Hillary Rodham Clinton: Impeachment Inquiry Is 'Exactly What Should Be Done'

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • The former Secretary of State, and author of 'The Book of Gutsy Women' with daughter Chelsea Clinton, explains that America's founders created the impeachment option for exactly this kind of situation: when a president attempts to subvert the Constitution.
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Comments • 12 395

  • lacruiser
    lacruiser 6 hours ago +3

    Chelsea??? Proof that the $hit doesn't fall far from the a$$hole!

  • dobsonimages
    dobsonimages 9 hours ago +1

    Tulsi is correct ,Hillary you are a war monger it is sickening to see that anyone supports you. You are telling us to look for evidence on Trump while we already have evidence on you being a war criminal. Tulsi is a gutsy woman , you are not.

  • Frans Dav
    Frans Dav Day ago

    Yes Stephen you are 100% right you have to hold Biden accountable for his corruption in Ukraine, and also don't forget Hillary Clinton. Don't worry I have a gutt feeling that Durham will sort this little problem. A good build-up of Hillary Rodham Clinton character can include the following inexhaustive list of : insincere, sugary, forced, affected, artificial, hollow, disingenious, pretentious, studied and finally summarized one can conclude that she is a plain false person as this video also demonstrate.

  • Blue Relotius
    Blue Relotius Day ago

    They did not show her stumble in all the Way. Instead they showed the hypocritical Audience applauding. Anyways, it took her long enough. Her Laughter can kill a Man slowly.

  • Sos2 Lily
    Sos2 Lily Day ago

    She can speak about the offenses because she herself looks in the mirror while saying it. Yep, something is wrong with that laugh. What did she do as SOS? Sell us out and then a whole lot of nothing. Need to take an anti-nausea pill. Please HRC, do us a favor, just go away and live a nice quiet life in Chappaqua. You had your chance, you lost. Simple.

  • Kisang Jang
    Kisang Jang Day ago

    Hey old lady, you are not in a situation to say that, you went bigger than that..

  • Wild Animals Mystic CT
    Wild Animals Mystic CT 2 days ago +4

    Lock him up...

  • nationwidebw
    nationwidebw 2 days ago

    And she lives in Chappaqua a minority free town way up in Westchester full of rich mostly rich white wall streeters. Ha!

  • nationwidebw
    nationwidebw 2 days ago +1

    Hillary and democrats accusing trump and others of what they do. Funny!!!!!

  • Mrs. Z
    Mrs. Z 3 days ago

    She is sooo fake!!

  • deee 327
    deee 327 3 days ago

    That woman is so toxic its hard to watch...I dont like Trump either but when i see her i just see a snake who thinks she is above everyone.

  • Sho Gunz
    Sho Gunz 3 days ago +1

    Wow...the amount of mindless comments is quite astonishing.

  • Ashok Bharathan
    Ashok Bharathan 4 days ago

    Laughs like cruella

  • Jacob Hardy
    Jacob Hardy 5 days ago

    Is this bitch for real. What was the guy on her right side doing?

  • david vickers
    david vickers 5 days ago

    the founding fathers were the Nostradamus of the us government. they saw trump coming before we knew of hitler, and every other modern example of dictatorship. they had the foresight to cover all bases and now we just need republicans to stand up for those words for the people. LOCK HIM UP.

  • michael collins
    michael collins 5 days ago

    do you remember the CIGARS?

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh 5 days ago

    Remember 9/11 when hillary collapsed definitely forced demolition job, by mossad cia and saudis

  • lance
    lance 5 days ago


  • Shibby Chaz
    Shibby Chaz 6 days ago +8

    This is one of the most hypocritical interviews ever!

  • Jordan McGinnis
    Jordan McGinnis 6 days ago

    Eww.. Can she go away instead of putting out these obscene feelers.. No one wants to see your face again after 2016. The only people that hate you more than republicans are democrats... You phony charlatan shit stain of a human.

  • Selma Ville
    Selma Ville 6 days ago +4

    This woman is Satan ex girlfriend...even Satan broke up with her...she was too evil for him

    • Precious Nana
      Precious Nana 5 days ago

      Selma Ville braaaaa...like, yoooh this woman is really something daaaaamn!!!

  • logical nutjob
    logical nutjob 7 days ago

    She's such an evil woman. There's no self reflection from what she's done and what her family has done. Her daughter is a product of corruption and hypocrisy, and she kind of just embraced it unknowingly. And they both have the audacity to get on stage an hypocritically lay down the same accusations they've been accused of before. Wtf? Also why the hell are the audience applauding this shit show?

  • Michelle Lavc
    Michelle Lavc 7 days ago

    Really Colbert? Seriously?
    That was Disgusting. The Clintons connections to Epstein and so many other scum who hob-nob together in private, and now we can add your name to the list. You're a fraud. You used to be relevant , used to speak truth to power. Jesus, how much money did they pay you to sell out?

  • p c
    p c 7 days ago

    thunder thighs.....the big laugher....hahahahha.....poor soul....just a sore loser

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 7 days ago


  • Russell VanWye
    Russell VanWye 7 days ago +1

    These people are ridiculous.

  • Kathymac1542 Mac
    Kathymac1542 Mac 7 days ago

    Lock him up

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson 8 days ago +2

    Great interview, Hilary! You look great and sound great and seem so relaxed. I’m tickled you’re in a better place than three years ago. I’m finding my way out of deep depression and complete utter shock and despair that hit me like a ton of bricks, post election, 2016. I now have renewed hope that our country will regain common decency and respect for all, and that we will all learn from our past thinking errors of complacency fueled by cynicism. God bless, America, the land I love...God bless, America, my home sweet home...And it sure feels good to be home.

  • Janes Dough
    Janes Dough 8 days ago +9

    I want my car's horn to sound like her demonic laugh. That'll scare the crap out of anyone.

  • Elsie Kok
    Elsie Kok 8 days ago

    peachy face...

  • maldives-joshua joseph
    maldives-joshua joseph 8 days ago +5

    2 MAD women. One is mader than the other.

  • Populence
    Populence 8 days ago +1

    The book title would have been better as "The Book of Loser Women and their Daughters who haven't done sh!t but have rich parents."

  • Warren Louis
    Warren Louis 8 days ago


  • Warren Louis
    Warren Louis 8 days ago +2

    why don't you tell Steven how you sold Russia uranium and made four hundred million dollars put into the Clinton Foundation.

  • Warren Louis
    Warren Louis 8 days ago

    Hillary is probably one of the most evil women that is ever been born on this Earth she is corrupt,she's just so evil and wicked what a corrupt corrupt woman

  • Nayo Tawken
    Nayo Tawken 8 days ago +2

    Hillary is such a crook !!!

  • JP
    JP 8 days ago +2

    It’s odd that they didn’t bring up the impeachment for Bill staining a dress in the Oval Office

    • meatstickk
      meatstickk 7 days ago

      I was hoping to hear some of that. But also, never understood why an extramarital affair initiated an impeachment inquiry on Bill

  • Esk K
    Esk K 8 days ago

    Had to speed through this crap 🤮

  • Esk K
    Esk K 8 days ago

    Funny how she kills people and is free and an innocent phone call gets flagged wtf is wrong with this shit

  • Esk K
    Esk K 8 days ago

    Cheers for pukes and cackles from the witch is so nauseating. Omg 😱

  • Esk K
    Esk K 8 days ago

    Why aren’t you cancelled yet you scumbag and why are these two people not in prison shows how corrupt our system really is

  • Marty MC
    Marty MC 8 days ago

    Love her or hate her she would have stood up to our enemies and kept our place in the world.

  • Dragon
    Dragon 9 days ago +1

    Evil Hag.

  • MemphisTiger
    MemphisTiger 9 days ago +2

    I will say this...like her or not, she has the evil laugh down to a T! lol

  • Francisco Dumont Duvauchelle

    I wonder.... once she is in jail, will this interview with all the cheering still be available in this channel?

  • moereverie 000
    moereverie 000 9 days ago

    imagine Hillary's daughter as she is invaded by a cuban cigar as her mom watches,,,,,mmm

  • Jennifer Clem
    Jennifer Clem 9 days ago

    That was your husband/daddy Hillary and Chelsea?! 😂

  • Jennifer Clem
    Jennifer Clem 9 days ago

    Blue dress Hillary??

  • HighwayBull
    HighwayBull 9 days ago +2

    The talk shows of past late-night entertainment hosts like Johnny Carson etc. with real entertainment is now all political propoganda to draw in the weak minded to believe everything the Democrats say is sad have gone to the pits.
    And to think after all she's done by destroying 33,000 e-mails after her subpoena from Congress, lieing under oath to them as well and yet, she is still walking the streets, traveling the world, and has now made another book with her daughter who is just as corrupt as she is, she is nothing but a narcissist, a liar, and a cheater who actually thinks that lying is actually the truth, and of course you got idiots like this jerk Steve Colbert hosting a late night show, all of these brain dead people in these audiences still believe her and will fall off the side of a cliff believing every word that comes out of her mouth. Unbelievable, and scary that this country would want socialism, open borders, free education is beyond comprehension.
    This woman has committed so many crimes along with treason. 😵🤪☹️😂🤡

  • Adhley Severeyns
    Adhley Severeyns 10 days ago +2

    Why now is she calling herself Hillary Rodham Clinton all the sudden?

  • Zi
    Zi 10 days ago

    Mark Cuban for President US!

  • Yaluobud Werdna
    Yaluobud Werdna 10 days ago +1

    Wow, I accidentally stumbled across a twisted leftist channel with a lame duck guest who believes her own lies.

  • christopher McCabe
    christopher McCabe 10 days ago

    Colbert is such a kiss ass

  • christopher McCabe
    christopher McCabe 10 days ago +1

    This is the same woman who made up a story about a Flash-Player video satire on the life of Muhammad being to blame for the attack on the US. Embassy in Benghazi when in fact she knew it was entirely untrue.

  • Ba Ni
    Ba Ni 10 days ago


  • Harold Callahan
    Harold Callahan 11 days ago

    would have been funny if she was to drop dead live on tv. would have made my year!!

  • divine angelvoice
    divine angelvoice 11 days ago

    You can`t believe that Hillary "KILL THEM ALL" Clinton are saying what she says. This gangster should be shop for treason. She truly is a psychopath is for all to see.

  • Traveler2017
    Traveler2017 11 days ago

    Don't be fooled. This is the youngest HRC clone/double yet and they have perfected their voice changer technological implants perfectly. I think that when the military tribunal executes a top cabal politician the cabal has programmed clones and doubles ready to go with perfect voice simulation. This explains why those like Biden and Pelosi act like even dumber fools than they were before. It's beyond reason to get so stupid so fast no matter how stupid they were before.

  • God
    God 11 days ago

    These two fat ugly useless clinties itinerating around from show to show like mobile circus and clowning with stupid jokes. These people are a disgrace to politic and the country. I AM NOT A TRUMP FAN ! but these people are corrupt to their teeth. That's why Trump won the election you morons , The problem is you and your crybaby Democrat party.

  • Py Drop
    Py Drop 11 days ago