• Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Today we're doing a TEAM ALBOE style challenger games event where we see who the fastest man on Flash-Player really is!! Who will win this $10,000 100m race and track and field event out of Team ALBOE!!?
    We're recreating our version of Logan Paul's challenger games since we weren't invited Team ALBOE style! Ft. JustDustin, DavidParody, ChadWithaJ, DrHobs, Ryan Swaze, Deejdesign and Omari Mydz!
    If you're new to the ItsYeBoi channel check out all my other challenges, alboe challenges, wish, uber eats, basketball challenges, lost luggage, storage units and more by subscribing and clicking the notification bell!
    Check out Team ALBOE:
    Ryan Swaze:
    Omari Mydz: @omarimydz
    🐣T W I T T E R:
    📸I N S T A G R A M:
    More Team ALBOE videos:
    M U S I C:
    Intro Music: Lately - City Fidelia
    Kevin Macleod -
    If you read the entire description, comment down below: "PUT ALBOE IN THE CHALLENGER GAMES" so I know you're a real one and I'll reply
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  • ItsYeBoi
    ItsYeBoi  9 days ago +246


    • Came1
      Came1 5 days ago


    • Ley Gor
      Ley Gor 8 days ago

      ItsYeBoi can I be in your video

    • Anas Aljamal
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    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 8 days ago

      How about I hit the dislike button for begging for likes. No one wants to see your stupid videos, get off the internet.

  • yvng_finesseboy
    yvng_finesseboy 17 hours ago

    Hold up was I the only one who saw chad scratching his balls or...

  • Kristy J
    Kristy J Day ago +8

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  • Anna Limeburner
    Anna Limeburner 2 days ago

    This isn’t full team alboe y’all are missing wolfie

  • Matthew Gonzales
    Matthew Gonzales 2 days ago

    Lmfao Swaze and David are too funny

  • Majiin Prophet
    Majiin Prophet 3 days ago +1

    Someone add randy orton doing an rko on ryan at 6:19

  • Indy Bby
    Indy Bby 3 days ago

    I love y’all so much like words can’t even explain

  • raafi gillani
    raafi gillani 4 days ago


  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • raafi gillani
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  • Wonderful Wayne
    Wonderful Wayne 4 days ago

    Who else thought DJ was gonna win

  • vRTGXx
    vRTGXx 4 days ago

    Where’s wolfie

  • Alexis Grady
    Alexis Grady 4 days ago

    I love this content😂😂

  • Marlon Alvarez
    Marlon Alvarez 5 days ago

    This type of format vid was good

  • Came1
    Came1 5 days ago +1

    Create a TEAM ALBOE Flash-Player CHANNEL

  • I REALIZE The screaming pain

    I did 1500 meter in track and im only 10 yrs old but itsyerunner is almost dead of the 400 meter 9:10

  • Nesto World
    Nesto World 5 days ago

    Do a Wwe royal rumble

    AMANT`E 6 days ago

    When the athletic person on the other team is injured. (We got em' this time)

  • Lemi Gaming
    Lemi Gaming 6 days ago

    Deej man u let me down;im Jamaiacan

  • Sunny Stanley
    Sunny Stanley 6 days ago

    Do soccer

  • Turtle Noob
    Turtle Noob 6 days ago

    Why the ad in the middle

  • Dante Bellissimo
    Dante Bellissimo 7 days ago

    ryan omar and deej

  • FaZe bubble king
    FaZe bubble king 7 days ago

    Who is the best soccer player in team alboe

  • Superior Blade50
    Superior Blade50 7 days ago +1

    Oh my David is corny

  • Michael Singleterry
    Michael Singleterry 7 days ago

    Wheres is wolfie

  • Nimra N
    Nimra N 7 days ago

    You should make them react to this video

  • AJ Nation
    AJ Nation 7 days ago

    Wolfie somewhere big mad and bongo

  • Anthony Sam
    Anthony Sam 7 days ago

    That nices

  • RoManGT
    RoManGT 7 days ago


  • JigglyGio
    JigglyGio 7 days ago

    Basketball game?

  • dasharath u menon
    dasharath u menon 7 days ago

    10 seconds into the video already better than the real challenger games lol :0

  • Moon Waffles
    Moon Waffles 7 days ago

    Who else clicked LIKE before watching the entire video? or is it just me?
    ItsYeBoi, if you ever need me to make a Giant project for you let me know! I just made a minecraft sword 5 times bigger than me on my channnel (not even kidding). We can make something cool together!!

  • J.ca808 Vlogs
    J.ca808 Vlogs 8 days ago

    How is guy 3 sec off

  • J.ca808 Vlogs
    J.ca808 Vlogs 8 days ago

    Y’all should make a mivie

  • -Decimate-
    -Decimate- 8 days ago

    1:35 I thought Ryan said I’m Fat as hell

  • christel khoury
    christel khoury 8 days ago +1

    Lol can i challenge all of you guys 😂💪

  • Mehoi
    Mehoi 8 days ago

    Congrats boys, your fastest 100m was slower than the avg for a standard 13-14 year old track league from my experience.

  • Katie Day
    Katie Day 8 days ago

    U should eat like messi for 24 hours

  • Scoobii
    Scoobii 8 days ago

    The commentator was kinda ov not gonna lie. Ruined the vid for me but gotta watch anyway.

  • Ivette Parra
    Ivette Parra 8 days ago

    You guys should do who can throw the farthest! I loved this

  • Matteo Etchart
    Matteo Etchart 8 days ago

    I like you making vids with dr. Hobbs u two are prolly best on team alboe

  • Gabe Fabian
    Gabe Fabian 8 days ago


  • MexicanMamba 1
    MexicanMamba 1 8 days ago

    Did u say destroying is not an actual Flash-Playerr?

  • D Four34
    D Four34 8 days ago

    I guys should do hockey cuz it’s the great Canadian sport

  • Edweirdo TV
    Edweirdo TV 8 days ago


  • Ley Gor
    Ley Gor 8 days ago

    Can I be in a video

  • Ley Gor
    Ley Gor 8 days ago

    Can I be I a video please

  • Joey Myers
    Joey Myers 8 days ago

    Ryan's so lame!!! Haha lmfao.

  • Virginia McCormick
    Virginia McCormick 8 days ago

    This video is everything the Challenger Games wish it was.
    Love y’all

  • Tony2tone
    Tony2tone 8 days ago

    like if there should be a team alboe vs sidemen

  • Nani Nguyen
    Nani Nguyen 8 days ago

    I love these squad type vids💪🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • TzeYou Later
    TzeYou Later 8 days ago

    1st dj 2nd Dustin 3ed sean

  • A A r o n
    A A r o n 8 days ago +1

    Kpop Dave killing me man😂😂😭 brother sean ' s weave😭

  • TwistVersed
    TwistVersed 8 days ago

    Wait Ryan is not in Alboe 🤔

  • Outer Space ACE productions

    What about wolfie

  • Nick Bianchini
    Nick Bianchini 8 days ago

    Where was wolfie ???

  • Rodrigo Armenta
    Rodrigo Armenta 8 days ago

    Did he say 12:22 minutes for the 100 yrd dash???

  • EmilyAndLizzyTv
    EmilyAndLizzyTv 8 days ago

    Dammmnnnn Dustin hiding his tricks shiittt. 👌👌

  • LiL Miclo
    LiL Miclo 8 days ago

    money on dj or Dustin

  • Cam Gamez
    Cam Gamez 8 days ago

    Sean burgundy

  • Belisa Lopez
    Belisa Lopez 8 days ago

    Tell david i love bts and i support bts and david

  • Belisa Lopez
    Belisa Lopez 8 days ago

    Its jungkook gosh

    21AIDEN HERNANDEZ 8 days ago +1

    I’m weak😂😂😂 6:47 man grabbed his junk🤣🤣

  • Real ID
    Real ID 8 days ago

    Love your videos

  • SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran

    Sooooo many positive things to say about this video lol. Production of it was A1, died when you came on camera as the show host lmao reminded me of Ty's host character from dudeperfect, love how omari is half of like 4 different things, it's always great to see all of alboe (+ Guy) in a single vid minus charlie. Y'all should tell souuueee to come out more! The only thing that sucks is that this vid was only 14 mins long and isn't going to be a regular series :(

  • DamienSZN
    DamienSZN 8 days ago

    albie isnt the same

  • 李善德
    李善德 8 days ago

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  • Moesha
    Moesha 8 days ago

    This editing was fireeeeeeee!!!!
    Why is jad wizard kelly?🤣🤣
    Please google wizard kelly if you don’t know

  • Topher Fitzpatrick
    Topher Fitzpatrick 8 days ago

    Team alboe olympics next?

  • Landon Sheppard
    Landon Sheppard 8 days ago

    12:54 deestroying is an actual youtuber