Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020 [Official Audio]

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020
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  • SadVibesForever
    SadVibesForever 4 hours ago +1

    Is this song copyrighted? ;/
    Why everybody sayin it

  • Jones 2PhoneS
    Jones 2PhoneS 6 hours ago

    I honest to god this bih was never going to released but im so happy it did

  • Steve EM
    Steve EM 9 hours ago +1

    Y' all sayin that the beat sounds like a mosquito...WHAT KINDA MOSQUITO DO Y ALL HAVE IN YOUR PLACE

  • High Man
    High Man 11 hours ago

    Future is right there

  • sally
    sally 12 hours ago

    Tyler in the beginning tho

  • Cryptic Elite
    Cryptic Elite 13 hours ago

    Why does the very very beginning melody sound so familiar???

  • xavier
    xavier 14 hours ago

    Symere woods😔😔
    July 31,1994-

  • bitch shut up
    bitch shut up 15 hours ago

    What happens when you live in the hood and there are many mosquitoes :

  • coosee :v
    coosee :v 15 hours ago

    Does anyone else feel underwhelmed? I've been trying to force myself to like it since it released, but the energy is not there. Saying this as an uzi fan btw

  • Thepackofdogs
    Thepackofdogs 15 hours ago

    the beat sound like a geometry dash soundtrack 😂😂

  • queen b
    queen b 16 hours ago

    yo sing that shit are y’all fucking dumb

  • TTB NarcosTv
    TTB NarcosTv 16 hours ago

    Is that Tyler I hear

  • -‘ruth alvarado
    -‘ruth alvarado 17 hours ago

    are u serious

  • Dalinda Pope
    Dalinda Pope 17 hours ago

    Hit different 0.75 idk ...

  • Crestfallen Spirit
    Crestfallen Spirit 17 hours ago


  • Yanzz
    Yanzz 17 hours ago +1

    *Me and the bois freestyling over a geometry dash game*

  • Danny Ceniceros
    Danny Ceniceros 18 hours ago

    brb gonna learn the dance for this, might take a while

  • youngcashmoneythe3
    youngcashmoneythe3 18 hours ago

    Futsal shuffle : 0:20
    Me : Mann Start that shit over 💯🔥

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon 18 hours ago

    “I sent that girl a dm she ain’t answer me so you know I gotta shoot two at her”
    “Sad uzi noises”

  • f o r k
    f o r k 19 hours ago

    The girl at the bottom looks like toga lol

  • Julian Dunn
    Julian Dunn 19 hours ago +1

    this stuff hard uzi

  • melanie bailon
    melanie bailon 19 hours ago

    the beginning sounds like tyler the creator live singing boredom

  • Abby F
    Abby F 20 hours ago

    Did y’all know that was Tyler in the beginning 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Clutch handla
    Clutch handla 22 hours ago

    We need that eternal atake no cap

  • Kertina Yu
    Kertina Yu 22 hours ago

    wait is that Tyler at the beginning?

  • big fan
    big fan 22 hours ago

    Are you serious?

  • Lynx Oofy
    Lynx Oofy 22 hours ago

    Beat dropped harder than a grandma in the tub

    Poor grandma

  • jzirpolo12 Gaming
    jzirpolo12 Gaming 22 hours ago

    Narduar 😂

  • Famous People
    Famous People 22 hours ago +1

    bro was there a mosquito in the studio

    DEAMONIUMZ 22 hours ago

    Love the nard dog in there

  • viber mc ricer
    viber mc ricer 22 hours ago

    who else want to be a anime character

  • Out Void
    Out Void 23 hours ago

    This song belongs in 2040s music, this is too advanced for us🔥

  • Cruz Montelongo
    Cruz Montelongo Day ago

    Who remembers lil uzi verts old hair

  • julian_ lopez14
    julian_ lopez14 Day ago

    Is that Tyler in the beginning?

  • brandon
    brandon Day ago +1

    Yo tyler at the begining tho :o im just noticin now 😭

  • heyitshackgod
    heyitshackgod Day ago

    Beat hits harder than my dads gucci belt

  • Charlie Lipschutz
    Charlie Lipschutz Day ago +1

    For some reason this feel like something from 2040

  • Ruth Ahia
    Ruth Ahia Day ago

    I was in the library and realized my headphones weren't in...🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Day ago

    This sounds like a geometry dash song 😂😂

  • Jawsome
    Jawsome Day ago +1

    Okay smoke that boy just like a cigarette 🚬

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson Day ago +1

    Hey I’m from the year 2078 and I just wanted to say fuck you to everyone who reads this comment 🖕🏽

  • Michael Henderson
    Hardest song out 💙

  • T-Bone
    T-Bone Day ago +1


  • Oh Hell Nah
    Oh Hell Nah Day ago

    My Pet mosquito just translated the beat for mr

  • Taqo Supreme
    Taqo Supreme Day ago

    Everyone else: Dies

    Lil Uzi : 😳

  • Archie Stallings

    Let’s go uzi , Rest In Peace Juice WRLD

  • EliteNick 11
    EliteNick 11 Day ago +2

    Lil uzi vert: I need a beat that nobody would expect

    Zipper: Say less

  • SupremeFN
    SupremeFN Day ago +9

    When you think Uzi coming back in 2020 but he doesn’t
    “aRe YoU sErIoUs?”

  • Swiper
    Swiper Day ago

    Mosquitoes when humans celebrate new years:

  • Cris Nilges
    Cris Nilges Day ago

    This better be on the new geometry dash

  • SKULL Lord
    SKULL Lord Day ago

    The beginning sounds like a Minecraft note block

  • Rinkitamo
    Rinkitamo Day ago


  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Day ago

    When u finish electroman adventures:

  • Elite HonorGuard

    The background animation is what the pussy sees when I bust in it

  • Troy Williams
    Troy Williams Day ago

    this is the shit boi yall niggas sleep

  • Ghost YT
    Ghost YT Day ago +1

    They just got a maquito for the beat

  • Bradley Thompson

    Who the girls in the back are they from an anime?

  • toshiro uchiha
    toshiro uchiha Day ago +1

    She got with my clone!!!

  • Rowdy Roddy
    Rowdy Roddy Day ago

    Is that Tyler creator in the intro ?

  • Dionna Thomas
    Dionna Thomas Day ago

    Bruh A whole bunch of mosquito's just came in blastin' this song while they jumped me while i was playing geometry and howard the alien just stood there a watched me :(