12 Awesome Toys You Totally Forgot About

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • The '90s called and it wants its toys back!
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    While these toys may have been forgotten, they became awesome classics for a reason! Let us introduce, or reintroduce, you to wonderfully nostalgic toys like the Skip It.
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Comments • 2 691

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +544

    We don't recommend challenging Kara to a game of Guess Who? 😂

  • Ddd Ddd
    Ddd Ddd Day ago

    I got 2 leather pog and a kool aid limited edition one

  • H Kay
    H Kay Day ago

    If they’re forgotten, how do you know about it?

  • FaNaSeR Turtle
    FaNaSeR Turtle Day ago

    Bro I'm a10 year old and iLOVE!!!!!! the slinky

  • Kyle Adams
    Kyle Adams Day ago

    What was the name of the toy that was a pill shaped thing with a face and a weight in one end

  • XxDestinyGacha xX

    I’m watching this at 00:00 in the morning....is that worrying?

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey Day ago +1

    I'm proud to be born in the wrong generation.

  • The Emerald Slayers

    3:55 wait him?

  • CyberNinja
    CyberNinja Day ago

    I thought he said dinosaurs in space

  • Andys Doodles
    Andys Doodles Day ago

    I heard of pogs and slammers from domics

  • V0_ID
    V0_ID Day ago +1

    They love the furby
    But i think it’s gonna kill at night.

  • ಠ_ಠ youngestboyo

    Furbs was a big thing wen i was a lil kid

  • loving life
    loving life 2 days ago

    Hey these things are great they are 100 percent vitamin c and 25 percent vitamin a and c buy some now and https//welchsfruitsnacks.com/ hope ya like em!

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja 2 days ago

    I'm 11 and I love the slinkies

  • Emilia’s Channel!
    Emilia’s Channel! 2 days ago +1

    3:45 *Kills Baby*
    My mom: *OH MUH GAH!*

  • Frogs land
    Frogs land 2 days ago

    kohl's ad

  • Frogs land
    Frogs land 2 days ago

    Oh yes , the cabege pach kids

    MY NIGHTMARE¡!!¡!!!¡!!!

  • Kate Gunn
    Kate Gunn 2 days ago

    Danny's son was so cute

  • Andrew Pavidis
    Andrew Pavidis 2 days ago

    1:22 wait...

  • Phillip Bateman
    Phillip Bateman 2 days ago

    I have a furby!

  • Zap Gaming
    Zap Gaming 2 days ago

    I love slinkys

  • Ashley Ruth
    Ashley Ruth 2 days ago

    No I’m ten and I love slinkys

  • Mary Collier
    Mary Collier 2 days ago

    For breeze winning to the late 90s into the early 2000’s

  • Gacha rainbow bianca

    I was not born tho sorry but I like your videos

  • Kristina Hard
    Kristina Hard 2 days ago

    Come at me bro

  • DenoSoor Games
    DenoSoor Games 3 days ago

    *undertale intensifies*

  • Lnni
    Lnni 3 days ago

    Thats what he said

  • erikokos
    erikokos 3 days ago

    7:15 ok boomer

  • anna may Ceredon
    anna may Ceredon 3 days ago

    Pogs I play pogs cuz I’m a filipino

  • Callmehpotota Oof
    Callmehpotota Oof 3 days ago +1

    I’ve had some of these games/toys when my parents grew up I have a Cabege bag kid
    And furbie

  • Ethan Mabbitt
    Ethan Mabbitt 4 days ago

    I got a bloody nose from an aerobie

  • GoldenDuckStache
    GoldenDuckStache 4 days ago

    It has a raincoat cloth

  • GoldenDuckStache
    GoldenDuckStache 4 days ago

    I have one of those troll toys

  • Grumpy snail comics
    Grumpy snail comics 4 days ago +1

    I have a cabbage patch kid, I’m 10, I got it for my 10th birthday

  • Clyde Arnold
    Clyde Arnold 4 days ago

    Kara- “These were so fun”
    Me- “you mean creepy?”

  • Potato Frosty
    Potato Frosty 4 days ago

    Sorry saw the pin thing in 2019

  • Gilly Fish
    Gilly Fish 4 days ago +8

    Danny: and their are pretty rock solid
    *bang dolls head on table
    Kara: 😨

  • Autumn Morgan
    Autumn Morgan 4 days ago

    Is it sad I'm 12 and I know all these toys and never forgot them but probably half of the people watching this forgot about them.

  • God’s Child
    God’s Child 4 days ago


  • Polandball
    Polandball 4 days ago

    Why aren't there beanie babies?!

  • Cristian Aguilar
    Cristian Aguilar 4 days ago


  • Naj GamerZ
    Naj GamerZ 4 days ago +1

    Me: WAIT!!!!!! Is that B-Daman??????

  • Dave Kikuchi
    Dave Kikuchi 4 days ago

    im basicly 10 and i like da slinky

  • Crystal Cookie UwU
    Crystal Cookie UwU 4 days ago +2

    Ben:”if you were to give this to a 10 year old now, they’ll just throw it in your face”
    Me: excuse me but I want it! NOW

  • Sabeer Rahman
    Sabeer Rahman 4 days ago

    I would want the slinky

  • Broken Tv
    Broken Tv 5 days ago

    Are they dating or siblings or friends?

  • Anonymous Girl
    Anonymous Girl 5 days ago

    The troll looking thingys were my nightmare. I genuinely thought that it would open my door with a knife and kill me.

  • Louise O'brien
    Louise O'brien 5 days ago

    When I saw that slinky I got a flash back from when I was 6 my sister and I had a rainbow one she would stand at the top of the stairs and I would be at the bottom and we would see how far it would stretch

  • Harmani Chen
    Harmani Chen 5 days ago

    I’m too young to know those toys because I’m only 8 but I’m going to turn nine soon

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight 3 days ago

      Great job. I guess. I’m gonna be 16 next June.

  • WolfykhanZz _8
    WolfykhanZz _8 5 days ago

    Danny: smacks head on table

  • Danielle Ramsey
    Danielle Ramsey 6 days ago

    i was born in 2009

  • Derek Faile
    Derek Faile 6 days ago +1

    6:00 I still use that at school lol.

  • Drumstar Is awesome
    Drumstar Is awesome 6 days ago

    Do teddy ruxpin

  • Deborah Vaske
    Deborah Vaske 6 days ago

    And I am 12

  • Deborah Vaske
    Deborah Vaske 6 days ago

    I would keep the slinky my entire life until it brakes

  • Patti Woolcott
    Patti Woolcott 6 days ago

    I have pin art

  • William Justice
    William Justice 6 days ago

    Im 10 and I want that slinky

  • Mr Foxie
    Mr Foxie 7 days ago

    And I am 10

  • Mr Foxie
    Mr Foxie 7 days ago

    I still play with a slinky

  • Markkus Laurenze Supsup