Hasan Minhaj Wants to Pivot Careers | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Considering the challenges of working in news, Hasan chats with one of his writers about pivoting careers and joining the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise. Having a backup plan never hurt anyone. Hey Vin Diesel, give Hasan a call.
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    Hasan Minhaj Wants to Pivot Careers | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Comments • 140

    BALL DRIPS79 27 days ago

    If only your jokes were as funny as your face.

  • Nabeela Anjum
    Nabeela Anjum Month ago

    Hasan why are you making baldrif79 so famous?????????

  • Shelby Ana Abbott
    Shelby Ana Abbott Month ago

    I thought these were all funny!!

  • Rafa Cena
    Rafa Cena 8 months ago +2

    Please make a sit com with the BTS! This is so entertaining.

  • Sensaii Tutz
    Sensaii Tutz 9 months ago

    the child birth - amazon joke was actually good

  • Tanisha VI Patel
    Tanisha VI Patel 9 months ago

    The Patriot Act intro and outdo music is a bop

  • applejuicyjuice
    applejuicyjuice 10 months ago

    he has the joke printed out and then placed on top of a legal pad .....

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 11 months ago +9

    Is this the same Zach from the matchmaking clip from deep cuts?

  • punk rock for life
    punk rock for life 11 months ago +1

    Hahaha poor Zach!

  • CLC is Life
    CLC is Life 11 months ago

    Hasan makes comedy charming

  • chowtime91
    chowtime91 11 months ago +28

    Is there a Ryan here?

    • Juicy Pear
      Juicy Pear 20 days ago

      "I just saw 2 available Indians, but is there a _Ryan?"_

      That killed me lol

    • Griselda Pereira
      Griselda Pereira 27 days ago

      chowtime91 oh my god this.

  • Elena Atkinson
    Elena Atkinson 11 months ago +10

    They lost such a good opportunity! They could have said, "Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: Destroying Amazon. It's just that Republicans are referring to the natural one." Get it? Because of climate change and dismantling the EPA...

    • Rafa Cena
      Rafa Cena 8 months ago +1

      Lol that was savage

  • Campbell Holder
    Campbell Holder 11 months ago

    Vin Diesel: super nerd. Like, super nerd. Plays D&D hardcore.

  • PrinceOfJinhae박진영
    PrinceOfJinhae박진영 11 months ago

    Hasan i am proud of you 😂

  • Mia Varghese
    Mia Varghese 11 months ago

    I am livin for that outro music

  • Arun Madhavan
    Arun Madhavan 11 months ago

    Name of outro song plz?...xD

  • rick parks
    rick parks Year ago

    I like the Amazon prime joke

  • Marcella Elekwachi

    Hasan:"I don't think you understand how childbirth works"
    Zach's only 25, leave him be 😂

  • tommo91
    tommo91 Year ago

    these jokes were good! Cut zach some slack!

  • Hanna Punnoose
    Hanna Punnoose Year ago

    Sir why do you have a printed piece of paper on a legal pad lmao

  • Tamara Murray
    Tamara Murray Year ago +1

    He could get it all day everyday

  • Cedrick Walker
    Cedrick Walker Year ago

    So clearly Hasan wrote that first joke about the bombing of M.E. countries. Bruh I feel you but let the Passive Aggy stuff go and let the jokes fly. Very witty tho having the caucasian read your joke, very shippudenesque

  • Chloe Alice
    Chloe Alice Year ago

    i love these videos of you chatting with the writers about the shos

  • NotYowBusiness
    NotYowBusiness Year ago +2

    The last one is actually so good :L

  • Azaldi
    Azaldi Year ago

    @hasanminhaj dude your hands are massive yet you’re like 5’9”. A topic you might be interested in American NGO influence in the UN and Israel for example C-FAM.

  • analogika hamburg
    analogika hamburg Year ago +1

    „Same-day delivery“ was pretty damn funny.

  • Linton Wong
    Linton Wong Year ago


  • William Hutchinson III

    OMG that dude's adam's apple is like a neck cyst about to burst!

  • berry bread
    berry bread Year ago +40

    I mean this in the kindest way..... I think Zach needs to be Queer Eyed.....

  • Calcifur Gaming
    Calcifur Gaming Year ago

    When did you hire an ace Ventura weezer fanboy as a writer -baldrape79

  • Zu Sy
    Zu Sy Year ago

    --brown people assemble

  • Jagannath Bhat
    Jagannath Bhat Year ago

    Okay, that child delivery thing was good. Meme worthy.

  • RBW
    RBW Year ago

    1:34 The foot tapping, men this guy is nervous

  • KelFabie
    KelFabie Year ago +1

    Also, Vin Diesel is a total nerd. He gave the foreword to the 30th anniversary edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Jonathan Amir
    Jonathan Amir Year ago +1

    1:00 Vin Diesel plays D&D though.

  • Nicole Grey
    Nicole Grey Year ago

    This was so fucking funny. I could watch a show solely comprised of this for eternity

  • Sujan Leelanandhan
    Sujan Leelanandhan Year ago +17

    Hasan definitely has a certain charm. Even when he's ripping you apart piece by piece, you'll die laughing. His White house correspondent speech is an example.

  • Samuel Doten
    Samuel Doten Year ago

    Vin is a huge nerd in the best way, don't nerd shame Vin Diesel.

  • clockwork914
    clockwork914 Year ago +2

    Boycott Amazon❗️

  • MacShapow
    MacShapow Year ago

    How is this a digital exclusive when the full show is on Netflix? Is this secretly on cable or sth?

  • Michael Lester
    Michael Lester Year ago

    Vin Diesel has livestreams of Dungeons and Dragons games... Dude is a complete nerd!!! Don't believe me? Look for "D&Diesel"!

  • Ball Drape
    Ball Drape Year ago

    Nah man, we good. Love your stuff.

  • Brad DeFruiter
    Brad DeFruiter Year ago +29

    Forget the show - just give us this BTS all day every day. This could be as it-com even. I want more!!!

  • dtvfan24
    dtvfan24 Year ago

    that way too young for being a writer, Hasan should write it as well as presents

  • Michael Greenwell
    Michael Greenwell Year ago +6

    I was literally dying at 1:38 when the writer said that Lidz was "all we're talking about".

  • Kenneth Chemwok
    Kenneth Chemwok Year ago +145

    That theme song is fire

  • Naaim Siddiqi
    Naaim Siddiqi Year ago

    Vin Diesel legit plays Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Chinmay Upadhye
    Chinmay Upadhye Year ago +42

    If Vin Diesel learns JAVA then surely it's time for me to hit the gym.

  • Alisha Haque
    Alisha Haque Year ago +6

    "I don't think you understand how childbirth works". SAVAGE MUCH

  • Carlos Sanderson Castillo

    The Amazon joke was good. C'mon give it a try

  • V2Blast
    V2Blast Year ago +3

    Vin Diesel is actually pretty nerdy. He's a huge fan of playing D&D :)

  • Humayun Khan
    Humayun Khan Year ago

    Printed page on a note pad. TV ladies and gentlemen

  • Adel Toutouh
    Adel Toutouh Year ago +1

    A muslim being the boss over a white person... that’s fucking amazing

  • Joshua Gonzales
    Joshua Gonzales Year ago +62

    FYI, Vin is such a nerd that he made a whole movie about his DnD character (The Last Witchhunter).

    • sanityisrelative
      sanityisrelative Year ago +1

      He is Groot.

    • Jake Bergs
      Jake Bergs Year ago +5

      I was about to say...Vin Diesel is probably the nerdiest action star there is.

  • Gee Whiz
    Gee Whiz Year ago

    Hey Hassan i hope you see this comment. I started to notice this trend PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload the full segments just like you did with the affirmative and saudi pieces. And don't put out these 3 min clips. Just someone from the internet that fucks with you

  • Matthew Stinar
    Matthew Stinar Year ago +1

    "Same day delivery"! 😂

  • Almighty Yak
    Almighty Yak Year ago

    I heard you are some liberal pussy who gets offended easy. I just wanted to say Hi, pussy.

  • Tommy Wilson
    Tommy Wilson Year ago

    How Netflix picked your show up, I get... Liberal brown guy (INDIAN brown no less), dislikes anyone with differing political ideology, pretty enough for TV, and willing to be a mouthpiece... I get it... You made that clear all 23 minutes of your first show. I'll bet your smart and want to succeed like everyone else does but Ray Charles could see through the charade. Stick to stand up if you want to be funny but stop lobbing beach ball sized racial and gender buzz words out to the sheep for the type of laughs you only get from people who are prompted to do so... It was cringey to watch in the beginning BUT, it being your first show that's to be expected. It became an increasingly arduous task to watch as the wildly disingenuous delivery made what first looked like an unsure and understandably nervous man become very sure indeed. Sure that he no longer believed the program which he wanted so badly to succeed was a complete and utter regurgitation of nonsense worthy of a D- from a stoned art teacher just trying not to hurt feelings... Your "1310" has got to be better than this.

    • Tommy Wilson
      Tommy Wilson Year ago

      @unimum it couldn't be worse than the show.

    • unimum
      unimum Year ago +1

      try his stand-up special homecoming king, it's on Netflix :))

  • Nihal Chaturvedi R
    Nihal Chaturvedi R Year ago +4

    👌👌 have become fan of you hasan bro...you r inspiration to youth of asia....nd plz let ur fans know about u more...(nd do share ur mary Jane experience with us proudly ...if u hav 😎🤘🤘😄).... keep it going bro..u r coolAF

  • Adel Toutouh
    Adel Toutouh Year ago +5

    Don't be hard on the white guy Hasan...