[FULL MATCH] UWCL: FC Barcelona - Minsk (5-0)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • The Women's Champions League returned to action in style at the Estadi Johan Cruyff, as Barça Women took a comprehensive 5-0 win against FC Minsk. The victory, through a brace from Aitana and goals from Marta Torrejón, Oshoala and Jenni Hermoso, gives them a healthy advantage going into the second leg of the Last 16 clash.
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Comments • 45

  • Raise Max
    Raise Max 22 days ago

    El fútbol femenino tiene ella nivel de chavales de 15 años pero en la época del giliprogresismo esto vende!!

  • Bismark Quophy Ameyaw
    Bismark Quophy Ameyaw 26 days ago

    Congrats our Ladies we wish you all the best

  • Fifa Match Of The Week
    Fifa Match Of The Week 29 days ago +1

    Can you upload women's matches in 1080 resolution like fc bayern Munich and fc sevilla and athletic bilbao please

  • Ali Alizadeh
    Ali Alizadeh Month ago

    Football was good

  • MaxBlack245
    MaxBlack245 Month ago +3


  • Fernando Bakara
    Fernando Bakara Month ago


  • Maradona Melo
    Maradona Melo Month ago


  • Qeeran Rana
    Qeeran Rana Month ago

    why is Lieke Martens not playing from barca squad.

  • Dan C
    Dan C Month ago

    Thanks for having the full game here n not just the highlights, I try to watch them live but not always possible, living in North America n the time difference n such.
    Great result for the team despite the missed chances. The away game will be tough because of weather but technically Barca's definitely the stronger team n a 5-0 lead will be enough to get us thru

  • Sudeep Das
    Sudeep Das Month ago +3

    What a technical masterclass in the 1st half to the bewildered ladies from Minsk!!!
    Barca women are so easy on the eye - no pun intended.
    19:07 Take a look at this vision from Marta to spot an open space near the box and then the vision of Patri identifying Marta's run to feed her with a long service. Of course, like a Greek tragedy Marta missed an open net.
    And CGH aka Caroline Graham Hansen take a bow. It is difficult to imagine this team without you. How seamlessly have you integrated into their playing style!!!

  • Darth Elius
    Darth Elius Month ago +1

    Barcelona will be free !!!

  • نشوان السروري

    فريق السيدات يتفوق على الفريق الاول اداء ونتيجه لان المدرب ليس فالفيردي

  • Abdullah Gujjar Fun
    Abdullah Gujjar Fun Month ago +1


  • p Qandakhova
    p Qandakhova Month ago


  • Lidia Reyes
    Lidia Reyes Month ago +6

    Go Barça femeni 😍😍😍🔵🔴🔝

  • The8347135
    The8347135 Month ago +2

    Visca Barca from Norway!

  • Ades Syarif
    Ades Syarif Month ago


  • Piero5711
    Piero5711 Month ago +8

    Caroline Grahan Hansen

  • El Phantom
    El Phantom Month ago +5

    Las mujeres juegan mejor el football q los hombres...besitos y bendiciones a todas las mujeres 😘😘

    • Raise Max
      Raise Max 22 days ago

      Jajajajajaja por eso el equipo de Australia perdió contra niños de 15 años jajajajaja por eso los goles son de rebote y en propia puerta jajajajajajajaj dime solo una cosa.
      Vale la pena ser tan feas por un talento de 3 division??? La respuesta la tienen los 4 fans ;) en la época del giliprogresismo esto vende a subnormales como tu ;)

    • yvanof franco
      yvanof franco Month ago

      Es futbol

  • Really Case31
    Really Case31 Month ago +46

    1 gol = 11:35
    2 gol = 25:05
    3 gol = 27:17
    4 gol = 31:14
    5 gol = 1:46:40

    Viva el fútbol femenino!

    • Raise Max
      Raise Max 22 days ago

      @Really Case31 vale la pena ser tan feas por un talento de 3 regional???

    • Really Case31
      Really Case31 28 days ago

      @Luisa Cambara De nada!

    • Luisa Cambara
      Luisa Cambara 29 days ago +1


    • Antilogis
      Antilogis Month ago +1

      @Really Case31 Ahora se puede clickear y te lleva al gol, saludos, amiga. :)

    • Really Case31
      Really Case31 Month ago +1

      @Antilogis No le veo el problema, pero dale, de paso, amiga*** 😅

  • medpro23 med
    medpro23 med Month ago +1

    Força Barça

  • Noely Troncoso
    Noely Troncoso Month ago +2

    Grandes chicas 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🙌🙌

  • christopher oliver mweemba

    Com on ladies we ar barca show them

    • Hashim Kasem Finjan
      Hashim Kasem Finjan Month ago

      Ämne:Tip:Manager, Hashim Finjan/ Gracias Gracia a(hasta) FC Barcelona Women’s(el FC Barcelona Fútbol Femenino Y Club Gracias Gracia.adios

  • Nabil Aus
    Nabil Aus Month ago +8

    Damn barca ladies are dangerous

  • Sergio Marley
    Sergio Marley Month ago +9

    Congrats ladies! You all were terrific with your performances. Visca Barça ♾

  • Mauro Correa
    Mauro Correa Month ago

    Ya que. Hi

  • color anik
    color anik Month ago


  • Boy Jocker
    Boy Jocker Month ago +1


  • Lol Xd
    Lol Xd Month ago +1


  • Default_martin 51
    Default_martin 51 Month ago +2


  • TooSauseyyy
    TooSauseyyy Month ago +1


  • socc3r4life 9
    socc3r4life 9 Month ago +2