10 Worst High Profile Years For A Fighter in MMA History

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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Comments • 1 281

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. Day ago

    Mark Coleman bringing his daughters to the Fedor fight is the #1 dumbest and saddest thing I have seen in MMA. #2 is Chuck fighting Tito for the 3rd time.

  • Andrew Barnes
    Andrew Barnes 2 days ago

    No hennen barao?

  • Joel Cortez
    Joel Cortez 2 days ago

    For pettis, his downfall was all mental. Idk wtf happened

  • Meh...whatever
    Meh...whatever 2 days ago

    Easy to out pace someone when youre pissing hotter than the sun. Hendricks lost that fight i dont care what anyone says.

  • genius2012
    genius2012 4 days ago

    I wish Handerson hadn’t gotten injured and his fight against Jones had went through. I’m not saying he would win, just that it would have bern a good fight.

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou 4 days ago

    "Worlds biggest movie star" is not 'The Rock'. Come on!

    • M.T. McLaughlin
      M.T. McLaughlin Day ago

      Well people could put a argument about that. He gets paid tho.

  • Maxxx Modelz
    Maxxx Modelz 8 days ago

    I don't think Wheaties is a "sugary" breakfast cereal. They have a little sugar, but not much.

  • First name Last name

    Vandy was heavier than CroCrop when he got obliterated!!

  • cbraat27
    cbraat27 9 days ago

    MMA: Average career length: 5 minutes

  • Lee
    Lee 9 days ago

    10:18 *Openweight Grand Prix

  • Clarence Jacobs
    Clarence Jacobs 11 days ago

    Starred in movies, in movie for 1:30

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch 11 days ago

    Just because she lost to Holm and Nunes, doesn't mean she can't beat Mayweather. He's probably up to her chin and all he knows how to do is punch. She has a legit chance.

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch 11 days ago

    I'll give credit where it's due; Ben took his loss to Jorge so professionally, I actually started to like him.... Then he fought one of my all-time favorite fighters and it was impossible to root for him.
    FACT: Ben lost consciousness in all three of his UFC fights.

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch 11 days ago

    I hated Tito back in the day, but now I love him. Not sure why.

  • Ronaldinho McDonaldinho

    Tito is a pussy. "The Huntington Bitch"

  • HK Stright
    HK Stright 17 days ago

    It hurts when I see Ronda get kicked by Holly, but when I remember that she is with that ugly Travis, I immediately say bitch you deserve that kick

  • Royal T
    Royal T 18 days ago

    It was a satisfying night when Holly beat Roussey. She was talking so much mess. That was a huge dose of humble pie. UFC never gave Holly the credit she deserved after that fight. It was like it had never happened. She had beaten their golden child.

  • Miguel Bermudez
    Miguel Bermudez 19 days ago

    Top 10 worst high profile fighters:
    10) Johnny Hendricks
    9) Dan Henderson
    8) Murilo Bustamnte
    7) Anthony Pettis
    6) Tito Ortiz
    5) Wanderlei Silva
    4) Mark Coleman
    3) Ben Askren
    2) Fedor Emelianekno
    1) Ronda Rousey

  • Mr. BooYa
    Mr. BooYa 19 days ago

    Fuck the Rock?

  • C Man
    C Man 19 days ago

    Ronda Rousey enough said

  • Nick P.
    Nick P. 19 days ago +2

    Askren had never really faced anyone who was absolutely elite regarding their skill, both Masvidal and Maia are among the best in their discipline and once he faced them he got exposed. Same with Ronda facing 2 elite strikers, back to back! She should have returned rematching someone like Cat Zingano or Liz Carmouche, but the UFC promoted her like that horrible loss to Holly didn't knock her off the pedestal they built for her and karma got them!

  • Igor Svačić
    Igor Svačić 19 days ago

    at the GP Wanderlei was heavier than crocop

  • BradleyVolk3
    BradleyVolk3 20 days ago

    Poop comes out of your butt.

  • Scott Napier
    Scott Napier 20 days ago

    'Wanderlei Silva was the fucking Man in Pride!!!' LMAO!!!

  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher 20 days ago

    To be fair, Fedor, answered the what ifs? several times. Be demolished Tim, Andrei, Rogers, Mir and Sonnen.

  • coinstalker Hunt Hard
    coinstalker Hunt Hard 20 days ago

    Listen motherfuker they didn't make that belt for Jorge masvidal,that fucking belt was all Nate Diaz you stupid fuck

  • Kalle Pikku
    Kalle Pikku 20 days ago +1

    No.1 spot goes to the Gracie family for the year between 1999-2000 when Sakuraba completely destroyed the all time greatest hype in the sport's history.

  • Christopher Braley
    Christopher Braley 20 days ago

    Ben Askren was hyped as the 2nd coming. Turned out it was the 2nd coming of CM Punk

  • Christopher Braley
    Christopher Braley 20 days ago

    Come on Mark Coleman. You look like your middle name is PED...

  • Christopher Braley
    Christopher Braley 20 days ago

    Why did he call Wheaties a sugary breakfast cereal? It’s more like bran flakes 😂

  • lizards boy 81westcoast shawn Britton

    My beloved nate Diaz against Jorge masvidel the king is dead long live nate Diaz 👌👍

  • onseau
    onseau 20 days ago +1

    stop covering female fighters. basically no one gives a shit so stop pushing it on us.

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 20 days ago

    Damn, I forgot all about Hendricks losing to Magny. That's a bummer. No matter who Magny beats, I'll probably always think of him as a stepping stone for better fighters, so losing to him really sucks.

  • Jose Martins
    Jose Martins 21 day ago

    Poor Ronda... she should've jumped right back in the octagon following her loss. She let it break her mentally and spiritually. Tough break!

  • John Fuckyour mom
    John Fuckyour mom 21 day ago

    Usada has been the worst years for a lot of fighters..

  • Lukas Tanner
    Lukas Tanner 21 day ago

    Fan of masvidal but im pretty sure diaz put all that together. Except for the actual belt.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 21 day ago

    It wasn't just being beaten that made Rousey fall.
    It was how much shit she talked, the kind of shit she talked, and who she'd talk shit about while she chewed her way through an underdeveloped roster that offered her no challenges. It's how pathetic her composure was for a fighter after she lost. It's how she got exposed and instead of taking it on the chin (as well as she can take a foot to the chin), and learning something from it or trying to have some semblance of humility , she cries her eyes out on national television talking about suicide as if her life is over. As if she's not still a young, very healthy, decently looking woman with all kinds of movie deals and money and you're not even down and out of the sport that gave you all of it to begin with. A world covered with fighters cutting their teeth in shitty gyms and sketchy fight promotions, all of them watching poor Rousey and feeling bad for her and how tough she has it, i'm sure. Woe is you Rousey, the world kissed your ring without checking first to see it was merely plastic all along.
    The mark of a Champ isn't winning the belt, it's how you handle yourself when something impossible is stopping you from getting it.

  • Ama Deus
    Ama Deus 21 day ago

    Lets be serious here Dana is the real champion... ;D

  • Brett Pierce
    Brett Pierce 22 days ago

    Surprised Renan Barao and Mark Kerr didn’t make the list

  • Brett Pierce
    Brett Pierce 22 days ago

    Calling it now, Mark Kerr in the #1 spot

  • Notorious .02
    Notorious .02 22 days ago +2

    Ben calling out the goat gsp, is like me an average guy calling out John Jones😂😂

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 22 days ago +1

    I miss Ben Askren.

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 22 days ago +1


  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 22 days ago +1

    Ben Askren

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 22 days ago

    Askren came in with soo much hype and called out everyone but then gets destroyed back to back to back..his UFC career couldn't have gone much worse Imo and this is coming from a fan of Askren

  • Call me Sully
    Call me Sully 22 days ago

    How was Conor not the thumbnail? What an absolute tool.

  • Joaquin Olivera
    Joaquin Olivera 22 days ago

    Why you trying Dan Henderson like that everybody knows he beat Michael Bisping tbh

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613 22 days ago

    One FC got the best of that trade. Lol

  • William Andrés
    William Andrés 22 days ago +1

    4:16 Overeem without all the juice.

  • ChrisInChina
    ChrisInChina 22 days ago

    Ronda probaaly disappointed thee most fans with her attitude about losing. All the girls looking up to her.....What a loser

  • leeboy29680
    leeboy29680 22 days ago

    i always wondered if tito was the huge cunt he came across as

  • Sharkshady187
    Sharkshady187 22 days ago

    Wheaties is NOT a sugary cereal!!

  • MDE Repository
    MDE Repository 22 days ago

    Jones would have MURDERED Hendo

  • Victor Mace
    Victor Mace 22 days ago

    Responding to @8:43, I don't know why anybody expected for Tito Ortiz to destroy, WHO they termed as OLD MAN COUTURE when Randy's wrestling is so much better than Tito's and Tito's striking game always SUCKED!!!

  • MrBurgaBoii
    MrBurgaBoii 22 days ago

    I read the title as “WORST EARS” 👂🏼 at first judging by the thumbnail he’s still be in the top ten

  • Jacob
    Jacob 22 days ago

    No honorable mention for that fuck boy Connor?? C'mon meow you boys can't miss these things don't let it happen again meow

  • Doom guy
    Doom guy 23 days ago

    it's so satisfying to see Rousey get knock out

  • TW4poker
    TW4poker 23 days ago

    How is Renan barao not on this list?? from #1 p4p to fight pass prelims

  • Bubonik Kronik
    Bubonik Kronik 23 days ago


  • Will Sk
    Will Sk 23 days ago

    Looking at Rhondas face annoys me just as much as Brie Larson.