It's Donald Trump Calling, Can You Do Me A Favor?

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • It turns out politicians aren't the only ones receiving problematic calls from the President of the United States. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens
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Comments • 295

  • Str8edgejon
    Str8edgejon Month ago

    Trump: I need you to help me out Mr. Sof ucking re tar Ted. Can I count on support helping to find dirt on the Biden's?
    *Hears Echo*
    Secret Service agent 1: Sir did he just really call himself looking for!
    S.S.A.2: Shhhhh!! yeah yeah he did it's his typical Tuesday. Now everyone serious question.
    When do we start the Auction for THIS Goldmine of who gets to report this call FIRST?

  • Dano Duncan
    Dano Duncan Month ago

    ya... that's pretty much it america... :|

  • Golden Empress
    Golden Empress Month ago +2

    It's Donald.
    President Trump.
    Oh yes.
    How's the gators?
    We've got crocodiles.
    I didn't know that they were different.
    They are.
    Can you do me favor?
    It depends. I heard you need a moat.
    Can you do it?
    Mmmm. He read my mind.
    Do you have transportation gear to move the gators?
    I will check.
    Call you right back....IMPEACHMENT is coming and I don't want to miss it. I heard it goes by fast!
    Ok Mr.President.

  • joe
    joe Month ago

    Rick Perry’s wife phone rings - Hello, this Donald Trump, can you do me a favor, I need some dirt on your husband”. Mrs Perry, “ok Donald, what will you do for me”? Donald, “I have control of lots and lots of bigly tax payers money that I can have Mike Pounce wire to your personal checking account right now”.

  • Marcos Torrani
    Marcos Torrani Month ago

    Ohhhhhhhh humdy humdy borka borka!!!!! Love you guys.

  • Glenn Ratcliffe
    Glenn Ratcliffe Month ago

    FFS totally think he's a cnut (reverse the n & u) but this just makes us think all Americans are shall we say.... Compliance

  • Dante Monte
    Dante Monte Month ago +2

    Everyone visualize the trumpster being impeached and going to Prison.
    Visualize with feeling. Visualization with feeling works!
    May ALL the trumps go away forever!

  • Dante Monte
    Dante Monte Month ago +2

    Maybe, he can call-Pepe’ Le Pèw!

  • Lauden Clear
    Lauden Clear Month ago

    i'd like to go to Sweden.

    • SpSot
      SpSot Month ago

      Last summer I went to Finland.

  • Mace Maylion
    Mace Maylion Month ago

    haha I loved it

  • Old Man Mercenary
    Old Man Mercenary Month ago

    If Donald Trump calls 411...I WANT THE TAPES...(buh ha ha ha..Southern Comfort)

  • abh15funk
    abh15funk Month ago

    Oh God ! This reminds me of my dream of the previous night where Donald Trump was partying with me and a bunch of people at some illegal street joint and later in the dream some cops try to bust me, him and others. I get so scared in my dream that eventually I wake up and feel Thankful that it was a just a dream ! 😧 👈😅😂😆

  • Lisa Ennist
    Lisa Ennist Month ago


  • Natalie Rose
    Natalie Rose Month ago +2

    The Swedish Chef...I haven't laughed that hard all week. Thank you so much.

  • Mitchell Rose
    Mitchell Rose Month ago

    The Monster that Limbaugh built with his evil bias and complaining flapping tongue. A great servant of Satan.

  • Kansa City Shuffle
    Kansa City Shuffle Month ago

    Didn’t know john bolton was Swedish.

  • caty moonlight
    caty moonlight Month ago

    You should make all countrys of the world xdd with no in their native languages xddd

  • Nathan Goldsmith
    Nathan Goldsmith Month ago


  • Justa Dragn
    Justa Dragn Month ago +1

    Always knew the Swedish Chef was a genius.

  • Jaunty Hat Society
    Jaunty Hat Society Month ago

    OMG...the Swedish Chef. I can't breathe

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox Month ago

    The Swedish Chef! 👏👏👏

  • Skullduggery Smiles

    The only reason the orange moron is in the news is because he was left money. Otherwise he would be the idiot who lived up the road you avoided at all cost.

  • S Li
    S Li Month ago +1

    (0:48) Wait a puppet chef in Sweden hung
    up on Donald Trump. Thats really bad.🤣

  • David Handley
    David Handley Month ago

    All Australians, repeat ALL AUSTRALIANS think that Donald Trump is a cheap conman and has the intellect of a 4 year old.

  • Yvonne Myers
    Yvonne Myers Month ago


  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren Month ago

    Now what kind of safety measures did Boeing skip to maximize profit over safety this time?

  • tayyeba najib
    tayyeba najib Month ago

    Swedish Chef had the best response

  • The Angry Intellect


    ABEZETHIBOU Month ago

    what's so funny about this?? is the trump is watching this!

  • Pamela Davis
    Pamela Davis Month ago

    He should be on unpaid leave while inquiry is in process

  • Damian Bowyer
    Damian Bowyer Month ago

    Tee Hee.

  • Roy Vas
    Roy Vas Month ago +2

    The last is killing me..

  • Tullima Murphy
    Tullima Murphy Month ago


  • shadowmergence
    shadowmergence Month ago +1

    C'mon! Swedish Chef totally would have thrown that clam shell cell phone into a pot...

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist Month ago +1

    Has Trump considered calling in this favor from _Fox and Friends?_

  • Jaques Cousteau
    Jaques Cousteau Month ago +2

    0:37 Thought this was Stranger Things for a second!

  • BizarreObscure
    BizarreObscure Month ago

    why are the Americans not using their civil right to overthrow a corrupt government? Your constitution allows you to wear arms for THAT purpose specificly... but its easier to fight for the right to carry a weapon, rather then to excersize the resposebillity that right of carrying a weapon gives you. Greatest Country in the world? Biggest cowards in the world you mean. Only thing the US is best as are shootings.... Make use of it and shoot those you SHOULD! It isnt as if you object interfering with violance in other countries to replace governments... Apply it to yourself this time and go kill yourselves over there please.

  • Edward Blair
    Edward Blair Month ago

    Here is the full Swedish Chef video:

  • Toby Richards
    Toby Richards Month ago

    There's not evn an audience 99% of the time the banter is fake is hell we all see throw it all

  • Toby Richards
    Toby Richards Month ago

    Omg man the whole world is bord with ur rants talking str8 out lies and bullshit about trump and no1 belevs a word the famous people bulshit don't work no more we all see throw it all

  • koofdome
    koofdome Month ago

    Imagine this all being joe Biden with the inside dirty business but you think it's trump lol. Dam can't imagine being that ignorant

  • dmcloren
    dmcloren Month ago

    I thought I saw a chicken on the White House lawn.

  • James Billy
    James Billy Month ago

    It's saddened.

  • Sandra Tibbetts
    Sandra Tibbetts Month ago

    Hell NO from Canada!

  • Indigo Wolf
    Indigo Wolf Month ago


  • Olga Rhodes
    Olga Rhodes Month ago


  • darkstar2874
    darkstar2874 Month ago

    I don’t recognize the first clip. Leprechaun and The Muppets sure but the other one... 🤷‍♂️

  • Hintonbro
    Hintonbro Month ago

    Calling the Canadian High Commission in London

  • Myriam Gapella
    Myriam Gapella Month ago

    YEAP, its worldwide harrassment,!!! Desperate trump!

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse Month ago

    You got to have friends ............
    Muaha ha ha ha ha

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago


  • Erik Bakstad
    Erik Bakstad Month ago

    Hahaha 😁👍🍿

  • bjoardar
    bjoardar Month ago +58

    Calls Swedish chef: "Can you do me a favor?"
    Chef: "No." *throws phone away*
    Was that from when Trump called the Swedish prime minister about A$AP Rocky?? 😂

    • Harvey3rdman
      Harvey3rdman Month ago +1

      @Carlo Cocciolo Geez. That seems like so long ago. How many dumb things has this POTUS done between then and now? In the future I think historians will blot out this 4 year period with just the phrase "What The Actual Fuck?"

    • Carlo Cocciolo
      Carlo Cocciolo Month ago +1

      Or maybe it was the Danish prime minister when he suggested to buy Greenland.

    • Ross Parlette
      Ross Parlette Month ago +3

      I loved the appearance of the Swedish Chef.

  • greg rollins
    greg rollins Month ago

    How retarded. Joe Biden dead what they're accusing Trump of doing he threatened to withhold funds unless they fire a prosecutor investigating his son and this is funny. How embarrassing Joe Biden is a traitor

  • Depcom
    Depcom Month ago

    Stupid is as stupid does, and at any moment of any day you can bet Trump is either doing or saying something stupid. Trump does stupid 24/7.

  • Critter
    Critter Month ago +1

    I LOVE The Swedish Chef!! He's the BEST! The Swedish Chef for President!

  • Ike Turner
    Ike Turner Month ago +1

    Right now, Trump is in Finland, threatening them to dig up dirt on Sleepy-Joe!

    • Ike Turner
      Ike Turner Month ago

      sorry, Finnish pres is in the US !!!!

    • dmcloren
      dmcloren Month ago +1

      Or rake it up maybe?

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Month ago

    At 0:49, no one in Sweden talks like that and we don’t even use umlauts in everything, that’s the Germans.

  • jess F
    jess F Month ago

    So our idiotic president gets in trouble because he reached out to foriegn leaders to serve his selfish needs and so what does this brainless moron do? He again reaches out again to foriegn. He is totally pathetic.

  • Rob Foam
    Rob Foam Month ago

    I would love to see Colbert interview Trump