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Drawing Logos From Memory

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • thinking about pingle
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    Matt (Blue) - flash-player.net/user/itsasaii
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    Nikko (Brown) - flash-player.net/user/Nikkolaos
    Edited by: Me & Sane
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    Drawing Logos From Memory

Comments • 652

  • A Laughing Wolf
    A Laughing Wolf Day ago +1

    Based on Carson and his friends’ sense of humor, it’s safe to say that no matter what company logo they draw from memory, is either going to be distorted, vaguely similar to the original logo, something horrifically random or completely different and just a shitpost

  • Pixel The Incrediboxer

    You know its good when carson comes back from his monthly break

  • Sabzin
    Sabzin Day ago +503

    Quacks' art instils deep fear in me ngl

  • Partomen
    Partomen Day ago +357

    im so happy carson came back so he could grace us with his god given humor

  • Yosher
    Yosher Day ago +100

    I can’t help but let out genuine laughs during carsons main channel videos, and there’s like only 2 other channels that get me like this. Thanks Carson

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake Day ago +192

    It is a tradition to watch Carson's videos as soon as it comes out.

  • XayaX
    XayaX Day ago +63

    As an ex Starbucks employee I can confirm this coffee origin story as canon in Starbucks lore

  • Toma and Kile
    Toma and Kile Day ago +51

    All of their Pringles logos are vastly better than the new one

  • Stock Ghost
    Stock Ghost Day ago +52

    All of these company's should be taking notes about these masterpieces of logos.

  • Dr Koneko
    Dr Koneko 23 hours ago +44

    I like the idea that the NBA is just a pumpkin, if you dribble it it breaks, if you make a basket, it breaks, if you drop it, it breaks, and every single time someone breaks the pumpkin you lose a point

  • A Laughing Wolf
    A Laughing Wolf Day ago +32

    I’m pretty sure that Carson and his friends can make any company logo an affront to god without much effort

  • Bunsenn
    Bunsenn 16 hours ago +1

    Gavin’s really good at saying the most cursed phrases ever

  • Micahplayz
    Micahplayz 9 hours ago +1

    When they started detailing the exact thing quacks made with the kfc logo and the silent horror and shock quacks had while they said it really makes me happy especially them editing a “flashback” sequence in the midst of it 👍

  • Zaimoehfan420
    Zaimoehfan420 Day ago +54

    Saved my mood, thank you Carson from CallMeCarson

  • Marsh
    Marsh Day ago +27

    carsons channel isnt popping like it used to, but carsons editing, comedy, and enjoyability is still exactly the same, if more people were here, alot of them would probably realize these videos are just as good or better, keep it up carson

  • KodieTheAussieAlastorFanBrony

    No matter video it is, a big smile will always appear on my face each time I see a notification that Carson has uploaded. Good to hear his laughs again

  • Vintagefan4
    Vintagefan4 Day ago +21

    I like how carson changes his shirts every single cut in the very beginning

  • AnimeReject
    AnimeReject 11 hours ago +6

    I like watching Carsons videos while stoned, adds more to the experience

  • Morcoroni
    Morcoroni 18 hours ago +1

    quacks is truly an artist of his own kind

  • AlonsoxPM
    AlonsoxPM Day ago +6

    Carson needs to give Quacks a formal apology