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NEWCASTLE is INSANELY OP in Apex legends

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • wow he sure loves his shields and castles and bangalore

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  • Zylbrad
    Zylbrad  Day ago +896

    oh boy i love me bangalore

  • 陳暘昇
    陳暘昇 Day ago +1

    I cherish every video Zylbrad makes on apex now, you never know if it's gonna be the last one :(

  • Geloxx
    Geloxx Day ago +101

    i love your content so much, your attitude and the way you play.. my god you will always be my favourite youtuber, my man. loved your overwatch content, and i will always love your apex content.

  • Yumehito Takimoto
    Yumehito Takimoto Day ago +304

    Zylbrad: Newcastle is Australian because Newcastle is in Australia.

  • Skeptation
    Skeptation Day ago +326

    The legend has returned!

  • Binkel
    Binkel Day ago +264

    I just hope he’s ok at this point, nice to see a jumpy happy mood again since the long wait lol

  • TruNoom
    TruNoom Day ago +563

    dad is back with the milk??

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +173

    The legend returns

  • TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    If only Zylbrad knew how happy I am to hear his voice again ❤️

  • Salehmdd10
    Salehmdd10 Day ago +47

    "Feels like people die when they are killed" -zylbrad 2022

  • Lake
    Lake Day ago +46

    The king is back!! Ive missed your content for so long, so happy seeing you back mate

  • Frost
    Frost Day ago +26

    I just want happy Zylbrad back :(

  • Fit Franco
    Fit Franco Day ago +69

    Everytime they release a new character

  • Raymond George
    Raymond George Day ago +2

    Words cannot explain how excited I get every time I see that ZylBrad has finally returned it’s like Plugging in a USB and getting it right the first time but three times that

  • Ty Your Overlord
    Ty Your Overlord Day ago +45

    I dropped 11 kills right after unlocking him he’s too op

  • Kami
    Kami Day ago +20

    When the world needed him the most he returned :D

  • Salehmdd10
    Salehmdd10 Day ago +16

    I dont care how long zylbrad takes to make a new video as long as he comes back ❤

  • earlybirder
    earlybirder Day ago +3

    I’m actually rlly happy with the release of Newcastle. He’s probably one of the most balanced characters in the game although his ultimate is moderately underpowered. He’s good in ranked but I don’t think he’s the best pick for it

  • Marcello Saroli
    Marcello Saroli Day ago +7

    He's back for at least one day! Thank you brad!

  • COZMO4838
    COZMO4838 Day ago

    Man this put a tear in my eye, i miss those daily uploads man, zylbrad used to be one of my primary sources of joy, i just hope that this isn’t one of the last times we see him back in apex legends :,)