"Read The Transcript" Is Trump's Latest Rallying Cry

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • We DID read the transcript. That's where we found out about Trump pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert
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Comments • 5 015

  • Lauren Goff
    Lauren Goff 11 days ago

    Holy heck....Stephen can really sing!!!

  • Ken Evanska
    Ken Evanska 19 days ago

    Trump and his administration do not have a clue on how to run a country.
    As in private business, they really belive quid quo pro is the norm when it comes to inviting other countries to help them win domestic elections.

  • KiwiTrekkie . nz
    KiwiTrekkie . nz 19 days ago

    Trump: I'm off the deep end

  • Roy Chang
    Roy Chang 21 day ago

    I resent that in the photo where the dog was putting the medal onto Trump that no one thought to make Donny's tongue stick out...

  • Maxson Hershberger
    Maxson Hershberger 24 days ago

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Bessie Staton
    Bessie Staton 24 days ago

    My T. Shirt say. ( Read the Edited Transcripts .What you see is all you will get. )

  • Thomas
    Thomas 24 days ago +2

    My t-shirt says “Release the Transcript”, you know the actual July 25th word for word transcript that was moved to a classified server by a White House lawyer, not the carefully edited summary Trump calls the “transcript”.

  • Aim to Praise Today
    Aim to Praise Today 26 days ago

    I'd laugh were I not choking...
    I was eating when the "Mt. Rushmore" joke challenged my dinner.

  • JessiBe
    JessiBe 26 days ago

    To be fair, I would totally castrate some truck nuts.

  • Robert matheny
    Robert matheny 27 days ago

    Funny he talks about control. Stop gay marriage. Stop a woman’s choice on abortion. Stop allowing transvestites into the armed forces.
    He did not mention and of that. Seems both sides want control.
    What we need - less division and more progress in our paid employees. Trumples might think he is god but he is just an employee.

  • whitebuddha1
    whitebuddha1 27 days ago

    ❤️ Your song! Best rewrite ever!

  • Delta Lima Bravo
    Delta Lima Bravo 27 days ago

    Done you just love the desperate way the people behind trump looks like an old “United colors of Benitton” ad?

  • zeradordeyoutube
    zeradordeyoutube 29 days ago

    What transcript? Isn't there only a memo?

  • barkYdarkATFB
    barkYdarkATFB 29 days ago

    They’re gonna make your dog a muslim

  • Stogie Smoker
    Stogie Smoker 29 days ago

    Matt Bevin was 5% ahead in the polls before Trump came to campaign for him! 😃

  • Megablaze
    Megablaze Month ago +1

    I get that Stephen is supposed to be making jokes, but that speech wasn't funny. That was literally what Hitler sounded like when he made his speeches. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people throw around the "like Hitler" analogy, but this was actually terrifying, he's going to cause a civil war with speeches like that.

    • barkYdarkATFB
      barkYdarkATFB 29 days ago

      You’re talking about trumps rally speech, right?
      This all gets trotted out every rally, yelled about on fox entertainment, repeated by every trump troll in a comment thread, repeated in shared memes on Facebook.
      It will only stop when he is gone.

  • salas7146
    salas7146 Month ago

    Donald Trump is so desperately he wants to get relected Just look at his supporters they are all brain washed

  • islam aljamry
    islam aljamry Month ago

    I watch every single minute of the late show with Stephen Colbert,why? Well because ,I don't know, I could run into my favorite late-night host doing my favorite impression of trump singing a parody of my favorite song

  • Nania Transformation coach

    I cannot thank you enough for this entertainment that is saving my sanity!! God bless you all.

  • Bright Glory
    Bright Glory Month ago


  • Eva-Maria Ehrhardt
    Eva-Maria Ehrhardt Month ago

    Trump's manner of expressing himself is undignified. He is a grown man in a position of responsibility not a teenage boy

  • summoning111
    summoning111 Month ago

    Everyone is talking.. But the reelection clock is ticking.. tick tock tick tock.. I don't think he'll be impeached 😒 And what do you think? Please comment

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Month ago

    Trump go to hell

  • xamzax
    xamzax Month ago

    0:25 - laughed so hard. Just so fun to watch this genius writing at work. Von Horsefondler is what I'm calling my next pet.

  • Adam Parker
    Adam Parker Month ago

    Douche Bag

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle Month ago

    At 2:26-2:27 I have a bit of confusion.
    What exactly does "redoctrinate your children" mean, and why didn't Stephen and his writers catch it?

  • Huey Leadbetter
    Huey Leadbetter Month ago

    TRUMP "2020" Good as done! colbert and biden have a lot in common . They don't have a clue.

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank Month ago

    "They want to subjugate you..." 2:39 Guy leans over and kisses his POC girlfriend.

  • Kayel Lai
    Kayel Lai Month ago

    Americans get your shit together!

  • Kaja Firestone
    Kaja Firestone Month ago

    I can see why listening to that man is crazy making.

  • Kaja Firestone
    Kaja Firestone Month ago

    All tge supporters standing behind trump look like they are all wearing straightjackets.

  • rampart rod
    rampart rod Month ago

    read the transcript ….these people at his rallies are not capable of reading

  • robert yetter
    robert yetter Month ago

    And keep pushing that smear campaign....that's failing😂 trump 2020

  • Peace Hall
    Peace Hall Month ago

    Trump sounds his words out like someone high on cough syrup, or the drug they give you when they do dental surgery.

  • Midnari
    Midnari Month ago

    Belittle his statements there if you need - But Gun confiscation was straight said aloud by Robert Beto. Trump can rot as well as the Democrats. He's just as bad as Beto.

  • Sahirva
    Sahirva Month ago

    I went back just to hear him beautifully sing that again!

  • Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Será o grito de Ipiranga? Read constatações...contraditórias.Por favor dêem como compensação ao Mr Trump pontos cardeais Norte-Sul-Este e Oeste ...para ele não se perder, uma vez que ele anda perdido com o Quid Pro Quo!

  • Macom G.
    Macom G. Month ago

    At 2:40 the guy who looks like a nazy It on the right of Trump gives a kiss to a black girl... What's the story there?? Why is she pro-Trump? And why isn't she running away from him as fast as possible? I need a Netflix series about it

  • Pamela Waltz
    Pamela Waltz Month ago

    Bravo on the Deep End! Please invite Gaga to come duet your version...its Grammy material, for sure!!

  • Kalandra86
    Kalandra86 Month ago

    Love the singing!

  • lol
    lol Month ago +1

    We voted Matt Bevin out and we can vote Trump out too! Register, and get out to vote!!

  • Mindy Hitchcock
    Mindy Hitchcock Month ago

    IMPEACHMENT YES!!!! @dumptrump @douchebagmustgo

    IM PEACH Month ago

    Bevin lost and Trump helped him lose, haha. Those READ THE TRANSCRIPT t-shirts really pissed people off. We can read just fine, you condescending son of a bitch. We read that transcript weeks ago, and it says that you are guilty as hell. - Appalachia

  • Bill Baldwin
    Bill Baldwin Month ago

    Lil Donnie a deadpool pooper,,,,

  • theitaliankid05
    theitaliankid05 Month ago

    Stephen killed it tonight

  • Plant Maven
    Plant Maven Month ago

    Chump is so common and crude. Low class.

  • MWorsa
    MWorsa Month ago +1

    I’m pro truck-nuts castration legislation. 🥳

  • lulu in hollywood
    lulu in hollywood Month ago

    🎶 “... In the Gallows, ga-a-allows, In the ga-a-a-a-llows... If this were 200 years ago- You’d be in the Gallows now-ow...”🎶🐍🤢🤡🍑

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee Month ago

    Democrat want to obliterate the rule of law? This coming from the guy who breaks almost every laws known to man 😆

  • Emily Chase
    Emily Chase Month ago

    My favorite BEEF is gr-ow-ownd....
    Bajajajaja I died.

  • Musik216
    Musik216 Month ago

    Check the fridge😂😂😂😂

  • kenneth gates
    kenneth gates Month ago

    Pelosi won't read anything until it's passed, just like Obamacare.

  • Mastermindvideos
    Mastermindvideos Month ago

    The Late Show with Donald Trump

  • Kyle Perlman
    Kyle Perlman Month ago

    We need a full Trump parody of Shallows

  • Pamela Ramsey
    Pamela Ramsey Month ago

    Except it was the real dog......WHAT:-0

  • Ahmed Tarabichi
    Ahmed Tarabichi Month ago

    DJT is going to be POTUS one day.. His father's brilliant genetic sequence (34 factorial alleles) have always been embedded within him; though the left likes to call him "Fredo" (CUOMO HAHAH) the truth is that just because his appearance somewhat resembles the weak, incompetent brother from the Godfather motion picture, the pragmatic & objective truth is that Erik is more fitting of the "Fredo" stereotype & DJT himself has exhibited time & time again he has the charisma, ambiguity, (refreshing) honesty, undaunted passion & love for his nation; an absolute & true patriot in every sense of the word-- now an established & accredited NYT bestselling author; he is systemically learning the ins and outs of the Washington swampland creatures & how to maneuver their frog-infested marshes while avoiding venomous snakes awaiting to strike at any moment's notice by learning to maneuver through its environment and the only way to do so is to become a shark...for a shark can swim right through the damp/shallow marsh water & eviscerate any swampland it encounters.& over time has learned how to navigate its muddy/foggy waters.

    The irony & pivotal feat (I'd say prerequisite, given his father's title) was accomplishing the cliche every young boy overshadowed by their father's magnanimous, bombastic, demigod-like character wants more than ANYTHING to accomplish & that is step out from under his father's shadow & become the Kublai Khan to satisfy their competitive need for a lifetime quest of "itoldyouicould" driven by pride, ego, testosterone, and most honorably: a penchant for greatness & carve a contribution to humanity in his own right, without the help of his father, and in this lifelong quest to avoid a benign platitude in the history books by writing a chapter of his own.

    He's already done what is truly a baffling, inconceivably puzzling adoration & respect for middle America & the Rustbelt whilst the coastal elite detest him to his very core...despite being one; and that is the very definition of irony, a paradoxical enigma that is in itself arguably a sword against political correctness.

    This is why he will win the General Election (if I had to guess: the optimal time for him to make a bid would be just about once the nostalgia for his father's historic legacy is overwhelming the nation -- perhaps during a time of grief and that does not disqualify the possibility of his father's death (though highly unlikely -- since our President is a supernatural cyborg that requires 3-4 hours a sleep max while being a ferocious political animal for 20-21 hours a day; the more likely scenario being during a time when a DNC hack running the executive (the very notion makes my bones quiver & goosebumps spread across my skin with a chill down my spine & a slight desire to urinate) I would assume Trump's death will be post age 90; so 2036,2040,2044,2048 would leave JR. enough time to grieve and unless the nation is facing some sort of catastrophic imminent threat (like a DNC socialist bankrupting our nation) then DJT would be the ideal candidate circa 2032 or 2048) with either nostalgia for Trumpanomics/tragedy/catastrophic (economic/cultural/social/foreign policy issues endangering the world) which will very well be being the catalyst for his son's election bid/campaign, though it would have to be min. 2 General Elections after the year his father dies so he is seen not as an individual who is behaving erratically out of grief; but an outspoken, intellectual, academic extrovert who has a firm understanding on this nation's belief.

    What would be interesting would to see Ivanka run -- being a female she could win in 2028 or 2032 -- after the DNC socialists have endangered our standing as a sovereign entity responsible for moral, ethical, and military leadership worldwide.

    John Quincy, Jack Kennedy, W., FDR-- while Jack's father never rose to epitome of elected officials and become POTUS...it is undeniable his influence was quintessential in both (what was considered at the time) the biggest upset in American politics in the 1960 GE as the underdog JFK stole the election from Nixon with Joe's money, using tactics including voter suppression, ballot stuffing, gerrymandering, and lastly (perhaps most importantly) the controversial decision to make a phone call to a county sheriff that had managed to acquire the national spotlight -- during a time in history where the 24 hours news-cycle was nonexistent & it was near impossible to qualify for a time-slot in the extremely limited & exclusive TV ads in conjunction with the not-so-limited Radio ads & the main source of information for average Joe was, of course, newspaper. (i'll get back to this in a moment) yet I don't want to drift too far off topic -- the second most pivotal & perhaps the single most imperative variable & sole indicator in Jack's victory was the quite not-so-surprising quintessential election victory requirement: Joe's money (or, too be specific, Joe's illicit gains from bootlegging during prohibition, racketeering, ties with the mob and tax evasion on a scale that would warrant >100 life sentences) and so one could argue these variables are coincidental, yet as a Muslim (a reformist; I'll write an in depth explanation of my personal beliefs & explain in full detail why I just dropped the bomb (no pun intended) that made your mind glitch to the point of confusion so much so that your brain has short-circuited & rebooted in the time it takes for you to blink / 100000.

    My belief is in one Abrahamic Deity. (Allah; which is not different from the Christian biblical or Jewish omnipotent deity as Allah is merely a translation of God from English to Arabic and nothing more...it is not a different entity/deity; nor does it affirm the notion that the gracious & forgiving lord that exists in Christianity/Judaism is identical to that of which exists in Islam -- for all Abrahmic religions are essentially the same religion, with their foundations happening in 7 B.C. 1 A.D. & 7 A.D. (need I tell any of you the religious significance of the number seven?) and at this juncture I begin to digress yet I have (IMHO) made quite an effective argument for why John Fitzgerald Kennedy a.k.a. Jack belongs on this list of presidential children.

    The same must be said for the biological relationship between Theodore and Franklin. Though I must implore you to grasp the notion in which you do not need to be blood related to have a father-son relationship -- a concept/philosophical sentiment I'm sure a part of you agrees with (at least to some degree) whether you're willing to admit it or not.

    This is why I believe Donald. J. Trump. JR. will become POTUS one day. I had high hopes for Joe Kennedy Jr. yet he's too green & too much of a pussy. If he grows some Frank Underwood sized balls & manages to garner some political experience to pull off the necessary disconnect from his father to effectively beomce a "BushQuincy" (/n) /noun/ -- a political figure who has established a name for himself that is not tied to his family's political dynasty, while simultaneously benefiting from the same dynasty in which these brilliant politicians have disassociated themselves from in order to become more to prospective swing voters. A politician is not a job...it's a lifestyle.

    There ARE diplomas for Poli Sci, though none that ensure a degree as a politician. Only an individual can learn how to become a Politician. It's uniquely exclusive as the only career choice that does NOT have a training program or require anything other than your own will to seduce the American voters -- hence the reason why Trump's 2016 GE victory is all the more impressive...with NO experience whatsoever, he basically made a plea that's quite literally a job application with the American people as the review board / hiring management, and he did so while leaving the "Previous Experience" section COMPLETELY BLANK!




  • Talk Now
    Talk Now Month ago

    Read the transcript is his way of distracting from the inquiry because he thinks, like himself, it'd take us some four years to read the stuff by which timed have run another term in office.

  • Talk Now
    Talk Now Month ago

    A dumb ass at his level best.

  • Im old As dirt.
    Im old As dirt. Month ago

    Chris Hedges predicted Colbert over a decade ago. It wasn't flattering. Colbert also is a sign of societal decline. Colbert doesn't think up his script, he has writers doing that job. Steven has connections. Colbert is bought and paid for, he can't be trusted either.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    If you read the transcript and understand English at a high school reading level, then you'd know there really isn't anything impeachable about the exchange. You suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, get help before your hurt yourselves and others.