I found a SPY camera.

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • I'm definitely NOT linking the cameras we found on Amazon lol
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Comments • 721

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris 3 hours ago

    EXTREMELY WELL DONE VIDEO. PLEASE DO Version #2 with the FLIR camera, the inexpensive one that goes on your phone.

  • M.Hasan Alware
    M.Hasan Alware 17 hours ago

    Wow Austin wearing a MKBHD t-shirt

  • Etronic —
    Etronic — Day ago

    Thanks for the ideas Austin

  • danmar007
    danmar007 Day ago

    "So Ken and our producer Matt have "hidden" a series of "hidden" cameras ..." The talents Flash-Playerrs have ...

  • Jip Harbers
    Jip Harbers 3 days ago

    Hey guys, this is Duncan!

  • Avox7Gaming
    Avox7Gaming 4 days ago

    Yes Gravity Falls Dippers hat!!!

  • Dude
    Dude 4 days ago

    The big guy, is a savage

  • Martygerman85
    Martygerman85 4 days ago

    STASI Spy ;-)

  • Reft
    Reft 4 days ago

    dont worry
    Im an iq main

  • Surchaufeur
    Surchaufeur 6 days ago

    This is scary dont have fun in hotel rooms guys😂

  • Shane Lynch
    Shane Lynch 6 days ago

    What the fook is up with that thumbnail. These lads need to stop praying on kids

  • HexaG0n GT
    HexaG0n GT 6 days ago

    I clicked cuz of the thumbnail

  • 200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs

    *”hueyy gUys this it auestin*”

  • Xealz
    Xealz 7 days ago

    So RF detector and thermal camera. and light to spot lenses, i would've checked the Tie fighter

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 days ago

    What chair does he have? I like that chair

  • Moon Boy
    Moon Boy 8 days ago

    The mkbhd tshirt tho 🤣🤣

  • BluezZ
    BluezZ 8 days ago

    Some of the things mentioned are untrue, its normal for a powerbank to get warm

  • rayzimmermin
    rayzimmermin 9 days ago

    the majority of spy cams will have an IR light for night vision the best way to spot them is to set your phone camera to B&W and look around the room the IR light will stand out like a sore thumb

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 9 days ago +1

    Probably land a plane on that forehead

  • NoseySnake36933
    NoseySnake36933 10 days ago

    This is scary

  • RandomStranger01
    RandomStranger01 10 days ago

    Austin: What's never okay is when these hidden cameras are so stealthy and in places like, say, the bedroom or bathroom, that obviously no one would be comfortable with
    Ken: I'm comfortable with it
    Austin: Okey well Ken, not everyone is you

  • TheEeveeLovers
    TheEeveeLovers 10 days ago +1

    I hope my joy-cons' infrared camera is not spying on me.
    If they are not I guess I could use the infrared camera to find hidden cameras.

    • Q
      Q 6 days ago

      It's always pointing down anyway.

  • Michael Quinton
    Michael Quinton 10 days ago

    It realised its November and I failed

  • Davis Schina
    Davis Schina 10 days ago

    1:42 Is that a DarkViperAU reference?

  • Vernon Trinh
    Vernon Trinh 10 days ago +1

    Yay more revenge porn in the world...

  • eisenklad
    eisenklad 10 days ago

    he got the idea of using the phone but forgot to use the camera itself. cellphone cameras pick up infrared and displays it as a light, he would be able to spot the wireless dock camera

  • hpf3
    hpf3 11 days ago

    some of these would be great for more legit uses like having a nice clock hanging at your entryway instead of a camera, though they would have to be able to be plugged in or potentially poe with lan viewing instead of a app that might lose support in a few years.

  • Cloudy Tug
    Cloudy Tug 11 days ago

    Life hack, destroy all legos in airbnb to reduce cameras

  • reaper.
    reaper. 11 days ago

    They tryna catch you failing no nut November smh

  • Marco Cretella
    Marco Cretella 11 days ago

    1:43 DarkViperAU reference?

  • 中原マリ
    中原マリ 12 days ago

    Having cameras is a little superfluous. Motion detectors however, they wouldn't get warm and the battery could last for months.

  • Tin Do 003
    Tin Do 003 13 days ago

    my dad planted hidden camera in my bedroom to prevent me from doing stupid things at night

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh 14 days ago

    MKBHD t-shirt👌

  • Nimbel
    Nimbel 15 days ago

    Imagine if the SED regime used this high-tech spy cams in GDR back in 1946-1989

  • Müder Hund
    Müder Hund 15 days ago

    Im watching this in a hotel room

  • SxG_Shadow
    SxG_Shadow 16 days ago +1

    "Hey Austin, this is guys"

  • Skid J. SpeedArts
    Skid J. SpeedArts 16 days ago

    What if
    You want to go to heaven
    But god said
    *_HeY gUyS tHiS iS aUsTiN_*

  • Littt BOY
    Littt BOY 17 days ago

    I actually hate the "HEY GUYS this ia austin" its so friggin annoying

    • StarmenRock
      StarmenRock 13 days ago

      Littt BOY hey guys this is exhausting

  • DNFL Clan
    DNFL Clan 18 days ago

    I saved you guys, there where 666 comments but i made it 667👍😅😰

  • Comment Theory
    Comment Theory 19 days ago +1


  • alto
    alto 19 days ago

    if you never find out youve beenn spyed on, its not creepy because you never knew

  • Rob Eagle
    Rob Eagle 19 days ago

    Ken can watch me sleep any day lmao.

  • Dapper Muis
    Dapper Muis 19 days ago

    I'm not so clued up on a lot of the tech stuff. But for the streamed stuff, can one not get a frequency Jammer or is that only in the movies? And if available would they be legal?

  • DavedTheReal
    DavedTheReal 19 days ago

    A trick is to open up the cameraapp on your smartphone in the dark, then you can see infrared rays.

  • Senha Lp
    Senha Lp 19 days ago +1

    The first thing I thought was „I hope he didn’t link the cameras in the description“

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 19 days ago +3

    No one:
    Austin: Wears an MKBHD shirt

  • TheEnderWarrior- Gaming
    TheEnderWarrior- Gaming 19 days ago +1

    this sounds like something Yassen Gregorovich would do

  • Tech ReviewsTV
    Tech ReviewsTV 20 days ago

    And if you didn't know everything related to tech you're already being spied on by the government. Every microphone , smart assistant, every tv, phone, laptop anything

  • MoistGoat
    MoistGoat 20 days ago

    Not going to link the cameras
    but shows the item name that I can just type word for word...

  • TRW
    TRW 20 days ago

    Thanks austin! Now i know what camera i should get.

  • prajwal mukatti
    prajwal mukatti 21 day ago +1

    Austin : the dead giveaway is heat
    Linus: let's watercool these bad boys 🤣🤣

  • AlterElement
    AlterElement 21 day ago +3

    1:39 "I'm just touched you called me a Friend"

    wow, that hits me...

  • Eleandro Alexandre Leonel Garcia dos Santos

    Where can I buy the pencil camera, watch and bluetooth speaker? I want to use it in my living room, kitchen, hallway and backyard.

  • Atharv Athavale
    Atharv Athavale 21 day ago

    Was the video sponsored by @mkbhd ??

  • Danyal Asgar
    Danyal Asgar 21 day ago +2


  • DistrackXmusic
    DistrackXmusic 21 day ago

    The thumbnail, the freakin thumbnail

  • Hempushpa Pokhariya
    Hempushpa Pokhariya 21 day ago

    I see mkbhd t shirt man.... 🤔🤔

  • M3
    M3 21 day ago

    great video

  • Joshua Archer
    Joshua Archer 22 days ago

    MKBHD merch bois where u at?