Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Special Ops Trailer

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • The next evolution of Special Ops.
    Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.
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  • ranchen leng
    ranchen leng 39 minutes ago

    I see bank, gta?

  • RR gaming
    RR gaming Hour ago

    this one gonna be on fire 🔥🔥

  • SS1 Crew
    SS1 Crew Hour ago +1

    Big L for xbox users

  • Oonakin
    Oonakin Hour ago

    I'm getting huge warface vibes from this and I'm digging it also at 1:08 its the same rpg sound from fortnite

  • Dk4342 Gaming_YT
    Dk4342 Gaming_YT 2 hours ago

    I loved special ops

  • Nick
    Nick 3 hours ago

    1:09 is the fortnite rpg noise

  • MrPowerPip
    MrPowerPip 3 hours ago

    what is this another campaign like woah

  • nolo _UPR
    nolo _UPR 3 hours ago

    Go solo and you will suffer. Trailer is already warning ya...

  • stuart lewis
    stuart lewis 4 hours ago

    Don't believe the hype

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 5 hours ago

    Is this same as the original I wonder running out of ideas Activision.

  • Play All Games
    Play All Games 6 hours ago


  • Trend Gaming
    Trend Gaming 7 hours ago


  • Izzy Hernandez
    Izzy Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Time to reunite with the friend I met when I was 13 in a cage match to get free headshots for a gold gun just to bail after I got mine and then felt bad so linked back up with him to give his and then became unbreakable compadres ever since.

  • boris man
    boris man 8 hours ago +1

    please add supply drops activision. I hope the latest news about supply drops are not true.

  • GrizScrumptious
    GrizScrumptious 10 hours ago

    All I got to say is tell treyarch and shitivision that they better have mason and woods in bo5 campaign

  • Trend Gaming
    Trend Gaming 11 hours ago +1

    I'm not buying this game if it doesn't have zombies

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago

      What do you mean every cod has zombies there was no zombies from 2003 - 2008

    • Rc sev1207
      Rc sev1207 5 hours ago

      No zombies in modern warfare just spec ops

    • Trend Gaming
      Trend Gaming 7 hours ago

      @Levitius Cornwall it's the same Creator and it's 2019 every call of duty has zombies , if THIS ONE doesn't , then I'm buying bo3

    • Levitius Cornwall
      Levitius Cornwall 7 hours ago +1

      @Trend Gaming IW isnt MW

  • Smp Gamer
    Smp Gamer 11 hours ago

    For awesome gameplay of call of duty mobile please subscribe my Flash-Player channel. 100% guarantee you will impress.

    YOSIF ABOOD 11 hours ago +1

    I Think There's No Reality In The Game Who Agree with me ?

  • HarmonyDST Lunarynx
    HarmonyDST Lunarynx 12 hours ago

    If it ever release, imagine the things the Vanoss crew will do.

  • Slade The Hedgehog
    Slade The Hedgehog 12 hours ago

    50 thousand people used to live here, Now its a ghost town.

  • Zero Stob
    Zero Stob 13 hours ago

    Sembreak Edition

  • omer cohen
    omer cohen 13 hours ago

    0:26 Pubg Erengal School 🤣

  • William, the Tropical Scotsman

    It would be pretty sweet if at the end of a co-op level, you had to face a rival team of players.

  • Ronit
    Ronit 14 hours ago

    From where we can buy cod can we in steam

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez 15 hours ago

    feels like that airplane mission is from cod mw1 were theres a bonus mission aughh were memory were lain and toxic smell

  • Vixx
    Vixx 16 hours ago

    Can’t wait for this game! It’s gonna be amazing.

  • Rehan Ahmed
    Rehan Ahmed 17 hours ago

    looks like Ghost Recon Wildlands knock off
    but hope for the best

  • OverLorD 83N
    OverLorD 83N 17 hours ago +1

    0:29 Stormtrooper aim

  • John Wick
    John Wick 20 hours ago

    Ghost is back finally😈villain 🐸

  • Bryan Kim
    Bryan Kim 20 hours ago

    Bro when is the preload modern warfare for PS4?

    • Bryan Kim
      Bryan Kim Hour ago

      It doesn’t let me preload modern warfare at all today.

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago


  • Allreli
    Allreli 21 hour ago +1

    I come on here and find out people still can't read. This shown in the trailer is available for all PLATFORMS. Understand that.

  • DABA -_-
    DABA -_- 21 hour ago

    Anybody notice that the guy on the thumbnail looks like ghost

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer Day ago

    0:50 there should really be a revive mechanic for ground war

  • crispy chips
    crispy chips Day ago

    The fact that they had to put available on all platforms tho

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago

      crispy chips I don’t think you read it Allreli is right

    • crispy chips
      crispy chips 23 hours ago

      @Allreli clearly you didnt read the description at the bottom of the video

    • Allreli
      Allreli 23 hours ago

      Because it is available on all platforms, lol. Only SURVIVAL that's exclusive and it's not been shown, so please learn how to read.

  • Mike Hawksore
    Mike Hawksore Day ago

    Cod is fecking dead

  • MrBrigadiergeneral

    people should buy nba 2k20 over this pos game

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Day ago

    You got to love the fact the soldier at 0:51 has a texas flag on his vest

  • Sosa Montana
    Sosa Montana Day ago


  • _ ItzJaylol14 _
    _ ItzJaylol14 _ Day ago

    1:02 boutta capture the Russian president again I see

  • Ahmed Emad
    Ahmed Emad Day ago

    i think the unknown guy is makarov because of that deagle like mw3

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago

      But he never used a deagle except the end of mw3

  • Brick Animations

    There better be survival

  • Bigo Live Play
    Bigo Live Play Day ago

    Terorist Pantegon USA

  • 100 subs with no vids??

    Imagine only allowing a certain console have access to a game mode, but like only imagine, not like it’s gonna happen right?

    • Allreli
      Allreli Day ago

      This is available on all platforms, as it says in the description.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Day ago

    Free hongkong you communist trash

  • TS
    TS Day ago

    Наконец-то нормальная выйдет, а то с момент Black ops 1 всякое гавно выпускают

  • Unrelated Twins
    Unrelated Twins Day ago

    Look at the whole 1%👌

    • Allreli
      Allreli Day ago

      Look at the person who can't read the description that says its available on all platforms.

  • GeT RekT
    GeT RekT Day ago


  • Stay Tuned
    Stay Tuned Day ago

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The first cod since mw2 I’ve been excited for.

  • PlanetZain
    PlanetZain Day ago

    If you think about it this trailer came out 8 days ago. We have 8 days remaining...

  • Produl
    Produl Day ago

    all I gonna say, it's CALL OF DUTY BOIS

  • GhostRiley PH
    GhostRiley PH Day ago +3

    Justice for Ghost like👍 if you agree

  • Wrexon
    Wrexon Day ago

    How original not like were getting cod every f year

  • Zack Smith
    Zack Smith Day ago +1

    Call of duty shows most gamers are retards

  • Savike
    Savike Day ago +1

    Im ganna livestream this the day it comes out, im very exited!

  • SyG Warp
    SyG Warp Day ago +1

    1:09 literally a fortnite rocket launcher sound

  • ZAA Zaa
    ZAA Zaa Day ago

    I Need GHOST

  • Venom
    Venom Day ago

    I'm guessing call of duty gave up on live action trailers

  • Shzeys
    Shzeys Day ago

    Highkey hyped

  • Sharkmankill Games
    Sharkmankill Games Day ago +58

    Senior Quote:
    “This is for Soap”- Captain John Price