A New Gameboy Is Coming In 2020 From Analogue...And It Changes Everything

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • It's finally happening. After months of speculation with trademarks, Analogue has now announced that they will indeed be tackling a brand new Gameboy next year called the Analogue Pocket. This system is going to do much more than just play Gameboy games with several other systems planned as well as a setup dedicated to developers to create on. This is Analogue's most ambitious project to date, and I can't wait!
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Comments • 1 380

  • Kyle Riley
    Kyle Riley 3 days ago

    I'm very interested, but I need more info on this before I blow $200 on a system

  • Timothy Roehm
    Timothy Roehm 3 days ago

    Fake, fake, fake, fake!!! You honestly believe that this is going to happen you dumbass nerd hahaha yeah right keep on dreaming SpawnWave!!!!!!!

  • J The Nerd
    J The Nerd 3 days ago

    Oops, expecting nintendo comeback...why did i expect nintendo to make it?

  • Rebel friend
    Rebel friend 5 days ago

    I'm kinda dissapointed in analogue on this one

  • Jonathan Biller
    Jonathan Biller 6 days ago

    Sceen is way to small foe a shit 3inch screen who will pay 200 for gane 20 yeata old

  • BeatNoLogic
    BeatNoLogic 6 days ago

    But I can't for the life of me, figure out why they didn't go for a design something more along the lines of the Gameboy Advance, with its better form factor. Or like a smaller Switch looking thing, in other words, horisontal layout of the console/handheld. Know what I mean?

  • Isaax
    Isaax 7 days ago

    ONLY 200 DOLLARS?! For a fucking BEAST like that, Jesus Christ, I'm in shock.

  • momentsmeanmore
    momentsmeanmore 9 days ago

    OHHH MAAAAN!!!! I'm soooooo hyped for this!!! I have some games across all the Gameboy generations and I'm excited about an awesome screen and that dock to play on the tv. Also the Chiptune program!! I own a copy of LSDj but this looks like a more robust program for making music. I'm pretty sure that will be the pack-in like the Turrican games on the Super NT or the one on the SG. Analogue's products DEFINITELY aren't a novelty like some of the other clone systems floating around out there.

  • Lysol !
    Lysol ! 11 days ago

    If it cant run , MAME or Finalburn, forget it! I hope it does!

  • Roger 95
    Roger 95 14 days ago

    Here I was about to order an og GBA with the AGS 101 mod but I think I'll save my bucks for this. Looks lovely.

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 14 days ago

    I'm very curious if this will work with an Everdrive. If it does, I'll probably pick this up.

  • Christopher Wersebe
    Christopher Wersebe 14 days ago

    But what do you play on this?

  • Yato_ Pickle
    Yato_ Pickle 14 days ago

    So... It does everything my cfw ps vita can do? 😂 👌

  • Roy Belmont
    Roy Belmont 15 days ago

    will it work with flash carts?

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 15 days ago

    My jailbroken psvita is the true gameboy

  • Boolean
    Boolean 15 days ago

    That ridiculous resolution sounds incredibly expensive and pointless unless they release a frickin VR headset or something. Who can honestly say they can discern 600+ ppi from 300?

  • Ol' Dirty Beats
    Ol' Dirty Beats 15 days ago

    No emulation, good luck finding cartridges for every game you like and carrying all them in your pocket in 2020 when you can simple download a emulator on your phone.

  • britshell
    britshell 16 days ago

    about time

  • Cat? I Think Not!
    Cat? I Think Not! 16 days ago

    Cave Story BEAST.

  • Moon Boy
    Moon Boy 17 days ago

    I would love this for Pokémon Red and Blue. But then I’d need two of them and I don’t know if trading will work?

  • John Halo
    John Halo 17 days ago

    I know it doesn't play ROMs but you guys think it'll work with an Omega cart or something similar?

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett 18 days ago

    Geez, everyone’s been talking about this.

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    ...do people really care about this???

  • xXDragonTribalXx
    xXDragonTribalXx 19 days ago

    Sry whom was this created for? 199 what please??!! I can get smartphones with the same display resolution that are capable of running whole daw apps let alone emulators for even more platforms that i can count for that price... They also can go online and all that shaz.

  • Chris Taber
    Chris Taber 19 days ago

    Spawn wave is easy to get to publish positive reviews. Just pay them a nice patreon donation!

  • dGeneralb
    dGeneralb 20 days ago

    That’s cool and all but can it connect to the Gamecube, because if it can’t then this is all just a moo point

  • Dan lifts
    Dan lifts 20 days ago

    holy shit 300$... swith lite would be better

  • Ben
    Ben 20 days ago

    Nah, haven't played the GBA or DS in years, no interest. The Switch is the pillar of gaming. Built in audio thing sounds cool but if I want to play old games I'll just rom the laptop.

  • akira shamma
    akira shamma 20 days ago +2

    Can you imagine how good golden sun 2 would look on this.

  • Chicken -.-
    Chicken -.- 21 day ago

    Man this is going to cost a lot if you want all the upgrades damn

  • David Nishi
    David Nishi 21 day ago

    $ is a little too much.

  • Lammjr
    Lammjr 21 day ago

    Wow!!!!! I can't belive it!
    I have like, ZERO interest in this.
    Zero, or minus something.

  • cstephens333
    cstephens333 21 day ago

    People who buy this are dumb AF

  • B C
    B C 21 day ago

    Can't wait for this! The only way it could be better is if one of the kits were to cover DS games for a true backlog player.

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman 21 day ago

    I'm interested!

  • PhatBoyzClub
    PhatBoyzClub 21 day ago

    They chose the worst style it should have been shaped like a GBA. Any teenager with big hands who used the GB for hours will tell you it give you hand cramps.

  • joshinken
    joshinken 21 day ago

    I think its just a waste of fpga’s really.

    That thing has 2 fpga’s. One single fpga will set you back almost 100€ for something that they really didnt need.

  • Matthew Szerlag
    Matthew Szerlag 21 day ago

    Yeah but that's a pricey meatball at $200.

  • Sean Godos
    Sean Godos 22 days ago

    The Achilles's heel of this machine will be the LCD. There is no way they can emulate full screen games without distortion or at the very least misaligning the LCD grid.

  • Dad72
    Dad72 22 days ago

    That's awesome. Definitely keep us updated. I want this considering I've got alot of portable games from several handhelds. Wow..being able to play Lynx games with a wireless 8bitduo controller is a great idea!

  • Christine Kelly Louise Haylett

    But does it have IR or cable link slots to trade those pokemon etc.

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira 22 days ago

    Will it run Mega Duck/Cougar Boy?

  • wizradical
    wizradical 22 days ago

    $199 for a GBA in the original Gameboy's form factor? What a scam. I don't see what's revolutionary about this, it's just an attempt at taking advantage of retro gaming rising in popularity. Nothing to see here.

  • tyro
    tyro 22 days ago

    This seems super cool but I don’t have any of those cartridges for games and really wish I could just play off my 64 gb sd card that I use for the switch

  • Evil con Carne
    Evil con Carne 22 days ago

    looks like im getting 2

  • iNFiNiTY125
    iNFiNiTY125 22 days ago

    That’s not really a game boy, I don’t think you should miss represent it as such. There are literally millions of new GameBoy clones on Alibaba every day this is not a new game boy don’t get us all excited.

  • Game LP
    Game LP 22 days ago

    It reminds me of the unrealesed and cancelled Gameboy Project Atlantis

  • Kigiru Drewko
    Kigiru Drewko 22 days ago

    The major question - if this will play games from sd card? Because if not then whatever - it's not for normal people but retro collector freaks that need new toy. They will end with stock of these things collecting dust in storage rooms.

  • Ahmad Naimee
    Ahmad Naimee 22 days ago

    I wish it could play Roms....

  • Shane Keulen
    Shane Keulen 22 days ago

    save and restore will probably be for settings, not save state.

  • Animanji.
    Animanji. 22 days ago

    Feels good in the hands, ladies, you know the procedures.

  • Damian Wezzterman
    Damian Wezzterman 22 days ago

    The shoulder buttons on analogue's Gameboy will probably feel close to using the shoulder buttons on a Gameboy Advance SP.

  • Mkilbride2599
    Mkilbride2599 22 days ago

    You are literally the worst with your titles.

  • Nazimelon
    Nazimelon 22 days ago

    Iiiii really dont know
    I mean it seems really cool but ya know... GB cartridges are getting lost, batteries run empty, etc etc.
    I still dont get why nintendo cares that much about old roms
    Simply because, they dont give us an alternative
    The games are not sold anymore.
    And with that i still dont get why nintendo doesnt just sell all the old roms for a couple bucks each so we could legally have them
    And the games that they dont own anymore, well shouldnt bother them because they wouldnt loose money anyway.
    Regardless, considering that you can emulate on phones, this thing is more of a luxury...
    Id still pay for it just for the feel if emulation arrives.

  • casualponehz
    casualponehz 22 days ago

    Bad, put Wonderswan in it and I might reconsider, otherwise go in da garbage

    • Britt Tenny
      Britt Tenny 21 day ago

      casualponehz you are kidding right

  • Mac Gyver
    Mac Gyver 22 days ago +1

    Ill use my phone

  • Alexandru Goga
    Alexandru Goga 23 days ago

    Me waiting for a 3ds gameboy Nintendo switch sp ds nintendo 64 gamecube superintendent all in one system

  • June Hanabi
    June Hanabi 23 days ago

    Technically rom filles are incomplete anyways. Rom files are just code on the cartridge which is fine if that's all the cartridge contains however if there's virtually anything else on the cartridge than just rom code the rom file won't do you any good. It's why gameshark can't be emulated (It has to be a side feature in the emulator itself, actual gameshark rom file won't work). Gameboy camera also won't work unless it's a side feature of the emulator itself. I think saying no to rom files (which was a terribly incomplete system to begin with) and focusing on actual cartridge execution (given there can be considerable more stuff in a cartridge than just a rom dump) is an immensely brilliant idea.

  • Mr Noboby
    Mr Noboby 23 days ago

    As long as there's good games I'll buy it!!!!!

  • yung link
    yung link 23 days ago

    Will this be compatible with the switch dock?, bc if so, that would make the price point a bit more understandable haha