My Camera Was STOLEN (wallet too)! | A Visit from an Old Friend

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • #offgrid #logcabin #friends
    Someone broke into my truck and stole my expensive camera and wallet. After dealing with restoring my identity with new cards to replace everything in my wallet, an old friend and his wife visit me at my log cabin, bearing gifts. I've been spending more time away from my off grid homestead than normal, and I explain why and how that caused the theft of my camera gear. Gone is a Canon 1DX, Manfrotto tripod, Oakley sunglasses and more.
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  • Matthew *
    Matthew * 4 minutes ago

    they will smash your window out for a wrapped present in denver.

  • Jen
    Jen 7 hours ago

    If you purchased it with a credit card there is often insurance through card company. Worth checking out. Sorry to here about the theft. It’s such an awful feeling. Best wishes.

  • sonny_69
    sonny_69 11 hours ago

    Some of that footage looked like Brooks falls in Alaska.

  • Greg B
    Greg B Day ago +8

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    My Camera Was STOLEN (wallet too)! | A Visit from an Old Friend
    And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.

  • SenseiM3
    SenseiM3 Day ago

    Good Luck. It's an experience that we can all learn from.

  • SenseiM3
    SenseiM3 Day ago +4


  • Kohei Sakurai
    Kohei Sakurai Day ago

    Where can I get your hat!?!?

  • Ron Williams
    Ron Williams Day ago

    Sorry that crap happened hope he gets caught or struck by lightning

  • Jay Dixon
    Jay Dixon Day ago

    Lol if they did take everything from your truck, you would certainly be experiencing some "self" reliance.

    • Jay Dixon
      Jay Dixon Day ago

      Ive had my truck broke into also. Thank the good Lord my wallet wasn't in it. They only took the strereo and cd's and such. Still makes me angry and if I'd have caught them, it wouldn't be pretty.

    • Jay Dixon
      Jay Dixon Day ago

      sorry I wasn't making fun or anything, just trying to lighten it a bit.

  • Tiffany Harvey
    Tiffany Harvey Day ago

    I hate that bad people stole from you but your positive attitude is highly encouraging. ❤

  • Anarchy Fox
    Anarchy Fox Day ago

    Man I hates thieves they gets my sjambok beating if I catches em 🐾🐺👍💢

  • Odee Dillon
    Odee Dillon Day ago +2

    Over $10k Canadian in personal items stolen. Not sure about Ontario, but that's a felony in the USA.

  • David Stepeck
    David Stepeck Day ago

    Shawn, The loss of property you worked hard to earn is the worst feeling in the world. You think "what gives you the right to steal something I worked hard for?" Not to mention that feeling of being violated. Search for your items on Ebay, Marketplace and Craiglist, the police will also do that for you. Best of luck and keep living the dream!

  • newyork usa
    newyork usa Day ago

    sorry to hear that, Camera&wallet i wish i can help you,,,

  • Sean Wert
    Sean Wert Day ago

    A fat rendering video would be cool Shawn. Just to see how YOU do it and what you do with it. Sorry to hear about your equipment. Love your videos and really appreciate what you do. Keep it up man!

  • Ugly
    Ugly Day ago

    sage keeps the bad spirits at bay

  • Daisy Wood
    Daisy Wood 2 days ago

    maybe you could plant a few rose bushes the petals are good for a few things

  • Anna Pennrose
    Anna Pennrose 2 days ago

    You are almost to 1,000,000. :)

  • Brentdarley
    Brentdarley 2 days ago

    Don't apologize for making the wonderful Alaska videos! Videos of that quality are always a joy to watch. A little variety also helps keep you channel very interesting. Thanks and keep up the excellent work! Sorry to hear about the scummy thieves!

  • Patricia Lessard
    Patricia Lessard 2 days ago

    I've been there. Its an awful feeling. I hope everything turns out well.
    Watched all your Alaskan videos and really enjoyed them. Thank you & welcome home!

  • The Raven
    The Raven 2 days ago

    Dont set up cameras.Set up traps!

  • Level3-RC
    Level3-RC 2 days ago

    Big lesson learned. This is a lesson you should have already learned at a much younger age. My car stays clean and nothing showing.

  • jdxtube68
    jdxtube68 2 days ago

    My sympathy goes out to you!

  • Jasmin Clarinan
    Jasmin Clarinan 2 days ago

    I like ur video watching from philippines

  • Debbie Howard
    Debbie Howard 3 days ago

    I'm so sorry that you've had this experience. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • Tallon Burnz
    Tallon Burnz 3 days ago

    Do you ever moose hunt or elk hunt?

  • Stevie Donaghue
    Stevie Donaghue 3 days ago

    That makes me sick after watching, a look after Steven whom loves Ur channel ,Yep is a big dent on the wallet , Steven is disabled and said he would love to be out their and just to walk would be a dream ,a guess what he is , that it is expensive, at least not a attack from bear and survive but with legs useless, how would u cope with that, ? Walking in the water small things like that, but why steal when u do give so much bk to people,ratings say it all, ! The main thing is STAY ALIVE!! SICKIN THAT U CANT EVEN LEAVE THE EQUIPMENT AT UR CABIN THAT SENDS US THE VIDEOS, my respect, by misses j.air on behalf of Stevie ,all the way from Scotland,bless yi..

  • Lamel
    Lamel 3 days ago

    Hey. Tell me pls the name of the melody that plays at the beginning of the video.

    FINITE HQ 3 days ago +1

    👋🏻“ ...hey there Shawn! You have good friends the world over; so, please don’t let others’ suspect/unscrupulous behavior get you down - you’re a winner no matter what, OK!”👍🏻🕊
    - Anthony Aaron

  • Steve Middleton
    Steve Middleton 3 days ago

    Hope some how you come out OK with insurance or get your stuff back. Steve way down south in mississippi

  • alphasxsignal
    alphasxsignal 3 days ago

    Wonderful Humans STEAL thats what humans seem to do today.
    Sorry to hear about the camera. Someone might turn them in.

  • Barbara Brathwaite
    Barbara Brathwaite 3 days ago

    hope they caught the thief did not know you can eat bear meat.

  • Bob Barnaky
    Bob Barnaky 3 days ago

    Awesome Shawn. Sorry to hear about tour camera and wallet😡

  • Richard Apt
    Richard Apt 3 days ago

    How did you get so close to these animals? They don't seem bothered by you at all. Any stories to tell?

  • Richard Apt
    Richard Apt 3 days ago

    How did you get so close to these animals. The grizzly mother and her cubs footage is exceptional.

  • K.N.V.B
    K.N.V.B 3 days ago

    What kind of cell security camera is it ?

  • K.N.V.B
    K.N.V.B 3 days ago

    Nothing worse then a thief !!!!!

  • Ken Uber
    Ken Uber 3 days ago

    Only one thing worst than a thief.....FIRE...It takes everything!!

  • ghimmster
    ghimmster 3 days ago

    Website is not working...sorry for ur loss.

  • Indica Goddess
    Indica Goddess 3 days ago

    Who are you, and why is your video on Chef Derrick Butt’s channel? I just wanted to go on his channel to see that everything is ok and I find this video!

  • cornerstone403
    cornerstone403 4 days ago

    Never leave valuables in your vehicle. NEVER!

  • Lettie’s Life
    Lettie’s Life 4 days ago

    UGH! I’m so sorry your personal stuff was stolen! Even tho they say a liar is worse than a thief...I think I’d rather be lied to 😣 Your editing is so beautiful! Cabin is amazing. I have a cabin in the woods, too. Life at its finest is spent best in the woods 🙌🏼 Loads of Love, Light & Insurance coverage! 🙈❤️❣️❤️

  • Martin sanders
    Martin sanders 4 days ago

    Are you a cyclist?

  • Rıza Özbek
    Rıza Özbek 4 days ago

    Geçmiş olsun dostum

  • Sam Ba
    Sam Ba 4 days ago

    With the cost of ammo increasing no warning shots will be given. is the sign you need.

  • Colleen Garcia
    Colleen Garcia 4 days ago

    what do you call those big horn animals ?

  • E H
    E H 4 days ago

    Thank you for this video! I loved seeing the animals just living their lives in their natural habitat. So simple, so beautiful, so overwhelming.

  • Jenny Kirchner
    Jenny Kirchner 4 days ago

    The wildlife footage - priceless, thank you!

  • Jenny Kirchner
    Jenny Kirchner 4 days ago

    Onwards and upwards. So excited to hear you and your wife's future plans at the cabin. Awesum

  • kim sims
    kim sims 4 days ago


  • Starquality 1 Reviews

    Well you don’t need no friends like that, sorry sometimes friends let you down and we never understand why, Jenni

  • Vaskedama
    Vaskedama 4 days ago

    @MY Self Reliance I am wondering about how you went about sourcing your property. I ask because I have an interest to start moving in the same direction as your self. Not to the same degree, but at least get something going.

  • h34p
    h34p 4 days ago +4

    always hide a gps tracker in your camera-backpack.
    easy to do, costs pretty much nothing and make everything easier.

  • Carter Adams
    Carter Adams 4 days ago

    Oh man I’m so sorry. Had a camera snatched a couple months ago, it’s a terrible feeling. Hope you’re able to recoup some of the costs and are doing alright.

  • pamula wallace
    pamula wallace 4 days ago

    Sorry to hear about your loss a real bummer!!!

  • Robert Davies
    Robert Davies 4 days ago


  • simon freeman
    simon freeman 4 days ago

    Sad to think someone would steal form lifes nice folk, but unfortunately thieves do not discriminate. Otherwise good to see your back at cabin, and great pics as usual.

  • angielou123
    angielou123 4 days ago

    Karma always pays back.

  • Gail Forest
    Gail Forest 4 days ago

    That's a sick feeling when you're victimized. So sorry.. Hope the insurance will replace it...
    So bright side, Your getting a new camera, and maybe a new lock box to store the good stuff in..
    I dream of camera equipment like yours. I can imagine the anger when you found the break in.
    Sorry Shawn..
    Love your videos of Alaska and everything else you share with us.
    I need some sage the way! It helps with mosquitoes!

  • mnm I stand for my flag

    No matter the country , thieves should be subjected to capital punishment . PERIOD!!!

  • nationwyde1
    nationwyde1 4 days ago

    I thought you were going to tell us a humorous story about wildlife dragging off your gear. But so sorry to know it was a human that did it! Apparently, they must have needed it more! (We say that to feel better.)

  • Her Woofness Boston Terrier

    Well that sure sucks!!!!
    Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  • Lorraine McKay
    Lorraine McKay 4 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos. Watching the bears and the moose was so relaxing. Sorry about your camera.

    JACK SPARROW 4 days ago

    Ask The bear nicely to give it back

    JACK SPARROW 4 days ago

    Buy a new one

  • Believer Y’shua
    Believer Y’shua 4 days ago

    I feel sorry your equipment was stolen. I hope recoup some of the money through your vehicle insurance.
    Here’s one project you don’t want to film:
    dig a hole squared out to make a cellar box fit in it with landscaping rocks 5” high at the bottom with small tubes under the rocks to divert the water away then an open top steel box with no other holes is fitted into the hole. This will house your expensive equipment wrapped in a professional water tight bag. For the cover lid use same method as your roof and leaves branches to conceal. Then mount the camera nearby but in all honesty you should have a simple cart sled your retriever can pull to and from the cabin and vehicle.

  • modsavant
    modsavant 5 days ago +1

    How can anyone possibly downvote this video? It's so peaceful, natural and genuine.

  • Lance Giltner
    Lance Giltner 5 days ago

    Jeremy, thank you for the great content you continue to produce. Something I believe doesn’t really get mentioned is your great music selection. Maybe in future videos you can post the artists and song for us? It’s very relaxing, I would love to listen to more!!

  • phil spencer
    phil spencer 5 days ago

    Do you and your wife not live together ? or are you separated ?

    SKELETON CHOP SHOP 5 days ago

    All the more reason to move out into the middle of nowhere, away from humans.

  • Sinan Kayan
    Sinan Kayan 5 days ago

    perfect, documentary taste.🏕🦌🐂🐻

  • pkeod
    pkeod 5 days ago

    Diversity is not our strength

  • Alma Macleod
    Alma Macleod 5 days ago

    What goes around comes around they will be punished in the end anyway you are awesome to the end love you and your family xxx

  • Wendy  Crandall
    Wendy Crandall 5 days ago

    I know how you feel Shawn, my husband and I were on Vacation and on our way home on the last night at a hotel our back passengers window was broken in and things taken, gifts and souvenirs we bought along the way, we had hidden under a blanket in the SUV, and they took 3 bags of dirty clothes... so weird, I am lucky I took my nice camera in the hotel with me... I wish you luck, we are dealing with insurance now too.. our SUV is almost repaired, we arent getting reimbursed for the stolen items because that falls under home owners insurance, and our deductible is too high... love your videos..and Cali..

    • Wendy  Crandall
      Wendy Crandall 5 days ago

      That is great news, I'm so happy to hear that. One item that was taken of mine was a ceramic bowl I made with my mom and sisters at a pottery has a very special memory tied to it..and now its gone... but I cant change these things that happen, all we can do is be safer, and protect ourselves better...have a great weekend

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance  5 days ago +1

      Sorry to hear that. Our deductible is high too but the insurance company has agreed to reimburse us if we purchase exactly the same equipment so it's worth it.

  • wert freund
    wert freund 5 days ago

    Sad to hear Your Wallet and equipment was Stolen
    CCP CREDIT CARD PROTECTION offers a real good insurance and free copy service for all stolen licenses, cards and permits .
    All around the planet they provide You with certified copies of all You registered documents there. Got that same "fun" on vacation.
    And Y o u my very special friend if You read that who stole Shawn's gear, camera wallet and stuff
    ..may God bless You upon my prayer with hot, painfully Rheumatism in Your hands stealing from a righteous fair and friendly man!
    So *better* return his goods quick a f! ! !👌
    May be dark window tinting foil an a dark blanket cast over all Your goods you carry on Your backset could help to prevent "opportunities to steal" 😉
    Great shots of those bears @17:00 even timelapse and those great Moose too. Amazing to watch!