Last to Leave The House, Keeps It

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
    We stayed in the world's smallest house, and the last person to leave, got to KEEP IT!! This challenge got really crazy...
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Comments • 8 975

  • cave lion
    cave lion 3 hours ago

    6:24 PAUSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Caylin C
    Caylin C 4 hours ago

    This video came out on my birthday

  • Minela Bektic
    Minela Bektic 7 hours ago

    When they said Boys go to college to get more knowledge girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider so that means the boys are dum and need more knowledge and girls are soo smart that they got to Jupiter some how and are making them stupider stupid boys!!!!

  • Musab_SniperLyfe
    Musab_SniperLyfe 7 hours ago

    sub to my youtube

  • Xolinsy Q
    Xolinsy Q 8 hours ago

    Rug you should get new people in your challenges

  • Lizard Val
    Lizard Val 13 hours ago

    Hi I’m max🐶
    Max can’t swim very well🌊
    Don’t let max sink in the comments

  • Lizard Val
    Lizard Val 13 hours ago

    Hi I’m max🐶

  • Bryson Williams
    Bryson Williams 14 hours ago

    You cant do her like that

  • Innocent Mbije
    Innocent Mbije 15 hours ago

    antony let himself go he too fat

  • bubba rios
    bubba rios 16 hours ago

    Is there rats in it

  • Supreme Bust
    Supreme Bust 17 hours ago

    Fat peoples can’t play twister

  • Adrian the Dog lover
    Adrian the Dog lover 20 hours ago

    At 5:55 the butt slap tho

  • Rose Edits
    Rose Edits 20 hours ago

    I forgot something what about there phones

  • Josh Orozco
    Josh Orozco Day ago

    Yo let me join faze jk

  • Bassam Alsakralsadon

    I am a huge fan I scribd to Flash-PlayerChannel

  • Shahin Kamruzzaman

    Ah...hmmmm well about Nordvpn



  • Anna McCurdy
    Anna McCurdy Day ago

    My cheer coach would have died bc of the fart balm she almost died when we went to Disney and watched the bugs light show lol 😂

  • Scott Hickey
    Scott Hickey Day ago

    Stop complaining you had it when you a baby

  • N E
    N E Day ago

    Out of ten an eleven

  • Ski TV
    Ski TV Day ago

    You have their phones still

  • Dominick Duarte
    Dominick Duarte 2 days ago

    They using x-shot guns not nerf guns

  • So ligma Xxxballs
    So ligma Xxxballs 2 days ago

    who else is watching because you watched pretty much every video

  • Uriah Hazelwood
    Uriah Hazelwood 2 days ago

    So Anthony is 20 drinking???

  • Jai'ron Rhodes
    Jai'ron Rhodes 2 days ago

    U say girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider and boys go to college to get more nolege the girls managed to get to Jupiter and us boys just went to college who's the dumber one bc girls managed to make it to jupider

  • Jaycie Nicholson
    Jaycie Nicholson 2 days ago

    Girls are better

  • Agustin Garcia
    Agustin Garcia 2 days ago

    What about Athany phone

  • Ruby Doggie
    Ruby Doggie 2 days ago


  • doode doode
    doode doode 2 days ago +1

    I want Noah to win

  • Zuzannna Szymanska
    Zuzannna Szymanska 2 days ago

    And this comment is for Noah ! Girls arent suck you are suck ! Imagine you have gf and she is so good for you she do food and everything so Noah you are so dumb boy ❤️

  • Elton G
    Elton G 2 days ago

    jeans are worn underneath the belly button

  • Driippy Queen
    Driippy Queen 2 days ago

    If i had to do this challenge i would win😂i love to inside

  • Soheir Abou Chama
    Soheir Abou Chama 2 days ago +1

    Moms go to Mars to get the bigger vas
    Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider
    Girls go to college to get more knowledge
    Dads go to Spain to get a bigger brain.

  • GAMER BOI 5000 0
    GAMER BOI 5000 0 2 days ago

    I give it 10 out of 10

  • Lulu Bloo
    Lulu Bloo 2 days ago

    Rug you literally got a mansion come on

  • darcy schubert
    darcy schubert 2 days ago

    The girl be looking like Casper

  • Zethan Farmer
    Zethan Farmer 3 days ago

    I thought you ment a shot of soy sauce with a water gun

  • rubber duckez
    rubber duckez 3 days ago

    Go girl😤😶

  • {FaDe} JoelYT
    {FaDe} JoelYT 3 days ago

    Y’all dramatic lol

  • Abraham Gonzalez
    Abraham Gonzalez 3 days ago

    What about their phones when people left?

  • John Bartkiewicz
    John Bartkiewicz 3 days ago

    It's not the smallest in Wales there's one were only dwarfs for in and yes its livable

  • bailey ricalton
    bailey ricalton 3 days ago

    Technically the person who was recording the video should have won

  • Ximen de León
    Ximen de León 3 days ago

    18:09 unsuscribed

  • Manny Fanous
    Manny Fanous 3 days ago

    Everyone forgot there phones

  • Jeff Kryai
    Jeff Kryai 3 days ago

    Wait if the girls can get to Jupiter who really has more knowledge

  • Conrad Barber
    Conrad Barber 3 days ago +1

    Doggie in there make her or his house!🥴

  • GABBY .R.
    GABBY .R. 4 days ago

    Noah shut up no one likes you

  • yo bro
    yo bro 4 days ago


  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson 4 days ago

    Technically his cameraman one cause he was the last one in the house

  • isaac
    isaac 4 days ago

    My dad made me do it

  • DDx Eagle
    DDx Eagle 4 days ago

    Why does she look like Micheal Jackson?

  • Gräpe e
    Gräpe e 4 days ago

    I love this house

  • Patricia De Valles
    Patricia De Valles 4 days ago


  • Amanda Green
    Amanda Green 4 days ago

    They forgot baby food

  • Toby Tumpson
    Toby Tumpson 4 days ago +1

    Girls are better than boys like if you are with me

  • Toby Tumpson
    Toby Tumpson 4 days ago

    I rate it 9 out of 10

  • Chadfree
    Chadfree 4 days ago +1

    ngl way smaller houses

  • Andrew Greenspan
    Andrew Greenspan 4 days ago

    Just so you know, techincally the camera guy won he left the house right after rug

  • Emma Mahaney
    Emma Mahaney 4 days ago

    I thanck 10

  • hampus alexandersson

    The smallest house is in Visby gothland just so you know:)