RuPaul's Drag Race UK Teaser

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • RuPaul's Drag Race UK premieres on WOW Presents Plus October 3rd!
    Available on WOW Presents Plus everywhere but Canada, UK, and Ireland:
    Come to RuPaul's DragCon UK, Jan 18 & 19! Learn more and get your tickets here:
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 236

  • Kaloyan Kostov
    Kaloyan Kostov Month ago

    is it gonna be on netflix?

  • Nina VG
    Nina VG Month ago

    Okay but why is Jade Thirlwall not in this teaser? ☕️

  • erkanbatti
    erkanbatti Month ago

    Ru paul drag race should learn one or two things from Thailand Drag Race which is way superior than Ru Paul drag race. Queens are much more talented and show is very classy.

  • Kan Daniel
    Kan Daniel Month ago


  • Isaac Dibbens
    Isaac Dibbens Month ago

    Wow... my excitement for Drag Race is rapidly declining over these past few months

  • Bougie Brincess
    Bougie Brincess Month ago

    rupaul? EVERYTHING

  • space cowboy
    space cowboy Month ago

    Lol why am I getting notified about these videos like a week after they're released

  • Thiago Montes
    Thiago Montes Month ago

    I liveeeee for this accent

  • Sailu Jakkula
    Sailu Jakkula Month ago


  • Armando E
    Armando E Month ago

    Can't wait

  • Ethel Zelda
    Ethel Zelda Month ago +1

    lol Rupauls green dress look
    Honey you have the most fuckin money Outta every queen here - get better gowns! Like she used to dress up to season 7 were her bests looks

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones Month ago

    BAGA CHIPZ❤️❤️

  • Estefanía Espinosa Fernández

    It will be really amazing to be able to watch Drag Race UK on Netflix.

  • Agustina Bazán
    Agustina Bazán Month ago


  • Loki Patricia
    Loki Patricia Month ago

    Im excited for the U.K

  • Avi
    Avi Month ago

    Some of the judges in this teaser is way better than a good many of the judges in the last four seasons of RPDR (US)

  • Karine Buinier
    Karine Buinier Month ago


    Petition 🇬🇧⚖️🇺🇲 against animal testing on 💕

  • Gabo P
    Gabo P Month ago

    They All look cheap

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.

  • Lisa Loodles
    Lisa Loodles Month ago +1

    Graham Norton?!? OMG I'm beyond excited to see him as a guest judge !

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      Norton and Alan Carr will alternate each week as judges.

  • Casey Weisman
    Casey Weisman Month ago

    i wish i could say we had a choice but to stan but we didnt!

  • Abdu Zein
    Abdu Zein Month ago


  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H. Month ago

    Bitch I can't wait!!

  • Giorgos Fountas
    Giorgos Fountas Month ago

    0:20 I was sure that she was gonna say "VH1"

  • Samz 32
    Samz 32 Month ago +1

    Would it be available on Netflix ?

  • Etienne Marquis
    Etienne Marquis Month ago +1

    OMG i finaly know the judges! XD

  • Khristian Campuzano

    ¡Andrew Garfield! ¡OhG!

  • Showgirl to Farmgirl

    I’m looking forward to this, British Drag is unique. I’m hoping they don’t muddy it by Americanising it. Drag started in England, USA could learn a thing from them.

  • ilubbyuuboo
    ilubbyuuboo Month ago

    Yayyy!! Alan Carr!

  • Daril Lev
    Daril Lev Month ago

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  • Jesus Aceves
    Jesus Aceves Month ago

    I’m sorry but I’m not interested

  • Vin De Guzman
    Vin De Guzman Month ago

    Will it air on Netflix? Any Ideas?

    • ᄇ레아
      ᄇ레아 Month ago

      The entirety of drag race is on Netflix in most of Europe, so if you're there I think you'll be able to watch drag race UK on Netflix

    • Triairius
      Triairius Month ago

      It typically doesn't in America, though I've heard the American show is on UK Netflix, so it's hard to say.

  • Belén Medina
    Belén Medina Month ago

    Technical gay question, will elton john ever appear on the show?!?!?!

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      Elton John is busy with his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

  • The Otp Sailor
    The Otp Sailor Month ago


  • BMG
    BMG Month ago

    Divina ❤️

  • OT5 forever
    OT5 forever Month ago +2

    He asked me what day it is
    "It's october 3rd"

  • LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    Cheryl! She's such a bitch, I love her!

  • Rolando Aponte
    Rolando Aponte Month ago

    Ahhhh LOVE IT💜👑

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green Month ago +11

    For all of us U.S fans it's going to be on Logo Oct.11 meaning we may be behind a week but we can still watch it

  • Maya Patel
    Maya Patel Month ago

    As if you don't put Jade Thirlwall in the teaser??

  • joao_zerodawn05
    joao_zerodawn05 Month ago +3

    I am kinda getting bored of Drag Race. I wish we had a bit of a break, so the magic and anticipation of the show would build up.

    • Alex De la Loire
      Alex De la Loire Month ago

      I only watch dragula and drag race thailand now; and sometimes camp wanakiki

  • Blu Blu
    Blu Blu Month ago

    Michelle is always serving good tea

  • Jane Segal
    Jane Segal Month ago

    Is there a way to watch in the US ?

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      WOW+ and Logo one week later.

  • Trixie
    Trixie Month ago +9

    It’s like cool but...
    Black Chyna is for Nina Bonina Brown

  • Pizza Fish
    Pizza Fish Month ago +3

    As someone who isn't American or British, I can't wait to not understand the reference even more compared to a US RPDR season

    • Alex De la Loire
      Alex De la Loire Month ago

      Right? But Michelle and Rupaul won't either this time, they'll have assisstants whispering "laugh" everytime it should be funny for british people😂

  • Jen Green
    Jen Green Month ago

    Andrew Garfield 💓💖💕💙💛💔❤💖❣💕💕💖💚

  • 80sThen80sNow
    80sThen80sNow Month ago

    Seriously people. There’s a REASON why this and other shows like Dragula are on Premium Channels. It’s costs MONEY to make all this new content.
    Those of you complaining and/or sharing with others how to go about watching it without paying a dime are HURTING these shows and making it more difficult to continue. (Especially With Dragula).
    It’s real simple folks. If you’re a true fan of something you’ll support it. If you can afford a Dunkin Donuts Coffee once a month then you can afford to support these shows. And If you can’t afford a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee once a month then maybe you need to log off Flash-Player, update your resume and get an actual job.

    • Chloe Likely
      Chloe Likely Month ago

      80sThen80sNow so you’re just going to forget that a lot of people who watch drag race are under 18 and can’t actually have a credit card or a job of their own?
      Honestly, this is just plain rude

  • Krazy K
    Krazy K Month ago +1

    All I needed to see was Maisie Williams 😄

  • Derrick Harley
    Derrick Harley Month ago +8

    "Oh, it matters." #ClassicMichelle Anybody else shook, or just me? 😂

  • anildo
    anildo Month ago

    Kinda wish this wasn't hosted by RuPaul

  • Kate V
    Kate V Month ago +4

    Hopefully on german Netflix!🙏🏼

  • Nomen Nescio
    Nomen Nescio Month ago

    So it is just like USA ones but with more accents when the queens speak?

    • Nomen Nescio
      Nomen Nescio Month ago

      @Alex De la Loire Sure. But it is American show. And this feels American remake show as of now. Unlike Drag Race Thailand that shows its differences since the promo. That is my point actually. I heard Drag scenes in UK is much different and kore diverse than US and I wish to see that here. But so far RuPaul seems to make it Drag Race lite with accents. I am not convinced. That's my issues. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Alex De la Loire
      Alex De la Loire Month ago

      Are you aware that for british people the drag race US queens are the ones who have an accent😂?

  • NovaListion
    NovaListion Month ago


  • Sarah D
    Sarah D Month ago

    Maisie Williams guest judge! Yaaas

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega Month ago

    I will be in class watching this and will prolly get shit for it.

  • proxycol
    proxycol Month ago

    YASSSS Cheryl cole

  • proxycol
    proxycol Month ago


  • LePau
    LePau Month ago

    How about AS5?

  • Kelly Mayor
    Kelly Mayor Month ago +1

    I'd watch for the hosts alone. Drag queens too?! Bonus!!! ❤❤

  • Erik Cortez
    Erik Cortez Month ago +4

    I can’t wait for season where it’s U.S. vs UK