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What If You Destroy Daddy Long Legs In The Shredder - Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • What If You Destroy Daddy Long Legs In The Shredder - Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
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  • Dat_Kidd_Dallas
    Dat_Kidd_Dallas Day ago +1

    I love how he made him talk through Mommy's voice, but only in a deeper voice instead of just silence.

  • Chiseled Cheese
    Chiseled Cheese Day ago +1


  • Mr. Colorless
    Mr. Colorless Day ago +779

    Actually really accurate and well-made. The model has some gaps in between the limbs, and the voice could use some work, but it's still pretty cool.

  • Mr incredible becoming meme - epic version -

    It’s kind of cool how the model for Daddy Long Legs doesn’t stretch as much as the other model’s other people use, well done!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +282

    Much better than I expected

  • MayumiRBLX
    MayumiRBLX Day ago +65

    This would be perfect if the body parts worked, looked, and moved the same as mommy did. I hope to see him and baby long legs in chapter 3!

  • Evoli 934
    Evoli 934 Day ago +167

    i would LOVE to see an indepth mommy longlegs into daddy mod, with changes to the lore and maybe some voice acting and stuff, would be pretty cool honestly, would replay for him

  • Aromon
    Aromon Day ago +145

    The worst part about of all the toys being a part of him is that they probably GOT RESSURCTED BUT CAN'T DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN OBEYING HIM, that's so scary and much worse than just being trap inside

  • Anthony
    Anthony Day ago +80

    I feel like daddy long legs would have a type of gentleman voice, if he was evil, it was like a sadistic gentleman voice, and when he is in this situation, he would lash out like with the same voiceline but different tone

  • BRED
    BRED Day ago +159

    i want someone to dubbed this in a british accent

  • Emma M
    Emma M Day ago +31

    This would actually be a cool idea for chapter 3, something where he continues off mommy's job, but I doubt they'd do it since they already had Kissy and Huggy as couple toys.

  • Lukas Verduzco
    Lukas Verduzco Day ago +70

    Daddy Long Legs:

  • KosKat
    KosKat Day ago +70

    Fans: Daddy long legs doesn't exist!

  • Just.Your.Local.Weeb.

    Mod creators: deeper voice or no voice?

  • Ananya Biswas
    Ananya Biswas Day ago +8

    I still wonder what is that long metallic hand? I still remember when Mommy Long Legs said, "He's going to make me his part" or something like that. I didn't notice mich while playing the game, but I think that the metallic hand is collecting all the toys, and installing the other toys parts and make his own body. Something like Voldemort wants some blood and some body parts so he can create a body for him. As we can also see that we can only see the hand and not the body.

  • •Azusa Official-!•

    Accurate! The accuracy is also good! I shared this video with a friend and he said the accuracy was great! He loves Daddy Long Legs' voice and says he's really looking forward to the third chapter! I'm also curious about the third chapter so I want it to be released quickly! More and more fans of this game! And there are many hidden mysteries that's why this game ranks high on the Horror games! Storyline, scary sound! The plot as well as the design is perfect for me! It's all built in such a way! So that makes players interested! And explore more about this game.. There are still unsolved mysteries like Mommy Long Legs who Pulled Mommy Long Legs corpse and where did it go? We can only wait for the latest news from MOB Games! So wait what? Support MOB Games to get new updates from Poppy Playtime!

  • i'm subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Can we appreciate how his content never fails to entertain us 💖

  • My profile pic will give you nightmares

    This should be a official character in the next chapter.

  • Cybertronian Mobian
    Cybertronian Mobian Day ago +49

    Next episode, what happens if you put rosie O'Donnell through the shredder

  • BRON
    BRON Day ago +3

    Fun fact: theres a spider called "daddy long leg spider"