ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WONDERLAND' Official MV

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Release Date : 2019. 10. 8
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  • Ugyen Sherab Choden
    Ugyen Sherab Choden 2 minutes ago


  • ateez_nuest ateez
    ateez_nuest ateez 3 minutes ago

    18.509 :)

  • Muthia Syahidah
    Muthia Syahidah 6 minutes ago

    Kasih tahu gw siapa yg bikin alis hongjoong kebelah gitu, mau gw laporin

    Bikin gw gabisa lepas dari hongjoong kan jadinya, mamah anakmu jatuh cinta ma cogan nii 😭😭😭

  • Petra P
    Petra P 8 minutes ago

    Please ATINY go vote for Ateez on starplay and MTVEMA!

  • Giftz B
    Giftz B 10 minutes ago +4

    Damn atiny, we are doing good with the vi*ws, can we hit 20 mil by today? Plz keep streaming and vote on starplay cuz ateez is third.

  • Goo Goo
    Goo Goo 11 minutes ago +2

    18.5M I swear I'm stressed while counting the views of this MV.

    • Martina 140
      Martina 140 2 minutes ago

      you are not the only one i swear

  • Defsoul.u
    Defsoul.u 15 minutes ago +1

    I'm atiny boy uwu

  • Vlog Ai
    Vlog Ai 23 minutes ago +1

    I fell in love

  • Kpõp Girl
    Kpõp Girl 26 minutes ago +3

    Omg. This is awesome. Can you please guys make a guide with timestamps and their names? It will helps me. I want to be their fan

    • Kpõp Girl
      Kpõp Girl 2 minutes ago

      @Petra P I will vote them❣️❤️🔥

    • Kpõp Girl
      Kpõp Girl 2 minutes ago

      @Gaby Soares 🥰😊

    • Kpõp Girl
      Kpõp Girl 3 minutes ago

      @KATE 2 thank you

    • Petra P
      Petra P 5 minutes ago +1

      Welcome to the fandom, fellow atiny! Please go vote for Ateez on MTVEMA, starplay, MCOUNTDOWN and idol Champ! 😊fighting!

    • Gaby Soares
      Gaby Soares 5 minutes ago +1

      Welcome to the fandom!

  • sushi._. stan
    sushi._. stan 28 minutes ago +1


  • Lorelei Rubio
    Lorelei Rubio 29 minutes ago +5

    Not an Atiny but I've been hyping all of their comebacks since day 1 and I must say, this one is my favorite so far. I'm about to join the fandom now.

    • Stef Kim
      Stef Kim 2 minutes ago

      Lorelei Rubio hi join now :)

  • I am lazy suga
    I am lazy suga 30 minutes ago +3

    Let's go 500K Likes!!!

  • ateez_nuest ateez
    ateez_nuest ateez 36 minutes ago +2


  • Princess Chemist
    Princess Chemist 37 minutes ago +2

    Who’s here before 20M??👇

  • Giftz B
    Giftz B 38 minutes ago +5

    YT plz don't freeze the vi*ws again, atiny plz working hard!

  • aurora ruiz
    aurora ruiz 38 minutes ago +5

    One more time the views are wrong! ATINY we are doing a great job!! 💙

  • Reign Exzel Campos
    Reign Exzel Campos 42 minutes ago +1


  • Reign Exzel Campos
    Reign Exzel Campos 42 minutes ago +1


  • Reign Exzel Campos
    Reign Exzel Campos 43 minutes ago +1

    Ang cool! 😍

    • Stef Kim
      Stef Kim 58 seconds ago

      Reign Exzel Campos Salamat sa pagview ha ;)pakicheck ung ibang MV nila :)

  • stay abnew
    stay abnew 44 minutes ago +1

    i'm late for their mv (as always, i'm 24/7 late) buT DHDHDH THIS SONG IS NOW STUCK IN MY HEAD-- i didn't like it much at first but now the "kajaa" part is so addictive hdjdjd but istg they're all amazing & hot 🤬🖤✊🏻

  • IMdatB !
    IMdatB ! 48 minutes ago +1

    Came here to support These talented groups! They’re getting bigger and bigger ! Proud ! Respect!

  • Umi Rozymuradova
    Umi Rozymuradova 55 minutes ago +5

    Who's here before 20 mln?

  • Umi Rozymuradova
    Umi Rozymuradova 55 minutes ago +3

    Who loves mingi?

  • Amna Yaseen
    Amna Yaseen 58 minutes ago +4

    Who's the red haired one? His facial expressions are no joke, i might have to stan *_*

    • Amna Yaseen
      Amna Yaseen 55 minutes ago +1

      @rumi1379 thank you and I will :)

    • rumi1379
      rumi1379 58 minutes ago +1

      You definitely should! His name is Mingi!

  • ateez_nuest ateez
    ateez_nuest ateez Hour ago +6

    Vote starplay every hour atiny

  • Jono DiStefano
    Jono DiStefano Hour ago +3

    That great song and best ever

  • Ugyen Sherab Choden
    Ugyen Sherab Choden Hour ago +2


  • Leila Essaoui
    Leila Essaoui Hour ago +1

    everyday hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Zemoura Anis
    Zemoura Anis Hour ago +5

    Gajjja atiny 25M before their anniversary

  • Zemoura Anis
    Zemoura Anis Hour ago +3


  • Ooh Apam
    Ooh Apam Hour ago +6


  • Ana in Wonderland
    Ana in Wonderland Hour ago +6

    Wonderland deserves win! Atiny fighting

  • Mareeha Masood
    Mareeha Masood Hour ago +6

    Did our v1ews just slow down again for no reason?

  • 희영_RM
    희영_RM 2 hours ago +8

    this needs more views and likes like wtf people STREAM STREAM STREAM PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Rigs Marton Palang
      Rigs Marton Palang 53 minutes ago +1

      Please use the word Str3@m so the v!3ws will not freeze

  • Ross Gomez
    Ross Gomez 2 hours ago +2

    ATEEZ ROTY, Gajaaa

  • 아스트로ASTRO
    아스트로ASTRO 2 hours ago +1

    Lütfen müzik kanallarında birincilik alın sizi çok seviyorum ATEEZ

  • Ana in Wonderland
    Ana in Wonderland 2 hours ago +1

    20M before ATEEZ 1st anniversary! Gajaaaa

  • Giftz B
    Giftz B 2 hours ago +9

    Guys plz vote for ateez on starplay, We are in third. The boys deserve a win, voting will end soon so plz give it your all. Also vote on idol champ and mwave. Keep streaming and let's get 20mil before the anniversary.

  • A A
    A A 2 hours ago +3


  • 네르민..튀니지 에서

    In less than a week "Wonderland" will be ATEEZ most viewed MV 😍😍

  • Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza 2 hours ago +4

    Me.gusta el ritmo.violento

    • Luis Mendoza
      Luis Mendoza 2 hours ago

      Me gusta este ritmo violento . Mi número +51917342201

  • Alexandra Josh Santos
    Alexandra Josh Santos 2 hours ago


  • Ateez #NCT
    Ateez #NCT 2 hours ago +18

    Why cant they get a win?they have wins more than the other,show views and album sales.also they are in the billboard top ten!!

  • Fabi Ferancini
    Fabi Ferancini 2 hours ago +2

    Absolutamente ninguém:
    Atinys: OH MY MY WAY

  • Fabi Ferancini
    Fabi Ferancini 2 hours ago +2

    Algum brasileiro dando views nessa obra de arte?

  • 【ᴀᴛɪɴʏ】
    【ᴀᴛɪɴʏ】 2 hours ago +4

    If you love ATEEZ raise your hand but if you don't like them then raise your standards.

  • ItsKatteh
    ItsKatteh 2 hours ago +18

    We work our ass off for Ateez and yet, they still don't win! Even against a group with only 200k on their mv, which kinda makes me question life. Their fanbase in Korea isn't that large, they are rlly sleeping on Ateez, the reason why I stanned Ateez was bc they have AMAZING music ad personality. Is it Korea that kinda have bad taste in music or just me??

    • Bal kiss
      Bal kiss 2 hours ago +5

      We will get that k fan base. Maybe not in this cb but WE WILL. AS FOR NOW IT'S ALL DOWN TO US INTERNATIONAL ATINY. WE SHOULD KEEP WORKING FOR THEM. it hurts but I am very happy to see their achievements... We need to be strong :'(

  • P.Y 41
    P.Y 41 2 hours ago

    18ล้านแล้ววววว เร็วมาก

  • little prince Jongho
    little prince Jongho 2 hours ago +8

    Future's BTS!!
    Do u agree with me?

    • Crystal
      Crystal Hour ago

      Please don't compare. But I understand

    • fifi ladiva
      fifi ladiva 2 hours ago

      @little prince Jongho Yeah I see what you mean, and I think the same

    • little prince Jongho
      little prince Jongho 2 hours ago

      @fifi ladiva hey i just wanted to say they'll be more famous than other groups.

    • fifi ladiva
      fifi ladiva 2 hours ago +4

      They do give me BTS vibes but please don't compare them Ateez is Ateez and BTS is BTS. But I wish they become successful like BTS in the future, they have so much potential. Fighting!

  • Masal_ Sn
    Masal_ Sn 2 hours ago +15

    Who. Are. They? For years I've never been hyped that much over a video. I didnt even know Kpop is a hell with goodlooking demons. The fangirl in my heart awaken now.

    • Masal_ Sn
      Masal_ Sn Hour ago

      @Crystal I've never heard of them, wish I was

    • Falak Nizamani
      Falak Nizamani Hour ago +1

      future kings

    • Crystal
      Crystal Hour ago +1

      Ateez, they just made their debut a year ago

  • dailhe seokjin
    dailhe seokjin 2 hours ago +2

    Brasil love you

  • precious.
    precious. 2 hours ago +6


  • Bal kiss
    Bal kiss 2 hours ago +10

    I am sorry to be mean but the view of the other mvs are nothing compared to this mv. Even if ateez won't win, y'all know they are better and will win better and bigger things. I said what I had to say.

    • Emma. n Watson
      Emma. n Watson Hour ago

      Ikr it's very sad for our boys

    • Fae Vynn
      Fae Vynn Hour ago +1

      Bal kiss i know and i understand 🙁 it is sad to see that but honestly, with fame you always get bad eggs...even if we dont win, we are super proud of these boys and know they deserve so much more...i just started stanning ateez three months ago and this is my first real comeback with them even though my first video i watched was say my name...i am ever so grateful they were on weekly idol with oneus..i dont think ive ever been so crazy over an idol group besides BTOB but i do have to say that Ateez is really killing it :) lets continue to positive and hope this fandom grows even more and ateez gets the attention they deserve! ❤️😍❤️

    • Giftz B
      Giftz B Hour ago

      @Fae Vynn yeah i agree, just didn't feel like that was her intent so I just pointed it out.

    • Fae Vynn
      Fae Vynn Hour ago +1

      Giftz B im sure it isnt but other fans dont see light in the comment “is better” and yes it is upsetting that they havent gotten a win but we as atinys need to continue to be positive and not compare to help our boys..

    • Bal kiss
      Bal kiss Hour ago

      @Fae Vynn I tried to but knets are really getting on my nerves. They always badmouth ateez when they can just go and str3am their favs mv. But yeah I agree with u :') we will rise soon

  • neknarf1973
    neknarf1973 2 hours ago +2

    18.215.440 and rising

  • Stef Kim
    Stef Kim 2 hours ago +4

    ATINYs please download STARPLAY ,ATEEZ needs our votes !!!

  • K-Pop Gomez
    K-Pop Gomez 2 hours ago

    1:16 I think of KTL

  • rossy rivera
    rossy rivera 2 hours ago

    Vamos ATINYS por los 20M

  • Emma. n Watson
    Emma. n Watson 2 hours ago +11

    Guys I'm not Tryna to be mean but if nflying and absix is leading then why we can't look guys compare to the fandom Atiny is huge and in day many atiny stream so if we all vote together we could be easily first so someone could u explain why we r third place vote let's do mass voting plz they deserve so muchhhhh
    Guys JAEBAL

  • 8teez 87
    8teez 87 3 hours ago +1


  • 8teez 87
    8teez 87 3 hours ago +6

    Atinys~keep str3aming! ~❤!!
    [Don't forget to str3am others mv too uwu] 💌~