Sailfish OS (Aurora OS) in Huawei phones instead of Oak OS

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • Huawei is looking into creating a mobile operating system based on Sail fish OS as its alternative to Android, a new report has claimed. The Sailfish OS is called Aurora OS and is Russian-made. Huawei is allegedly pursuing Aurora OS despite also developing its own in-house operating system - Hongmeng OS.
    The discussions between Huawei and the Russian government apparently involved two stages: Huawei pre-installing Aurora OS on its phones and Huawei eventually producing some hardware in Russia.
    Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system created in Finland and only has access to a select few Android apps - instead it uses its own pre-installed Sailfish applications. The mobile operating system has attracted fans for a focus on privacy and security. Sailfish OS was modified by a Russian developer to create Aurora OS.
    With this development it's not clear whether Huawei is going to use their patented OS hongmeng OS or not.
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