UFC On ESPN+ 19 Face-Offs: Joanna & Waterson Butt Heads (FULL)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • See Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Michelle Waterson, Cub Swanson, Kron Gracie, and all the fighters face off for UFC on ESPN+ 19 in Tampa, Florida. (The event is also known as UFC Fight Night 161.)
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    Video credit - Randy Harris from Knockout Radio
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Comments • 47

  • Cherry3000
    Cherry3000 Month ago

    Waterson wasn't havin it.

  • Benches 400 At 52
    Benches 400 At 52 Month ago +1

    Damn boogie mama I’m hard again.

  • Alfredo Ortiz Nogales

    Va ganar mi chinita

  • Tomasz Sojer
    Tomasz Sojer Month ago +3

    Team Joanna 🇵🇱👊💪

    • Tomasz Sojer
      Tomasz Sojer Month ago

      @Przem Cyw 🇵🇱😁😁😂😂🇵🇱👊

    • Przem Cyw
      Przem Cyw Month ago

      Tomasz Sojer dostanie w dupę. I będzie królowa polskiego bagienka.

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C Month ago +3

    Once again Waterson is undersized. Ufc needs an atomweight division.

  • lapulapu54
    lapulapu54 Month ago

    Michelle knew ahead of time about JJ's top job , thats why she took the fight knowing JJ might not fight , it makes Michelle look good on paper , but we all know that Michelle ducked Tatiana 3 times already and if JJ does fight she will not be 100% , because if JJ was @ 100% , that karate lady would get murked... frfr..... Michelle dont really want this smoke..... Please JJ knock her tf out..... like Thug Rose did..... facts on facts......

  • Larry Hughes
    Larry Hughes Month ago +2

    Joanna is maturing as an opponent, hopefully she lets things work out for her best, and a victory.

  • MMO Make Money Online
    MMO Make Money Online Month ago +4

    Waterson has to get the takedown, no questions. If she can get Joanna down, it's a win for Waterson. But if she can't get Joanna down and the fight remains standing, I think Joanna wins because of the better striking and more range.

    • Vince Marino
      Vince Marino Month ago +2

      Claudia took her down 13 times in 2 fights and Joanna won both

  • Metz HD
    Metz HD Month ago +1

    Daga duro Marvin distruggi quel faccia di merda

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 Month ago +1

    Joanna looks like she should have TS in front of her name.

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 Month ago +4

    Lol, that's how Kron punches

    • Tyler Kay
      Tyler Kay Month ago

      I mean...you aren't wrong lmao. I still think he gets the win vs cub though.

  • Crit Johnson
    Crit Johnson Month ago

    Looks like a good card!

  • juggernautakira
    juggernautakira Month ago

    How, oh how, do people think jogger pants look good?

  • Achote671
    Achote671 Month ago +1

    Joanna craycray sad most if not all ladies females are going to be bipolar like evvverrrryone is going to get cancer ALL because of the chemicals pesticides toxins in our foods and water it's so 'simple and true that it seems fake 🇬🇺👊🏾

  • Stop Smoking
    Stop Smoking Month ago

    Niko Price vs James Vick who will win?

    • Stop Smoking
      Stop Smoking Month ago

      @MMO Make Money Online I thought about it too. Maybe guy just need money in fast time

    • MMO Make Money Online
      MMO Make Money Online Month ago +2

      I was shocked, why would James Vick take this?
      I really want to see James Vick win, but he seems to have a Darren Till mentality, after a loss he just takes on an even more dangerous guy than just beat him.

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi Month ago +5

    I wanna do some jiu jitsu with waterson

    • 《Thee Sweet Science》
      《Thee Sweet Science》 Month ago

      That's our hometown A.BQ queen right there. Hottie is an understatement. Persona is even more legit tho.
      She is super taken hahahaha

    • Mehdi
      Mehdi Month ago

      @Andrés K. oooh yeaaah lol

    • Andrés K.
      Andrés K. Month ago

      keep dreaming, one day you might dream it for real... lol

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco Month ago +8

    7:03 A headbutt, a butt and a nobutt

  • Julian Marinoff
    Julian Marinoff Month ago +1

    wow mackenzie dern lot weight, i mean i guess she made weight this time xD

    • Mike Kollin Conscious Power
      Mike Kollin Conscious Power Month ago

      My client Matt Cooper Personal Trainer, in Long Beach, is her Weight loss coach / trainer for this fight! He did a good job with Mackenzie... she just had a baby too!!

  • Voyager95
    Voyager95 Month ago +2

    C'mon Gracie retire Cub

  • GuardSilent
    GuardSilent Month ago +2

    Jesus i always forget how short michelle is

    • carpejkdiem
      carpejkdiem Month ago

      BLASPHEMOUS you dumbass! You curse yourself damned self. DUMMY UUUUP minion!

    • MMO Make Money Online
      MMO Make Money Online Month ago

      She is shorter, but generally thicker. They key in this fight isn't a shocker, Waterson has to get in and take Joanna down, if it stays standing then Joanna wins I think.

    • MM G
      MM G Month ago

      @Jas ThePeach she has to be shorter than 5'3 since Karolina is also 5'3 but doesnt look that short

    • Billy Manning
      Billy Manning Month ago

      Me too! Joanna looked like a WNBA Center!

    • Jas ThePeach
      Jas ThePeach Month ago +1

      She's about 5'3" on a good day. Joanna is 5'6" AND she was wearing sneakers with a 1" thick sole.

  • Chib Rajput
    Chib Rajput Month ago +2

    More importantly everybody, did Joanna whisper to Michelle: "I am STILL the boogey woman."

  • Richard Esquibel
    Richard Esquibel Month ago +1

    Love it! 👏😉

  • Frank V
    Frank V Month ago +11

    Did they kiss?

    • joseph keeney
      joseph keeney Month ago +1

      That would be the most action on this card if they did.

    • Rob S.
      Rob S. Month ago

      almost 🔥

  • Onise Chitorelidze
    Onise Chitorelidze Month ago

    Damn she looks like a skeleton with breast implants