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What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • We got an inside look at how the United States Army trains tankers and cavalry scouts during its 22-week One Station Unit Training. Chief video correspondent Graham Flanagan went inside the Armor School in Fort Benning, Georgia, where he observed soldiers at various stages of training.
    After completing 10 weeks of basic combat training, soldiers go through 12 more weeks of advanced instruction. Future tankers learn how to drive, fire, and maintain the M1 Abrams battle tank, which has been the Army's primary tank since the Gulf War. Soldiers also learn how to load the tank's ammunition rounds, which range in weight from about 30 to 60 pounds.
    Along with tankers, the Armor School trains cavalry scouts, whose mission is to perform reconnaissance and gather intelligence in the field and report to leadership, who may decide to utilize armored weapons and vehicles based on the scouts' reports. Cavalry scouts also train with anti-armor weapons like grenade launchers and rocket launchers.
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    What Army Tankers Go Through In Boot Camp | Boot Camp

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  • Joe Harkins
    Joe Harkins Day ago +1

    I am 89 years old and still proud to have been an Armor School instructor at Fort Knox in the mid-1950s.

  • Adam G III
    Adam G III Day ago +2

    There's gonna be people questioning that young tankers "dont feel safe" comment. That is a smart Tanker. A tank will kill or maim you, doesn't matter who's side you're on. I've seen crushed fingers, broken jaws and teeth, crushing deaths, drownings, broken limbs, blown out knees and backs. All because complacency, or someone was tired, wasn't paying attention or was goofing off. I hope she keeps a little bit of that fear and it keeps her and her crew safe thru her enlistment.

  • Mob with Guns
    Mob with Guns Day ago +548

    The “didn’t feel safe “ female soldier was smart and took a moment to calculate her response , factoring in her DI’s and superiors might see this video later and she didn’t want any “corrective training “ later

  • Peyton Morehead
    Peyton Morehead 2 hours ago +6

    I was watching this as a tanker that finished my training last May or so. Surprised to see how much they've already changed small things. My company was the first to visit the armor museum. And it was at the end of our training, which was 27 weeks not 22.

  • ken homeier
    ken homeier Day ago +397

    The military is very good at training and building a soldier. Good video. Hats off to our troops and training commands.

  • UselessSergeant
    UselessSergeant Day ago +150

    SSG Portillo, the instructor, was one of my section sergeants at Fort Hood. One of the best tankers I’ve ever met

  • Charles Anthony
    Charles Anthony Day ago +376

    Wow so much has changed. During my era The Armor School was at Fort Knox, KY. Basic Training was Six Weeks with Advanced Training was Seven Weeks. The Training lasted Thirteen Weeks. I Trained on the old M551A1 Sheridan which was pased out. I later trained for Thirty Days on the old M60A1 Rise Passive Sights Tank which was phased out.

  • John Rodgers
    John Rodgers Day ago +346

    I was a USMC M1A1 tank mechanic in the 90's. Still miss those days. It's really sad they disbanded the tank battalions.

  • Aaron Kulkis
    Aaron Kulkis Day ago +373

    This isn't Basic Training, which covers the common tasks and knowledge which all soldiers must know. This is AIT (Advanced Individual Training), where soldiers learn their additional skills and knowledge needed for their primary military occupational specialty.

  • DrRocketman 779
    DrRocketman 779 21 hour ago +196

    "Tanks are designed for killing people and breaking things. They aren't too particular about how."

  • Dave Doughty
    Dave Doughty Day ago +141

    I enjoyed this video… I was an 11E40 (Armor Commander) 50 years ago. I saw service in Operation Giant Slingshot as a forward observer for a howitzer battery. I directed fire from Vietnam into Cambodia. I was able to do my job and return safely. It’s interesting to see today people say “thanks for your service “ . That’s NOT what they said 50 years ago. Better late than never…

  • Daud 1976
    Daud 1976 Day ago +100

    My late uncle fought world war two in a tank. At the end of the war, he came home and became a driving examiner at a licensing department. Makes perfect sense. 😄

  • Daily Meditation
    Daily Meditation Day ago +642

    I love these series. Can you profile the Jungle and Arctic schools in Hawaii and Alaska?

  • Remko
    Remko Day ago +445

    "do you feel safe when youre inside that tank?"

  • 330kV 330kV
    330kV 330kV Day ago +24

    Great video, I was in The Australian reserves as a scout in a armoured reconnaissance unit so while not having any experience with tanks, the philosophy of working together with armoured vehicles as a scout is the same. I think this video is just a simple and honest account of the very basics of working with armour. I'm pretty sure all soldiers in armoured units will just nod in agreement as they watch this. Great to see women involved as well, in my time women couldn't work in armoured combat roles, but could be in support.

  • Scyrus82
    Scyrus82 Day ago +60

    Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Graduated Tanker OSUT 11 Dec 2000. 11th Cavalry til 2006. I hope this new class of soldier does America proud. No matter the politics, no matter the drama, you are the line that keeps our country free and your armor is honor. God bless our military men and women.

  • Tanker JAG
    Tanker JAG Day ago +59

    Being a tanker in basic training is way different than active duty, especially forward. It is a lot of work. I love tanks. M60's and M1's were my dates. But lots of maintenance. Lots to watch out for. Basic/AIT is just for orientation and some basic skills. You really learn to be a tanker once you get to your line unit.

  • Dana Harper
    Dana Harper 21 hour ago +39

    The competitive banter between scouts and tankers creates a motivated and coordinated team; lethal to the enemy.

    L.A.XGUNNER Day ago +598

    I was a Cav Scout and we were called glorified Infantry and a wannabe tanker.

  • Richard E
    Richard E Day ago +22

    I remember clearly when, in the late 1970s, Chrysler Corp won the competition to produce the new MBT. Turbine powered. Quiet and fast. Amazing Huntsville Electronics. 45 years later, with upgrades, it is still up there with the best. M1 Abrams, MoPar or no tank!