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Newcastle is SO GOOD! - Apex Legends Season 13 is HERE!

  • Published on May 9, 2022
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Comments • 239

  • Dominique Labbe
    Dominique Labbe 14 days ago +77

    When you use his ult you can turn around and place the castle instead of placing it in front of you if the enemy is behind, when you jump just look back and it’ll place the castle in that direction

  • Alex Chris
    Alex Chris 14 days ago +146

    when u stopped around the corner after jumping over the pathfinder i just KNEW you were thinking "i gotta turn around and punch im after that" and then you did 😭

  • Alexis Benedith
    Alexis Benedith 14 days ago +95

    Y’all can smell that nerf

  • Bruce Arthur Jr
    Bruce Arthur Jr 14 days ago +32

    The whole time you were in that spider pit i was yelling “use your ultimate!” Glad somebody noticed😂

  • Agunzi LFC
    Agunzi LFC 14 days ago +16

    He is pretty good, ive played a bit of him, managed to clutch a few good shield revives, his ult is a bit hit and miss, i seem to use it more for a defensive escape as opposed to an offensive move, but im sure the situations will arise.

  • DaximusPrime7
    DaximusPrime7 14 days ago +8

    Community: Gibby may be too stronk

  • GabeBoiAdvanced
    GabeBoiAdvanced 14 days ago +23

    New Castle is a MASSIVE man. She I first saw him in game, he was standing directly behind a Wraith. His whole head, neck and chest were above Wraiths head. I'm pretty sure he's bigger than Gibraltar.

  • TikTok At Night
    TikTok At Night 14 days ago +16

    Loving this season already i just hate Storm Point with a passion 😑

  • Gerardo Jasso
    Gerardo Jasso 14 days ago +13


  • Toriano McGary 1
    Toriano McGary 1 14 days ago +2

    imagine if pathfinder could get a smal buff to where he can grapple downed teammates over to him i always thought he should of had that for some reason if they aren’t giving him a scanning ability of some sort

  • Kevin Pederson Jr.
    Kevin Pederson Jr. 14 days ago +1

    I was expecting the prowler to be switched back to either burst mode or automatic mode because in this seasons trailer you can see Crypto using it on automatic mode… 🤔

  • NargaJd
    NargaJd 14 days ago

    So while you're in the air with his ult, you can change which direction the ult will face. So if you're running away turn around before you land and it'll put the wall between you and them.

  • Kintaku
    Kintaku 14 days ago +26

    He seems very good and he’s also really fun.

  • Suppertekkenlord

    That first engagement when you were just running for your life from the pathfinder was comedy gold. Especially the "BAM IDIOT" at the end.

  • Koi Toy
    Koi Toy 14 days ago +1

    can you deploy the tactical and throw an arc star on it so that it explodes as the shield goes behind the enemy?

  • trueblueranger6
    trueblueranger6 14 days ago +11

    Ahhh, the good ol “New guy is so damn good” video I was waiting for.

  • Sub_Infinite
    Sub_Infinite 14 days ago

    Here we have him, the best Newcastle in the game! Great job man!

  • (ONG)tupapaku
    (ONG)tupapaku 21 hour ago

    Luv the chemistry with these two 💓 💕

  • Hshshs Bdjeje
    Hshshs Bdjeje Day ago

    Putting his tactical on a trident and driving through fights like a golf cart at a shooting rang is the funniest I've had in this game in a while.

  • Alfie Irving
    Alfie Irving Day ago +1

    If no one knows the knockdown you have as Newcastle is the one you revive with also I learned that you can change the direction of the shield