Dana White: If boxing wants to go head to head with Masvidal vs. Diaz, they're nuts!

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Saturday, Nov. 2, is going to be a monster night for combat sports. Not only does UFC 244 feature Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz at Madison Square Garden in New York, but boxing great Canelo Alvarez will square off with Sergey Kovalev on the same night.
    UFC 244 takes place on ESPN+ PPV, while Alvarez vs. Kovalev is on the DAZN subscription-based app.
    UFC president Dana White says that Masvidal vs. Diaz is trending to be one of the biggest PPV's in the company's history, so he certainly thinks DAZN is crazy for putting Canelo vs. Kovalev up against the UFC.
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Comments • 143

  • Too much I said?
    Too much I said? 15 days ago

    who cares it’s not like that scumbag gonna pay his fighters fairly anyway..

  • Sally Atm
    Sally Atm Month ago +1

    Dana is out of his mind, boxing is popular world wide and UFC is very popular but only in a few major size countries. The Boxing promotor should shut dana up by just making him a public bet on who has a bigger gate and who has a larger televised viewers count. Then watch Dana back peddle and say that is not what he said and ment, A page right out of his idols play book Trump, say it and if you get called out denies it

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 16 days ago

      this comment didnt aged well ...

  • V S
    V S Month ago

    Again and again, DIAZ and MASVIDAL are both greatest fighter's, so, will see, and stop the talking.

  • Ozman1004
    Ozman1004 Month ago +1

    Watching both, win win. I’ve got Canelo and Masvidal that night.

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 16 days ago

      good prediction man

    • Ozman1004
      Ozman1004 22 days ago

      Don Jon, 7 pm EST for Masvidal and 9 pm EST Canelo.

    • Don Jon
      Don Jon 23 days ago

      do they fight at the same time though?

  • michael Castle
    michael Castle Month ago

    I don't care to see Canelo fight.

  • JR Bonilla
    JR Bonilla Month ago +1

    Im watching boxing first ufc second if possible both @ the same time lol

    • JR Bonilla
      JR Bonilla Month ago

      but that's gonna be a great fight Masvidal vs Diaz . big fan of both I think Masvidal gots this fight

  • JR Bonilla
    JR Bonilla Month ago +2

    All u are crazy that think boxing is dying. 12 round of brain damage sure does fill in them seats vs 4 rounds of 50/50 grappling and brutal kicks and punches and elbows.I Still think boxing is more dangerous thats why there a bigger audience

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 15 days ago

      @JR Bonilla it was conveniant for boxing that's all, the ufc was ok to be head to head with boxing, they didnt change the hour of start, the boxing changed. It was embarrassing watching canelo lying on a sofa wainting for diaz ending his fight. ( plus they got destroyed in popularity too )

    • JR Bonilla
      JR Bonilla 15 days ago

      @Y BENCH No it was convenient for both boxing and ufc fans. Fan got to see both fights.

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 16 days ago

      @JR Bonilla lol the biggest star of the sport had to wait for two MMA journey men to stop their fight before getting started, that was embarrassing for boxing ...

    • JR Bonilla
      JR Bonilla 16 days ago

      @Y BENCH nah

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 16 days ago

      boxing is dying

  • Samba Warrior
    Samba Warrior Month ago

    Canelo will beat you dana. I like nate vs masvidal, but its very overhyped. This bullshit with the rock and all is cringe. It cant compete with canelo alvarez. I may be totally wrong, but thats my opinion of it.

  • Alfredo pirlo
    Alfredo pirlo Month ago

    Boxing real combat ... ufc really stupid ...

  • Jordan Johnstone
    Jordan Johnstone Month ago +1

    Masvidal looks like Tony Montana 😂

  • everardo Morales
    everardo Morales Month ago +2

    I feel sorry for dana. Canelo is not even worrying about the UFC being in the same night. Since he knows 1 million plus people will tune in to watch him in the USA. And over 34 million in Mexico. While Dana might get the 1.2 million the usual fight gets or less since he is competing with canelo and rising star Ryan Garcia who boast a big following.
    Thank god I have two tvs in my room and multiple consoles to watch both fights. But sadly one show is going to be overshadowed by the other. And I have a feeling it’s going to be the UFC who has a huge dream match going on.

    • Y BENCH
      Y BENCH 16 days ago

      lol they had to wait for UFC to end to start fighting : PATHETIC

    • Soy Asi
      Soy Asi 19 days ago +1

      The Canelo fight was pushed to be after the Nate Diaz vs Masvidal because they didn't wanted to compete directly with the UFC.

    • Hamza Nazeer
      Hamza Nazeer Month ago

      @BigBoyJohnny get therapy asshat.

    • BigBoyJohnny
      BigBoyJohnny Month ago

      @everardo Morales ight 🤝

    • everardo Morales
      everardo Morales Month ago +1

      Here I’ll accept it if Diaz vs Masdival does better the canelo vs kovalev. I think that’s fair. Since according to you boxing is dead.

  • Manuela Kani
    Manuela Kani Month ago


  • Raymund Labs ra
    Raymund Labs ra Month ago +4

    I'll watch porn 😂 and wait Flash-Player upload a video

  • B Nemes
    B Nemes Month ago +15

    ill be streaming both for free on two different computers, simples!

  • Lex Loadgiver
    Lex Loadgiver Month ago +8

    Boxing will never compete with MMA. Boxing is dying a slow death.

    • Brian Delgado
      Brian Delgado 27 days ago

      That death is slow af!😂🤣

    • pit man
      pit man Month ago +1

      @Lex Loadgiver ..you have no idea non boxing champs make more money than a champion ufc fighter, boxing is more dangerous then ufc ask McGregor he had to get check ups for headaches 3 weeks after Mayweather fight still had problems (FACT).boxing will never die out any sport that's at the Olympics will always continue. Believe me Dana will be watching Canelo

    • JR Bonilla
      JR Bonilla Month ago +2

      Your crazy bro boxing 12 round more deadly then ufc

    • First person
      First person Month ago +2

      Boxing is most definitely not dead maybe less popular here but not in Mexico,phillipines,uk and japan

  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva Month ago +1

    He's not wrong

  • Fidan Rexhepi
    Fidan Rexhepi Month ago

    stipe is the baddest mf in ufc not these two dana hates stipe and now comes up.with this shit fuk outta here also ufc dana have always put ufc fights in the sqme night there is boxing since ufc exists also boxing is king of all sports

  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    The funny thing is tho Dana will be paying his fighters peanuts and Canelo and Kovalev will be making multiple millions no matter what the fight lol that’s the difference

    • Don Jon
      Don Jon 23 days ago

      @GOKU69 Conor mcgregor made more money in one boxing fight than he ever made in his entire UFC career

    • AttaxiaFFXI
      AttaxiaFFXI Month ago

      They are different sports with different business models. You can say that Boxers earn more in one fight which is true but the big money fights are much further apart so you can charge more money for them (which obviously translates to fighter pay).

    • pit man
      pit man Month ago

      @GOKU69 dont think so bro its no lie non boxing champs make more money than a champion ufc fighter..FACT

    • JR Bonilla
      JR Bonilla Month ago

      @Sandman sure dude lol

    • Venkatasai Prakhya
      Venkatasai Prakhya Month ago

      @Darchenko it doesn’t matter actually since the first UFC event was held in 1993 while boxing has been around since the 1940s where they really started gaining traction. The sport of MMA wasn’t popular until the UFC held its first event. It makes a difference. You can’t compare the pay of UFC and the pay of boxing when boxing has been around for so much longer. Look at each sports pay in regards to how much time they’ve been in the public’s eye.

  • F8 KAT
    F8 KAT Month ago

    Is Dana white serious hahaha lol a joke. Sipping his own piss as usual.

  • Tom T
    Tom T Month ago +7

    Can u imagine the shitstorm if conor had got a special belt made for one of his fights. Lol

    • The Brown Knight
      The Brown Knight Month ago

      Yeah and the first wrestler to come by would ground and pound his zero grappling skills and choke him out & take his belt mcgregor is a tap machine quitter simple as that he's lost all 4 times by way of submission for those silly mcgregor/mma casual bitches that don't know thats what khabib did to mcgregor. 😂

    • IV XX
      IV XX Month ago

      @Juan Z I think you're to emotional little girl, go to sleep

    • Darchenko
      Darchenko Month ago +1

      @IV XX it's a intern title with a unique name, Jorge or Nate are next for whoever is champ I can almost guarantee it.

    • Bonez 206
      Bonez 206 Month ago

      @Juan Z if you think Colby's belt that he won off RDA (great fighter but truly just a lightweight) is legit then your are sadly mistaken. Colby is a bum and will get exposed by the next top guy he has to face

    • Juan Z
      Juan Z Month ago

      IV XX you’re fucking stupid right now the nut huggers have belts usman and Colby are nut sniffers not fighters but I guess a piece of gold impresses you you ain’t no different than a hoe

  • xXChakra2o9Xx
    xXChakra2o9Xx Month ago +8

    I'll just watch both fights live so that will be a good night.

  • Rahaman Awelenje
    Rahaman Awelenje Month ago +11

    I mean.....Dana not lying like who not gonna Watch Jorge vs Nate? Lmao like c'mon for the BMF Championship...watch UFC do more numbers.

  • Blue Nose
    Blue Nose Month ago

    McGregor is a bitch compared to these 2 motherfuckers 👊🏼

  • Game Bred
    Game Bred Month ago +4

    Canelo vs Kov is a hell of a fight either way you want to put it & involves a lot more skills than the ufc fight but
    Masvidal vs Diaz is a barn burner

    • J2rfitness
      J2rfitness Month ago

      @sean Lol you're not very smart are you? I'd like to see you step in a boxing ring and take a few shots to the head from those "pillows".

    • IV XX
      IV XX Month ago

      @Game Bred no? Okay lol enjoy boxing kid 😂😂

    • IV XX
      IV XX Month ago

      @Game Bred
      You're the moron kid.
      Give me legit reasons why boxing is harder, and I'll demolish your comment with why MMA is harder.
      Its doesn't take a genius to know why MMA is harder to compete in than boxing. I'll wait for your reply kid 😎👍

    • Game Bred
      Game Bred Month ago

      IV XX
      You’re a moron kid. Doing this whole mma vs boxing thing. Rumble Johnson is a bum & comparing his power to some of the hardest hitting/greatest boxers in history is laughable & shows you have no logic to what you are saying. You’re just a mma fanboy.
      I love both sports. I respect both sports. I train both sports but I’m not going to give some half ass bullshit bias answer because I support one over the other. Boxing requires more skills and that’s just a fact. When Jorge, Nate, Conor, Dustin, Justin, Tony, Khabib, Colby, Leon Scott, Rda or anyone from the 155 to 170 weight class can stand straight in front of someone like Sergey Kovalev, in striking range, without getting hit lmk.

    • Game Bred
      Game Bred Month ago

      Maershkin Schrabs
      As far as one shot punch power, agreed

  • Netrseinofme in
    Netrseinofme in Month ago +1

    It's sad to watching these two G's trying to kill each other because they deserve this shit both...

  • Lk7
    Lk7 Month ago +11

    I'll be watching canelo

    • The Brown Knight
      The Brown Knight Month ago

      Typical boring 🥊 fan

    • Paul Davis
      Paul Davis Month ago +3

      I rather watch a real fight that incorporates all forms of fighting, not just a boring punching only contest. Diaz vs. Masvidal will have it all - punches, kicks, knees, elbows etc. it is going to be insane!

    • Alan Castillo
      Alan Castillo Month ago

      @BOOTYBALLS THEGOD you haven't washed under your tits 😂😂😂😂😂get a life polyester

    • Rob S.
      Rob S. Month ago

      have fun 👍 👌 😎 to each their own

    • juan Felipe Devia Beltrán
      juan Felipe Devia Beltrán Month ago +2

      I prefer Masvidal vs Diaz