The Tesla Model 3 Is The Only Electric Car Worth Buying.... Here's Why

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • Why I think the Tesla model 3 (or X or S) is the only electric car worth buying. Do you agree or disagree?! Comment below!
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Comments • 1 609

  • Kali Nyland
    Kali Nyland Hour ago

    Do you not know about the VW eGolf?

  • Nikol S. Ervant
    Nikol S. Ervant 17 hours ago

    So they're good because "everyone else is buying one"? Sorry, lady, you are an airhead.

  • Mohammed Zaid Raza

    Your name should be "The Tesla Girl"

  • Stephen Jensen
    Stephen Jensen Day ago

    Used Chevy Volt 2012 or 2013. Price: 7K-8K. Water cooled battery. As of late 2019 very little battery degradation and no reason to believe there will be much degradation for years to come. 38 electric mile range, so to get the value out of this car it needs to be a second car used for commuting and errands. Using gas it has over 350 miles of range plus no anxiety about running out of charge, because you have gas as a backup (38 mpg gas good but not great). The gas generates electricity to drive a motor, so you are not dealing with a normal car engine plus motor like some hybrids--dealing with a generator/motor. 38 miles sounds really bad at first, but using it as a commuting car we are getting most of our miles through electricity. This is a fun car to drive. Not nearly as quick as a Tesla but it is the quickest car I have ever owned.

  • Silin photography
    Silin photography 2 days ago

    my Lexus nx makes irritating noise comparing with i3

  • John Reff
    John Reff 2 days ago

    Shelby could not be more correct the only other one that is decent is that Hyundai it actually gets a better range than the standard range plus but like Shelby said Tesla is the only one you could travel with who wants to charge for six hours ? I just plug it in at night said it to be ready at 6:30 and boom full tank every morning warmed up ready to go

    KILLMONGER 404 3 days ago

    Physical buttons in cars just look outdated and ugly now.

  • Michael Wiley
    Michael Wiley 3 days ago

    Hi Shelby, thank you for sharing your Model 3 experiences. The videos piqued my interest and led to a test drive, which of course led to me ordering my very own Tesla. I had my advisor add your referral code.

  • Halle Bas
    Halle Bas 4 days ago

    The chevy bolt seemed like the best option after tesla

  • Abdul Mujeeb
    Abdul Mujeeb 4 days ago

    no drag race??

  • Will Erf
    Will Erf 4 days ago

    But what if you want a high quality interior? Then you have to go to a different brand like Porsche, Jaguar or Audi. Tesla just can’t compete with the interiors of other company’s.

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 4 days ago

    Because it’s the only one that doesn’t look like trash and it’s has one of the longest ranges. There are downsides to why I’m not getting one but you can bet that if I’m not willing to buy a Tesla now then I’m not buying any of the other trash out there. Especially not the more expensive Jaguar that’s out.

  • ljs66bug
    ljs66bug 4 days ago

    I have a bolt got it for 37k And 10k in rebates saved over 6k in gas already put 42k miles on it in 1 year i only got it for my commute. Worth every dime I wish it had autopilot tho hasn’t lost any range if anyone’s wondering

  • EclipseMints08
    EclipseMints08 4 days ago

    I agree. The 2010s is terrible for EVs that aren't Tesla. Hopefully the 2020s bring some competition for Tesla in the EV front and car companies finally take EV seriously. Tesla great as long as you have and keep your warranty. Once the warranty is gone, good luck and pray nothing breaks. Tesla owns the parts and there is no after market parts out there, so you're gonna be paying a shit-ton once the warranty goes away.

  • Shane Moline
    Shane Moline 4 days ago

    I have no idea how I wound up watching your channel, but I cant stop watching your videos. You're very talented.

    PIPERBOY WILLIAMS 4 days ago

    Cause you own stock ?

  • Nathan Tribble
    Nathan Tribble 4 days ago

    Right on with the looks. The others are butt ugly

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott 4 days ago

    You talk like a clown .

  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 4 days ago

    Electric cars have along way to go before they take over if they do completely take over. Oil companies are not going out without a fight. The main issue is charging time and difficulty charging at your home. Don't be fooled electric cars are not green they cause pollution. Better to wait let the issues be resolved first before buying electric give them another 20 years.

  • Veganpotter Thevegan

    The Model 3 is ugly too. The S and roadster look good but that's it.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 5 days ago

    great review.

  • Stefan Jepp
    Stefan Jepp 5 days ago

    What about Hyundai Kona EV or Kia e Niro, these Cars a quite I think.
    Apart from these two and the way cheeper Hyundai Ioniq are much better than the BMW i3.
    Unfortunately a Model3 is much more expensive here in Europe than in the US and way above my budged.
    Yes it is a grat car. Ich myself drive the Hyonday Ioniq Electric which was about 20000 Euro cheaper than a Tesla Model 3 in Germany

  • J M
    J M 6 days ago

    Just the charging network alone, none of the huge car companies even compare, they don't even try!

  • KaDDe
    KaDDe 7 days ago

    Why is the model3 only 39 000 usd in america and almost 60 000 usd in sweden?? Is it because of the import cost?

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf 3 days ago

      Import cost and mostly VAT.

  • Daniel Yn
    Daniel Yn 7 days ago

    I strongly agree but I am looking forward Ford Mach-e.

  • Beauty by Crisha
    Beauty by Crisha 7 days ago


  • Sragonite
    Sragonite 7 days ago

    where are kona ev and niro ev?

  • Johnny's Videos
    Johnny's Videos 8 days ago

    I'm still waiting on my tri-motor cybertruck

  • fullmotiondriver
    fullmotiondriver 8 days ago

    Checkout news coulomb’s Las Vegas trip wherein he challenges the article. He shows how it should be done which is faster.

  • mphuie
    mphuie 8 days ago

    I got my Chevy bolt with fast charging for under 31k (before rebate) from the dealer . For another 8.5k, the Tesla Model 3 was not worth it for me. Also when I bought it, Bolt's were still eligible for the full 7.5k rebate, which brought the savings over 10k..

  • subash sharda
    subash sharda 8 days ago

    Also it's the safest car ever made and as your health is priceless - can you really afford a Ford 😆

  • Hollis2Hollywood
    Hollis2Hollywood 8 days ago

    I don't know why your videos were "recommended" to me. They're nothing like what I normally watch but I have to say, I really enjoy them and I'm a new subscriber. You get straight to the point and are very clear. Keep up the good work.

  • P
    P 9 days ago

    Great review video. A+

  • Navi Tox
    Navi Tox 9 days ago +2

    Hey Shelby Are You Affiliated With Tesla in some way?

  • Jeni R
    Jeni R 9 days ago

    ரெண்டு பொண்ணும் சும்மா நச்சுனு இருக்கு...கூடவே டெஷ்லா காரும்.அருமை...

  • Viva San Gabriele
    Viva San Gabriele 9 days ago

    Just sold my G Wagen AMG for a 2019 Long Range Model X...... Holy Church! You drove me to the future (and Happiness!) Not just the most intelligent vehicle on Earth but, also a killer light burner!

  • M Isabel
    M Isabel 9 days ago

    Lol that “alert” noice is in song, XXXtentacion, it was from his BMW I8

  • Tyler Dunahee
    Tyler Dunahee 9 days ago

    It's unfortunate that there's so much misinformation here regarding price. The numbers she lists for the prices of the other cars are the MSRP and NO ONE (if you have half a brain) pays those at a dealership. Tesla charges their advertised price because they're Tesla and they can for as long as they have the demand. New Chevy Bolts are listed in the Baltimore/DC Area for around $25,000, which is nearly $10,000 below MSRP, plus you can take advantage of a $3,750 federal tax credit when buying new (Chevy is in the phase out stage). There are also several states that have tax incentives, for example, Maryland offers up to a $3,000 excise tax credit, which means you can effectively get a new Chevy Bolt for around $20,000 pretty easily. I recently bought a VW e-Golf for $22,500, take into account the full federal tax credit ($7500) and the state tax credit (up to $3000) and I got a brand new car with features like adaptive cruise, Andriod Auto, and 150 miles of range (works for me as I drive less than 700 miles a month and I rent a car if I go on a road trip which is less than 3-4 times a year) for under $15,000. Would I like a Tesla? Yes. Do I think an e-Golf or Bolt are better financial options and work just as well for me in 95% of situations? Yes.

  • Wilson Lui
    Wilson Lui 10 days ago

    I would buy a Tesla if I have spare money. I would make sure to disable to auto drive.

  • Kimberly Willes
    Kimberly Willes 10 days ago

    Tesla 💯❤️

  • Bianca
    Bianca 11 days ago

    OK, nobody pays $39,000 for a Model 3. Same as all other vehicles. Out the door, yeah it is kind of close to $60,000. Don't even get me started on the Tesla website where by default it shows price after the calculated savings. Click the tab for buying outright and you're in for a bit of a surprise. It's almost click bait but not quite. I love my Tesla 3, but the cost is still too prohibitive in my opinion.

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf 3 days ago

      It shows you your real price after you finish configuring, and obviously you know what you pay for when they give you the bill. But that's just the US, there are no meddling EU laws that obligate you to show the proper final price including all taxes. And really, Tesla doesn't offer that many options for you to choose from, most people don't buy base model vehicles, you're not obligated to. The only useful option you don't get coming from the base model is FSD. The average Model 3 price is something like $50k because there are people who buy the base model, and the performance model with all the bells and whistles. The Model 3's options aren't like that of Mini's where your options can cost more than the actual value of the car.

  • chrismas
    chrismas 11 days ago +1

    Model 3 is the only car worth buy today.

  • EdVentures
    EdVentures 11 days ago +1

    I really like the model 3 and I want one in the future. I also like the bmw i3 and I'm wanting to try out electric vehicles and I've discovered the bmw i3's in the used market go for $14k-20k for a really good one. Half the price of a new model 3! I'm thinking about purchasing an i3 to give electric vehicles a chance and I hope in the future I can buy a model 3 :)

  • Callandor
    Callandor 11 days ago

    It's awesome, the Model 3.
    BMW i3 is too weird and weak looking.

  • Macky Mode
    Macky Mode 11 days ago

    Sorry I just can't get over the stupidly over-simplified and bland interior.

  • Charles Dunlop
    Charles Dunlop 11 days ago

    I’ve had my model S for six years I think, it’s been trouble free and awesome and I’m not sure why I’d ever get another car of any kind, other than an electric truck which I need.

  • TTVCoderGaming
    TTVCoderGaming 11 days ago

    Personally I think the model S is the best due to free unlimited supercharging but if the model 3 had that then the model 3 is for me.

  • Mister_ Dieg
    Mister_ Dieg 12 days ago

    What happened to your right side wheels ?! 😱😭

  • Therese Ember
    Therese Ember 12 days ago

    With all of the California wildfires and PG&E shut-offs of electricity during the public’s most critical hour of need and mandatory evacuations, a Tesla is not a wise choice. A hybrid would be a wiser choice.

  • David Owens
    David Owens 12 days ago

    Great video - My model 3 is on order, hopefully get in December....:-)

  • VIA Education
    VIA Education 13 days ago must watch and subscribe

  • John Smitherson
    John Smitherson 13 days ago

    Her review is a little on the bias side. She doesn't mention how user friendly is the Tesla with the lack of buttons and relying all on the screen.

  • Russell Solberg
    Russell Solberg 13 days ago

    I have never paid more for a car at a dealership than what they were asking. It is frankly the exact opposite of that. Sometimes saving as much as 30% off their requested price.

  • Joseph Adam
    Joseph Adam 14 days ago

    So when is your Tesla Cybertruck review coming? 17:30 LMFAO.

  • Sithabelamandlawenkosiwodumoemangalisayo Yebo

    What's with Americans and vocal fry?

  • the forgetful
    the forgetful 14 days ago

    That’s the sound xxxtentacion used in sad

  • marcam129
    marcam129 14 days ago

    Every time this girl says "like" take a shot

    EDDIE 14 days ago

    search CoolKo Model 3 Products at amazon

    • EDDIE
      EDDIE 14 days ago

  • Zaina Sabrina Cohen
    Zaina Sabrina Cohen 14 days ago +7

    It’s like BMW didn’t want the i3 to sell 😂

  • Greg S
    Greg S 14 days ago

    That new Ford Mustang Mach-E electrical looks really nice. The downfall is what Shelby mentioned about availability of charging stations. I hope Shelby can take the Ford for a spin because the name "Shelby Ford Mustang" just makes sense.