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Kendrick's New Song F'd Me Up

  • Published on May 8, 2022
  • The Heart Part 5: flash-player.net/video/uAPUkgeiFVY/video.html
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  • 55sombreroman
    55sombreroman 14 days ago +14

    This review is a good sign for the upcoming album review. Excited for Anthony to give it a 6!

  • Hunter H
    Hunter H 14 days ago +1

    Kendrick took the drums out before turning into Kobe and Nipsey. Drums are always linked to our heart beat. Rip to the goats.

  • Robin Everett
    Robin Everett 14 days ago +1

    i'm 24 and im black. As i live my life i've had my views about society and life regarding my race as everyone does but never have i ever felt empowered through my own culture. i just finished watching the music video. I'm unfortunately suffering from clinical depression and even though i couldnt relate to alot of the things he was saying it really lifted me up. I've never really had celebrities i looked up to or wanted to meet in person but i'd love to just have a conversation with the man, just at least to tell him how the things he's doing makes more of a difference than he thinks. those are my thoughts and whoever is reading this i wish you positive vibes in your life.

  • SAM
    SAM 14 days ago +534

    When Kendrick finally goes on tour again, I’m buying tickets the first chance I get, I don’t care what the price is, how far away it is. I’m not going to live my life with the regret of not having seen the voice of a generation perform live.

  • Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce 14 days ago +361

    Kendrick is a transcendent performer, and the consummate showman. Much like Jared Leto in his Oscar winning role as Michael Morbius. The fact that both the world of cinema and the world of music have had such historic additions to the cultural lexicon in such a short span of time is something future generations will marvel at, and what an honor to be alive at such a time!

  • Kaj O'Connell
    Kaj O'Connell 14 days ago +550

    I think Kendrick understands the egotism in the line "look what I done for you". He is playing with the idea that no matter what you give, the world is too chaotic and too fucked up to even really appreciate the greats without shitting on them too. A more heartfelt version of contradiction on 'HUMBLE'. This concept was being worked on in his leaked song about Michael Jackson too- How can the greatest of all time still be human and still be fucking up and still, after all that greatness, be left dead and unwanted? Kendrick knows what he's doing - fuck the savior complex criticism.

  • Brad Taste In Music
    Brad Taste In Music 14 days ago +10

    Oh thanks for clarifying that it was Kendrick. I was unsure if you were crying to that or the new Jack Harlow single

  • goober123cool
    goober123cool 14 days ago +356

    “Everything that needs to be said has been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again”

  • jonas Bø Cassel
    jonas Bø Cassel 14 days ago +165

    Kendrick paints a picture of radical empathy.

  • Bastián Alexánder
    Bastián Alexánder 14 days ago +74

    This track is fucking great, the sample of Marvin Gaye, the goddamn power of the voice of Kendrick, the emotion, that damn soul/jazz vibe, the deepfakes expressing each emotion that drives our current "culture" it's really fucking great.

  • Ireezy 210
    Ireezy 210 14 days ago +79

    Everything was on point except for the depiction of the 3rd verse. He was most definitely embodying the spirit of Nipsey Hussle as if he was being possessed by his soul to send out a message… Either way this is art for rap at it’s deepest expression.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Day ago +483

    He will forever be goated for staying true to himself

  • Bandstand
    Bandstand 14 days ago +7

    Kendrick is so important, he’s able to make those who usually post meme comments give us well thought out praise & intellectual insights. incredible

  • Roylee
    Roylee 14 days ago +71

    In 2012, I was going thru a real dark depressing time. I was 17 and went from an extrovert to extremely introverted. The first song i heard from Kendrick was “ I hate you” and his music completely changed my life. The storytelling, the dark thoughts, all that guided me thru some extremely dark times. He wasn’t famous like that yet so to see him in the top 3 of today’s music makes me proud lol

  • Wackaz
    Wackaz 14 days ago +46

    I don't watch him much anymore, but God bless Fantano: he perfectly embodied my emotional reaction to this track here. I just can't believe Kenny is back and by Friday, we will be listening to his new album after 5 years.

  • The Official NeonXe

    Such an amazing art. It's music combined with the art. You can see Kendrick has done lots of deep thinking

  • Fr n
    Fr n Day ago +17

    It's not Kendrick that has a messiah-complex, it's the culture! The performative messiah-complex in this track is still part of his deconstruction of black masculinity and of realness in the hood. The point is not that it's his original desire to be worshipped as a martyr, but that there's a troubled but real cult of martyrdrom that's at the heart of not only gang violence but within the wider culture, 2Pac still being the archetype for this. In order to address this in a meaningful way, he has to tap into this martyr-fantasy, he has to perform a messianic ego, not only to comment on this cult of martyrdom but also to make any meaningful comment at all, it's the only possible way of making a statement, or of having an impact within the hood / the culture, because it's these egos that are being idolized and listened to within the culture. When Kendrick says I want the hood to want me back, this desire is not self-driven narcissistic love, but a relation of troubled but real love within the hood. As he says: I'm doing this for the culture. So this is not only about trying to have an impact but also a reflection about what having an impact means and what it's conditions are. The video makes this super clear: when the face morphs to Kanyes, it's clear that he's not only performing himself but the messianic ego that's part of so many figures within rap, within the culture, but differently from Kanye he is not only taking up that role and pushing it to it's extreme, he's reflecting on it while doing it and he's trying to shift it in a meaningful direction. Yes, Kendrick has a central theme, which is the eternal recurrence of the same in the hood, almost all of his songs do circle around this central theme, and this circling around the theme is a reflection of this eternal recurrence of the same within the hood, but in almost every new song he comes up with a new thought, with a new layer! To me this wasn't the same same Kendrick but even still a new layer.

  • Jacob Robert Jude Gregan
    Jacob Robert Jude Gregan 14 days ago +24

    Kendrick is an artist and we don’t all need to come to the same conclusions on what it all means. Take it in, feel how you feel, and appreciate it! That’s what art is all about.

  • Sleep
    Sleep 14 days ago +8

    I won't post a meme here. Kendrick returning to hip hop like this is one of the most potent statements I've seen in years. It's astounding. So nice to know he hasn't lost his touch. Just such an amazing piece of hip hop.

    ALL- CAPS 14 days ago +18

    It’s an incredible video, song and production as a whole. What a performance. Can’t wait to see a Light 6 when it comes to the review.