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  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
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Comments • 305

  • Kevin Vasconcellos Hobuss

    Tiram ele do grêmio (time q foi pra final do mundial de clubes) pra deixar ele só no banco.. que desperdício

  • Nober Ahamed
    Nober Ahamed 2 months ago


  • mitha afrida
    mitha afrida 2 months ago

    welcomeback Pacar 😂

  • Tomeu Oliver
    Tomeu Oliver 2 months ago

    Este jugador va a ser grande!!!

  • Rakib Khan
    Rakib Khan 2 months ago

    Arthur n frenkie is next xavi n iniesta..grt players

  • j a
    j a 2 months ago

    it's jordi alba wtf

  • Ole Bosz
    Ole Bosz 2 months ago +1

    Arthur is si great

  • Cracks del fútbol
    Cracks del fútbol 2 months ago


  • Vikram Thakur
    Vikram Thakur 2 months ago


  • Zahraa l زهراء
    Zahraa l زهراء 2 months ago


  • Jehadry Barrera
    Jehadry Barrera 2 months ago

    Con que cara vas a mirar a messi a los ojos ?? Ladron

  • guzman Fernandez
    guzman Fernandez 2 months ago


  • nederivan19 moya
    nederivan19 moya 2 months ago

    Arthur debe ser titular pero Valverde no va a saber que hacer

  • Kooora v
    Kooora v 2 months ago

    Welcome back

  • alberto
    alberto 2 months ago +1

    Arthur-Busi-Frenkie Destroy all the teams

    KISHOR ARAVIND 2 months ago

    King Arthur ❤️

  • David R88
    David R88 2 months ago

    Top player

  • Loois Goldenberg
    Loois Goldenberg 2 months ago


    • Dante
      Dante 2 months ago

      WTF everybody knows Arthur(here in Brazil) before moving to Barça.

  • ANi
    ANi 2 months ago

    Please link up perfectly with
    DE Jong

  • Chan Anguei Dut
    Chan Anguei Dut 2 months ago

    Welcome back Author

  • Moises A Rivas C
    Moises A Rivas C 2 months ago

    Y el buen cou donde esta?

  • Hippopotamus VEVO
    Hippopotamus VEVO 2 months ago

    In search of 50% replacement for Xavi & Iniesta Barca board have kept 8 Mid fielders with 2 additional players who can play in Mid field. Now that's all total of 10 Mid fielders in Barcelona currently. And with zero left back option. Hail Valverde!!! Even God is confused what he's trying to do. And we as a fan urge not to let go the LA Masaia Academy Boys. Kubo & Simmons is a big loss after you've let them go.

  • akram raheem
    akram raheem 2 months ago


  • malayalam D's.
    malayalam D's. 2 months ago +1

    Where is messi

  • Shanit Paul
    Shanit Paul 2 months ago

    King Arthur....

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 2 months ago

    entra arthur sale rakitic

  • Zzz Zzz
    Zzz Zzz 2 months ago +1

    BARCA, 👎👎 JUVEHTUS 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

  • Haha 99
    Haha 99 2 months ago

    He s getting fatter and fatter

  • Ludwing Hernandez
    Ludwing Hernandez 2 months ago

    Un tronco más

  • Steven Gamez
    Steven Gamez 2 months ago

    Arturo vidal tiene que ser titular...

  • emanoel souza
    emanoel souza 2 months ago

    Arthur = xavi
    De jong = iniesta

  • 유동근
    유동근 2 months ago

    Barca’s future

  • Felipe KV
    Felipe KV 2 months ago

    He's the new Iniesta guys! Please, don't sell him

  • fzeros
    fzeros 2 months ago

    Arthur; de jong; Busquets c'est ça qu'on veut comme Milieu cette saison...

  • Javy Vilc
    Javy Vilc 2 months ago

    Crack ****

  • Cleilton Azevedo
    Cleilton Azevedo 2 months ago


    NGƯỜI SAO HỎA 2 months ago

    Love messi
    From VIỆT NAM

  • Fabian
    Fabian 2 months ago

    Un jugador titular no puede salir al minuto 70, debe mejorar en resistencia por que ser titular te conlleva a terminar el partido. se me hace innecesario hacer un cambio porque el jugador ya no da mas....

    • Guilherme Gomes
      Guilherme Gomes 2 months ago

      Jugó 90 minutos cada partido para Brasil, creo que irse a los 70 es opción de Valverde.

  • Mbaye Abou
    Mbaye Abou 2 months ago +1

    Welecome to Barça

  • Carlos Emanuel Castillo Espinoza

    Future crak do barcęlona

  • Lolailo Lalilolala
    Lolailo Lalilolala 2 months ago +1

    Titular indiscutible por favor

    FORTALEZA EC 2 months ago +1

    Fortaleza EC-BRA

  • Wilde Correa
    Wilde Correa 2 months ago

    Great player!!!

  • Stevens
    Stevens 2 months ago

    7.5M Subs
    75M Followers IG

  • Paul Ubillus salvador
    Paul Ubillus salvador 2 months ago +1

    Ya no pongan de titular al tronco de Piqué siempre se lo llevan a ese tronco!

  • Sir SwearsAlot
    Sir SwearsAlot 2 months ago

    Midfield- Arthur, De Jong, and Vidal

  • Sir SwearsAlot
    Sir SwearsAlot 2 months ago

    I want messi

  • maannndo
    maannndo 2 months ago +1

    We need to sell Rakitic, Sergi, Vidal and Rafinha to make enough room for the likes of Arthur, De Jong, Aleña and Puig to get enough minutes to develop properly.

  • Jaudzems Agnes
    Jaudzems Agnes 2 months ago

    welcome back brasilian...

  • DjMejias
    DjMejias 2 months ago

    El Nuevo iniesta ...

  • Cauã Nunes
    Cauã Nunes 2 months ago

    Arthur tá gordo

  • Balde Aguirre
    Balde Aguirre 2 months ago

    tirando el bofe.. Arthur, DeJong.. Valverde Out.

  • King Akpabio
    King Akpabio 2 months ago

    Arthur. De Jong

  • Patricio González
    Patricio González 2 months ago


  • papi kei
    papi kei 2 months ago

    Imagine Arthur x De jong x Coutinho in midfield in a Match

  • Montaser bellah alshmmat
    Montaser bellah alshmmat 2 months ago +1

    Welcom back arthur the king😍

  • Fernando Matheus
    Fernando Matheus 2 months ago

    Mlk boom BRASIL 🇧🇷⚽

  • Arik Agasta
    Arik Agasta 2 months ago +1

    Younger = Arthur, de jong, coutinho
    Older = busquest, rakitic, vidal

  • Titantr0n
    Titantr0n 2 months ago +1

    Hopefully Valverde will let him evolve as he should this season, he's a future Barça legend.

  • Samba Ami
    Samba Ami 2 months ago