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GAME OVER! Elon Musk Breaks Silence Why He Stopped Financial Support To Amber Heard

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • GAME OVER! Elon Musk Breaks Silence Why He Stopped Financial Support To Amber Heard
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    Elon Musk Begs To Johnny Depp To Make A Fool Of Amber Heard After Her Fake Testimony In Court
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    GAME OVER!! Elon Musk Reveals Why He Stopped Financial Support To Amber Heard
    Elon Musk Reveals Why He No Longer Supports Amber Heard Financially
    Elon Musk Reveals Why He Stopped Helping Amber Heard Financially
    Number 13: Usage
    Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp for a while, and during their marriage, Johnny Depp did not fail to accuse Amber Heard of cheating on him. He constantly accused her of cheating on him numerous times, and it got to a point people started to believe he was not lying.
    Number 12: The Beginning
    Amber Heard first met Elon Musk while filming a movie titled "Machete Kills" in 2013. Their union caused many rumors about the relationship, and people started to assume they were in a relationship.
    Number 11: Documents
    Despite Amber Heard's constant claims that she was not in a relationship with Elon Musk, some documents were released showing that she was having an affair with Elon Musk and Cara Delevigne. This all happened when Johnny Depp was filming a movie in Australia.
    Number 10: Text Messages
    Amber Heard also sent some text messages to Christian Carino, revealing why she was in a relationship with Elon Musk and what ulterior motives she had. In this text message, she wrote, "Dealing with a breakup. I hate when things go public. See, I am so sad."
    Number 9: Elon's Devastation
    Elon Musk, on the other hand, was very sad about Amber Heard's behavior and the way she ended her relationship with him. He said, "I have been in severe emotional pain for the last few weeks. If I'm not in love, if I'm not with a longtime companion, I cannot be happy. I will never be happy without having someone. Going to sleep alone kills me.
    Number 8: Christian's Advice
    Christian Carino also gave Amber Heard some advice, telling her that if she did not like feeling depressed about her relationship life, she should avoid dating people with fans. Amber Heard got into a relationship with both of these men because of their wealth and popularity, and it was apparent that she was not in love with Elon Musk.
    Number 7: Finance
    After getting out of a relationship with Johnny Depp, she needed somebody to take care of her financial status, so she decided to shift to Elon Musk so he could pay most of her bills. She was given a divorce settlement, but because Elon Musk was there for her, she decided to waste the money.
    Number 6: The Representative
    An American Civil Liberties Union representative mentioned that Elon Musk donated 500,000 dollars. At least now we know that Amber Heard had issues making payments back then.
    Number 5: Elaine
    Amber Heard has no money. During an interview, her lawyer Elaine was asked if Amber Heard would be able to pay the money that she was owing Johnny Depp. She replied by saying that Amber Heard would not be able to pay the money.
    Number 4: Elon Musk's Name
    Many people have been wondering how Amber Heard intends to pay all the money she is owing, and one person who keeps coming to mind is Elon Musk. Many people believe that Elon Musk might change his mind and decide to help Amber Heard with her bills.
    Number 3: The Last Minute
    Elon Musk was supposed to testify against Amber Heard in court, but at the last minute, he dropped out. An anonymous source explained why Elon Musk did not want to help Amber Heard financially, and it was revealed that he refused to help Amber Heard because he had moved on from the relationship.
    Number 2: Suspect
    With how things are looking, Elon Musk might not be able to move on from the relationship quickly because Amber is suspected of having a child for Elon Musk. One of Amber Heard's mother's friends also said that Amber Heard gave birth to the baby girl so she could make sure she remained in Elon Musk's life, especially in terms of financial issues.
    Number 1: Thoughts
    Some people believe that Elon Musk and Amber Heard were engaged in a legal battle over her embryos that were frozen. Amber Heard's mother's friend said, "Paige told me she was in a legal battle with him over the rights to embryos they had created together.
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Comments • 193

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 12 days ago +42

    I’m with the second person- Elon should NOT help AH. She needs to learn she cannot have rich people do everything for her.

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +1

      @Jerilyn Holland She's put what money she has in a trust so that Johnny won't be able to get to it. That's how cruel she is.

    • emily cheetham
      emily cheetham 6 days ago +2

      @Hayles I said people as she has also had female partners not just male.

    • Jerilyn Holland
      Jerilyn Holland 12 days ago +3

      I want Johnny to have his payday though

  • Myst Silver
    Myst Silver 12 days ago +15

    The 10.35M for her appeal is specifically a suspension Bond, in other words, it would stop Johnny from being able to go after her for what she owes him but not paying it would not stop her from appealing the verdict. Johnny can go after her at any time because she did not pay the suspension Bond but he paid his suspension Bond of 2 million plus interest and that way she cannot touch any of his money until the appeal is done

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +2

      @Victoria Allen Great question. I don't think she did. She's not done sleeping around the rich and famous to see who she can con.

    • Victoria Allen
      Victoria Allen 7 days ago +1

      Did she come up with that money?

  • Chris G. Runion
    Chris G. Runion 12 days ago +13

    Elon Musk , first needs to have a DNA TEST on the child. Second,if the child is his, he needs to get custody of said child. Amber's lifestyle, and lying should help him Thirdly, he should leave her alone relationship wise and money wise, except for the child which he should get Custody of. She has been playing him for a FOOL, and I thought he was smarter than that

    • Ileana Hernandez
      Ileana Hernandez 5 days ago

      Elon and Amber are alike, don't trust either one!

    • Irene Thomson
      Irene Thomson 9 days ago +1

      I don't think Amber IS a mother. The rumour is that she's been RENTING babies to gain pity, in the hope that all those investigating her on perjury charges will stop, since they wouldn't want to imprison a woman who has just given birth, right?
      Amber has been seen in Israel with Eve Barlow. Amber was pushing a pushchair in one piece of footage, giving the impression of a doting mother. At one point, however, the camera records inside the pushchair, recealing it to he empty. Where is the baby, we wonder?
      In photographs, the baby seems to change size very quickly, even appearing to become SMALLER in some!

    • Amy Lumbard
      Amy Lumbard 9 days ago +1

      I totally agree with you. Also Amber's baby is very suspicious we don't really know if she's borrowing a baby for said photo shots she has to sell because her speaking doesn't pay anything the magazine only pays for baby pics.

  • Maren Halvorson
    Maren Halvorson 12 days ago +13

    Elon Musk needs to learn that Amber will never learn her spiritual lessons unless people stop giving in to her when ever she has screwed up her plans.

  • Monica Cordelia
    Monica Cordelia 9 days ago +3

    The appeal information on this isn’t true; it costs $500 for court fees to file an appeal, which Heard & Depp have done separately, the 10.3 million dollar bond for Heard (2 million for Depp) is to secure that the other party can’t collect the judgement, neither side has posted a bond yet however the appeal is still active. The judge in Virginia didn’t offset the 10.3 to 8.3 for Heard because two cases were in trial at the same time, meaning both had a case filed against each other for defamation.

  • Moriah FeatherRae
    Moriah FeatherRae 13 days ago +39

    Her soul was lifeless? WHAT SOUL?!

    • Stacy Stout
      Stacy Stout 6 days ago

      Boom 💥 truth bomb 💣 🎯

    • Charlene Brazil
      Charlene Brazil 6 days ago

      @Ray C the kind of fella that doesn't know how to wrap it up. However, at least he has enough money to be able to support them all

    • Tam- Tam
      Tam- Tam 9 days ago

      @Kelly Falletta me too 😂😂😂

    • Irene Thomson
      Irene Thomson 9 days ago

      Good point!

  • Kelly Falletta
    Kelly Falletta 13 days ago +10

    She didn’t need 10.35 million to file appeal. She could file without it. She needed it for “suspension bond” to keep JD from coming after her for settlement while case is in appeal. According to Andrea Burkhart Timeline Update; both JD & AH have posted their bonds. So where did AH get the money to post bond? Elon?
    As much as Elon is about having kids, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t acknowledge his child, if AH’s baby is his child. Unless there is something more compelling to prevent him doing so.
    No wonder he didn’t testify in Depp v Heard trial. Besides affair with AH while she was still married to JD, there’s been a lot of shady stuff with him and his association with AH. Baby? X-rated parties? Association with Judge Nichols in UK trial JD v Sun? Ever actually seeing bruises & injuries on AH during his affair with AH while still married JD? Did AH dv Elon during their relationship? Accusations of Elon bugging cars he gifted to AH? I don’t blame him for avoiding trial in any way. But still wonder where the bond money came from.

    • David Hott
      David Hott Day ago

      @Terri Dovey That one house is not going to carry her for everything, on court , court alone is a ton of money., which she's not going to pay. Shes not going to pay all lawsuits. against her either. That's why she sold that house and ran. much traveling around the world. Isreàl , now spotted in Spain , also expensive Hollywood drugs , expensive wines and alcohol expensive foods and clothes , Limousine rides , first class planes , Fine hotels , junk food , fine restaurants ,. Alot in rent on very nice places , she won't reside in a slum rental or a No Tell Motel. A nice gated house to rent for her taste could be up $10,000. Per month or more . Room services on hotels OR a assistants , maids , body guard , hair salons and nails. Expensive personal hygiene products , Taxi cabs , rental cars. Service charges on or cover charges , or tickets on payed events. Plus she will be looked upon as a so called wealthy American. Forgieners will definatly over charge her. ( My son was in Phillipians a $15. Back pack to purchase cost him as a American tourist cost him $50. ). She will be taken advantage of that way. Big tips to keep them forgieners happy to help you in a foreign land. They guide and show you where to go. Rental cars , driver's must be payed and payed to stay all night alot. Tourist trap places to shop that's very expensive . A bottle of Dove Liquid body wash could be $20. Not to mention fast foods like McDonalds. Pay ,pay ,pay !!!! She's gonna go broke ! She's already spent a pretty penny since May of 2022 and she's still running like her tank is full. Rich men will avoid her , she's not as pretty nor as young as she was. Her ways cost her to loose some big dark connections. High dollar sex parties that have workers....her blackmailing got her black listed to many elite circles.. No more Elon Musk or rich actors want her , they can't afford her big mouth to run off on them. She's a liability where she goes She will run broke eventually with in her age a full tank of gas running in her brain. She won't go broke in old age. It will happen before then. She's only age 36. I hope AquaTurd goes broke soon , very soon.Then down that shit pipe to the Turd Devil's Hell. 🔥 Then she can be what we really call Hot shit with out a AquaTurd to cool it.

    • Kelly Falletta
      Kelly Falletta 2 days ago +1

      @Terri Dovey house was only worth around a million. The bond had to be the full 10.35 million while JD had no problem with his 2 million bond. so still wonder where money came from since she didn’t have that kind of money. Unless… if she didn’t get from Elon, she has money she might have skimmed off JD during marriage, didn’t report and stashed in off-shore account somewhere. Wouldn’t put it past her.

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +1

      I wonder if she used the money she got from selling her house to do it.🤔

  • Sam Watson
    Sam Watson 13 days ago +15

    How interesting… the dude whom is trying to evolve our society… literally is the most un-evolved of our species.
    God is love. Not parters. Not money…nor anything else.
    Wake up people! They don’t even know LOVE.

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +2

      I agree! They all revolve around money. Not God.

  • #PuraLeña
    #PuraLeña 13 days ago +16

    I still wonder how she sold her house without publishing it.
    Bought a year ago for 500.000usd. It would be maybe worth 10% more so 550.000usd.
    Who bought it? And is it just another blackmail payment as it reached 500.000usd more?

    • David Hott
      David Hott Day ago +2

      She planned out and calculated , did ALOT of homework like a real con artist from the first day she set foot in Hollywood !!!!!!*** Way before she met Johnny !!!!***

    • #PuraLeña
      #PuraLeña 3 days ago +2

      @Terri Dovey Yep I heard that it was sold at 1.050.000. That's why I found it a bit weird, that she was able to sell it for double the price. And was interested if it might be one from her 'friends'.
      Which would mean that she had half a million profit, or maybe just the real value, plus a 'voluntarily' bonus money.

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +2

      It sold for over $1,000,000. But she won't pay her bills.

  • Lee Eberle
    Lee Eberle 13 days ago +28

    Congratulations on dumping Heard.

    • David Hott
      David Hott Day ago

      @PandaStar. The Famous Actress : AquaTurd flushed down that shit pipe.

    • Kelly Falletta
      Kelly Falletta 13 days ago +1

      But did he really? Where’d she get $ for bond?

    • PandaStar
      PandaStar 13 days ago +1

      I think you mean "congratulations on dumping the turd" lol

  • Gary Lassiter
    Gary Lassiter 13 days ago +10

    He knew damn well with Amber Heard was about good or bad he saw all of this way beforehand so to get in any kind of feelings for her was just playing dumb

  • Marce Myers
    Marce Myers 7 days ago +2

    Elon Musk will be broke in no time if he continues ANY association with her. He must forget her and move on. AH needs to be jailed for her false accusations and purjury against JD. That should not be ruled out just because she's in the movie/ modeling business. She needs to pay.

  • Corinne Carlman
    Corinne Carlman 13 days ago +20

    Amber did not give birth!!

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +1

      I have to agree with you 100%. I don't think she has a child at all.

  • andrew lin
    andrew lin 13 days ago +7

    Elon musk should not support financial to AH

  • Honour Joyce
    Honour Joyce 13 days ago +7

    Unless that "friend" was in the room when Elon supposedly impregnated Heard, I call BS.

    • emily cheetham
      emily cheetham 12 days ago

      The saying “had Elon’s baby” is not literal. If Oonagh was made with Elon’s eggs then Amber had Elon’s baby even if she didn’t birth to Oonagh herself but instead through a surrogate. Amber has Oonagh so if Elon is the biological father then Amber had Elon’s baby.

    • ClareKwaka
      ClareKwaka 13 days ago +1

      Wasn't it surrogate anyway as she didn't want to carry a child herself!!!!!!

  • Patricia
    Patricia 10 days ago +3

    Amber has made it very clear that she only cares about Amber. No one else matters to her. Their feelings or any thing else. Its time for her to start paying her own wsy going forward. Elon needs to harden his heart to her and walk away from her greedy heart. She needs to start learning what it feels like to be left to her own devices. And there is no baby. She has been paying for a baby to have pictures for publicity its all a lie. There is no child. Only rental babies.

  • Mariví Palomino
    Mariví Palomino 6 days ago +1

    So where and when exactly did Ellon Musk say all those things you argue he said? You show proof of what AH said, but there is nothing on the reasons Musk stopped helping Amber, we don't even know if he continues helping her. And Ellon should get a new barber.

  • camerrill
    camerrill 12 days ago +5

    Amber Heard did not "bear that baby."

  • totorial nota Urjrjrj
    totorial nota Urjrjrj 13 days ago +26

    Elon u r actually simple bt u r nt stupid... Why amber ? Beyond her looks .... Disappointmnt. Various bad behaviours. She is a big big mistake. Crazy n very toxic . She is nt a person tht understand love n happiness fr anthr /partner

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +1

      @Tracie Reynolds Exactly. My heart goes out to Johnny because of all the abuse he suffered through.

    • Tracie Reynolds
      Tracie Reynolds 13 days ago +2

      Fooled then,told them what they wanted to hear , made out she as similar interests and wants a solid foundation. They thought she was wonderful fell for the honey trap .

  • Victoria Allen
    Victoria Allen 7 days ago +3

    I hope these guys know she’s used and abused them for their money. Plz JD don’t back down or feel sorry for her as she continues to do. She’s been living off mens money for the last 15 yrs that we know of. She doesn’t appreciate the help. She feels entitled, brings a crowd along. Recently she’s been seen on a taught, in Israel partying there and in England. Renting a place for 22,500.00 a month. She pushes around an empty stroller. Is there a baby? Where’s she getting all this money to travel and then talk so bad about these men? She needs to get a dose of real life. She hasn’t had to pay for any crimes most of us would. Let her have time to think about her evil acts. Although I believe she has a lot of money stashed and lies about everything! Plz guys watch out and let this almost mid age person grow up. She’ll never be a functional human being as long as everyone pays her way. But with her mental problems she may never be a functioning human being!

  • Lauryn Nickole
    Lauryn Nickole 6 days ago

    Its so sad Amber truly took advantage of Johnny and Elon for their money. I think what really triggered amber was when the prenuptial or Johnny's will was being discussed and amber wasn't going to get as much as she thought she would because I'm sure his kids were first. I think this is why she kept talking about "safety" because she would not be financially "safe" with his will the way he designed it..she is the true form of a gold digger. So sad what Cara D. Is doing right know, being seen under the influence, missing her own makeup launch...after all of this came out about her and amber I'm sure she feels the wrath of guilt!

  • andrew lin
    andrew lin 13 days ago +7

    AH & Elon musk sharing friends with benefits whenever they meet

  • Joey
    Joey 13 days ago +6

    He wasn't lying

  • teresa hickey
    teresa hickey 8 days ago

    She was pretty in the movie with Johnny, but when we seen her in court-- We were like omg!! What happened to her???
    It’s karma karma karma!! She’s lost her pretty looks completely

  • reffoelcnu alouncelal
    reffoelcnu alouncelal 12 days ago +2

    I thought we were going to get bombshell verbatim word from Elon musk , but all we got was months old gossip

  • myriamchaya assouline
    myriamchaya assouline 6 days ago +1

    You resume that 15 years abused of that witch in a very very correct way, bravo

  • Lynda Nickerson
    Lynda Nickerson 12 days ago +1

    Amber stated the Baby was from a surrogate due to the fact she can't have her own children and if you look at pictures it's not the same baby in every photo, get your information right.

  • Diana Watton
    Diana Watton 13 days ago +4

    Mr Musk have you ever considered going back to the wife of your children? Or at least one of your wives. The primary trouble with being a rich man is that you probably find it very difficult to recognize and accept a woman who loves you for who you are, not for what you have in the bank. I very sincerely wish you good luck and that you find happiness!

  • Sandie Keil
    Sandie Keil 7 days ago +1

    He should absolutely distance himself from AH or plan on paying the price of her insincerity. No sex is worth her manipulation, just ask Johnny.

  • Betty Blakley
    Betty Blakley 12 days ago +2

    Heard deserves nothing from ANYONE!

  • Denise Bain
    Denise Bain 10 days ago +1

    He did not accuse her of cheating - she was and not just with Musk.

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 13 days ago +16

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    • Mark Anderson
      Mark Anderson 13 days ago

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    • Andrew Robert
      Andrew Robert 13 days ago

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    • Mark Anderson
      Mark Anderson 13 days ago

      @Colin Warren thank you so much for sharing 🙏

  • wendi jones
    wendi jones 9 days ago +2

    Elon imo was AH'S next target and meal ticket for next 18yrs at least. I read he didn't want baby if they were ending relationship but AH did it anyway with a surrogate. Now he's on the hook! She had a part in Aquaman movie so why not keep that? Probably she figured she could get more money from divorce in property, assets and cash. And she wanted to destroy JD. She made one big mistake. She recorded and/or video everything with her or JD. She cut out what she didnt want you to see to make JD look bad. Who records everything between them and their partner? No one! I don't feel bad for AH being broke. She should have saved some money. Instead she and her family and friends burned through JD's money without a thought. Millions wasted. Maybe she has a stash somewhere. AH didn't ruin JD's image but her own image-all on video. Any jobs she had were terminated due to her image. Wise choice on JD's part to have media in court proceedings. AH didn't want that and now we know why. AH needs to get professional help with her issues. Not sure there's enough help in the world to fix AH. She needs a miracle from God. She needs to see that she can't continue being physically and emotionally abusive and dishonest to people. Maybe AH needs to come clean about the car accident that killed her best friend. AH has a lot of work to do. She better get busy!

  • Sherri Alford
    Sherri Alford 13 days ago +4

    Amber never had a baby. She rent's them, do you really think that she would have another person who would take the spot light off of herself. Lololol no way, she is to selfish

    • Terri Dovey
      Terri Dovey 3 days ago +1


  • pixie dust
    pixie dust 5 days ago

    I would advise Elon to seek a paternity test I wouldn't just take her word for it I would also advise him to open an acc at baby stores include the child in his medical insurance provide for her needs with the things she needs not cash and set up a trust fund to reach maturity when she is 25 so her mgb of a mother can't touch a cent of it or go for custody he has grounds .. he also needs to break silence over what she has on him explaining the circumstances as ppl will not vilify him wen its clear he was under the influence of drugs and drink and clearly amber set the events she is blackmailing him with yeah there will b backlash but truth and taking accountability takes away her toxic control of him

  • Squeeze
    Squeeze 6 days ago

    She tries to act like a real person but every act, look, body gesture… it’s so transparent, unnatural and awkward.

  • Zahar for truth.
    Zahar for truth. 9 days ago

    Its called adultery! Breaking Gods laws on our earth.

  • Angela Watkins
    Angela Watkins 12 days ago +5

    He's just a sugar daddy to her

  • Denise Bain
    Denise Bain 10 days ago

    Nowhere in here does it actually say that Elon decided to cut her off and why or that he decided to give her money as the title indicated info for that and it was just old news second time or third ran into this with this creator - never listen again.

  • Teresa Wright
    Teresa Wright 9 days ago

    There is no child Thank the Lord! She has been caught on film borrowing a child for film op and giving money to the mother, other similar things were discovered that nixed the idea of a child. It was all a ploy to gain sympathy.

  • Charles Browning
    Charles Browning 5 days ago +1

    He found out he was just another cash cow for Amber and wanted out because she didn't love him she loved his money

  • Samuel Smith Jr
    Samuel Smith Jr 9 days ago

    A friend of mine showed me a porno that had a female star in it that looked just like Amber Haerd and I wish I could remember the production name because I would point everyone to it to see what everyone else thinks because it is a strong resemblance

  • A L
    A L 11 days ago +1

    Got over Amber with a couple Red Bulls! Classic.

  • Wendy Deremiah
    Wendy Deremiah 10 days ago +1

    You know I have a sister just like amber heard they are exactly the same

  • Elizabeth Allen
    Elizabeth Allen 7 days ago

    God help her

  • Betty Cox
    Betty Cox 12 days ago

    Have there been photos of AH being pregnant. If she is renting a child for pictures I think that is disgusting

  • Hawick777
    Hawick777 8 days ago

    Tell me why he stopped supporting her. Your headline is click bait. 😮

  • Maj-lis Mellqvist
    Maj-lis Mellqvist 12 days ago +1

    Nothing new in this....
    Snd Amber was never pregnet. Keep better controll of your facts.

  • Anna Perkins
    Anna Perkins 11 days ago

    Why can't we hear musk say this 🤣🤣🤣🤣?

    • Davis brown
      Davis brown 11 days ago

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  • Diana M
    Diana M 5 days ago

    he lost me I didn’t need to learn so much about him trough MR. AMBER POO 💩 HEARD

  • James Stevens
    James Stevens 13 days ago

    I have personally subscribed!!

  • TJ Nugent
    TJ Nugent 12 days ago +4

    Run Elon Run... fast as your billion dollar fortune will allow.

    • Davis brown
      Davis brown 11 days ago

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  • Donna Stevens
    Donna Stevens 7 days ago

    Is she truly did have a baby it's name should be Target cuz everyone has had a shot at it.

  • Pam
    Pam 12 days ago +1

    Probably because she hit him!

  • Betsy Garcia
    Betsy Garcia 11 days ago +2

    This is what we was waiting for because for the whole world to think that you are supporting a woman that does not have a baby from you and put out your dirty secrets and say oh it was my PR that did that it wasn't me well your PR got it from you and you're trying to destroy another man's life like what do you get out of this money this is all about money with you you don't think about his kids you don't think about him or you think it's about yourself and selfish and I hope that he comes after you with every lawyer

  • Kimberlie Gregg
    Kimberlie Gregg 12 days ago +2

    As the world turns!

  • jammie creekmore
    jammie creekmore 12 days ago

    Moral of the story.... Crazy tang is good but expensive

  • Susan Jenkins
    Susan Jenkins 3 days ago

    I have subscribed..AH is a gold digger just like JD said that she was.

  • Mary Rodriguez
    Mary Rodriguez 7 days ago

    I'm afraid for the baby

  • Pj Sleepwalker
    Pj Sleepwalker 10 days ago

    I just cant with your videos. Way too many commercials..wow.

  • Bonny McDonald
    Bonny McDonald 13 days ago

    This video is such CLUCK BAIT. It’s old, flat news

  • Stacy Stout
    Stacy Stout 6 days ago

    I have subscribed 🎉

  • Tracy
    Tracy 11 days ago

    I have Subscribed ❤

    • Davis brown
      Davis brown 11 days ago

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  • Gena Crooker
    Gena Crooker 13 days ago +5

    Yes I do believe that not liking someone would be good enough reason to not give them your money! I can't believe you would say that! Oh unless you think that Amber had a baby ,no that's been proven,wit ,why don't you know this???????uuhhhhm I don't think I'll be believing anything you print

    • CaCola_337
      CaCola_337 12 days ago +2

      I think she’s blackmailing him.

  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright 8 days ago

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  • Tracey Buscaglia
    Tracey Buscaglia 5 days ago

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  • Brigitta Fazekas
    Brigitta Fazekas 10 days ago

    Johnny Depp is better looking and much nicer person

  • Jonathan Shaw
    Jonathan Shaw 6 days ago

    It’s not one man to another. She mixes it up with both genders.

  • danielle syddall
    danielle syddall 6 days ago

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  • joyce rosier
    joyce rosier 12 days ago

    So take care of baby not Amber !!!

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  • Irresponsibly Dosed
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  • indigo blue
    indigo blue 12 days ago +4

    A court ordered DNA test on the baby would answer truth or lies.

  • Elizabeth Allen
    Elizabeth Allen 7 days ago


  • Ellen M Rangel
    Ellen M Rangel 12 days ago

    Elon don't have anything to do with her anymore 😕 😔 because she is not in love with you. She's only a user and will never know what love is except to love herself 100%!!!!
    You are not losing anything except for your self respect 🙂 💯 👏 ✨ 😊 ‼️Please take my advice 😉 your ❤ friend 😀, Ellen Miriam Rangel.

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  • Mary Vanhouten
    Mary Vanhouten 13 days ago +6

    Has anyone seen picture of AH while she was pregnant

    • emily cheetham
      emily cheetham 12 days ago +1

      Oonagh was born via surrogacy. But a court of law doesn’t deem a child by who birthed them but instead by who the genetic parents are. So if Amber is the mum and Elon is the dad then then legally you can say Amber had elons baby.

    • Diana Watton
      Diana Watton 13 days ago +1

      If she had a baby it was by another woman Amber was never pregnant

    • Cynthia Schlosser
      Cynthia Schlosser 13 days ago +6

      No as she claims to have had the child by surrogate because as she says she cannot have children herself...

  • Bev Rush
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  • Mary Rodriguez
    Mary Rodriguez 7 days ago

    We should get custody of the baby if it's his

  • Tonya Hutcherson
    Tonya Hutcherson 13 days ago +1

    I cant believe she cared a baby for nine months and hasn't posted pictures are videos of her. She's always showing herself. If there's pictures out here with her pregnant i must haven't had found them.

    • Kelly Falletta
      Kelly Falletta 12 days ago

      @Mo O So much she lied about. I would suspect the referenced daughter could be verified easily enough through public records, birth with her as biological mother on birth certificate, or adoption. So without direct challenge to produce such records, or proof that no such records exist, it’s just speculation to add to her mountain of lies. I sure wish someone with the means to prove one way or another would come through and share. One again showing perjury that she does not have a daughter, or confirmation of daughter that child protective services might need to get involved. Just my thoughts.

    • emily cheetham
      emily cheetham 12 days ago

      She had Oonagh through surrogacy. If the Oonagh is biologically Oonagh is Elon’s then the saying “ Amber had Elons baby” is valid as AH is biologically the mother. It’s not about who birthed a baby but generally who it belongs to in a court of law.

    • Kelly Falletta
      Kelly Falletta 13 days ago

      She had baby through surrogate. Question is, was the embryo surrogate carried created via AH & EM?

  • Lizzie Sangi
    Lizzie Sangi 12 days ago

    Elon needs to get rid of two things - the Bert and Ernie haircut and the fake accent.

    • TheREALdal
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      Fake accent? He’s from South Africa 🙄