50 People Try to Peel and Chop a Butternut Squash | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • Butternut squashes are notoriously difficult to prepare for cooking. Watch as 50 people give it their best shot and try to peel, open, cut and deseed a butternut squash!
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    50 People Try to Peel and Chop a Butternut Squash | Epicurious
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  • tjbuster9Ty
    tjbuster9Ty Day ago

    6:37 gets me every time

  • thryn79
    thryn79 2 days ago

    Wtf?!?! Spent the whole time watching in disbelief. Biggest tip I can tell people is to just roast it whole. It makes life sooooooooo much easier & it tastes sweeter!!!

  • TheNecessaryEvil
    TheNecessaryEvil 4 days ago

    Why would you peel butternut squash, the best way to cook them is just cut in half, remove seeds, oil, season, bake as is then you just scoop the cooked squash out.

  • Myke Smith
    Myke Smith 5 days ago

    half these people live under a rock these videos have made me given up in life

  • Nick K
    Nick K 7 days ago

    2:04 my man looked SHOOK that there were no seeds there

  • I'm A Ban I'm A Bandito

    Sometimes uncultured swine is an understatement
    This video is exhibit A

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 10 days ago


  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 10 days ago

    1:49 "try another weapon here" 😂

  • Danky boi
    Danky boi 11 days ago

    I dont know why
    But I really want to punch them and tell them how stupid they are

  • Jebs M
    Jebs M 11 days ago

    It really makes me anxious how they hold some of the knives to cut it.... 😬😬😬

  • James Tao
    James Tao 11 days ago

    put on latex glove when preparing butternut squash. some people will be allergic to certain chemicals in the squash, they will lose a layer of skin on their palms.

  • Regina Billotti
    Regina Billotti 11 days ago

    Roast it in the shell, then peel it. So much easier.

  • Juliana Karasawa
    Juliana Karasawa 11 days ago

    Were those people living under a rock?

  • Fishy 魚っぽい
    Fishy 魚っぽい 12 days ago

    Me screeching because they use a tool wrong

  • breh dumass
    breh dumass 12 days ago

    Why is everyone using a meat cleaver or a lemon squeezer?

  • beauty spill
    beauty spill 12 days ago

    I feel like you guys asked them different things, then forgot to update the title, because no one even said chop

  • Roo Berry
    Roo Berry 12 days ago

    Ok I'm 12 and I know how to peel all the fruits/veggies they do in this series 😂

  • Mitsubishi F-2
    Mitsubishi F-2 12 days ago

    Or you know you could just cut the thing in half, deseed it and roast it. No reason to peel it.

  • Charlotte Priester
    Charlotte Priester 12 days ago

    0:36 that gave me major anxiety... like if you're gonna do that then make sure to not cut anywhere near your fingers or anything... like have the squash verticle with the cleaver going down

  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye 12 days ago

    Some people were very lucky that they didn't cut themselves

  • Cliff B
    Cliff B 14 days ago

    What's the song at 3:00?

  • Audrey Wade
    Audrey Wade 15 days ago

    The guy with the long hair is literally my favorite person.

  • Nasir Midgette
    Nasir Midgette 17 days ago

    Who's the girl at 3:33

  • namjoons tiddies
    namjoons tiddies 19 days ago

    We usually heat the butternut up a bit either in the microwave or in boiling water to soften the skin a bit. That way its like peeling a potato

  • Fluidice 23
    Fluidice 23 19 days ago

    How stupid are these people?

  • Meow Meow Kapow
    Meow Meow Kapow 19 days ago

    How did we do these people so wrong that one person thinks a toe nail clipper might be a good option? That poor person. I’m sorry we failed you.

  • Artemis Hunts
    Artemis Hunts 21 day ago

    People are so hopeless. I feel like a stinking genius when I watch these videos.

  • Maddi Sackett
    Maddi Sackett 21 day ago

    A yam?😂

  • Noelle Marie
    Noelle Marie 22 days ago

    I'm 13 and I know basically how to do everything they ever post on this channel

  • Basik Elijah
    Basik Elijah 22 days ago

    Why is there so many gay people doin this

  • Anna
    Anna 22 days ago +1

    Watching this made me so anxious!! Especially the part where nobody could find the seeds!! I was cringing over here!

  • Em & m
    Em & m 24 days ago

    *Common sense has left the chat*

  • Patip Thongsuknok
    Patip Thongsuknok 25 days ago

    when i was new to this channel i felt like i have seen you and heard your name somewhere robert ramsey and then i remembered and tried to find the video it was in a gordon ramsey undercover episode :D

  • Mary Anne Lavender
    Mary Anne Lavender 25 days ago

    Robert Ramsey: Gordon Ramsey's aunt's daughter's husband's cousin.

    • Gréëñ Tēå
      Gréëñ Tēå 22 days ago

      Actually Gordon Ramsays last name has an A instead of an E uwu

  • Zandra F
    Zandra F 25 days ago

    Yup the gloves people, its the most important. Otherwise you will have a terrible goui layer on your hands. I learned that the hard way 😂

  • Kandeel I
    Kandeel I 29 days ago

    when will someone drop the @ of the hot asian guy at 0:24

  • Katerica Stephenson
    Katerica Stephenson 29 days ago

    I can’t believe this is disappointing I see some people don’t know they way around the kitchen tools😂😩.

  • Oscar da mutha fuckin Grouch

    Did they get these people from retardsville?

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Month ago +15

    “You're the reason this species is a failure, and it makes me angry”
    - Rick Sanchez

  • Sandy Holliday
    Sandy Holliday Month ago

    You just stick the squash in the oven and bake in it's skin. It's delicious and even sweet like a yam.

  • Greeny
    Greeny Month ago

    If i was on this channel i would act like the dumbest person on the planet

  • LittleShy Lotus123
    LittleShy Lotus123 Month ago +7

    “Just like when you were a kid and hollowed out a pumpkin”
    Me who has never hollowed out a pumpkin: Ummm

  • Valeria Lopez Torres
    Valeria Lopez Torres Month ago +2

    Oh come on! This has got to be fake-people can't be THAT clueless about basic kitchen tools. Really?

  • Xx_ SCHappyHearts_xX

    Did they guys even go to school? They are such idiots. ‘There are no seeds’ just CUT IT

  • Randolp Ascano
    Randolp Ascano Month ago +2

    No need for the other tools, all you need is a knife, a cutting board and a SPOON

  • Jr Pueyo-Morales
    Jr Pueyo-Morales Month ago

    That's murder

  • Alejandro Toro
    Alejandro Toro Month ago +7

    3:17 This lady knows everything on every video. I love her

  • Collin Bellamy
    Collin Bellamy Month ago +2

    0:18 hey it’s the lady who called a coconut and watermelon

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie Month ago

    Interesting to see how bad people can be in the kitchen lol.. i mean.. really. 😅😅..

  • Ian bruscky
    Ian bruscky Month ago

    i find weird how in english you don't associate squash and pumpking, they are basicaly the same! in portuguese we call it all pumpking but like different variations of it, like subspecies

  • Hallie Locket
    Hallie Locket Month ago +1

    Everybody always goes for the rocker knife, meat tenderizers, and cleaver 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Thicc pingu
    Thicc pingu Month ago +1

    Area 51 raiders

  • Drafina Puspita
    Drafina Puspita Month ago +1

    3:37 very satisfying

  • Robert Sacher
    Robert Sacher Month ago

    That guy looked like Jack Black in a wig.

    YJM YJM Month ago +22

    Next : 50 people try doing their taxes without the internet

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Month ago

    Have they never seen a butternut squash before?

  • Jason Cheung
    Jason Cheung Month ago +26

    everyone in the video: there are no seeds
    me as an intellectual 16 years old: have you tried the bottom half of the pumpkin

    • demarco
      demarco 29 days ago +1

      Jason Cheung THE PUMPKIN

  • Smile Or We'll Die
    Smile Or We'll Die Month ago +2

    I hope no one cut themselves when they did this!

  • Teddy
    Teddy Month ago

    6:38 please never

  • Mero Mero
    Mero Mero Month ago

    are they intentionally acting dumb af ?