I've Never Seen Anything Like It... Conor Vs Cerrone Real Hits Explained

  • This was definitely a first, not just in records for most first round knockouts across weight divisions, but the execution... It looked surreal, but with a closer glance, every hit that landed was very clean. What shocked a lot of people about this bout was how Donald Cerrone responded to Conor McGregor catching him... Why would he shell up like that? Isn't he a black belt in Jiu Jitsu? Why didn't he pull guard? Well, I can prove in this video that Donald Cowboy Cerrone has had a history of shelling up this exact same way. As a fan of both Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor, and a man who's spent a lot of time studying the two, the outcome and result was a lot more practical than most people give credit for. I guess it's the mass public underestimating how good Conor is once again. That said, thank you for joining me on this frame by frame breakdown as we take a closer glance.
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Comments • 80

  • Snow Rider
    Snow Rider 3 hours ago

    You mean by your title there were fake shots too? I knew it was fixed! LOL

  • Matthew Chhay
    Matthew Chhay Day ago

    Your fight analysis are mind smashing

  • Joseph Owen Jagonos

    Nobody expect cowboy to win...his tank was already empty..

  • Inky
    Inky Day ago

    1:25 is anyone bothered by how he just got his balls groped?

  • idk ?
    idk ? 2 days ago

    every shot landed was clear as day not hard at all. an average person can take it. its fake.

  • Shaikh Yousuf
    Shaikh Yousuf 3 days ago

    All this will not work on khabib

  • FaZe Hit
    FaZe Hit 3 days ago +2

    Conor got better, he’s on a next level than khabib

    GTA LEGEND TV 3 days ago


  • Danny Diaz
    Danny Diaz 4 days ago

    Fixed fight 💯

  • ptm ny
    ptm ny 4 days ago


  • king bibibear
    king bibibear 5 days ago

    That was cerrones third time getting finished in a row, he doesn't care about winning, he just cashed a check.... Conor proved nothing here

  • Greig Forbes
    Greig Forbes 5 days ago

    Well said .

  • Bobby Breezy
    Bobby Breezy 6 days ago

    Fixed fight so obvious

  • Robbie Santos
    Robbie Santos 6 days ago

    Cerone took a dive

  • Ben Lane
    Ben Lane 6 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about Donald’s hand at 5:50 ?!?!

  • Jared M
    Jared M 6 days ago

    Is this a book on tape

  • prettyboiJustin
    prettyboiJustin 13 days ago +1

    Lmao the way you describe it all like animal planet 😂

  • Maka Lecker-Tolentino
    Maka Lecker-Tolentino 14 days ago

    Bruuhhh cowboy is still the man!!! It’s hard to believe he lost this fight!! I still think it’s fixed!! I thought it was fixed then and I still think it’s fixed

    • Fas Unio
      Fas Unio 13 days ago +1

      Man. Imagine disrespecting cowboy that much to think he would take a bribe, you're a terrible "fan".

  • El buffalo Loyal
    El buffalo Loyal 17 days ago

    Everyone should have seen this coming, Cowboy was a perfect matchup for Conor. He is a notoriously slow starter and consistently crumbles under pressure in the big moments. Take nothing away from Conor tho outstanding performance

  • Pj mooney67@gmail.com Mooney

    There are easier ways to fix a fight alot of dumb people will say was fixed obvious jealous

  • Karl Danger
    Karl Danger 19 days ago

    And mcgregor wouldn’t throw such an obvious left hand first thing..

  • Karl Danger
    Karl Danger 19 days ago

    Such bullshit, cerrone can fight he didn’t get banged up that bad from a fucking thigh strike..

  • Rochon George
    Rochon George 19 days ago

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard of Khabib Nurmagomedov? I heard he's pretty good...28-0!

  • Glorious Trismegistus
    Glorious Trismegistus 23 days ago

    It wasn't suspected to be a dive, it was a dive.. confirmed. CASE CLOSED.

  • Augustus Gloop
    Augustus Gloop 24 days ago +1

    Just sent Stephen A Smith this video.

  • Muddy Thumper
    Muddy Thumper 25 days ago +1

    Great break down,I wouldn't mind seeing gaethje vs McGregor

    • Muddy Thumper
      Muddy Thumper 9 days ago

      I think there both hungry and would be a sweet fight.

  • R Rishiram
    R Rishiram 26 days ago +2

    Because he is double champ.

  • Yehuda Goldberg
    Yehuda Goldberg 27 days ago +1

    What kind of poetry is this?

  • joseph keeney
    joseph keeney 27 days ago

    When you don't defend yourself the reason is?

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 28 days ago

    I think Ultron made this video.

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 28 days ago

    Conor will KO Gaethje in round 1 or 2. Guaranteed.

  • RDA8191
    RDA8191 28 days ago +1

    It hilarious listening to the pathetic haters claim it was "fixed". You people make yourselves sound like little girls

  • Drive by Night
    Drive by Night Month ago +2

    There was also a good knee by Conor, right before they separated... The cameras switched angles as it was landing...

  • RastamanJungle
    RastamanJungle Month ago

    Rotfl : he hit him with the soft part of the leg, it was not even a knee.
    This was a fixed fight how can anyone not see it is just funny.

    • Bjørn
      Bjørn Month ago

      He broke his nose it can't be staged

  • TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre

    1:28-1:35 look at the spot light on the left going right , for how fast Conor repositioned.

  • 1916
    1916 Month ago

    good vid bruv

  • Richard Macias
    Richard Macias Month ago +1

    From your perspective I must say you've convinced me that it wasn't a fix or cerrone just quit thank you

  • Jacob Corrao
    Jacob Corrao Month ago

    Love your videos. Your intellect is on another level.

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu Month ago +1

    Shows cowboy grabbing conors nuts for 2min lol

  • dónal o brádaigh
    dónal o brádaigh Month ago

    It hurts my Irish warrior soul to see the level of war we have become accustomed to in my country. I am both proud and broken hearted at the same time.

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B. Month ago

    People have such short memoirs.

  • Vince Ventura
    Vince Ventura Month ago

    This is one of the most articulate breakdowns of the fight I’ve seen. It’s refreshing hearing somebody who
    Actually understands life is not a video game when you get tagged the right way you feel like you a moving under water n just going in and out of reactive consciousness , where you could be fighting on instinct alone n your eyes are open but your brain is turned off is the easiest way to describe it n u feel your body move itself like you are kinda on auto pilot. If you aren’t a fighter or have never trained at a high level you wouldn’t be able to understand it. Great breakdown bud! N him catching that under hook n cross face mid air did look like something out of the matrix that was insane.

  • Maximo Willis
    Maximo Willis Month ago

    Sucks to know that there’s a parallel universe where Cerrone v McGregor was a 5 round war ending in a Cerrone victory by head kick k.o.

  • Ben Rizzo
    Ben Rizzo Month ago


  • Ben Rizzo
    Ben Rizzo Month ago

    Amazing analogy...... perfect!

  • Darci Ford
    Darci Ford Month ago +1

    None of the shots were clean. Welcome to the WWF

  • Sean Hanlins Daddy
    Sean Hanlins Daddy Month ago

    First time commented long time watcher. Great work as usual

  • TakeThe RedPill
    TakeThe RedPill Month ago

    Cerrone is a cowbitch. More Mindsmah nutriding Mcgregor

  • Tim t6589
    Tim t6589 Month ago

    Thats the killer instanct that says wheres his weakest spot and how can I hurt it?

  • david de la tiare
    david de la tiare Month ago

    come on man was fixed.

  • Le LD Nguyen
    Le LD Nguyen Month ago

    you might want to send this video to stephen a smith.

  • Eden Brown
    Eden Brown Month ago

    Every shot was clean

    First shot he missed

  • Crypto Royale
    Crypto Royale Month ago

    Great analysis, First class.Thank you.

  • Aphiwe Matyolo
    Aphiwe Matyolo Month ago

    LOL, why did you skip the 4th shoulder?

  • lobotimise aha
    lobotimise aha Month ago

    good analysis

  • CEO Tendo Carnage
    CEO Tendo Carnage Month ago

    Pretty cool man

  • anthony carpentieri

    Fix in Donald was comming off lot losses and matched up for coner to obviously win they didn’t put him in with any killers and dan bilzarian put more 1million in the fight$$ and loss the money goes casino that’s a fix



  • Julio Alvarenga Martinez

    look if cerrone did not sell out then explain why he got so many sholder shrugs and where was he in limbo like woodley vs usman like really seriouslly if that is not taking a dive than what is

  • scooter bros
    scooter bros Month ago

    Conor has brought back the old school Pugilism

  • Johan Uribe
    Johan Uribe Month ago +3

    This should make everyone appreciate Nate Diaz beating McGregor even more.

  • Dan Mickalow
    Dan Mickalow Month ago +1

    It was definitely a fixed fight. Cerrone didnt even make it look legit, just people are so caught up in "KING IS BACK" bullshite. And im not a hater, i was rooting for conor against Kabib.

  • IamMAG1C
    IamMAG1C Month ago

    it's the mass public underestimating how good Conor is once again.

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards Month ago

    I’ll smash you up fool

  • Tee Drip
    Tee Drip Month ago

    Take Stephan.A out and throw mindsmash in !

  • Fred Dean
    Fred Dean Month ago

    Thank you for the commentary. I don't believe most of us can imaging what it feels like to be contacted in the mellon by a world class striker. Thigh, elbow, punch. Amazing that MMA fights go on as long as they do a lot of times.

  • Connor Thurson
    Connor Thurson Month ago

    It wasn't a punch it was a shoulder

  • Advocate For A TYT Canada

    I'm sorry, but this was disappointing to listen to and has got to be your worst breakdown. Cerrone should have NEVER been the one to fight Conor. He's nowhere near Conor's league, never has been and why he was chosen was ENTIRELY because it was an easy win for Conor. This whole fight made me sick right from the day it was announced. NEVER SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE,...NEVER!!!! FUCKING BULLSHIT FIGHT!!!

  • Ritson Yearwood
    Ritson Yearwood Month ago

    It would seem like Connot has turned his body into a weapon ... His initial strikes into multiple follow ups ... Efficient and overpowering.

  • A. R.
    A. R. Month ago

    MindSmash it was a fixed fight my friend.

  • God Godmode
    God Godmode Month ago

    I hate your speech pattern

  • oldmansingin love
    oldmansingin love Month ago +1

    What a great lie

  • Jason Barrett
    Jason Barrett Month ago

    What a breakdown!

  • One love
    One love Month ago +1

    I will never watch the Cowboys fights anymore. He sucks

  • David Gale
    David Gale Month ago

    Great breakdown

  • Kkkk Bbbb
    Kkkk Bbbb Month ago

    his nose and orbital WEREN'T BROKEN.. You blind twats.. Look at cowboy refuting that... "I don't know why UFC keeps saying I broke nose and orbital"

  • james angeltown
    james angeltown Month ago

    lots of shills commenting here.

  • james angeltown
    james angeltown Month ago

    jesse from Mex MA is the only analyst that I am aware of who called it "fixed". he is a shrewd observer if nothing else. can you refute his arguments?

  • MK Kabi
    MK Kabi Month ago

    Cowboy was in no state for a huge match, and Dana knew this. This match-up was meant to protect Conor.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago +2

    This was an obviously choreographed "fight." I wonder how many times they rehearsed it.