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I Lied about Scotch Eggs | Botched By Babish

  • Published on Nov 6, 2021
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Comments • 5 726

  • Michael Ackley
    Michael Ackley 6 months ago +4529

    Watching Andrew slowly lose his grip on reality while trying desperately to prove his life isn't a lie, as his friends watched on in absolute horror, is really relatable; and makes me feel better about when I do those things..... Anyways leave a message

    • Seymour Disapproves
      Seymour Disapproves 13 days ago

      The way he broke that plate over his head was absolutely shocking

    • Emerald Head
      Emerald Head 26 days ago

      The worst part is that he didn’t even have to do this, seeing how people who’ve had scotch eggs before have revealed that it’s common for them to have hard boiled yolks.

    • Brock Roberts
      Brock Roberts Month ago

      This one is dark..😲

    • EATHER2468
      EATHER2468 Month ago

      That is too much sausage around the egg.

    • average gamer1238
      average gamer1238 2 months ago

      @NeonEmu moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Vion
    Vion 6 months ago +2251

    As a Brit who has eaten many Scotch eggs i have never had one with runny yolk, i didn't even know that was a thing. You set yourself a real challenge here :D ours all have hard boiled eggs inside

    • Dylan E
      Dylan E 25 days ago +2

      It's just that you get 2 opportunities to overcook the egg yolk. I think runny or jammy is much nicer.

    • FullMetal_
      FullMetal_ 25 days ago

      @Stovaa Drakon It's funny you say that cause it's usually the Europeans and Asians that like undercooked meats and eggs.

    • M G
      M G 28 days ago

      @RedDevil_Joe it's actually quite logical as Scotsmen were very overrepresented in the colonial armies.

    • Kalamadea One
      Kalamadea One Month ago

      @Be Ever heard of Cajun food?

  • Chris Manuel
    Chris Manuel 6 months ago +2549

    The "I MADE SO MUCH MONNNEYYYYY" got me. I laughed like an idiot

    • Ayden Wright
      Ayden Wright 10 days ago

      The delivery was spot on

    • David Falardeau
      David Falardeau 2 months ago +3

      I didn’t even make that far. Laughed all the way to the line

    • some.stupid.kinnie
      some.stupid.kinnie 2 months ago +1

      The way he said it made me think of flamingo-

    • Andy Nonymous
      Andy Nonymous 3 months ago +15

      Sane with "Scotland... you had this coming" then that smug look

    • Anjelyca
      Anjelyca 4 months ago +3

      No fr i came to find this comment! I laughed soo hard

  • Chloe Decker
    Chloe Decker 5 months ago +936

    I really hope babish read all these comments about how most scotch eggs don't have runny yolks and just ran around around screaming for an hour

    • Will Griffin
      Will Griffin Month ago +2

      @rokuspace Because I've lost control of my life.

    • rokuspace
      rokuspace 4 months ago +48

      17:47 The OFFICIAL unofficial Babbish response.

  • Janet
    Janet 6 months ago +783

    I completely lost it when the plate broke, I wasn't expecting that at all!! The Botched series is honestly my favourite, it's so fun to watch.

    • cocoricecrispies409
      cocoricecrispies409 4 months ago +16

      I read this comment ahead of time by accident and still was completely surprised by the plate. Next level of botched

    • Tanuki Rain
      Tanuki Rain 4 months ago +7

      @meow 29:20

    • meow
      meow 4 months ago +2

      Eh??? Do you have a timestamp I'm totally missing it

  • RFX Studios
    RFX Studios 6 months ago +9236

    Welcome to this weeks episode of "IS BABISH OK?" This week: Babish is not OK. Thanks for watching!

  • Marcira
    Marcira 5 months ago +477

    seeing babish go from almost suave cooking man to crackhead food scientists put a freaking smile on my face

  • Lu Hedlund
    Lu Hedlund 6 months ago +873

    "It was the most American thing I coulda done. I made so much mONEY --" Demented. Vile.
    This is the energy I didn't expect but appreciated nonetheless

  • Sammy Sweet
    Sammy Sweet 6 months ago +534

    Meanwhile Kendall cries quietly in the background

    • Katie McNamara
      Katie McNamara 3 months ago +10

      I literally started crying myself just watching her get emotional

    • Paraxo
      Paraxo 3 months ago +13

      over the 10 seconds you can just watch her eyes get redder and redder

    • Julian Kreugel
      Julian Kreugel 4 months ago +16

      Most wholesome moment

  • Michelle Patterson
    Michelle Patterson 4 months ago +151

    I love how completely and utterly feral Babish is in these videos. Like, you know that most of the Binging and Basics episodes are probably somewhat like this behind the scenes, but he goes off the rails in these and it's always hilarious. I love watching this man lose every ounce of sanity as he tries to do the most basic cooking task: soft-boiling an egg.

  • Zachary Skelly
    Zachary Skelly 6 months ago +4714

    You missed a golden opportunity to call this episode the botch egg.

  • Sarah Travenick
    Sarah Travenick 6 months ago +310

    For me, the perfect scotch egg is still squidgy and a little translucent or jammy, but not quite runny. Better undercooked than overcooked, though.
    Here in Japan, sausage doesn’t exist, so one time I tried a pre-made, pork gyoza filling to save time and those were show-stoppers at knitting club.

    • David Sandy
      David Sandy Month ago

      I love the gyoza filling. I call it pork goo.

    • Sarah Travenick
      Sarah Travenick 4 months ago +1

      @Ace Undead oh, then…exactly like poached eggs.

    • Ace Undead
      Ace Undead 4 months ago

      @Sarah Travenick i always end up overcooking mine,

    • Sarah Travenick
      Sarah Travenick 4 months ago

      @clever username I’ve done it, of course, but it’s a lot more cleanup than using sausage.

    • Sarah Travenick
      Sarah Travenick 4 months ago

      @Ace Undead Ive usually eaten poached eggs runny.

  • Justin Garza
    Justin Garza Month ago +21

    who ever did the CGI for this episode did an awesome job, that scotched egg looks so real.

    • Sicarius
      Sicarius 6 days ago

      I think i actually noticied it and pointed it out on reddit

  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth B. 6 months ago +283

    When Brad said "I wouldn't know... because my only experience. was a lie..." I literally choked on my Tea. A.Mazing. But seriously. What is the utter CHAOS that is this episode??? Such a Roller coaster!

  • Jerpica.d
    Jerpica.d 5 months ago +91

    I started watching Binging with Babish in the early days and fell in love with Andrew messing up and admitting it, showing how to go forward and keep trying. I felt that over the years more of that got cut out and it became more educational. I’ve always been here for the trial and error and the humour Andrew brings to the show. Thank you for this show it feels way more like the early days but elevated.

  • RMDrunkenRat
    RMDrunkenRat 6 months ago +3825

    As someone who lives in the UK, I do have a best scotch egg experience: I was working as a builder’s labourer at the time and my boss was the quintessential Northern hard man . Gruff. Tough. Vastly disliked me for being a Londoner.
    We were working on a roof at the time, and the client had left us some fancy scotch eggs as a lunchtime offering. My boss, unwilling to concede that chewing is a necessary first step of the digestion process, insisted that I ate the egg as quickly as possible to return to work, and decided to demonstrate how to eat a scotch egg in a single bite. Friends, he jammed the snack in his mouth (not unlike Andrew) and bit down. I will never forget the sound. It was, as the kids would say, a ‘cronch’. It was not the mellow sound of a man biting through meat and egg, no. It was the sound of a man biting through a boiled egg with the shell still on, with some deep fried meat in the way.
    Long story short, he had a funny turn and threw up, and we all got to go home early. And my scotch egg was delicious.

    • hollow bones
      hollow bones 13 days ago

      @Seymour Disapproves perhaps if only you'd give it a try maybe you are too, its seriously not as bad as it sounds. batter on fried chicken is almost like a shell, isnt it? just made of different material? slap some seasoning on it and boom

    • Seymour Disapproves
      Seymour Disapproves 13 days ago +2

      @hollow bones you are, as the kids say, built different

    • Mackenzie Tetlow
      Mackenzie Tetlow 3 months ago

      @darkmatter411 Yorkshire doesn't count their too posh to be northern.

    • hollow bones
      hollow bones 5 months ago +2

      i actually eat all of my boiled eggs with the shell on, since im far too impatient to peel them and the shell doesnt bother me or upset my stomach (i cover the shell with garlic parmesan cheese sauce) its just a crunchy egg to me, i thought i only started doing it recently as ive been growing more impatient but according to my mom ive eaten them with the shell on as a kid before

  • HurstGutsy
    HurstGutsy 4 months ago +65

    This was relentlessly funny, informative, clever, engaging, and so heartwarming. Quintessential Babish. Keep taking care of yourself and your team, Andrew. Together, you guys have created something really, really special.
    THERE! Let someone else aggrandize you for once.

  • dereinzigwahreRichi
    dereinzigwahreRichi 6 months ago +164

    When he whispered "nutmeg" some hundred miles away John Townsend suddenly rose to attention, sniffed around the air and set off running full speed towards Babish's kitchen.
    At least in my imagination. ;-)

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda 3 months ago +2

      Like a meerkat. How they pop up out of the ground

  • Not a Person
    Not a Person Month ago +14

    This is one of the top 5 best episodes in the BCU. The slow slide into insanity, the banter, meta-commentary, editing, the self-aggrandizing callbacks, its all just perfect. If someone asked me to prove Flash-Player channels have surpassed traditional television in terms of entertainment value, this would be exhibit A.

  • Strider93
    Strider93 3 months ago +36

    The way he goes from somber to “made so much moneyyyyyyyy” truly makes me roll on the floor laughing

  • Christian
    Christian 6 months ago +1658

    It's considered a simple British snack food because we use hard boiled eggs. Runny yolks are for poncy 'gastro' pubs and Londoners.

    • Seymour Disapproves
      Seymour Disapproves 13 days ago

      It sounds like it would be so dry without the soft-boiled egg

    • Lord Garth
      Lord Garth 27 days ago

      @Joe Waters Sorry you can’t taste the difference in all those denatured proteins. It’s as different as medium rare to well done beef to me.

    • Joe Waters
      Joe Waters 27 days ago

      @Lord Garth I have many times and it tastes exactly the same, only difference is the texture

    • Lord Garth
      Lord Garth 27 days ago

      @Joe Waters You start to denature the proteins and it affects the flavor. try it both ways if you haven’t.

    • Joe Waters
      Joe Waters 27 days ago

      @Lord Garth how does that effect the flavour...

  • Alvarie Roberts
    Alvarie Roberts 5 months ago +68

    Listening to you cussing out your eggs as you try to peel them makes me feel better because I'm not the only one LOL

  • Pedro Urena
    Pedro Urena 4 months ago +35

    I dont watch every episode when it comes out, or in any sort of timely manner but after this episode, I am starting to admire Babish more and more. He could have blown up on Brad when he made the mistake that he did but no. He gave him a hug and told him it was alright. Not a lot of bosses out there will do that. Keep on keeping on Babish, and thank you for being someone to admire.

  • Asdan Games
    Asdan Games 2 months ago +15

    Honestly this episode is the best. Kendall, thanks for being you. Babish, thanks for being vulnerable on camera and telling us just how valuable Kendall is to you and the team!

  • Ekena
    Ekena 6 months ago +104

    "Scotland, you had this coming" is the most accurate thing I can think of

  • KitCat898
    KitCat898 6 months ago +2436

    His energy is so chaotic in this whole thing he’s like the cat meme that says “mother- mother I crave violence”

    • deathsecretary
      deathsecretary 20 days ago

      @Spicy Oak You're right, it's much better.

    • Spicy Oak
      Spicy Oak 4 months ago +2

      i read this in oz media's voice and it made it so much better"

    • DarkSentinel
      DarkSentinel 4 months ago +12

      @HelloMoro why would he put on an act for his less popular video series

    • Cwyan2483
      Cwyan2483 4 months ago +17

      @HelloMoro or…he’s having fun? Not everything needs armchair psychological analysis man.

    • HelloMoro
      HelloMoro 5 months ago +9

      He’s becoming more of a characture and less of his actual personality like he was when he first started. It seems to be what a lot of youtubers go through at a certain point they just go full on actor in their content.

  • Pepper Person
    Pepper Person 4 months ago +11

    Kendall talking about the rain messing with her joints is such a mood. I’m nineteen and when it rains or snows or anything it HURTS.
    Also watching Andrew slowly lose grip on reality is hilariously amazing

  • Kristen Vokt
    Kristen Vokt 6 months ago +15

    Make sure your eggs are room temp before steaming or putting them in boiling water. I usually don't think that far ahead when I'm about to boil eggs, so I place them in really hot tap water to warm up while waiting for the water to boil on the stove. I transfer the eggs to the boiling water when its ready.

  • James Mobus
    James Mobus 3 months ago +4

    This video exists at that narrow edge between wholesomeness and madness

  • Littlefoot On the trail

    I have been eating scotch eggs for years. Never have I heard they should have a runny yolk. We always used hard-boiled eggs with hot honey mustard to dip them in.

  • Molly Mackenzie
    Molly Mackenzie 6 months ago +19

    I wasn't expecting to tear up on an episode of Botched. Then Brad had to make everyone be vulnerable. Anyway, leave a message

  • Feni Me
    Feni Me 3 months ago +9

    Hi, I'm a new fan. I love the candor and loving absurdity of this. I fiercely appreciate all you do. I've never had a scotch egg, 'cuz I don't like sausage. I do love soft boiled eggs, which I've never heard of steaming before. I always heard of them as 4 minute eggs. As in, boiling room temperature eggs for 4 minutes, then throwing in the ice bath. I wonder if the steaming didn't work because the eggs in the US are always refrigerated and the eggs started off cold. *supportive virtual hug* I wish only happiness for the Babish team.

  • DarrenAshJames
    DarrenAshJames 6 months ago +29

    Lived in the uk all my life and scotch eggs have always been hard boiled inside…Babish lied to himself

    • FullMetal_
      FullMetal_ 25 days ago

      Something I've learned is that even the UK doesn't know how they're actually made.

    • Michaela Saunders
      Michaela Saunders Month ago +1

      Weird, this is how I had them growing up and my parents are from the uk?

  • Alexis Hart
    Alexis Hart 6 months ago +11

    My best Scotch egg experience was as a Scottish Highland Dancer camping out at the Enumclaw Highland Games, waking up to the sound of bagpipes, and getting a Scotch egg for breakfast. It was my breakfast of champions

  • Alicia AZ
    Alicia AZ 6 months ago +9522

    I feel like we're witnessing his maniacal supervillain origin story. Eggs. Eggs did this to him, and to us.

    • egg
      egg 4 months ago

      I’m so evil.

    • DarkSentinel
      DarkSentinel 4 months ago

      He’s got the head for an egg-based villain

    • patrick watkins
      patrick watkins 4 months ago

      since this is how eggman came to be.

    • Joseph Clemmons
      Joseph Clemmons 5 months ago

      Howtobasic origin

    • Astro Cat
      Astro Cat 6 months ago +1

      @Straka Zulu Even has the same hairline

  • Makenna Heliker
    Makenna Heliker 7 days ago

    When you broke the camera over your head I seriously laughed out loud - thank you for all you do Babish Team. Life is happier because of you. Whenever I'm struggling to drag myself back into the kitchen and make generally better choices, a couple episodes and I'm inspired again.

  • Addison Rose
    Addison Rose 6 months ago +10

    Having an episode like this here and there would be amazing! I was so intensely focused on this entire episode! I absolutely enjoyed it and not everything you have told us is a lie! Hubby has made amazing stew because of you! Also, seeing before you and seeing the fun that goes on behind the scenes makes it so much better! I’m not saying every episode but every once in a while this will be great, or maybe even bloopers after each episode !

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago +1

    I love how suave and cool Babish appears in his normal videos and he's a goofy hyper cooking lunatic in these ones, it's great.

  • TheTotallySaneDane
    TheTotallySaneDane 6 months ago +16

    24:15 is probably the most visceral reaction I've heard from Andrew and I'm so happy it exists

  • Nick Siepmann
    Nick Siepmann 2 months ago +2

    I'm a newcomer to this series and I truly appreciate the combination of vulnerability and barely-contained chaos. A++ internet

  • Sadee Jones
    Sadee Jones 5 months ago +16

    I have been watching your channel for years, enough to have my own tiny whisk keychain, and this is handsdown my favorite episode so far! Thank you for putting being a real person in the kitchen into your show!! I laughed so hard multiple times ☺

  • Anne M N
    Anne M N 5 months ago +27

    Gotta appreciate how the "this is sponsored by" text shows up both reassuring AND questioning the fact someone backed and enabled this.

  • Kris Osterhout
    Kris Osterhout 4 months ago +4

    This is EVERYTHING I want when consuming content. You are actually a genius, Andrew. Nobody, and I mean *nobody*, does it better than you.

  • callumninja11
    callumninja11 5 months ago +8

    Either I've been lied to my whole life or Andrew has had some fancy scotch eggs because every time I've had a scotch egg it is always hard boiled

  • Anatomychant
    Anatomychant 4 months ago +2

    Been putting off watching this for months and I did not expect Brad to make me cry toward the end but that was beautiful.

  • Fred Berry
    Fred Berry 6 months ago +10

    Just so you know after living in Britain for many years I have never had a scotch egg with a runny egg The reason is because the sausage isn't cooked and neither is the egg but what you have done looks amazing

  • Crazy Kay
    Crazy Kay 6 months ago +8

    I thought they were supposed to be hard boiled, but I appreciate this chaotic masterpiece

  • ZefirDude
    ZefirDude 6 months ago +1190

    The "botched" series are so genuine and feel alive and "real" for me. One of the best things to watch when I'm feel sad or moody.

    • Writer Shard
      Writer Shard 6 months ago +7

      I like it, but I also personally prefer his regular versions. The main reason I love Babish is because he gets straight to the food, while still maintaining enough personality to not make it feel distant. But I am glad he's making these videos still, that way everyone gets to have something to enjoy.

    • Aj Haley
      Aj Haley 6 months ago +1

      Perfectly said!

    • 6fathom
      6fathom 6 months ago +11

      about 17:42 is what sold me

    • Abd El Wadoud Ikhlef
      Abd El Wadoud Ikhlef 6 months ago +12

      This, love the other shows too, but nothing comes close to this!

  • bubblesandbackflips
    bubblesandbackflips 6 months ago +7

    This was just exactly, exactly what I needed today. Freaking love you guys.

  • TheNinjaLamb
    TheNinjaLamb 6 months ago +41

    He's clearly well on his way to becoming a super villain. He needs to go on a sausage team up redemption arc.

  • SuperIronSpiderDaddy
    SuperIronSpiderDaddy 5 months ago +10

    Did you account for the fact that Europeans like to keep their eggs out of their refrigerators, and instead leave them out rendering them to become room temperature? Perhaps if the egg was brought to room temperature before boiling. Also, when you peel eggs, try cracking the shell all around and then soak the eggs in water for a few minutes to allow the water to get between the shell and the egg white.

  • Rae_da_Cat
    Rae_da_Cat 5 months ago +4

    This was the best mix of wholesome, concerning and funny

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 6 months ago +1169

    Best cold open: babish, running behind a weird egg
    Second best cold open: babish, tearful, confessing his sins whilst slicing onions

    • Kellen
      Kellen 4 months ago

      @Mycomni The Great YES. Or Brads: "It was a lie"

    • Mycomni The Great
      Mycomni The Great 6 months ago +5

      You forgot the best part (IMHO):
      “Scotland: (zooms into his face) you had this coming”

    • Curtis’ Hart-cade
      Curtis’ Hart-cade 6 months ago +1

      I have never laughed so hard at this episode on any other Babish S one was a riot.

    • Some Kid
      Some Kid 6 months ago +2

      The Egg Saga

  • Genesis Green
    Genesis Green 6 months ago +7

    i have such a sense of relief watching this video, i recently tried to boil eggs which the recipe called for 6 minutes. I can completely relate to this because i had an existential crisis wondering if i was the problem. I even tried different cooking times to try and figure out what was the right time. i ended overcooking them and never got to learning when the yolk would be a bit runny..... it made me question everything.

  • Ali AqaRahimi
    Ali AqaRahimi 5 months ago +9

    Although an avid BwB viewer, it's the first time I'm watching Botched by Babish. And, it is stylistically different, in a great sense. Nice!
    Andrew has the potential to expand this enterprise.

  • juuuu
    juuuu 6 months ago +10

    Man... This was a movie! I laughed, I cried, I broke a plate on my head. Truly a masterpiece 👏🏽👏🏽❤

  • StevenRAllen29
    StevenRAllen29 6 months ago +9

    Dying at the "I steamed these eggs twice" the sass, then divine egg retribution.

  • Helen Marie Sacris
    Helen Marie Sacris 6 months ago +781

    That line “I wouldn’t know, because the only one I’ve had was a lie” and the walkout right after, cracked me up!!! 😂

    • DopeDolphin
      DopeDolphin 3 months ago +5

      I was Eggshausted from laughter

    • Linda Freeman
      Linda Freeman 6 months ago +16

      It wasn't just a walk out, it was a knife drop!

  • Pedal Man
    Pedal Man 6 months ago +4

    This honestly was one of the best shows ever!!!!!!!!!!! You have a great team and I'm so appreciative of how you appreciate them. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BB Rosser
    BB Rosser 6 months ago +4

    Although you were frustrated with the multiple attempts to reach Egg Perfection; I totally had a great time watching you try again and again. I'm telling you-- everyone who loves cooking should watch this video. Congrats for this: Each Egg Was A Thing Of Beauty!

  • Nyx - Deadbeat Takodachi
    Nyx - Deadbeat Takodachi 4 months ago +8

    After watching this I'm overwhelmingly concerned by Andrew, also very amused. He's this balance of calm and near manic

  • Willow Wisp
    Willow Wisp 2 months ago +3

    I love this video sm, these videos that seem to include many many more bloopers are so nice and funny to watch. Love the professional ones too but I hope we get more videos like these as well!

  • Nadiah N
    Nadiah N 6 months ago +1243

    Andy: * tries his darndest for a runny yolk inside of the Scotch eggs *
    Brits in the comments: the egg is supposed to be hard-boiled though

    • NONNAME152
      NONNAME152 Month ago

      @Captain Morgan there won’t be an egg left in a 20 mile area from all the attempts.

    • Mackenzie Tetlow
      Mackenzie Tetlow 3 months ago

      @Ben Dunno i think it's something to do with the way they were originally made.

    • Ben
      Ben 3 months ago

      @Mackenzie Tetlow so why the name?

    • Mackenzie Tetlow
      Mackenzie Tetlow 3 months ago

      @Ben No they come from London.

    • Mackenzie Tetlow
      Mackenzie Tetlow 3 months ago

      @Oogie Boogie Not true the first scotch eggs where sold in London and where hard boiled.

  • carmex129
    carmex129 3 months ago +6

    I can't help but love how adorable Kenall is/has been throughout all she's gone through with Babish (whether through random happenstance or through becoming a part of Babish Inc. etc. etc. etc.) She's a master of what she does and I'm always super excited to see what more she can knows and can do :D

  • Lovely Lala
    Lovely Lala 3 months ago +2

    I did this the other day with ground beef instead, I cooked my eggs in a fouble boiler pan instead of the little insert into the water so my eggs were 100% just steamed with about an inch or two above the boiling water and I cooked them for 9 minutes and got perfect soft boils. Then i fried them at about 365 and got them all perfectly cooked. I also did spicey seasoned bread coating so they cooked darker but I also expected as much due to the redness in it and I think I cooked each egg in the oil for about 6 minutes though I mostly went for color. Thanks for the failures as it gave me the hindsite necessary to have a one shot at it, tbh I was so surprised it came out as well as it did. And i was totally expecting if it came out a bit raw, beef medium rare is safe so yknow lol.

  • Cristina J
    Cristina J 6 months ago +6

    I’ve been watching this channel for a while and wow, this episode… a stunner. Late Night Madness energy and I’m here for it

  • dylan hare
    dylan hare 5 months ago +3

    I live in the UK and have eaten many scotch eggs, home made and shop bought, and i have never had one with runny yolk. I don't think this is a thing, it's always hard boiled.

  • Kelsomatic
    Kelsomatic 6 months ago +1266

    “It was the most American thing I could’ve done”
    I was drinking spicy pho broth, inhaled some upon hearing this, and spent the next few minutes coughing and laughing.
    Because it’s 100% true.

    • stars and sus
      stars and sus 6 months ago +3

      Did it go you're nose?

    • kiyasthriftycrafts
      kiyasthriftycrafts 6 months ago +42

      Him adding in, “I made so much money” drove me to my grave 😂😂

  • Philippe Ouellette
    Philippe Ouellette 6 months ago +4

    perfect soft boiled egg take 8 min according to my dad then you put them in the ice bath for 30 second to shock the shell off then in room temp water to let them cool off. alternatively you can fish the ice out after the shock treatment. I personally prefer a bit over 12 min hard boiled.

  • Xenon
    Xenon 5 months ago +3

    Watch Babish spend half an hour being a maniac with eggs.
    Actually it's more like watch Babish have an egg-based breakdown for half an hour.

  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel 12 days ago

    I love how much chaos is going on is every one of these videos, thank you Brad and Kendall and of course Andrew

  • Amy G
    Amy G 6 months ago +2

    This is my favorite thing I will watch all week. All the notes hit perfectly. Just pure chaotic perfection.

  • JarJarJacobs
    JarJarJacobs 6 months ago +513

    i love that this show has such high production value and yet it exudes purely chaotic, low-budget energy

  • caleb minish
    caleb minish 4 months ago +1

    This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen, do you do a lot of videos like this? I want to see the whole cooking process like this again

  • Regan Costelloe
    Regan Costelloe 3 days ago

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    Always poke a small hole in eggs before you boil them! It makes removing the shell easier. 6 minutes in full boil (twirling them around every minute or so) = perfect soft boiled eggs with runny yolks every time

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    • Andrew McMillan
      Andrew McMillan 4 months ago +1

      It’s better that way, especially if you are serving them hot on a plate. If you are having them room temp on the go like most people eat scotch eggs then hard boiled is easier and less messy.