100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    Revisiting the 100 Eggo Challenge!!
    7.7lb and 9000 Calories of a pretty unbalanced breakfast.
    This challenge was also preparation for the 2019 SJ Barracuda's World Waffle Eating Championship.
    --- Original 100 Eggo Challenge Video
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  • mr. poprovolski
    mr. poprovolski 7 hours ago

    *_a matt stonie a day keeps the cholesterol away_*

  • George White Not Brown

    see how many gogurts you can eat in 5 mins

  • Giyuu x steven
    Giyuu x steven 7 hours ago

    I have challenge For you PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE!!!!

    HELMOONKAZELink Mons 8 hours ago

    EAT Italian Lasagna 12

  • The global Ninja
    The global Ninja 8 hours ago +1

    11 wants to know your location

  • Tairo_ Yamaha
    Tairo_ Yamaha 8 hours ago

    T chỉ xem ôg này mỗi khi t đói thôi

  • Yêu Pháp
    Yêu Pháp 8 hours ago

    Chắc chỉ có mỗi mình là người việt coi

  • Bayn Boyn
    Bayn Boyn 9 hours ago

    Penge daw si rachelle

  • Saeed Javed
    Saeed Javed 9 hours ago


  • Vince Roy
    Vince Roy 10 hours ago

    @mattstonie try the chankonabe.

  • FabianSE
    FabianSE 12 hours ago

    After every vid his shit is a color that scientist haven’t discovered yet

  • Wolf3clips3
    Wolf3clips3 13 hours ago

    I wonder how the face feels

  • RB Pulse
    RB Pulse 15 hours ago +1

    He hit 10mil so goodbye

    Also future people hope u get recommended on this last vid he made

    CLUCK NORRIS 15 hours ago

    When he says challenge I'm like who the fuck is doing this too 😂😂
    And my mom thinks it's impressive when I eat 4 waffles 😂😂
    Edit: I watched till the end, yes, the only one that did it too was him 6 years ago

  • Kalela Balles
    Kalela Balles 16 hours ago

    The bell life Once you to do 5 Wendy's Baconater 5 min

  • El Colombia
    El Colombia 16 hours ago

    Alguien español viendo esto??

  • Adam Youmans Jr
    Adam Youmans Jr 17 hours ago

    Me: Eats 5 eggo waffles and gets freaking bedridden

    mAtT sToNiE:

  • Peter Saganatic
    Peter Saganatic 17 hours ago

    How about eating durian from philippines?

  • Tshepang Lekgowe
    Tshepang Lekgowe 17 hours ago

    Jar of mayonnaise

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door 18 hours ago

    Next time do the Popeyes challenge. Order 40 Popeyes chicken sandwiches, run through Compton at 2:00am to see how many sandwiches you can finish.

  • The Real Bacon 64
    The Real Bacon 64 18 hours ago

    What happens in the bathroom daily
    Sink: dude toilet Matt is gonna eat 100 waffles
    Toilet: ah frick here we go again

  • Jange Hermawan
    Jange Hermawan 18 hours ago

    Challenge makan carolina reaper dong bang, dari indonesia nihh

  • Aaron Waxman
    Aaron Waxman 18 hours ago

    That noise he made after the last sip of water😂

  • Secretpopcorn 44
    Secretpopcorn 44 18 hours ago

    You should do a ride krispie treats one if haven't already

  • Gian
    Gian 19 hours ago

    Do you throw up after every challenge?

  • bamezcua2
    bamezcua2 19 hours ago

    I'm surprised you don't have diabetes no offense

  • Nadwa Hazim
    Nadwa Hazim 19 hours ago

    Yummy waffles 😛

  • sweetwildflower
    sweetwildflower 20 hours ago

    You make me sick. People are hungry. I WILL never support channels like yours. I WILL never buy ANYTHING from your sponsors either. Best of luck with your path of nothing.

  • PromKing2801
    PromKing2801 20 hours ago

    What year did you graduate high school?

  • Alaneon Ford
    Alaneon Ford 20 hours ago

    Ok I need the biggest bowl of chicken Alfredo to be dominated!!!

  • kayla hobden
    kayla hobden 21 hour ago

    How is your health after all these videos tho? 😅

  • Jers C
    Jers C 21 hour ago +1

    No entiendo ni mierda de lo que dices, pero son entretenidos tus videos y los gestos que hacen al terminar los retos.

  • tykkään omenoista
    tykkään omenoista 22 hours ago +1

    Well i ate 36 pancakes at school. For me it felt like my belly was gonna explode.
    (Im an underweight 12 yr old)

  • Ric Bradley
    Ric Bradley 22 hours ago

    Did he win the event?

  • noir
    noir 22 hours ago

    what the heck why he doesn’t gain a weight?

  • aaron the goat
    aaron the goat 22 hours ago

    i want to see matt eating a normal , regular everyday meal .

  • EvilRaijin29
    EvilRaijin29 23 hours ago

    Matt as a Zombie is the end of the World

  • Daspeedyboi
    Daspeedyboi 23 hours ago

    When he is sick probably eats like a normal human

  • Tobi :D
    Tobi :D 23 hours ago

    Friend: Can i have a bit?


  • johnas mühlhans
    johnas mühlhans 23 hours ago

    New big mac world Record!!!!

  • ladybug sparkle kawaii!!!

    I wish I could like that and still not gain any fat 😐and I am typing this while eating a bag of cheetos😅a bag of cheetos that I know I am gonna have to burn tomorrow at the gym 😕

  • Ida Welle
    Ida Welle Day ago

    Millie bobby Brown is jealous😂

  • sam caldeira
    sam caldeira Day ago +1

    *Eleven has entered the chat

  • sturdywave
    sturdywave Day ago

    And here i am almost dying to shed 250 calories in gym daily! How lucky can one be to eat all they want and still don't have to put on weight!

  • EroticOnion23
    EroticOnion23 Day ago

    Worst dude to have around during a famine xD

  • Julius Meiser
    Julius Meiser Day ago

    I want that he eats 100 cooked eggs

  • Ahmad Muzafar
    Ahmad Muzafar Day ago

    Love you matt.. I've been watching you since the kfc deep fried videos

  • -AAA-
    -AAA- Day ago

    Bruh, this guy is in better shape than I am and he eats shit like this, wtf man.

    God I’d like a word-

  • samuel tayim
    samuel tayim Day ago

    he is not a human being

  • Føxÿ Gâmêr
    Føxÿ Gâmêr Day ago

    you should see how many popyeses chicken sandwichs you can eat

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube Day ago

    *-Eleven leaves the chat-*

  • Patryk Sawicz
    Patryk Sawicz Day ago

    100 kebap

  • yusufesat aydın
    yusufesat aydın Day ago +1

    sure to vomit after eating

  • Yo Ji
    Yo Ji Day ago

    Whos know his contry???

  • 5 xx
    5 xx Day ago +1

    How u eat all this and u not be fat ? 😥💔
    I love your clips💕💕🌧

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Day ago

    Me 15 minutes: 1 burger (still some fries left)
    Matt in 15 minutes: 100 Eggos

  • peter müller
    peter müller Day ago

    Hey Matt i got a Challenge for you......
    Do that in Afrika.....
    I Think People will love you.....

  • olly rushworth
    olly rushworth Day ago

    this man is a god

  • Zion Dickerson
    Zion Dickerson Day ago

    Do a Wendy’s 4 for 4 challenge

  • Bts Jimin
    Bts Jimin Day ago

    Eleven from stranger things will love this video