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I Lied To My Mom. She Made Me Tell The Truth

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022
  • I got hooked up to a lie detector and my friends were able to ask me anything they wanted....and my mom was one of them. This was the WORST idea I've had in a while
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  • PointCrow
    PointCrow  Day ago +4

    this is a cry for help

  • Benjamin Baumert
    Benjamin Baumert Day ago +5

    So much respect for the lie detector administrator. He is completely deadpan and there for the work while 2 guys are laughing so hard 2 inches away from him

  • J Jayansh Adithya
    J Jayansh Adithya Day ago +2

    Hats off to John the Lie detector guy for remaining professional throughout this whole "experiment". Well he just dropped a bombshell at the end.

  • Jack Robertson
    Jack Robertson Day ago +2

    I love how you don’t actually need a lie detector to tell when Eric’s lying

  • SemiHypercube
    SemiHypercube Day ago +1

    Truly the bravest thing, answering potentially embarrassing questions in front of thousands of viewers (and his mom)

  • The Cyber Rabbit
    The Cyber Rabbit Day ago +1

    The best part of these is that lie detectors are always really bad, so it doesn’t actually help, it just makes it all funnier

  • Tony
    Tony Day ago +1

    for some extra trivia:

  • Threat Level: Anime
    Threat Level: Anime Day ago +827

    “He thinks his mom is hot but he doesn’t call her on her birthday… he’s a freak” good way to end a video

  • Dat_W33b
    Dat_W33b Day ago +623

    you can see the fear in his eyes with every question he answers

  • Layne Taylor
    Layne Taylor Day ago +395

    The man looking at the lie Detector is an absolute legend. He sat through that whole experience straight faced

  • Bear Stajs
    Bear Stajs Day ago +532

    “He thinks his mom is hot but doesn’t call her on her birthday, the guy’s a freak” lmfao

  • W1ld And Cr4ft
    W1ld And Cr4ft Day ago +606

    The fact that they invited his mother is just Hilarious, and the Pokémon one just made me laugh my ass off.

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Day ago +357

    This video could also be called: Pointcrow gives his mum a new boyfriend to make up for forgetting her birthday

  • Nightblade370
    Nightblade370 Day ago +47

    Fun fact: the guy who invented the polygraph would later go on to be one of the biggest advocates against the use of polygraphs when he figured out they don't actually work.

  • Taithoes
    Taithoes Day ago +305

    Can I just say Abby yelling ERIC after she heard he would eat his fish has become an art form.

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C Day ago +209

    The whole vod was barely passed 30 minutes and basically every part was essential, and the editor still managed to edit it under 12 minutes, that's impressive.

  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname Day ago +118

    Fyi "John" doesn't do legit lie detector test. He's an entertainer first and foremost so he'll often signal what's funny and not what's correct. That's why he does polygraph tests for every creator.

  • P1xeledsAccount
    P1xeledsAccount Day ago +81

    i love how all lie detector people are so chill and dont laugh at anything

  • Master Freeze
    Master Freeze Day ago +228

    We can use this to find out the truth about PointCrow's collector's anxiety

  • Hector Cordova
    Hector Cordova Day ago +162

    "He thinks his mom is hot, but he doesn't call her on her birthday... He's a freak."