[FULL STREAM] Final training session before Barça-Valencia

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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Comments • 209

  • Missoule Cadichon
    Missoule Cadichon Month ago

    Messi come back please

  • Nono Sowan
    Nono Sowan Month ago

    ياحلاتهم لاعبين البرشا ❤️❤️❤️ انشاءالله دائما فايزين واحنا معاكم في كل وقت {تحيا البرشا تحيا البلاوغرانا}

  • Darth Elius
    Darth Elius Month ago

    It's time to make Barcelona great again!!!

  • Afolabi Abiola
    Afolabi Abiola Month ago

    I hope Messi will be back soon to play UCL Lionel I miss and I love you please resume soon

  • Tepnming Khwanming
    Tepnming Khwanming Month ago


  • Spirit Wolf Mystic
    Spirit Wolf Mystic Month ago +1

    I think we will not be winning any trophy this season... Valverde is not a bad coach but he is not fit for Barcelona... We want a new coach who can play barca style football and who can fix the defence... please listen to the fans 😭😭😭😭
    Guys spam everywhere you can that you want a new coach

  • Farduus Farduus
    Farduus Farduus Month ago +1

    Messi miss so much can't wait to

  • Decapistron Fabrice
    Decapistron Fabrice Month ago +1

    We need 3 pointe to night guys please

  • Sgr Education
    Sgr Education Month ago +1

    Suarez back

  • محمد الخفاجي

    برشلونة وبس

  • Me Mungon o goc
    Me Mungon o goc Month ago

    Suarez back ❤️

  • Gaigaimei Gai
    Gaigaimei Gai Month ago

    Players are only super star but coach is not fit for them to coach... Change the coach... Come back Luis Enrique...

  • Bayu Saputra
    Bayu Saputra Month ago

    Apakah messi main

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Valverde out like hurry the fuck up

  • Xbjskx Jskslxlbl
    Xbjskx Jskslxlbl Month ago +1

    А где месси😭

  • Ghembel Sukses
    Ghembel Sukses Month ago

    Valverde out

  • Dipak Basel
    Dipak Basel Month ago +1

    Good luck barca team

  • priti ojha
    priti ojha Month ago

    Neto and Suarez are back messi is still not

  • Puyam mani Meitei
    Puyam mani Meitei Month ago +1

    Perez should not be play from starting he is so selfish if he gave passed the ball that moment game is over but he didn't passed to griezmann that's why only one point he is very selfish for last match

  • Thang Te
    Thang Te Month ago

    When can messi join his teammates in the training?

  • ena purple
    ena purple Month ago

    Messi not playing ? 😢

  • YT Android
    YT Android Month ago +1


  • leo messi
    leo messi Month ago

    Valverdeeeeeee i hate uuuu

  • Eka Artha
    Eka Artha Month ago +1

    k. Mbappe for next transfer season# hope

  • M VIDEO 909
    M VIDEO 909 Month ago

    Hi come me canal

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago +1

    At this rate of pulling his shorts up next practice Pique will be training in speedos

  • ريسان عُمر حیدری


  • Odin serginho
    Odin serginho Month ago +1

    Soy el único que alucina con la preparación física de los jugadores? Saltan al campo y el calentamiento que hacen es un mal chiste, además, cada uno va a su bola...soy graduado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte y es increíble que un equipo top mundial como el Barcelona tenga esta preparación. Fuera Valverde y su equipo técnico ya! es evidente que los jugadores se auto-gestionan ellos.

  • Alowerri 360TV
    Alowerri 360TV Month ago

    King Messi is tired of valverde handling Barcelona and he don't like talking too much in public so he decides to stay away a little bit but I'm 💯 sure that the king will rejoin the team soon

  • Fousseny Sissoko
    Fousseny Sissoko Month ago

    Cool Messi ☺️☺️😨🤘🤘

  • Eto'o kadala
    Eto'o kadala Month ago

    I love Barcelona for life

  • Bakary Toure
    Bakary Toure Month ago

    Vraiment aujourd'hui je suis en retard

  • san samae
    san samae Month ago


  • Kill Soelaiman
    Kill Soelaiman Month ago

    Valverde out

  • Wahyudi Fakaubun
    Wahyudi Fakaubun Month ago

    I like it suarez performace

  • Konate Mahamadou
    Konate Mahamadou Month ago

    Pas Messi encore 😭😭

  • Moses Mahachi
    Moses Mahachi Month ago

    normmater we lose barca motto

  • رنا علي
    رنا علي Month ago

    How com back messi

  • Ebrahim Rayned
    Ebrahim Rayned Month ago

    No messi !!!!!

  • Mousumi Mondal
    Mousumi Mondal Month ago

    Velverde is a fuking bitch

  • Rayan alrowaili
    Rayan alrowaili Month ago +3

    Why was I looking at neto the whole time

  • Cleilton Azevedo
    Cleilton Azevedo Month ago


  • Cleilton Azevedo
    Cleilton Azevedo Month ago


  • Dajae Thompson
    Dajae Thompson Month ago

    We need to win

  • Bruno Maly
    Bruno Maly Month ago +1

    Valverde Tf Out

  • Ousmane Ba
    Ousmane Ba Month ago


  • Ana Vieira
    Ana Vieira Month ago

    quem gosta do Barcelona deixa like 👍

  • msn msn
    msn msn Month ago

    Wish FC GRANDPALONA will be ripped apart.
    This is a team for all the grandpa like
    Grandpa GRIEZMAN
    Grandpa SAUREZ
    Grandpa PIGUE
    Grandpa BUSQUETS
    Grandpa ALBA.

  • Bemine Inthefuture
    Bemine Inthefuture Month ago +1

    Whr is my Griz 🤩🤩🤩shining boy 👦

  • Tiago Fonseca
    Tiago Fonseca Month ago +3

    Nelson semedo you the best 💯💯💯💯

  • Salih Kilic
    Salih Kilic Month ago +1

    This year barca might struggle a lot If Messi performs lower than last year i feel sorry for barca fans because all you have is Messi pray hard for him guys

  • Mohamd Chibani
    Mohamd Chibani Month ago

    Ayan messi

  • Edmar Jaime
    Edmar Jaime Month ago

    Messi ?

  • Brian Kenyanya
    Brian Kenyanya Month ago +5

    We are soo weak.I can't believe we r praying for a win.Guys remind me pls.Ths is Barca ryt?😭

  • Diego Rey
    Diego Rey Month ago

    y neymar?

  • Ali Barça
    Ali Barça Month ago +12

    Luis Suarez 😍😍😍
    Good look for Barcelona força Barça 💪💘⚽

  • Ali Barça
    Ali Barça Month ago +27

    Messi: like
    Van dijk: comment

    • Salih Kilic
      Salih Kilic Month ago

      @Zarkow i said no luck messi can win it

    • Zarkow
      Zarkow Month ago

      @Salih Kilic no thats mean no luck

    • Salih Kilic
      Salih Kilic Month ago

      @Zarkow poor messi will need luck this time if thats what you mean;)

    • Zarkow
      Zarkow Month ago

      @Salih Kilic french word

    • Salih Kilic
      Salih Kilic Month ago

      @Zarkow idk what you mean by that

  • Cozy Cozy
    Cozy Cozy Month ago

    Valverde out!

    • terefe feyssa
      terefe feyssa Month ago

      Cozy: You better watch what You are saying. Do You know about coaching???

  • آمًــيَــر الــبـــصــراوي ꪜH M

    ابداع مستمر اتمنه زوروني 👆😔

  • Djigui Diarra
    Djigui Diarra Month ago