We Found Trump's Secret Server

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • We found where the White House hid Trump's call with Ukraine! But that's not all we found... #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens
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Comments • 681

  • dougj dempsey
    dougj dempsey 29 days ago

    Hwite house?

  • N R
    N R Month ago

    I somehow didn't expect Trump
    to himself hit every single thing he's ever accused anyone of,
    on top of all his own uniquely awful and treasonous crimes,
    on his way into jail.

  • Vivs Leigh
    Vivs Leigh Month ago +1

    I would pay good money to see the democrats outraged and on “breaking news” local stations talking about what is being discovered on a daily basis. This is where they’re dropping the Freakin ball. They need to be informing the American public daily with what is happening. That’s the only way ple who are more interested in the Kardashian’s and Kanye wests bs little singing church and hip hop whatever reality show they have on bet or bets copy channels vh1 and mtv, will be informed about what is happening in their country and they justa might give a rats little behind. In Sd Cali and not one word on the local news about the impeachment I quiet or what is happening oh but they certainly do air trumps little bs ads filled w lies and racist propaganda. WHEN WILL THE DEMOCRATS EVER FUCKING LEARN???? They play god damn checkers while the republicans play chess

  • Vivs Leigh
    Vivs Leigh Month ago +1

    I would pay good money to the whistleblowers to yell at and put the republicans in their place on live tv for being traitors to this country and reminding them that they know very well how far they have gone to protect this pres and the lies they have spread for him and it’s best that they they start doing the right thing and put their country first or they will be out just as their lord and master.

  • Hector Quinonez
    Hector Quinonez Month ago +1

    That’s the scum at the bottom of the swamp acting at this point in the White House.

  • sean w
    sean w Month ago

    Your right fisa goes both ways

  • George Edwards
    George Edwards Month ago

    Colbert is a horses ass,if he's too stupid to c who betrayed this country,and he is even helping them betray the country with this filth,then he isn't worth the part of him that ran down his mommy's leg.

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 Month ago


  • chiquitabanana24
    chiquitabanana24 Month ago


  • Greg Keane
    Greg Keane Month ago +1

    If trump gets off this one I expect him to literally kill the whistleblower on 5th avenue....i shall accept no less

  • junglechick13
    junglechick13 Month ago

    His phone call tapes, right next to her e mails.

  • Rachelle Tanzil
    Rachelle Tanzil Month ago

    But hillary if hillary cant do it u cant do it hypocrite.

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass Month ago

    Only took a day to De bunk this video!👎

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Month ago

    Great opening 👍😀

  • Japie Claassen
    Japie Claassen Month ago

    All you snowflakes and Liberals, Socialists President Trump Is Your President And After 2020 He will Still be Your president Put that In your Socialist liberal Pipe and Smoke it Cupcakes Hahsha

  • Wes Hancock
    Wes Hancock Month ago

    Colbert....I wouldn't watch your show if they paid me. POS

  • treedevil
    treedevil Month ago


  • Cheng Xiong
    Cheng Xiong Month ago


  • Adlin Ling
    Adlin Ling Month ago

    They're in too deep.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Biden is under investigation! Soon Obama! LOCK THEM UP

  • Mayur6
    Mayur6 Month ago +1

    If you read this, I hope something wonderful happens to you this week :D

  • Kyle Brock
    Kyle Brock Month ago +3

    GOPhers 4 Life. Trickle down head in the clouds cultist.

  • chuck findlay
    chuck findlay Month ago

    That Colbert jumping the gun like Adam Schiff for brains, i wonder when facfs come like the did if Colbert feels like he as giant L on his forehead or doesn't see through his bias like lot others.

  • Hector Quinonez
    Hector Quinonez Month ago +2

    LOCK THEM UP👴🏻👩🏼🐵🙈🙉🙊🔒Please

  • Kevon Thomas
    Kevon Thomas Month ago

    Hang them.👈👀

  • ana s
    ana s Month ago

    LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haakon Anderson
    Haakon Anderson Month ago

    Man I love the smell Trumptard Nation burning to a damn crisp 🔥🔥😂🤣😂🖕🍊


    The horse s.... was fabulos

  • d vandam
    d vandam Month ago

    Hear this , hear this ... Trump is a sack off shit...

  • Desperado5501
    Desperado5501 Month ago


  • Dave Fetterly
    Dave Fetterly Month ago

    They don't want to bother looking at Hillary's private server because in order to be the exception to what is wrong you have to be a democrat with money and power.

  • Richard Dastrup
    Richard Dastrup Month ago

    Good I hope you go to prison

  • jz
    jz Month ago

    GOP excuse 5, 439: Hillary made him do it!

  • fah q
    fah q Month ago

    It's funny cuz this is made up too.

  • Eileen Farrar
    Eileen Farrar Month ago

    SIGH---funny/too scary to be funny!!

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson Month ago

    You guys need to get that server I will help you out I know the name of the server it's called crowdstrike

  • B Barns
    B Barns Month ago


  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores Month ago +1

    I wonder who will be interim president? Pence is implicated but not charged, hmmmmmm. Maybe it's Nancy's time, maybe not, too soon to tell

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago


  • Ian Pavao
    Ian Pavao Month ago

    Stephen Colbert should stop trying to become a news anchor and start trying to make jokes about something other than President Trump who has obviously achieved much more than he ever will.

  • Erica Espinosa
    Erica Espinosa Month ago +1

    Well done. 😂😂

  • Andrew Dahl
    Andrew Dahl Month ago

    Wow I bet that's the server room at the Ed Sullivan Theater. That is very cool.

  • Kim Fuck U
    Kim Fuck U Month ago

    Again a server? Let the Russia take over from here.

  • The Nobody Project
    The Nobody Project Month ago

    Dude, again with these clickbait video titles. Stop it. Some of us are seriously following this closely. I know it's all satire and jokes for you, but a lot of idiots only watch your show for their news; sad as that may be, it's true.
    I love you, Steven, but this is getting to be too much..

  • nad7894
    nad7894 Month ago

    At this point what difference does it make! HRC on the death of Americans under her command. #trumpb4cunt

  • rich tracy
    rich tracy Month ago +1

    I can’t wait to record the look on your face when he wins in 2020 and play it back time after time like I do with your face in 2016 you are a loser and late night comedy cries whenever you are on the air!!!!!

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly Month ago

    The dumbocrats astound me with their nonsensical rhetoric and investigations the whole time covering up the most corrupt politician of recent memory......Joe Biden. I would say you are losing credibility but that was lost a long time ago.

  • DK x Mace
    DK x Mace Month ago

    Surprisingly like everything else Steven puts out, not all that funny.

  • Dragon1717
    Dragon1717 Month ago

    Obama had a secret server for certain phone calls too. Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice let the cat out of the bag. SHHHHHHH!!! Don't tell anybody. That would ruin the left's double standard lol

  • Marta Twardowska
    Marta Twardowska Month ago

    It can be that CIA makes such things that they have experimented, torturing with FBI special agents and another agents in jail and then they will make the same things with the rest of the country

  • guybeleeve
    guybeleeve Month ago

    “It’s true.....all of it.”- Han Solo

  • Steven Bass
    Steven Bass Month ago +1

    Poor little babies. Just can't stand to have a President who actually does what he says and believes in the rule of law. Something liberals are unhappy with.

  • Silvia G.
    Silvia G. Month ago +2

    Hey Orange Manatee if you think this is over, you haven't understood anything.

  • tom schmidt
    tom schmidt Month ago

    TRUMP 2020
    Brought to you by national socialist democrats & the VERY FAKE msn all over the USA!!!

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Month ago

    You so funny and stupid.

  • vizual1one
    vizual1one Month ago


  • Sanchit Desai
    Sanchit Desai Month ago +1

    Snap chats with Kitty filter LOL

  • John O
    John O Month ago +1

    VOTE!! Gop corruption has got to go asap

  • Thomas McGillivray
    Thomas McGillivray Month ago

    Dream on....em democ'rats never give up eh....real desperation has set in now....I'd like to see & hear Trump's brilliant to gun lawyer Rudy Giuliani answer these claims.