10 Strange and Unique Candies

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Giant gummies, breakfast lollipops, and more!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  3 months ago +2288

    Our breakfast characters don't seem to have a long life span around here...😂
    See us with other strange foods here: bit.ly/2QhvT7a

  • Amelia Thy Great
    Amelia Thy Great 10 hours ago

    Bean boozled ads also have a 50/50 chance of making you want to try them

  • Andrew DaBest322
    Andrew DaBest322 23 hours ago

    How many bloopers where in the bacon lollipops

  • Mr Blah blah blah

    12:19 I just understood *_B A C O N_*

  • Mr Blah blah blah
    Mr Blah blah blah Day ago +1

    3:57 *you guys on crack?*

  • DriperYT
    DriperYT Day ago

    *FART FETISH 100+*

  • raged nose173
    raged nose173 Day ago

    R I P waffle

  • *L A R R Y*
    *L A R R Y* Day ago +1

    See's thing about a waflle dieing Me; im never eating waffle's again

  • lll_Rhian e
    lll_Rhian e Day ago

    You just saw 10 ads in one video.

  • Lobster In my wee wee

    If you replaced your daily diet with everything on this video, you probably would get diabetes.

  • Andy Holmes
    Andy Holmes Day ago +2

    I like how they have to announce in every video their stuff is made in the usa

  • Lobster In my wee wee

    the first one was fake! i put one in my oven and IT MELTED, huh? NEVER MELTS?

  • TUan NGuyen
    TUan NGuyen Day ago


  • Zarkham
    Zarkham Day ago

    Also in this video they're basically saying for us to get diabetes instead of eating healthy

  • Zarkham
    Zarkham Day ago

    Also every single thing in vat19 has already been made

  • Zarkham
    Zarkham Day ago

    So basically you want us to get a stomach ache in summer ok because gummy ice pop that's not even cold or to make you cold in the summer its pointless

  • nagoL 52105
    nagoL 52105 Day ago +1

    “Did I mention bacon?”

  • Jansen Tan
    Jansen Tan Day ago

    Umm you said 10 but the video intro said 12

  • Angeline Loo
    Angeline Loo Day ago +1


    GAMER GIMING Day ago

    I want to eat food from v19 but i dont know it halal or not

  • cartoon kayla
    cartoon kayla 2 days ago

    i feel like this is something you would find on a mad mag

  • Just a Hamilton Fan
    Just a Hamilton Fan 2 days ago

    Why does the intro say 12 and the title says 10?

  • Louie Loo
    Louie Loo 2 days ago


  • Carmen Fox
    Carmen Fox 2 days ago

    7:56 he straight up just moved the spinner and no one called him out on it.

  • Kawaii Gamer102
    Kawaii Gamer102 2 days ago +1

    I love the endo lol

  • A Barry
    A Barry 2 days ago

    Vat19 you’re all the best!!!

  • Josiah Hoshour
    Josiah Hoshour 2 days ago

    Uhh gummys still melt

  • Arimation Station
    Arimation Station 2 days ago

    Deep fried water 😂😂😂😂

  • Gacha Kawasaki
    Gacha Kawasaki 2 days ago

    the pie lollipops look like waffles-

  • Milaad Bashariar
    Milaad Bashariar 2 days ago

    Make a gummy product WITHOUT gelatin

  • *_škÿ_* l
    *_škÿ_* l 2 days ago +1

    All i heard was bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon BACON!!!! ØwØ

    Everything is bacon =w=

  • Cat Wizard18
    Cat Wizard18 2 days ago

    Is that a hint of gay I taste with a bit of being a creep?

  • RavenPie
    RavenPie 2 days ago

    Vat19 are you dumb that’s literally a gummy popsicle how are you gonna get the real popsicle to not melt stupid vat 19

  • Punny Gaming
    Punny Gaming 3 days ago

    So the 3 coca cola flavors are gummy, cola, and bottle?


    • Katie Smith
      Katie Smith 12 hours ago

      Punny Gaming it was just saying what it was, not its flavor. XD

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat 3 days ago

    love u

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat 3 days ago


  • Sila Thep-ar-ree
    Sila Thep-ar-ree 3 days ago

    Ice creams - melts because of heat.
    Gummy Ice creams - doesn't melt but it's not cold.
    These ice creams are equally buffed and debuffed.

  • Clash of Films
    Clash of Films 3 days ago

    I will have diabetes

  • Swirly
    Swirly 3 days ago

    Hey vat19 make gummy money

  • Clash of Films
    Clash of Films 3 days ago

    Deep fried water XD

  • Mina Park
    Mina Park 3 days ago

    Do the candy's really alive

  • Dinosaur21amy Villegas

    Bacon bacon bacon

  • Sofia Loves CHEESE
    Sofia Loves CHEESE 3 days ago +2

    Who just watches for the sake of it? 😂

    • Katie Smith
      Katie Smith 12 hours ago

      Don't we all👉🏻😂👈🏻

  • Lazy Sunny
    Lazy Sunny 3 days ago

    *take all my money*

  • Tk Sarasai
    Tk Sarasai 3 days ago

    Can you do the pancake one

  • Shawn Murdock
    Shawn Murdock 4 days ago

    does the beer jelly belly beans have beer in it?

  • Lone Galaxy
    Lone Galaxy 4 days ago

    2:24 top ten saddest anime deaths

  • Nate the Gamer
    Nate the Gamer 4 days ago


  • JesusPlayzFortNite FadeDuo


  • Zachary music
    Zachary music 4 days ago

    63 Bacon's said OMG

  • Brody Nickle
    Brody Nickle 4 days ago

    4:00 why just why

  • Para Montana
    Para Montana 4 days ago

    the unicorn fart part felt like i was watching a Japanese commercial

  • Cat
    Cat 4 days ago +5

    What The Hell Did I Just See In That Unicorn Fart Commercial.

  • Fabrienne Perkins
    Fabrienne Perkins 4 days ago

    The commercial information privacy policy is effective justification for your channel why let that be some what of a concern sense yourself bold enough for that types of energy efficiency and I'm supposedly strange and malnutrition and adjusted and malevolent and malformation and malice and malignant and a malt down and a man hole looking like a maniac manifest themselves as usual and talking about a ducking abuse used manuscript definitely not master piece more like a man slaughter ducking manufacturing bullying bullhorn job in the making one-day the fucked up shit should be threw in mantel piece were the fucked up bullying bullhorn Shiite shit came from.

    • Fabrienne Perkins
      Fabrienne Perkins 4 days ago

      Pop in holes in fucking shit with no value of the right price talking about I hate your God I hate your God and we an it even yet. Where's the patch work at the band aide fell off or did it get took off that's what I say and thing what happened who cares what you think. Thinking got me fucked up anyhow so there I hang myself and shot myself in the foot and whatever else waiting on me to do.

    FAZE BALLKILLER 5 days ago +1

    Is it cold? I got you

  • Ngoc xuyen Tran
    Ngoc xuyen Tran 5 days ago

    Yum candy

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 5 days ago

    One time my friend actually ate grass

  • AC J
    AC J 5 days ago

    1:01 how to see if you like beer without going to jail because your 19

  • Mr Crabs
    Mr Crabs 5 days ago

    There gummy gummy melts in hot heat

  • Avery Vukelic
    Avery Vukelic 5 days ago

    is the bacon one vegitaren