Resumen y Goles | Portugal 6 - 0 Lituania | UEFA EURO Qualifiers - G-B -J9 | TUDN

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • El crack del Juventus demostró estar en plena forma y fue figura en el triunfo de su selección.
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Comments • 173

  • david nichols
    david nichols 25 days ago

    Why is there a Black guy on the Portuguese team?? Portuguese are WHITE.

    • david nichols
      david nichols 7 days ago

      @silloweet 1.What does Pepe have to do with anything??? Is Portugal in Europe, genius? ALL Europeans are White. 2.Know this: A national team is suppose to represent a nation. Do you know what a nation is? It's an extended family. A family is a group related/identified by genetics. Do Whites make Black babies?? No. So, obviously, Blacks and Whites are not members of the same nation.

    • silloweet
      silloweet 7 days ago

      One of Portugal's best ever players (Pepe) is black. And Portuguese aren't even white

  • The Real King James
    The Real King James 26 days ago


    SKP HMU 27 days ago

    Lol that “goallllll” from the commentator never stop lol - goal is all I hear in most of the video

  • Mesfin Bedane
    Mesfin Bedane 27 days ago

    Ronaldo and mess pest footballer in the world , no one !!!!!!

  • Jose Velez
    Jose Velez 28 days ago

    They scored 6. Because the team is not Brazil, Spain. 😀😀😀😀

  • Ector Valencia
    Ector Valencia 28 days ago

    Bernardo Silva crack

  • Sergio Vargas
    Sergio Vargas 28 days ago

    No pues asi jugando solo hasta yo meto gol...donde esta el rival? Chales

  • Dolmerthedog 10
    Dolmerthedog 10 28 days ago

    Cr7 the best..💪⚽️

  • jack jack
    jack jack 28 days ago +2

    Donde estan las niñas de frionel PESSI..🤔🤔

  • X X
    X X 28 days ago

    Hay que tenerle paciencia a paciencia.

  • El Pastor
    El Pastor 28 days ago

    que putiza

  • Abir Mohsin
    Abir Mohsin 29 days ago +1

    1:04 Ronaldo only scores tap ins 😤😤

  • Pepe Lopez
    Pepe Lopez 29 days ago

    Solo por que tuvo unos malos partidos en la Juventus y recuerden no solo se trata de el si los compañeros no ayudan en nada tampoco esperen milagros el claro ejemplo aquí ya se lo estaban comiendo con las críticas y eso pasaba desde que estaba en el Real Madrid decían que ya estaba muy viejo siempre el mismo cuento y al final les calla el hocico no suelo ser fanatico de ningún jugador pero cr7 es otra cosa 😈😈😈

  • B M
    B M 29 days ago

    Ronaldo come back to Man Utd

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez 29 days ago

    Si juegan con una selección de ciegos más goles hubiera metido.

  • Reinaldo Morina
    Reinaldo Morina 29 days ago

    34 y Palante como le hace falta a argentina

  • J L.A.
    J L.A. 29 days ago

    Ronaldo > Messi

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez 29 days ago


  • CJ Pockets
    CJ Pockets 29 days ago +9

    Clearly Ronaldo is in decline with this kind of performance.

    • Abdulahim abdile
      Abdulahim abdile 27 days ago +1

      Let’s just wait and see how he does for juventus when he gets back to playing actual teams

    • Sijad Ali
      Sijad Ali 28 days ago

      Yes hes proved himself vs the mighty Lithuania.

    • Tim Ron
      Tim Ron 28 days ago

      Fabián CT just go ahead and r/whooosh me

    • Fabián CT
      Fabián CT 28 days ago

      Tim Ron I know he is being sarcastic that’s why I said he has been watching to much espn to make fun of espn and making a joke myself
      Now u made me write a whole paragraph 😡

    • Tim Ron
      Tim Ron 28 days ago

      Fabián CT you don’t have a sense of humor I guess

  • Halloween__ Tesla
    Halloween__ Tesla 29 days ago +3

    1:23 that's the moment that Ronaldo had the confidence to bank that corner kick with ease... You can't get any better than that beautiful shot 🙌🇵🇹

  • pat
    pat 29 days ago +1


  • Luis Domínguez
    Luis Domínguez 29 days ago

    Siempre se echa el equipo al hombro el bicho

  • Alexi García
    Alexi García 29 days ago

    El Comandante es el mejor le duela a quien le duela,

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown 29 days ago +3

    The commenter: GOOOAAALLL!

  • Roberto Lara
    Roberto Lara 29 days ago

    Muy bien mi Penaldo! Tu muy bien! 😉

    RANDY GRIJALVA 29 days ago

    Gran futbolista que sigue silenciando a los de poca fe. Todo un lider en el campo sea en liga, torneo o con seleccion.

  • Yefim K
    Yefim K 29 days ago

    I was in Napoli recently and my taxi driver Maurizio, with cigarette butt in his mouth, said that Christiano has knee injury.

  • Van baz
    Van baz 29 days ago

    Ronaldo is losing it. He is so random, does not follow instructions.

  • s dias
    s dias 29 days ago +1

    Ron....Juventus not for you to stay...
    Pls go back Realmadrid or Manchester United....

  • daf.
    daf. 29 days ago +1

    0:40 yooo was I the only one that heard penaldo 😂 this commentator was shushed today

    • Fans Michael Brown
      Fans Michael Brown 29 days ago +1

      Dice penal y luego dice gol por eso sono como si fuera dicho penaldo

    HIIIPOWER 000 29 days ago

    Don’t think people realize it’s Lithuania

  • Baby Krasi
    Baby Krasi 29 days ago +9

    1:30 what a pass by Ronaldo!!!

  • Geovany Juarez
    Geovany Juarez 29 days ago

    Lithuania and Montenegro got some shitty goalkeepers if Kane and Ronaldo got a hat trick😂

  • Oscar Villarreal
    Oscar Villarreal 29 days ago +2

    Cr7 callando bocas🙊!
    Asta la de este locutor!
    0:40 Penaldo!
    90 min. Hat trick de Cr7...
    LOCUTOR = 😧...

    • Fans Michael Brown
      Fans Michael Brown 29 days ago

      El comentarista dice penal y luego dice gol...por eso sono como si fuera dicho penaldo

  • Santos Ortiz
    Santos Ortiz 29 days ago +1

    Como dijo chespirito A ESE EKIPITO ASI KIEN NO JAJAJAJA

    • Santos Ortiz
      Santos Ortiz 29 days ago

      @DERIAN PAAUL a ese ekipito yo le meto 10..jugamos mejor en mi liga k ese ekilito jajaja

      DERIAN PAAUL 29 days ago +3

      Tu ni en la play jaja!

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez 29 days ago

    Of course he scores a hat trick against a trash team I wish I could score against better teams like France Brazil and England but he never scored against those teams

    : maybe in the euros

    • Nuur Siidi
      Nuur Siidi 29 days ago +3

      Edgar Sanchez did you forget last World Cup Spain against Portugal that hat trick he was scared

    • Ade Show
      Ade Show 29 days ago +2

      Let other stars score against trash teams to have his scoring stats, then you can comment.

  • David Medina
    David Medina 29 days ago +12

    That second goal was amazing!!!

  • M.L 1234
    M.L 1234 29 days ago +7

    It’s because it’s Solari bro, their coach. It’s more of a defensive systematic approach.
    Even with their old coach Juventus played further up, and knew what kind of player they had upfront, therefore used him to their advantage which resulted in more goals. Solari reminds me much of Mourinho which I highly disliked, not only for his atrocious style of football but his big mouth! Juventus need to realize they have one of the best players in modern football history, and need to know how to take advantage of him. Play him as a striker upfront, he’s not young age is catching up to him, even Zidane found a way to turn on the machine that Ronaldo is. When it comes to Solari he’s using him as a winger, he’ can’t run like he used to and you can tell he much rather stay in the box and score the goals he does when he plays as a striker, he’s better off that way.

    • john jason
      john jason 29 days ago

      Sarri is top 3 most attacking coaches in the world stfu u clearly know nothing about football

    • M.L 1234
      M.L 1234 29 days ago

      Nicolás Hernandez yeah that’s whom I meant

    • Nicolás Hernandez
      Nicolás Hernandez 29 days ago +2

      M.L 1234 You mean Sarri?

  • Silver King
    Silver King Month ago +66

    I just wanna say Bernado silva is a genius.

    • Oscar Hernandez
      Oscar Hernandez 27 days ago +2

      @LordofSilverFountains Nobody cares.

    • LordofSilverFountains
      LordofSilverFountains 29 days ago

      He ugly

    • B M
      B M 29 days ago +1

      He's incredible the way he makes chances just love watching him play

    • Yoseph A
      Yoseph A 29 days ago +4

      yes future ballon d'or for sure

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez Month ago +54

    Callando bocas como siempre, eres grande bicho 🙏🏽

    • Sebastian Plaza
      Sebastian Plaza 27 days ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣... que tristeza sinceramente, Lituania es un equipo pequeño, con eso no calla a nadie pen dejo

    • Futbol a Un solo toque
      Futbol a Un solo toque 29 days ago

      Jonathan Gomez a pero contra el milan: cry like a baby.

  • Hugo Guzman
    Hugo Guzman Month ago +2

    Buen juego de Portugal contra una devil Lituania

  • Abdullah Muhammedov

    Роналду маладец

  • Ivann Zavala
    Ivann Zavala Month ago +9


  • k4r1us
    k4r1us Month ago +21

    Even with an injury he’s still crushing 💪

  • Vic Williams
    Vic Williams Month ago +1

    *Portugal wont win shit when they aint playing no competition to get them ready*

  • MALJ 1517
    MALJ 1517 Month ago +3

    Ronaldo should go back to man u

  • Fredy Santos
    Fredy Santos Month ago +1


  • Alfredo Jiménez
    Alfredo Jiménez Month ago +1

    Messi' hatrick was better

    • Vip Pools
      Vip Pools 29 days ago +1

      Why you watching CR7...🤔

    • Oscar Villarreal
      Oscar Villarreal 29 days ago +7

      Let me guess...
      In Barcelona?

    • k4r1us
      k4r1us Month ago +6

      Of course you have to mention messi cuz your triggered that ronaldo is the Goat

    • Madhav Pai
      Madhav Pai Month ago +6

      For a midget

    • menas varitimidis
      menas varitimidis Month ago +7

      Did anyone ask

  • Stou Fraish
    Stou Fraish Month ago +3

    Lituanie football team is👎👎👎

  • Jesus  Almonaci
    Jesus Almonaci Month ago +13

    The number 1 ,cr7

  • AmirLivesMatter
    AmirLivesMatter Month ago

    Damn Juventus must suck badly if they can’t get this out of Ronaldo

  • Marcos Ruiz
    Marcos Ruiz Month ago +11

    What does portugal have that juventus doesn't have? Ronaldo is a beast 🤣

    • Luis Mercad
      Luis Mercad Month ago

      All of you guys think the italian league is still a defensive beast. Fact is last season the had the third most goals scored then any other league. 1. Prem. 2. La liga. 3. Serie A. 4. Bundesliga. 5. Ligue 1

    • Travis Travis
      Travis Travis Month ago +1

      Jose Ortiz
      Remember how many goals Ronaldo scored last season? He was the third one top scorer. And don’t forget Ronaldo also scored 3 goals against Juventus I think in the last season against Juventus is 2 games. Trust me I’m not talking about Ronaldo alone, Juventus can do better with the players they have. All Juventus players did better before Sarri.

    • Jose Ortiz
      Jose Ortiz Month ago

      Travis Travis I know, but the defense in Italian football would never let cr7 have that much space

    • Travis Travis
      Travis Travis Month ago +3

      Jose Ortiz
      Juventus played against easy opponents too but still they can’t win more than one goal. I think Sarri is not the right manager not only for Ronaldo but the whole team. Look at Juventus players, all of them are world class players but still can’t get it right. Sarri ball is not for Juventus.

    • Jose Ortiz
      Jose Ortiz Month ago +4

      Marcos Ruiz easy opponents

  • b t
    b t Month ago +13

    This narrator really hates Ronaldo 😂 if this was Argentina and messi scored a tap in he'd be screaming his lungs out

    • JustErik92
      JustErik92 Month ago

      @AmirLivesMatter, people like you criticized Messi for scoring against small teams in Spain. For your information, Messi's most goals in his career are against top spanish teams like Sevilla, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, and Athletic Bilbao. Cristiano Ronaldo has Celta de Vigo as one of his top 5 teams he has scored against in his career.

    • Luis Mercad
      Luis Mercad Month ago +1

      @AmirLivesMatter Problem is that that team is not even that. Their like 25-30

    • b t
      b t Month ago

      @Ever Mondragon dude hes 34-35 and he's juve best player by a longshot.

    • Ever Mondragon
      Ever Mondragon Month ago

      AmirLivesMatter is his own people from juve that say he sucks. No one even watches series is boring.

    • AmirLivesMatter
      AmirLivesMatter Month ago +1

      Travis Travis 100%

  • Michael Hyungim
    Michael Hyungim Month ago +66

    1:30 look at that pass

  • Luis ortiz
    Luis ortiz Month ago +5

    solo falta que le hagan otra estatua parecida a el ah

  • Luis ortiz
    Luis ortiz Month ago +2

    ahora asi como dicen solo con las selecciones mas mediocres

    • JustErik92
      JustErik92 Month ago

      @Rodrigo Blake, una selección española qué no paso de octavos de finales. No fue el mismo España del 2010

    • Luis Mercad
      Luis Mercad Month ago +1

      @Rodrigo Blake Jajajajajajajajaja ronaldo no hiso nada en ese juego! Fue bernado silva. ¿Tienes mala vista o que?

    • Rodrigo Blake
      Rodrigo Blake Month ago

      @Luis ortiz misma Holanda que fue violada por CR7 en jna final europea. 🤣🤣
      ¿Te arde el culito?

  • Luis ortiz
    Luis ortiz Month ago +2

    hubiera sido una verguenza si no hubiera echado goles ronaldo jajajjajajajaj ronaldo vs LITUANIA POR FAVORAJJAJAJAJAJJAAJA YA 10 BALONES DE ORO JAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJJAJ que pateticos

    • Juanmiguel Chanax
      Juanmiguel Chanax 29 days ago

      Estas dolido que Ronaldo le está dando duro en anal alos anti Ronaldo x eso Tu también estas dolido 😅😅😅😅

    • Osman Villatoro
      Osman Villatoro Month ago

      Estas dolido jajajaj

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez Month ago +46

    Cristiano ya bajo su ritmo so hizo tres🤔

  • Abdullahi Farah
    Abdullahi Farah Month ago +66

    1:23 Wow!That was a monstrous curve. Especially in that replay

  • Lord Brain
    Lord Brain Month ago +33

    I want Cr7 to leave Juve and either come back to Madrid or play at a team that plays attacking football

    • YungKilo
      YungKilo 29 days ago

      k4r1us Player and team??😂He didn’t destroy Ajax

    • cool franky CR7
      cool franky CR7 29 days ago +1


    • M.L 1234
      M.L 1234 29 days ago +3

      Lord Brain Yes, you’re correct my mistake. sarri is who I meant. Solari in Madrid was crap too haha!

    • Lord Brain
      Lord Brain 29 days ago +4

      @M.L 1234 It’s Sarri and not Solari. Solari coached Madrid till Zizou returned last March.

    • King Poptarts
      King Poptarts 29 days ago