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MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! (Pilot and Scott’s birth story)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2022

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  • Angel Risinger
    Angel Risinger 13 days ago +4275

    Maia: “I had a very very positive experience.”
    Also Maia: “I almost died.”

    • wellsgargos
      wellsgargos 8 days ago +11

      I love her humor so much I cant😭

  • Scythe
    Scythe 11 days ago +919

    Girl - you went through a lot in the hospital, not only with the birth of your beautiful babies, but with yourself! Keep doing what you’re doing - many of us can relate more than you know and appreciate your transparency and resilience!

    • Claudia
      Claudia 9 days ago +20

      Why do I see u under every video copying someone else’s comment

  • mk
    mk 11 days ago +2435

    I'm glad Scooter and Purple are healthy and that mom is healthy! your family is Beautiful!!

  • Lauren Blomberg
    Lauren Blomberg 9 days ago +725

    Love your content!! Please don’t ever go “mainstream” and think you need to make fancy produced videos - we love the sit down vibe and how genuine it feels😊

    • Danielle Riggleman
      Danielle Riggleman 8 days ago +20

      It makes you feel like you're on facetime with her I love these type of videos!

  • NSpencer4783
    NSpencer4783 12 days ago +895

    You’re a really good story teller & you have such a soothing voice. The girls are so blessed to have you as their mom & your loving, supportive family.

    • Arianna
      Arianna 10 days ago +6

      FRRR her voice is so satisfying

  • Josie 23
    Josie 23 13 days ago +3937

    Love that this video is as chill and unedited as your tiktoks. We love you Maia! You're a great mum and an awesome person.

  • GiaBella
    GiaBella 7 days ago +237

    The fact that I don’t normally enjoy these types of videos. However I sat here and watched the whole thing as if we were on FaceTime or in person hanging out. I have enjoyed watching the girls grow up. You’re family makes my day and I inspire to be a mom like you and be as close as you are with your girls

  • Kristy Owens
    Kristy Owens 7 days ago +7

    I had a very similar experience with how I was feeling about my daughter before she was born and when I finally held her, it all went away. Love took over. Have you seen the movie/play waitress? I always felt a special connection to that story because it’s normal to have a range of emotions. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows

  • Rylee Gray
    Rylee Gray 12 days ago +11

    I literally feel like you’re talking to us like a friend 💖 love this

  • Emily Crescenzi
    Emily Crescenzi 10 days ago +258

    The way I would just sit here and listen to you talk like we are old friends for hours is ridiculous, I love it

  • Mary Broeker
    Mary Broeker 13 days ago +3023

    Every morning my 4 year old wakes up and asks if we can check on the twins. He’s going to be thrilled to see longer videos!!

    • loonbii
      loonbii Day ago

      @brocolliandcheesesoup it’s really not that serious? She just films very small portions of her day to day life. As the girls get older and they decide they don’t wanna be in videos Maia won’t force them, she’s SAID that before. Not everything is negative, if you don’t like it then simply don’t watch :)

    • brocolliandcheesesoup
      brocolliandcheesesoup 2 days ago

      @scouty strawberry the mother is creepy for caring so much about babies who she doesn't know and are being exploited for money on YT and TT

    • scouty strawberry
      scouty strawberry 3 days ago

      @brocolliandcheesesoup Hes 4 how is that creepy

    • Yeri
      Yeri 10 days ago +1

      @brocolliandcheesesoup how is it creepy lmao

    • Mary Broeker
      Mary Broeker 11 days ago +3

      @brocolliandcheesesoup It's not that serious and clearly we aren't the only ones. Have a great day!

  • Matt Hood
    Matt Hood 4 days ago +5

    I almost lost my wife during birth 2 years ago. Scariest moment of my life and I’ve been to Afghanistan. Glad everything worked out, you seem like an amazing mom!

  • Mel Prinsep
    Mel Prinsep 10 days ago +334

    *“I’d like to be with someone that I actually like, that’d be ideal”* 😂😂😂

  • Eliza Portees
    Eliza Portees 10 days ago +169

    I love the way this video isn't edited too much cause it just genuinely feels like i'm hanging out with a friend and were just chatting :) love your content and I hope you continue to post on here!

  • Laura Stadler
    Laura Stadler 12 days ago +30

    Yay!! So glad to hear your story you’re amazing. I had my first when I was 19 and I relate SO much to you. It’s such a trip for sure. I’m thrilled with your success (:

  • Jordan Horton
    Jordan Horton 9 days ago +4

    I love watching your videos so much cause it makes me feel validated as a mother. I had severe preeclampsia during my pregnancy and my doctors refused to believe me so I was miserable all 36 weeks until they made me give birth cause I almost had a stroke, and I was the same I hated being pregnant didn’t feel any connection with them and thought I was an awful more cause I hated the pregnancy. Thank you for showing us other moms who weren’t ready that it’s ok to not be the “perfect” mom

  • Rachel Klarer
    Rachel Klarer 12 days ago +122

    I’m literally so happy you started a YT, it’s such a better platform and you have so much room for growth!! We stan Velocity and Speed

  • Randi Kleiman
    Randi Kleiman 9 days ago +129

    Hey Maia! I'm also a twin mom and went through heart failure four days after my boys were born and my ef was 40-45% and was recovered within the first year! High hopes that your heart is fully recovered and that you can go on that scuba diving trip!

    • Randi Kleiman
      Randi Kleiman 6 days ago

      @Katelyn Ward no it’s not. I’ve met a ton of women who had the same diagnosis as me PPCM (post partum cardiomyopathy) that have had singletons and even pregnancies before and never had the complication in previous pregnancies. They don’t necessarily know what causes it but it can be fatal if it does get bad enough.

    • Katelyn Ward
      Katelyn Ward 6 days ago +1

      Is heart failure common for twin births? So curious I don’t know much about heart failure but it sounds so scary

    • alyssa menendez
      alyssa menendez 6 days ago +2

      Thanks for sharing that made me feel better too!!!

  • Alora Tate
    Alora Tate 10 days ago +154

    You are an amazing woman and mom I’m pregnant and can’t imagine how scary that experience must have been! Ur so brave for ur girls!

    • lets parchment it up yo
      lets parchment it up yo 9 days ago +6

      wishing you the best of luck, hope its as breezy as pregnancy can be & good luck on your delivery!!

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 12 days ago +74

    Thank you for sharing this with us and letting us into Scout & Violet’s lives as well as yours. You are so good with them and even though I have never had children, I still love how authentic you are with motherhood. Also your girls are beautiful and they always make me smile in your videos! I love starting my day by seeing them on Tik Tok so thank you for sharing them with us and letting us see them grow up!

  • Alexandra Setrin
    Alexandra Setrin 9 days ago +31

    As a labor and delivery nurse, I am SO proud of you mama! You fought so hard for these sweet babes! SO glad you and the babies are healthy

  • Charlie Carr
    Charlie Carr 9 days ago +73

    I love how down to earth this is is! Feels like you’re just talking to a best friend x

  • Yanah Kapri
    Yanah Kapri 4 days ago +2

    I think it’s crazy how your life can change so much so fast. Sometimes in life you feel like everything is going downhill but it’s really preparing you for the best days of your life. You just have to believe that your path is your own and things will work out just the way they’re supposed to. I’m so happy you got blessed with a platform, you’re so strong and you deserve it! Rooting for you & the twins ❤️❤️

  • Kaela Gurtz
    Kaela Gurtz 13 days ago +5333

    Maia!!!! I find Flash-Player a way more positive space as far as comments go! Isn’t life wild where you don’t expect much from an event and it turns out to be the best part of your day? I’m so happy for you all!

    • Jennie K Monterio
      Jennie K Monterio 5 days ago +1

      @brocolliandcheesesoup LMAO … you think that these babies are working ??? You’re completely miserable and I am willing to bet that you do NOT even have children !

    • brocolliandcheesesoup
      brocolliandcheesesoup 8 days ago +1

      @Latrisha Pryor lol Latrisha. I didn't watch,. just left my comments. doesn't matter how she started if she's still doing it. imagine presenting your children to more than 7 million people every day. you're all deranged.

    • Latrisha Pryor
      Latrisha Pryor 8 days ago +1

      @brocolliandcheesesoup Yet, here you are, watching vlogs about children. Of course, you’ll say that’s not creepy because you are trying to protect them. In reality, you are miserable, hateful, and pushing your rudeness onto others. I will never understand people like you. If you truly care about the welfare of children, please insert yourself into situations of obvious abuse and mistreatment in foster care situations, or neglected children who really need the help. These babies are well cared for, not just by their mom, but their extended family. She started this as a way to document her story, not exploiting her babes. You don’t have to like it, or comment on it. Get off social media, or just keep scrolling. Your OPINION is not relevant or needed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • S
      S 9 days ago +6

      @brocolliandcheesesoup None of your arguments are sound. She didn’t automatically have millions of views, she was making the same videos with her babies before she ever made any monetary value from them, so how is it exploiting now? Exploitation requires the intention to exploit and if she made videos for no value previously, then she never had the intention to exploit. Tik Tok pays all their viewers after a while, and if she was making the same videos before getting paid, her intention wasn’t a paycheck. Also, she doesn’t seem to buy luxurious clothing or houses for herself, so whatever money she’s getting is literally going to pay for her children’s things. That is not exploitation. Then you’ve said that it’s not okay to post your children ever, regardless of whether you get any traction or not; So therefore your argument is no longer on the basis of exploitation, since you think no one should post photos of their child on social media even if they aren’t making money. And what exactly is the reasoning behind no parent ever being allowed to show their child on the internet even if they don’t get a lot of attention? Should they also never take their child out in public in front of strangers? After all, the baby didn’t consent to going outside or being seen by people! I don’t think you have a grasp on what exploitation even is, since your arguments are all wishy washy and you think anyone posting their child on a public profile, regardless of whether they make money or not, is exploitation lol. Learning words like “exploitation” and “parasocial relationships” because you saw some twitter threads and watched a few Flash-Player videos, and not actually understanding how those things work will lead you to keep making nonsensical arguments. You don’t think you yourself are behaving parasocially when you are making assumptions and projections about a random woman online who you know nothing about? Everyone partakes in parasocial behavior because we all enjoy the content of celebrities, Internet personalities and so on. The average viewer of Maia’s videos says “aw cute” and moves on with their day. It becomes a problem when people like yourself literally think you know someone and their intentions based off a few 30 second videos. You need to dig deeper into why you’re spending your time searching this woman’s videos up to leave your presumptions. If you really are offended by people innocently posting their kids online, you’ll be spending every second of your day arguing without making the world any better.

    • brocolliandcheesesoup
      brocolliandcheesesoup 9 days ago +1

      Y'all always say she was doing out before she was famous as if her videos aren't viewed by 2 million in. under an hour consistently. As if she doesn't have 7million followers right now. It's not okay to post your kids with no traction no. if your content is about your kids it doesn't belong online it is for your private enjoyment with the child's family and friends. there needs to be laws to prevent child exploitation. Same thing with show business. The child labor law in place to protect kids in show business exist because of abuse and harm PARENTS CAUSED THEIR KIDS. the same can be said for social media parenting. Child exploitation is defined as using children for personal or financial benefit. Maia does both. her content replies on footage of her non consenting infant children.

      I do really care. And you don't care about child exploitation, so long as you get to form a parasocial relationship with some cute babies online.

  • Kristina Guzuvaty
    Kristina Guzuvaty 8 days ago +35

    Girl, I felt this in every way! I was so miserable my entire pregnancy, I was so sick and sadly didn’t feel connected with my baby girl either. I got sent to the hospital at 37 weeks and had to be induced (for her health). As soon as she was born, I felt AMAZING. I had a positive birth experience too, (delivered vaginally, no epi) and she spent a week in the NICU for breathing problems. I cried the entire week because I was home and she wasn’t with me. So thankful to NICU nurses, literal earth angels.

    So happy you’re on Flash-Player now 💕

  • biuor su
    biuor su 9 days ago +3

    I feel like you’re my little sister and they’re my nieces! I want so many great things for you all. I know the hate is beyond overwhelming sometimes but you got this! F the nasty

  • Maggie Roller
    Maggie Roller 10 days ago +40

    It makes me feel so much better hearing someone else had the same experience as far as not being connected to your baby and being miserable during your pregnancy.
    Our pregnancies were far different in the fact that I was carrying one, it was my senior year of high school and I was 18/19
    I can’t ever explain it to anyone who understands how I felt it is the hardest thing in the world and makes me so so upset that I wasn’t able to enjoy it for so many different reasons but I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • Hannah Gosselin
    Hannah Gosselin 8 days ago +7

    Aw this was such a good video!! Loved hearing your story, that’s a lot to go through girl! You are so strong holy

  • gab dawg
    gab dawg 13 days ago +16

    i’m so happy that you’ve decided to make a youtube channel! i can’t wait for the future videos. you’re an amazing mom! ❤️

  • Caprice Humphries
    Caprice Humphries 4 days ago

    i’m so proud of you and i’m so happy to see my beautiful nieces on Flash-Player 💕💕💕

  • Breanna Jones
    Breanna Jones 8 days ago +25

    It is honestly so nice to hear that you didn’t feel a connection to them while you were pregnant bc I felt the same way with my son while I was pregnant. It’s nice to know it’s normal ❤️

  • Briahna Williams
    Briahna Williams 8 days ago +6

    Hi Maia!! I’m pregnant with twin boys and are delivering via c-section in 2 weeks! I completely relate to your feelings during pregnancy. Especially because twin pregnancy is so uncertain. I have not felt a strong connection to my babies since being pregnant either. I’m praying that once they are out and I somewhat have my body back, I will feel just like you felt!

  • Katie Gallagher
    Katie Gallagher 13 days ago +698

    I’m so excited that you’re doing Flash-Player now. Tiktok is so nasty and toxic sometimes :( I love this whole sit down and chat vibe. It’s very relaxed and the girls popping up every once in a while is so cute. Good job mama I’m proud of you ❤️

    • Kaley Ball
      Kaley Ball 10 days ago

      YOU GO LIL MAMA!!! POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! You’re doing a WONDERFUL job with those nuggets. Keep on keeping on!

    • The May Family
      The May Family 11 days ago

      Me to girl me to!

    • Chassidy Duke
      Chassidy Duke 13 days ago +5

      I AGREE!!!! I LOVE this chill vibe!!! 💜💜💜

  • dorry fila
    dorry fila 8 days ago +13

    I love how down to earth this is is! Feels like you’re just talking to a best friend x

  • Aoife Leary
    Aoife Leary 9 days ago +1

    I cant put into words how much I live this family. Just thank you Maia for sharing via of your life with us❤️❤️❤️

  • Miranda Ferran
    Miranda Ferran 10 days ago

    love listening to you talk about them! its inspiring to see how much has changed in such a short period of time

  • Lesly Zepeda
    Lesly Zepeda 8 days ago

    im so happy omg, i cant get enough of this cute lil family :) sending all my love to the cuties & mama bear

  • Shea Rese
    Shea Rese 13 days ago +763

    You’re a really good story teller & you have such a soothing voice. The girls are so blessed to have you as their mom & your loving, supportive family.

  • Natalie Winzer
    Natalie Winzer 5 days ago

    I love how real you are. I have a 7 month old and I feel like I relate to you a lot!! I wish I could do what you’ve achieved!

  • Kaley Gorla
    Kaley Gorla 13 days ago

    It's been amazing watching you and your kids over the last few months! You're an inspiration

  • Doris I
    Doris I 12 days ago

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story 🥰 I’m smiling every time I see your posts!

  • Courtney Hicks
    Courtney Hicks 13 hours ago

    Omg this is so much like my story with the twins! I had them as single mum, boy/girl twins. I had to be admitted to be watched, had to have the steroid injection for their lungs but has one before I went into full on labour and I was 32 weeks. My boy has no much trouble breathing, he actually burst his left lung when he took his first breath and my girl came out basically still curled in a ball, vagina birth aswell! 10 weeks in the NICU and then we got to come home. Your doing such a good job and your a great mumma! Can’t wait to see more of you and your twins! X

  • Maeghan Wrobel
    Maeghan Wrobel 7 days ago +7

    Fellow Vermonter! UVM Women's Health is amazing. I had my son with the midwife team, 3 weeks early because of my blood pressure. It was such a positive experience. I'm so glad everything panned out so well for you and your girls 💕

  • Maddison McKay
    Maddison McKay 12 days ago

    this video just made my entire day! i am so happy you have blessed us with this channel💛

  • Kaitlynrichest
    Kaitlynrichest 8 days ago +6

    I haven’t been able to sit through a Flash-Player video without skipping in so long, you have such a welcoming presence! A natural 🥰

  • Alyssaa Monique
    Alyssaa Monique 7 days ago

    YAY! So happy for you and the girls on this new journey of yours. Love you guys!💖

  • AllisonBrandon Ruebsamen
    AllisonBrandon Ruebsamen 13 days ago +596

    Girl - you went through a lot in the hospital, not only with the birth of your beautiful babies, but with yourself! Keep doing what you’re doing - many of us can relate more than you know and appreciate your transparency and resilience!

    • Jaj Aijq
      Jaj Aijq 11 days ago

      @Jaci Hill ohjh ok

    • Jaci Hill
      Jaci Hill 11 days ago +4

      @Jaj Aijq lol because she’s tiktok famous and just made this account.

    • Jaj Aijq
      Jaj Aijq 12 days ago +1

      how tf its her first vid but she got 104k subs and 384k views??????? on my channel i have dozens of vids but only 35 subs like wtf

  • Mary Bolog
    Mary Bolog 8 days ago +14

    i love watching the babies grow up, they are literally such a serotonin boost in my day

  • Maddie Bullock
    Maddie Bullock 12 days ago +18

    You’re so amazing! You should be so proud of yourself and how you’re raising those babies, keep doing you! Screw the negative tik tok crew 99% absolutely adore you

  • Tazz Patton
    Tazz Patton 11 days ago +31

    I feel like you’re my little sister and they’re my nieces! I want so many great things for you all. I know the hate is beyond overwhelming sometimes but you got this! F the nasty ppl!

  • kayla diaz
    kayla diaz 8 days ago

    Loved this!!!! You’re doing amazing! wish i could just let my anxiety go and just post myself. ugh all i’ve ever wanted to do is youtube! so glad to see y’all have joined the platform 🥰❤️ Love you mama! & I love your precious babes 💜💜

  • Stephanie Strieter
    Stephanie Strieter 13 days ago +520

    You're incredibly strong and have handled your situation so well. You should be SO proud!

  • Amanda Lowery
    Amanda Lowery 11 days ago

    I’m glad y’all are doing great. Thank you for being amazing

  • Kelsey Morton
    Kelsey Morton 8 days ago

    So excited for this! We love you and the twins, Maia!

  • Katie Holder
    Katie Holder 13 days ago

    So excited to see you on Flash-Player and get to see you three cuties for longer amounts of time! 🤗

  • Stephawood
    Stephawood 10 days ago

    Gosh the babies are getting so big! I had my first baby girl in September so I remember watching your videos while pregnant! Hope you make more videos!!💕

  • Kylie Stein
    Kylie Stein 13 days ago +11

    We had a NICU baby too and the first night leaving him at the hospital ripped my heart out. Your birth story is insane! You are super strong and I can’t even imagine!

  • Daria Manchenko
    Daria Manchenko 7 days ago

    You are amazing, Maia
    I'm sending you lots of love from Ukraine ❤️❤️❤️
    I can feel that you are happy with what you have now, this is crucial 🤗
    Already expecting to see more on this channel))

  • Kendra Shaw
    Kendra Shaw 7 days ago

    Me watching all the ads to pay my child support 😍 I had severe preeclampsia and had my little one at 30+4, I was in the hospital for a week after too! I wasn’t in heart failure, but also am very thankful for the nicu my little was in. She had a 6 week stay. Also - just had my second baby and had ZERO problems so not all pregnancies are the same whatsoever!

  • Sean arnold
    Sean arnold 12 days ago

    This is so great that you sat down and did this. I look forward to seeing you and the girls each day. Can you tell the story of how you told your mom that you were pregnant? What was her reaction when you said there was two?

  • Amanda
    Amanda 9 days ago

    Hands down I love you on Flash-Player so much more!! The vibe here is everything!! I adore your sweet girls!! And I love your whole vibe your humor and your heart are amazing!!

  • Abigail Grenz
    Abigail Grenz 13 days ago +221

    I love how real you are, you deserve all of this success! The babies are so lucky to have a funny and adventurous mom💙

  • Melissa Hawkins
    Melissa Hawkins 9 days ago

    Thanks for sharing and the babies are so blessed to have you as their mom!

  • kelseaRaebabaay
    kelseaRaebabaay 5 days ago

    I’m glad you are okay! I’ve had all of my kids at Uvm in Burlington and 2 out of 3 were born at 34 weeks The Nicu team was amazing!

  • Cecilia Tinoco
    Cecilia Tinoco 2 days ago

    we’re fr gonna be looking back at this in years when they’re older🥲🥲 they’ve grown so much already!! adorableeee

  • Maria Vega
    Maria Vega 10 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your story I love watching your babies grow. You are such an amazing mom and I love that you’re so normal and relate to a lot of us.

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 13 days ago +340

    Hi Maia! It’s so inspiring to hear your story and how positive your delivery was. Most people only ever talk about the bad. I would honestly love you to be on Flash-Player more mostly because it seems less toxic than TikTok. Do what’s best for you and the babes! We love and support you guys so much!

  • Queen of Hate
    Queen of Hate 12 days ago

    I’m so glad you and the girls are okay! We love watching your tiktoks in our house and you’re doing phenomenal!

  • emily
    emily 5 days ago +3

    i’m literally so enthralled that you made a youtube channel. i love u and the twinnies!

  • Leshia Ratliff
    Leshia Ratliff 12 days ago

    So happy your on Flash-Player now! Good move for you girl!❤️

  • Maggie McG
    Maggie McG 12 days ago

    Mamma I hope you know we’re here for you too. You’re so real on camera and you’re such a strong and incredible mom and I can only hope that one day I’m as strong as you.

  • Jennifer Soper
    Jennifer Soper 13 days ago +13

    I had twins, fraternal, boy and a girl. Best feeling I’ve ever had when i gave birth (i had a vaginal birth). So glad you made a Flash-Player video!! So much easier to interact! I hope you make more and keep it up! I like Flash-Player much better. Less toxicity. Welcome ❤️

    PS: I loved the NICU! I felt so much better leaving them knowing they were in great hands! Oh! And iMovie is a great editing tool!

  • Teryn Aliya
    Teryn Aliya 5 days ago +4

    Its great to see that you're finally on Flash-Player. Not going to lie, when I saw your reels and tiktoks for the first time I was pretty alarmed but your sense of humor is great. Keep making videos and excited to see that they've made their way to a new platform.

  • Casey S
    Casey S 5 days ago

    I’m so excited to watch you , the girls and your channel grow ❤️

  • Sana A
    Sana A 8 days ago

    I hope this Flash-Player journey will be more relaxing and positive for you! ❤ I love how relaxing this video, I'm excited all that's too come

  • jmsink1
    jmsink1 8 days ago

    I watch you on TikTok and I want to tell you I love how genuine you are!! You have so much to be proud of!!!

  • cheska pañares
    cheska pañares 6 days ago

    I'm so happy to see these three beautiful ladies on yt. Thank you for sharing your life and your babies Maia.

  • allie gaber
    allie gaber 9 days ago

    maia making a youtube channel is something i didnt know i needed! just found this channel and about to binge all her videos, literally my fav girl gang

  • Rhiannon Brown
    Rhiannon Brown 11 days ago

    It was has been so amazing watching you and your babies grow on Tiktok and now on Flash-Player!!! Wherever life brings you a year, 2 years, 5 years from now - we all support you ❤️

  • Jessica Ackley
    Jessica Ackley 12 days ago

    So so happy to see you on this side of creators community ❤ you 3 are so deserving i hope this turns in to something huge for you guys.

  • sara olivas
    sara olivas 8 days ago

    i’m a twin and we were born ten weeks early! it’s super cool that you made it to 34 weeks. you’re incredible. your girls are so lucky to have you as a mom.

  • Gemma selby
    Gemma selby 12 days ago +5

    I remember crying my absolute heart out when I left the hospital after a week without my baby (she was in the NICU) 2weeks later she was home too. But like you, such good memories from her nicu stay. They truly are amazing workers! X

  • Crystal Militante
    Crystal Militante 6 days ago

    Girl i love your videos and I can't wait to watch what your future youtube videos will be like! You are a great mother and I love the humor you have with your babies :) Goodluck on this journey !

  • Grateful
    Grateful 8 days ago

    I love seeing you relaxed with the babies ... you are a natural mommy!!!

  • Mione134
    Mione134 12 days ago

    Maia, I've been watching your tiktoks since the beginning. You are such an incredibly strong person. Vodka and Scotch are so lucky to have you as a mom! As a single 31 year old woman, you are an inspiration to us all!

    • Sherry
      Sherry 11 days ago

      Vodka?? 😳😳

  • vmorrison23
    vmorrison23 6 days ago

    Yay I’m so excited you’re on YT! I feel like the interaction here is way more positive lol looking forward to seeing your vids!

  • Miriam
    Miriam 17 hours ago

    you're such a warrior Maia! Don't let the toxicity of social media get to you. Stay beautiful

  • Sharn Knight
    Sharn Knight 13 days ago +8

    And you’re right about the feeling once your baby is finally out of you, you can start to feel more yourself again 😌💆‍♀️

  • Lyndi Henderson
    Lyndi Henderson 13 days ago +42

    I had postpartum so bad after I had my son, so I can completely relate to you on the connection after they were born. I’d love to see a video with your experience after they were born, what coming home was like and what not! ❤️

  • Brooke Swailes
    Brooke Swailes 8 days ago

    So glad you’re on Flash-Player! Love you and your babies 🥰

  • Ashley Chau
    Ashley Chau 7 days ago

    I love you and these babes SO much 🤍 thank you for letting us into your lives! I’d fly out to babysit Scotch and Vodka pro bono whenever 🤣

  • Unique Rxses
    Unique Rxses 4 days ago +1

    Violet and Scout are so beautiful, I’m so glad you made a Flash-Player channel! 💓💓

  • Allissa
    Allissa 12 days ago +22

    I only found you a couple months ago, but it’s been so amazing seeing you guys grow as a family. You’re such a wonderful mom and those girls are so loved.
    We love you Maia, Scott, and Pilot ❤️

    • Allissa
      Allissa 9 days ago +3

      @Poka Dots They are! On TikTok everyone calls them basically anything except their names lol. They’re mostly S and V names. As far as “Pilot” goes, I think that started because the captions on the videos would say “pilot” instead of Violet, so it just stuck.

    • Poka Dots
      Poka Dots 9 days ago +5

      I swear their names were Scout and Violet I'm so confused

  • Allie Wolfe
    Allie Wolfe 10 days ago

    Miss Maia- You're an absolute queen. What an amazing and strong mama. Those babies are in GREAT hands!

  • Christy G.
    Christy G. 6 days ago +2

    You seem like such an amazing mom. Idk how you handle twins on your own! I’ve only had singletons and it’s been a struggle, and that’s with my husband 🤣 Keep doing what your doing because you are doing an awesome job!

  • Bootlegger Beauty
    Bootlegger Beauty 8 days ago

    So happy to see you on the Flash-Player platform! Much friendly and more family oriented than tiktok!!!

  • teresita
    teresita 9 days ago +1

    Violet and Scout making eye contact and smiling at each other at 7:24 is the cutest thing !

  • Paige Kesler
    Paige Kesler 13 days ago +320

    I really like this sit down and talk to us viewers vibe. I love seeing the baby’s for a longer time obviously, but I mostly love hearing from you! Tik tok can definitely be toxic, I find Flash-Player to be a lot kinder. You’re killing it per usual momma!

  • Amber Frost
    Amber Frost 7 days ago

    I love watching you and your girls grow! ❤❤❤

  • Katlyn J
    Katlyn J 12 days ago

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