• In 2007, wrestling superstar Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son Daniel, then ended his own life. Those closest to the tragedy have never spoken openly, until now.
    From DARK SIDE OF THE RING. Don't miss the 2-hour season premiere March 24 at 9p on VICE TV.
    #DarkSideofTheRing #ChrisBenoit
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Comments • 80

  • VICE
    VICE  6 days ago +336


      THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION-UFO's 2 days ago +1

      VICE-CTE & Concussions were NOT to blame. Beniot was just a DEMONIC ANIMAL.....PERIOD!!! The excuse making in this so-called "documentary" is everything I'd expect from a #Propaganda mill like vice. Many, Many, other athletes have had CTE and Concussions, but the VAST MAJORITY of them NEVER killed their Families.

    • Markell Perry
      Markell Perry 3 days ago +1

      Did Vicky say she left the house and asked god to take him if he was gonna take him 🙁

    • Brandon Pender
      Brandon Pender 3 days ago

      VICE, if there's an interested in the real story behind the raise and fall of the UWF (the 90's Herb Abrams incarnation) 1989-93 you can get my contact info from
      Interesting show on the tragedy of Chris Benoit, Nancy and Daniel.

    • Smith Hart
      Smith Hart 3 days ago

      Good job it took me this long to watch this, I try to avoid any thing that has to do with Eddie and Chris. I meant them two times one in wcw and then in wwf. They were just cool talking about family. At old Hershey arena there is a balcony were you could watch the wrestlers come and park and walk in the building. They were there I said sorry to interrupt. They said it is ok , I just came out here to remember seeing Hogan , Piper, Big John walk in back when I was a kid. When I got in high school would hang out in the parking lot and smoke weed with them. Chris and Eddie said came with us and let sit back stage and moved me to a ring side seat. With every thing going on today it is time to turn to Jesus the son of God and ask for forgiveness of our sins.

    • Bklynzboy !!!
      Bklynzboy !!! 3 days ago +4

      Idgaf what he did. Chris Benoit deserves to be in Hall Of Fame as one of the greatest of all time... His personal life had nothing to do with career... A rapper or actors personal life has nothing to do with the work and entertainment they provide for us fans. We don't pay money to be in their personal lives. Chris Benoit top 5

    LINCOLN LAKER'S 9 minutes ago

    Heart disease at (38)
    The number for RITUAL MURDER

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez 12 minutes ago

    When Chris said in that interview “I’ll see you again” he knew. That was definitely a hint look back @33:05

  • Carly King
    Carly King Hour ago +1

    is this being narrated by jericho?

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 2 hours ago

    This is really well done

  • Connie Phillips
    Connie Phillips 2 hours ago

    Had all that money and family and had some evil demons. he was 1of my favorites

  • Ronnie Young
    Ronnie Young 3 hours ago

    wow this is hard to watch

  • blake causey
    blake causey 3 hours ago

    Love both superstars and respect the body of work in the ring

  • Tsu Surf’s Lawyer
    Tsu Surf’s Lawyer 3 hours ago

    This was so well done, oh my goodness. Loved hearing so much from Chavo, Jericho, Malenko, Vickie, and Nancy's Sister.

  • Jen Cameron
    Jen Cameron 3 hours ago

    they were killed. chris didnt do it

    • Harry Peterson
      Harry Peterson 2 hours ago

      Nah, she probably cheated on him like she did her first two husbands...

  • Ronnie Young
    Ronnie Young 3 hours ago

    i am just starting to watch this but i want to know why he did this !

  • Madlib Beats
    Madlib Beats 4 hours ago +1

    I'm pretty sure Chris was on a few Mexican supplements here or there. Back muscles connected to the front of his biceps in one picture

  • Debra Robinson
    Debra Robinson 4 hours ago

    I still don't believe he killed Nacy (Woman) an his son.

  • Tina c
    Tina c 4 hours ago

    Seeing Daniel again after all these years, made me cry just I had then, so sad .I'm always going to wonder why

  • joshua Jeemiah
    joshua Jeemiah 5 hours ago +1

    That tribute to Eddie Guerrero back in 2005 was probably the first time I felt heartbroken as a kid. Watching everyone cry. Fucked me up bad.

  • go nuts
    go nuts 5 hours ago

    they totally skipped their time in ecw before joining wwf its sad the way things turned out for chris and eddie i missed both of them

  • mario Escobedo
    mario Escobedo 5 hours ago +1

    One of the best documentaries that I have watched in years. Probably the most elaborate documentary that tells the story of Chris Benoit's dark journey into madness. I was a huge Chris Benoit fan and was shocked by the news of what he had done back in 2007. Nancy and Daniel were innocent. Only God the details of what happened on that horrible weekend.

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 5 hours ago

    Wow, David is Chris's spitting image.

  • Harvey D
    Harvey D 6 hours ago

    If elijah wood doesn't play his son in a movie something is wrong

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 7 hours ago +1

    RIP Eddie Guerrero , Nancy and Daniel. Viva La Raza.

  • King Blazed Wolf
    King Blazed Wolf 7 hours ago

    People forget benoit was in a perpetual state of grief. Between eddies death and his. Benoit lost his neighbor Jonny grunge (the one nacy called in sandra story). one of his mentors in japan , the big bossman, and sherry martel died a week before . Plus more. Both chris and nacy were losing friends left and right and it took a toll on both of them....

  • Milani Howard
    Milani Howard 7 hours ago

    I loved Eddie and Chris. I stopped watching wrestling in 2009. The deaths were too much for me as a child. I mean so many of these wrestlers died so young. Become a them to death and they would die so young. Sad. 😭

  • rock'n roller
    rock'n roller 7 hours ago

    I feel sorry for his son.. not the backstabbing woman... if she wasn't a back stabber she'd still be alive....

  • BigSi 2017
    BigSi 2017 7 hours ago

    People going to think i'm buggin but why do I feel like Nancy Benoit cursed herself during her time playing with the darkside with Kevin Sullivan?

  • Raul Medrano
    Raul Medrano 7 hours ago

    Kevin Sullivan killed Chris Benoit

  • CJ Goole
    CJ Goole 8 hours ago

    The rabbid wolverine!! So sad

  • BryxGuyx27
    BryxGuyx27 8 hours ago

    Chris Jericho: and Benoit just became this killer...

  • Steve Arce
    Steve Arce 8 hours ago +1

    I did Privates BJJ with Chris 😞💔🙏🏽❤️😓

  • Steve W
    Steve W 8 hours ago

    I actually spoke with Benoit a week before he did what he did. We were talking about the great matches he had with Kurt Angle on myspace. It's always sort of haunted me for some reason.

  • #TTG Steady
    #TTG Steady 8 hours ago

    Interesting story always wanted to hear this story...

  • Nellzartworx
    Nellzartworx 9 hours ago

    I think Eddie and Chris' deaths provoked Jericho to walk away from wrestling for 2 years. I mean he wanted to pursue his music and other things but to see your peers start to change, would make me not want to come back. Also Chavo is a strong dude to have to deal with his Uncle and his Uncle's best friend die within a year of each other.

  • crazydestiny17
    crazydestiny17 9 hours ago +1

    This was so good! Needs to nominated for something during award season!

  • LifeisaParade
    LifeisaParade 10 hours ago +1

    WrestleMania XX still my favorite Mania ending.

  • Mack Boutin
    Mack Boutin 10 hours ago

    Bring back Benoit

    BENNYBTJ 10 hours ago +1

    let’s all be honest...Benoit most likely did those terrible things due to depression and/or anxiety along with substance abuse. think about it, he passed away basically a year after Eddie did. Benoit was not only was scarred from it but dramatically changed him as well. he was literally declining mentally and physically. his family, friends, and coworkers even said that Benoit was a totally different person. everyone grieves differently, but Benoit took this death the worst out of everyone...he lost his brother and best friend, he didn’t know how to cope with a loss this severe and continue to do what he thought was right in his mind...and that was wrestling. i’m not trying to make excuses or explanations for the terrible things he has done...but we all need to understand that this scenario maybe the truth if looked at very carefully. RIP Eddie and the Benoit family

  • Nellzartworx
    Nellzartworx 10 hours ago

    this bout to be crazy

  • Albert
    Albert 10 hours ago +1

    RIP Nancy and Daniel Benoit🙏 so tragic

  • Lol Smarks
    Lol Smarks 10 hours ago

    You know hearing these people talk and seeing these reactions from Chris Benoit . I'm pretty sure him and Eddie were a little more then friends . Chris was acting like a grieving lover .

  • Westcoast Native
    Westcoast Native 11 hours ago

    Every sport has a tragedy that sticks out from the others.
    NBA was Kobe Bryant
    NFL was OJ Simpson/A. Hernandez
    WWE was Chris Benoit/Eddie Guerrero
    (Although Owen Hart is up there too)

  • 420 Bassman
    420 Bassman 12 hours ago

    Imagine killing your kid that looks identical to u....... looking into his eyes and he gasps for his last tiny little breath of air. Watching his eyes get bloodshot and then feeling his tiny little body go limp.
    That's cold blooded

  • Land Mark
    Land Mark 12 hours ago

    im 26 and i still get choked up about Benoit and Guerrero

  • The Ultra Warrior
    The Ultra Warrior 12 hours ago

    A man that witnesses but promoting/influence to lie, cheat and steal?
    Hope he really did put his faith in Christ alone.

  • The Ultra Warrior
    The Ultra Warrior 12 hours ago

    Did Jericho just leaked/hint to, that Benoit and Guerrero gave their life up to wrestling, literally (a sacrifice).

  • The Ultra Warrior
    The Ultra Warrior 12 hours ago

    Nancy looked like a Mexican beauty when she started wrestling.

  • hippa2dahoppa2
    hippa2dahoppa2 12 hours ago

    someone got a good price on that house

  • Jumbo Incredible
    Jumbo Incredible 13 hours ago

    Kevin Sullivan will give his side of the story on April, 10th. On Jim Corvette's Drive-through

  • Timothy Chizmar
    Timothy Chizmar 13 hours ago


  • BigMikeGaming
    BigMikeGaming 14 hours ago

    There ain’t no way chavo got those text and didn’t want to go check up on him how clueless could you be

  • Player 0
    Player 0 14 hours ago

    Not poking at the fact that it was a tragic day but who else thought it was benoit im the beggining

  • Invincible Young Empire

    Finally watched and when it came to the Eddie part, completely broke down.

  • opugilist
    opugilist 16 hours ago

    Stick to the pretend areas of entertainment, that sometimes have real incidents. Your view numbers will stay uplifted. You shouldn't try to do your fake news and propaganda at all, and your exploitation of this tragedy is not acceptable either, but at least these people wanted to speak.
    The laying on Eddies side of bed and hugging pillow is pretty far off usual grief, especially when he had a wife and kids. Seems like he was in love with Eddie - as If he loved him even more than his kids, like he lost his spouse too. That seems way off even terrible grief, war buddies that lose a close man right at their side usually don't forsake their family like that.

    MiLiTARY MiNDED 16 hours ago


  • Antonio King
    Antonio King 16 hours ago

    Benoit vs Kurt Angle
    Benoit vs Chris Jericho
    Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero
    My favorite attitude era technical matches

  • TheEskkimo
    TheEskkimo 16 hours ago

    No ones commented on the ending of this part where fucking Chavo got to talk to Chris and texts from Chris probably right after or around the time he was committing the acts... that’s gotta be so hard for him on top of everything else

  • von2300
    von2300 16 hours ago

    Krispen Wah

  • jonblakk73ab
    jonblakk73ab 17 hours ago

    This was sad when it got to eddies death and I haven’t made it to part 2

  • Yeet Ledger
    Yeet Ledger 17 hours ago +2

    Don’t care what anyone says
    The ending of wrestlemania xx with Benoit and Eddie standing in the ring hugging as their journeys culminated as world champions is the greatest mania moment that will never be brought up today

  • XTC tv
    XTC tv 17 hours ago

    Karma of his sins
    That's all in gonna say.

  • Patrick Thometz
    Patrick Thometz 17 hours ago

    Laying on Eddies side of the bed and holding his pillow? More than friends? Seems gay as fuck to me

  • Andrew Burgess-Linden
    Andrew Burgess-Linden 18 hours ago

    Who Else thinks Chris is innocent?

    • mjstory1976
      mjstory1976 16 hours ago +2

      Nobody except Benoit fanboys

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 18 hours ago

    Benoit is innocent. Stop promoting lies.

    • mjstory1976
      mjstory1976 16 hours ago +2

      No he isn't. Accept the truth kid

  • Patrick Thometz
    Patrick Thometz 18 hours ago +1

    Why nothing from David Benoit’s mom??

  • cristian gonzalez
    cristian gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Who still thinks Kevin is still behind his death?

  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods 19 hours ago

    Dean, Chris and Eddie were so technical.... I was a Cena 3-way match during this quarantine the other day and almost threw up!!! 👎🏾

  • Robin Bates
    Robin Bates 19 hours ago

    I will ways believe Kevin had something to do with the murders of the Benoit family. If Chris did it, like they say. Then, why did both Nancy and Chris text the same message to their friends. And, Chris and Nancy loved each other so deeply. I can't see Chris doing this. Never did and never will. RIP Benoit family and Eddie. People involved in the Benoit family murders will feel and see karma strike them down in the future.

    • mjstory1976
      mjstory1976 16 hours ago +1

      Benoit did it. Accept the truth

  • Lannis31
    Lannis31 19 hours ago

    So Perry Saturn doesnt exist anymore?

  • Adrien Hyland
    Adrien Hyland 20 hours ago

    Honestly, I wish there were more stars like Nancy

  • Superdragon Red
    Superdragon Red 20 hours ago

    Wait a minute were Eddie and Chris Benoit gay??? 🤔😯

  • Steven on the beat
    Steven on the beat 20 hours ago

    No homo but i cry watching this dude, Eddie and Chris was my favorite wrestlers, I grow up watching them, I miss the old times 😪

  • Wal Martian
    Wal Martian 21 hour ago +1

    Wtf happened to jerichos face? Plastic surgery? Just Old age? Botox?

  • K D
    K D 21 hour ago +1

    They beat the shit out of each other, like they both owed each other, a lot of money - lol

  • Johny Bauer
    Johny Bauer 22 hours ago +1

    I feel so bad for Chris's son it literally shatters my heart whenever he was on screen. Breathtaking and sad. Prayers and love go out to him

  • Scorpion_
    Scorpion_ 22 hours ago

    Too bad they didn’t meet each other in the after life, Eddies in heaven while Chris is rotting in hell.

    • Scorpion_
      Scorpion_ 6 hours ago

      Sly Tochtli maybe, maybe not.

    • Sly Tochtli
      Sly Tochtli 7 hours ago

      Scorpion_ there is no afterlife.

  • elrapido5150
    elrapido5150 22 hours ago

    I didn't know about the allegations that Kevin Sullivan had beat Nancy.

  • LemonadepieX
    LemonadepieX 22 hours ago

    I wonder if anyone at WWE watched this. There has to be wrestlers currently signed to WWE who must’ve watched Parts 1 and 2 in the locker room.

  • chalupa batman
    chalupa batman Day ago

    Almost positive it's been proven that chavo is lying I saw something a while back saying phone records prove that benoit never called him or his roadie that night .... JS

  • C4oUre
    C4oUre Day ago

    Dean Malenko is one of those rare cases where a wrestler didn't age like absolute hell.

  • JK K
    JK K Day ago +3

    Now everyone loves Jericho smh I liked him his whole career

  • Rodney Theplayer

    Who cried

  • memory man
    memory man Day ago

    its crazy just how much David looks like Chris.