Trip to Pamplona ahead of LaLiga visit to Osasuna

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
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Comments • 376

  • Bettina De La Puente

    El mejor equipo del mundo.....!!!

  • abelpm96 Odalis*96
    abelpm96 Odalis*96 Month ago

    Fuera Valverde

  • Miranda Blue
    Miranda Blue Month ago

    Necesitamos a Neymar!!!! Que engaño y burla nos han hecho a todos que esperamos a Ney 😡 nos han roto la ilusiones, los odio 😭😤

  • 김용수
    김용수 Month ago

    -Valverde out-

  • levanjil pou sove
    levanjil pou sove Month ago

    actually I'm so sorry for his daughter bit Luis is not s good coach he must leave. when you have all this player and your season depends on only one player. he has to leave. sorry for his daughter but bye Enrique.

  • rcsfabio
    rcsfabio Month ago

    Out: Valverde
    In: Jorge Jesus (flamengo)!!!!

  • mohammed amine benssassi

    And neymar 😀😀😀😀

  • Pas De nom
    Pas De nom Month ago +1


  • Zerko Youssef
    Zerko Youssef Month ago +1

    fuera Bartomeu, fuera valverde, fuera abidal, Laporta por favor

  • Zerko Youssef
    Zerko Youssef Month ago +1

    barca need Juan laporta .... fuera bartomeu, valverde ,abidal, amor

  • Andrey Roman Gonzalez Castillo

    Por que no juega messi

  • সোনালী বিকেল

    Please kick out valvarde..

    • Aaron Messi
      Aaron Messi Month ago

      সোনালী বিকেল 👍🙏

  • Andy de VENDETTA
    Andy de VENDETTA Month ago

    Jordi Alba OUT 👉

  • ntinkos22
    ntinkos22 Month ago +1

    vlaverde out

  • Darth Elius
    Darth Elius Month ago +1

    BARTOMEU Valverde out

  • Unlimited JJ
    Unlimited JJ Month ago +3

    Drew 2-2 to *OSASUNA* ?! Valverde out

  • Juliano Júnior
    Juliano Júnior Month ago

    Anssumane Fati, sou teu fã número 1. Que Deus te abençoe irmão

  • GotinPichaga123 XD
    GotinPichaga123 XD Month ago

    I’m gonna be very disappointed if you don’t buy a defender because the defense is terrible

  • Cleveland Pittsburgh Sports 4Ever

    We fucking drawed

  • Perwiramuda 26
    Perwiramuda 26 Month ago

    velvarde out..velvarde 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Perwiramuda 26
    Perwiramuda 26 Month ago

    Perez ❌out..Rafinha ❌out..velvarde ❌ out👎👎👎

  • tenz dox
    tenz dox Month ago

    Velverde out

  • tenz dox
    tenz dox Month ago

    Velverde out

  • tenz dox
    tenz dox Month ago

    Velverde out

  • tenz dox
    tenz dox Month ago

    Plz for team FC Barcelona We don’t want velverde..

    • Ben Hakim
      Ben Hakim Month ago

      hahahha shame barce fans still booeing messi until now hahah karma, bruhh you guys are gone 3 games and come 5th. season over.

  • Hussein Abdelmoneim

    فالفيردي 😵😖
    Valverde 😖😵

  • k
    k Month ago +1

    Charles Perez needs to learn when it’s better to pass then shoot... it’s like every time he is even close to the box he shoots even when they’re are way better options like today when he had griezmann right there

    • k
      k Month ago +1

      Disgraceful considering he came from la masia and is looking for glory instead of scanning to see the best options

  • Azhar M.basir
    Azhar M.basir Month ago +1

    Valverde out

  • Joydeep Banik
    Joydeep Banik Month ago


  • Sevara G'afurova
    Sevara G'afurova Month ago

    Olgaa barsaaaa

  • Sevara G'afurova
    Sevara G'afurova Month ago +1

    Gap yoq messigaaa

  • Sevara G'afurova
    Sevara G'afurova Month ago +2


  • 하이
    하이 Month ago

    Fueran Sergio roberto, busquets y Valverde por favor

  • Karo Pamei
    Karo Pamei Month ago

    Barcelona are becoming weak year after year

  • Massy massi
    Massy massi Month ago

    Teeshirt horrible

  • José Daniel Fallas Montero


    LIONEL MESSI Month ago


  • Gamer Boys
    Gamer Boys Month ago +1

    Why Arthur on the bench

    • Ben Hakim
      Ben Hakim Month ago +1

      he sucks flop garbage.

  • Mung tun Lin kyaw
    Mung tun Lin kyaw Month ago


  • Mohamed aaloitte
    Mohamed aaloitte Month ago

    Arthur Melo and De Young are better at midfield. Not to destroy Arthur Milo, Valverde kills the player premeditated to the satisfaction of Catalan Roberto. It is incredible. This is football. The best is worth playing. No place for emotions

    DOD GAMEING Month ago


  • msn msn
    msn msn Month ago

    Take the 140 MILLION useless pathetic overrated overpaid dumb garbage BLOOD SUCKING LEACH ARROGANT DEMBELE with the team.
    This CURSED BLOOD SUCKING LEACH is such a poisonous creature for the team.
    This poisonous LEACH creature will doom the club very soon

  • siblings gaming area
    siblings gaming area Month ago +3

    Dont let neymar come back to camp nou he already said bad things about the club and now he wants to return he will have to return after 2019-20season but he has to apologize like if u agree

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    barça emojis antoine griezmann please

  • Dawid D
    Dawid D Month ago +1

    Ale mili

  • a غييمر
    a غييمر Month ago


  • Ayoub Zahri
    Ayoub Zahri Month ago

    messi we miss you in the field

  • DME
    DME Month ago

    Psg wants money they don't have so how the actually fuck is neymar going to Barca?

  • Charles Kuffour
    Charles Kuffour Month ago

    Lenglet is left handed/left footed😊

  • Ayoub Zahri
    Ayoub Zahri Month ago

    Messi :(

    MOMAR KEBE Month ago

    Valverde please out this club

  • Barcelona Videos
    Barcelona Videos Month ago

    Barcelona videos on my channel

  • Enrique XD
    Enrique XD Month ago

    0 messi?

  • Rinsha Sherin
    Rinsha Sherin Month ago

    No messi

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    buy pls Ruhaldinho

  • Alberto Rosales
    Alberto Rosales Month ago

    Tio when the heck is those 2 clowns valverde and bartomeo are they gonna quit so sick and tired

  • Hj Uu
    Hj Uu Month ago +1

    Barcelona GO

  • ArmAnD-24
    ArmAnD-24 Month ago


  • ArmAnD-24
    ArmAnD-24 Month ago


  • Ezebio YELKS
    Ezebio YELKS Month ago

    Valverde Out