Baga Chipz: Keep Calm and Meet the Queens!

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • Baga Chipz takes us inside her hotel room and spills the tea at RuPaul's DragCon NYC!
    RuPaul's Drag Race UK premieres on WOW Presents Plus October 3rd!
    Available on WOW Presents Plus everywhere but Canada and the UK:
    Come to RuPaul's DragCon UK, Jan 18 & 19! Learn more and get your tickets here:
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 230

  • Claire Dawson
    Claire Dawson 4 days ago

    God I love bagger.

  • Rachel Veronica
    Rachel Veronica 10 days ago

    So cute

  • Sean Anthony
    Sean Anthony 13 days ago

    Love Baga! Want her or Divina to win. but can someone PLEASE show Baga how to pad her bottom half!!!

  • Noirfos
    Noirfos 14 days ago

    Why are all the videos on the drag race UK playlist blocked in Canada except for Baga's intro

  • toni c
    toni c 16 days ago +1

    For all you stupid people who cannot make your research right :

  • Stacey Andrews
    Stacey Andrews 16 days ago

    Why is Baga the only one to do one of these videos. Does she win.....?

  • Blue Meanie
    Blue Meanie 22 days ago +5

    I used to go to the gay clubs in birmingham with him back in the day! Beautiful guy and gal 😘

  • -Jessy-
    -Jessy- 28 days ago +2

    Baga is my fav on the UK version!

  • PobiWan Kenobica
    PobiWan Kenobica 29 days ago +11

    She came from the least liked queen to the most liked queen on the show in only 1 episode

  • Syed Abdullah Redha Syed Mohd Razif

    He reminds me of Frankie, the frog from Meet The Robinsons....

  • Julie Mooney
    Julie Mooney Month ago +1

    I want Baga Chipz to Win! Never change. Xxx

  • Kai Asher
    Kai Asher Month ago +1


  • mikeparez
    mikeparez Month ago +2


  • Lisa Hine
    Lisa Hine Month ago +2

    He’s so cute and fun!

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards Month ago +1

    Gee I wonder if she's a bottom lolol ;)? I love her she's great!

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook Month ago +5

    I wasn't expecting to be so attracted to her out of drag. In drag she's like a cool 45.

  • Rodz Alvarez
    Rodz Alvarez Month ago


  • JeidelacruzUK
    JeidelacruzUK Month ago +8

    Aw, he thought he would get free stuff on the show 😂

  • Devaunsmall
    Devaunsmall Month ago

    Love Bagga lol 😝

  • bi1chpudding
    bi1chpudding Month ago +7

    She would do a great big ang since they look alike 😂😂😂💔

  • Am I homophobic if I hate myself?

    Baga Chipz is by far my favorite queen of the season so far

  • Aline Nobre
    Aline Nobre Month ago +1

    He reminds me of Ginger Minj

  • LumiLatte
    LumiLatte Month ago

    Why are all the other videos not available in the UK?? That's the most wack thing I've seen recently

  • AB
    AB Month ago +1


  • aguiar vito
    aguiar vito Month ago +1

    Rooting for her! She looks so excited

  • p e n n y
    p e n n y Month ago +14

    I can't believe that blu hydrangea's video is blocked in my country but I live in Belfast.

  • Mariana Pinheiro
    Mariana Pinheiro Month ago +3

    Isn't that the racist queen?

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    Make your shit available for these Drag Race fans in other countries WOW!

  • Nelson Salgado
    Nelson Salgado Month ago +21

    Baga Chipz's voice reminds me of the narrator of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids when he changed his voice for female characters.

  • Frank Lee Borja
    Frank Lee Borja Month ago +145

    when he showed the bag of ships on the hair i was like "wtf?" then remembered chips in the uk means french fries lol

    • SteAndKel
      SteAndKel 16 days ago +10

      Actually - we say French fries in the uk as well. We call “chips” the traditional thick cut potato chips. Fries from McDonald’s would be French fries cos they’re thin.

    • Frank Lee Borja
      Frank Lee Borja 29 days ago

      @PobiWan Kenobica chips

    • PobiWan Kenobica
      PobiWan Kenobica 29 days ago

      Bag of ships?

    • Blush Curls
      Blush Curls Month ago

      Frank Lee Borja 😂😂😂

  • Briz
    Briz Month ago

    So adorable!

  • Michael Pelaez
    Michael Pelaez Month ago

    🙄🙄🙄 let’s keep it real WOW. It’s already spoiled on reddit.. she’s one of the top queens

  • cjjarvis88
    cjjarvis88 Month ago +4

    Omg I LOVE LOVE baga chipz!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Blush Curls
    Blush Curls Month ago +3

    Why can UK fans only see this vid and not the other UK queens vids? Bring back our girls! 😉

    • 兔子
      兔子 Month ago

      Us UK fans can only see this video- like sis

  • ChildishGiant
    ChildishGiant Month ago +1

    12/13 drag race UK clips are blocked in the UK 🤦‍♀️

  • hot pocket blaster
    hot pocket blaster Month ago

    third out

    • Buck O'TUALTHAL
      Buck O'TUALTHAL 17 days ago

      More like first with 3 wins, then 4 for finals

  • t.v.a
    t.v.a Month ago

    Wow presents is wank

  • jabberwock 0
    jabberwock 0 Month ago

    ughh i don't like her almost immediately

  • Vickye Fisher
    Vickye Fisher Month ago

    Tory scum

  • catsandstrawberries
    catsandstrawberries Month ago +1

    Uhhh are we gonna meet the other queens or just Baga? Sort out your permissions WOW, I LIVE in the UK either give me all or none of them, not just one at random :P

  • May Coleman
    May Coleman Month ago +9

    He’s my fav so far personality wise

  • Dixie Rae
    Dixie Rae Month ago +1

    FOR ANYONE LIVING IN B.C. Shaw Cable has the channel called out TV. $5 per month and it airs all of the drag races. UK included.

  • Dixie Rae
    Dixie Rae Month ago +2

    Uh ooops you missed one Wow TV.

  • joni_tufarr
    joni_tufarr Month ago

    Fucking tory

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez Month ago +2

    Guess what's not available in the UK.

  • alwaysbluemonday
    alwaysbluemonday Month ago

    Bag of Tory gobshite.

  • Ben Michaels
    Ben Michaels Month ago +2

    He looked like Ginger Minj 🤣

  • theojambalaya
    theojambalaya Month ago +3

    Shes so charming and bubbly!

  • Jillian Magus
    Jillian Magus Month ago

    Tory scum

    NTH THN Month ago +25

    Pearl invented ''What was it like seeing RuPaul for the first time?''

  • Laura Osborne
    Laura Osborne Month ago +2

    why is she the English Vanjie

  • Enyxious Starline
    Enyxious Starline Month ago

    Now I am hungry I can go for some chips right now

  • CameronUnicorn
    CameronUnicorn Month ago +2

    I’m exciting for Baga

  • enzo holanda
    enzo holanda Month ago

    Ok, now that was awkward

  • Julián Ramz
    Julián Ramz Month ago +4

    I dislike her so very much

  • Weekender Guy
    Weekender Guy Month ago +16

    Maga Chips

  • Amsterdam Calling
    Amsterdam Calling Month ago +60

    close your eyes and she sounds just like Alan Carr.

  • Lazarus Live
    Lazarus Live Month ago +2

    Reminds me of Trixie

    TTG GAMING Month ago

    I fucking love her. She’s like the British katya. Just crazy

  • abnormallyfunny
    abnormallyfunny Month ago +5

    I'm no Tory but you shouldn't exclude or attack someone for their political beliefs.

    This is an issue with modern politics. Anyone with a differing opinion gets shot down.

    We need to sit down and talk with the these people. Otherwise society will just become more and more divided. And we'll end up losing the countries we love.

    Progress goes both ways.

    • cwazy345
      cwazy345 10 days ago

      @Twerp aka Liv the conservatives legalised same sex marriage. But go off...

    • toni c
      toni c 16 days ago


    • Twerp aka Liv
      Twerp aka Liv Month ago +2

      She votes for people who want to divide society. Sorry if I want my UK queer/poc/immigrant brothers and sisters to be treated as humans. Piss off.

    • Melanie
      Melanie Month ago +7

      "Shouldn't exclude or attack someone for their political beliefs" - these people are literally voting for politicians and policies that negatively impact people's lives. They don't spare a thought for the disabled, elderly, migrants, people of color, or queer people.
      "Sit down and talk" "progress goes both ways" - people who vote to damage the lives of certain demographics don't care about progress or sitting down with people less fortunate than them. This isn't a case of differing opinions, this is literally a case of quality of life. Basic humanity. Infringing on the rights of other groups.

    • Radical Rainbow
      Radical Rainbow Month ago +2

      He voted for Theresa May,May voted against the age of consent being equalized,same sex marriage and gay adoption. That’s why it not only matters but it’s bewildering why he did vote for her! He’s also made some appalling racist remarks and I don’t mean the type of remarks that only piss off the politically correct!