR
    Oracle VR 9 hours ago

    I feel like this girl’s seen other girls get money for free and she wanted to try the same. Except...

  • Oracle VR
    Oracle VR 9 hours ago

    Gimme cat pics

  • FlimFlam Jr.
    FlimFlam Jr. 9 hours ago

    im just gonna follow her and chat "lol i aint subbing" then just see what happens

  • Feccers
    Feccers 9 hours ago

    if i wasnt laid off from this corona shit you woulda earned my 5$ right there buddy, 10/10 poggers she reminds me of my abusive ex wite that made me contemplate suicide for years, fuck those types of people

  • Kurt Russell
    Kurt Russell 9 hours ago

    This was gold. What a take down Of Sir incel mike the knight

  • Marcellus HD
    Marcellus HD 10 hours ago

    can you explain why the fuck there is a socket on almost the roof

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 10 hours ago

    She looks like she works at Walgreens and drives a 2005 Camry

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka 11 hours ago

    A lot of words just to say some simple shit. Just cut time the chase, man.

  • UrCancelled-
    UrCancelled- 11 hours ago

    Penguinz your shit is so funny 😂

  • UrCancelled-
    UrCancelled- 11 hours ago

    I stream for my family since I’m far from home @illdryhumpu

  • wobbuffetplaya
    wobbuffetplaya 11 hours ago

    It's funny how she thinks she understands the meaning of generosity when she actually doesn't understand the meaning of generosity

  • Matt_ 1095
    Matt_ 1095 11 hours ago

    ur leafy 2.0 ily

  • ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ʙʀᴜʜ

    she should get a new damn job if she wants to be paid that frequently jesus

  • Cannonboi
    Cannonboi 11 hours ago +1

    notice the adblock on her browser...

  • Nae Nae Man
    Nae Nae Man 11 hours ago

    What a simp

  • Coon_byYah's Gaming
    Coon_byYah's Gaming 11 hours ago

    if i knew her name id just go into her channel and talk shit until i got banned i hate people like this its lkike that SERIOUS GAMING they are just fucked up 90% of the time not even playing games

  • DMediocreGuy
    DMediocreGuy 11 hours ago

    3:47 that's some smooth plug

  • Haydes
    Haydes 12 hours ago +1

    She's the type of person to give you money then forces you to pay double back

  • Meme Restonker
    Meme Restonker 12 hours ago

    Mike's is a SIMP

  • TheVapuuR
    TheVapuuR 12 hours ago

    She’s a dirty fucking communist go figure

  • Your Colors6
    Your Colors6 13 hours ago +1

    She is basically just the devil version of ssniperwolf

  • Ya Boi Naz
    Ya Boi Naz 13 hours ago

    I get happy when I get 3 viewers 😂

  • Ya Boi Naz
    Ya Boi Naz 13 hours ago

    Cause we ain't simps

  • Toney Whisnant
    Toney Whisnant 13 hours ago

    Lmao i like how this bitch complaining that ppl have 5 hours to watch her stream but would be sad asf if the bitch aint have nobody watching because they got better shit to do

  • PrimeManx
    PrimeManx 13 hours ago +1

    How does someone Ike this get more viewers then me and I do it for Free no money. Smh

    • A F
      A F 10 hours ago

      Because big boobi on her

  • Foxy the Pirate Fox
    Foxy the Pirate Fox 13 hours ago

    that guy is a simp

  • Sonicboy95
    Sonicboy95 13 hours ago

    Its Keanu Reeves

  • Xbox 360Noscope
    Xbox 360Noscope 14 hours ago

    This guy looks like badass Jesus

  • Sir Reynolds
    Sir Reynolds 14 hours ago

    Seeing this makes me angry off the fact that people may see this and may think this is the normal

  • Dylon Gaming live
    Dylon Gaming live 14 hours ago

    I think badbunnys charity greed is called im expensive and i am salty about people not giving me money or head

  • Nick Fumich
    Nick Fumich 14 hours ago

    penguinz looks like john wick

  • shmitler
    shmitler 15 hours ago

    Whats her name

  • Collin Kelley
    Collin Kelley 15 hours ago +1

    What is her twitch name because I wanna rub not subbing in her face

  • Darby Hood
    Darby Hood 15 hours ago

    Gosh hearing her talk makes my head hurt

  • Karlo Kovacek
    Karlo Kovacek 15 hours ago

    'This parasite'😂😂😂

  • Mudskie
    Mudskie 15 hours ago

    Imagine if Twitch adds an option "pay per view" and lets see how many viewers she'll get

  • Quackye Donut
    Quackye Donut 15 hours ago

    Baby rage

  • Talon Main
    Talon Main 16 hours ago

    So this what a young Karen seems like