Why Antifa IS a Terrorist Organization | Louder with Crowder

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Steven Crowder breaks down the latest Antifa violence in Portland, why Antifa IS in fact a terrorist organization and debunks common leftist talking points to the contrary...

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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  28 days ago +4081

    What do you think? Should Antifa be labeled a domestic terrorist organization? And if they were, would it change the way the media covers them?

    • Owen Visser
      Owen Visser 11 days ago

      Heck yea!

    • Carson Kouts
      Carson Kouts 26 days ago +1

      if threatening to burn down a building with people still in it to push/protest a political or religious agenda doesn't make you a terrorist idk what does

    • Alos
      Alos 26 days ago +1

      @Geffenleffen Fascists are independent of the economic axis on the political spectrum, Communists aren't. For example Fascist Italy was a state-centralized but capitalist economy, while Nazi Germany was an outright socialist economy, and at the same time Legionary Romania was a free market capitalist economy. In the same way. some AntiFa are Communists but a lot are just socialists or even chill capitalists. Yet all participate in physical violence a-la (fill in the blank) shirts from any number of fascist countries. Hence the fascist label.

    • Alos
      Alos 26 days ago

      1. Yes. 2. No, it wouldn't. They'd just claim the label was fake news, or falsely based, or only applied to a specific sect of the faction.

    • Doom Guy
      Doom Guy 26 days ago


  • Tomato
    Tomato 8 hours ago +1

    Antifa = Brown Shirts

  • Wyatt Lamb
    Wyatt Lamb 14 hours ago

    This Is Why Gen Z Is More Conservative

  • Eric Fehr
    Eric Fehr 3 days ago

    Antifa is a terrorist organization! Change my Mind!

  • Finntinus
    Finntinus 3 days ago

    Why domestic? They are global. I have seen them in the whole of Europe. I got threatened by many here in Germany...

  • Dan Strikker
    Dan Strikker 4 days ago

    Yes, they use terrorists tactics

  • Willy Billy
    Willy Billy 5 days ago

    pfft if you make Antifa terrorists, then by no logic can you exclude the police.

  • Manoj Suthar
    Manoj Suthar 5 days ago +1

    Beautiful & brave 😂😂
    Absolute 🤡

  • Altcoin Trading Signals

    If I was walking down the street and some masked people with polls started attacking me I'd shoot them. One of the few times I'm glad I live in Florida.

  • Mustanaamio7
    Mustanaamio7 7 days ago

    NRA is a terrorist organization and Steven Crowder is a retard.

  • Timothy S
    Timothy S 8 days ago

    5:45 - Steven you say that there is no "leadership/official group" in Antifa. That's wrong. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) is funded by Shanta Driver's UEAALDF organization and led by Yvette Felarca. There you go. An organization, a funding source and their leaders. You do so much research but you should do more to expose these radicals who cloak themselves in a charity that arguably does work pushing a political agenda but also funds violence.

  • Kimber 10MM
    Kimber 10MM 9 days ago

    WTF is a regular rifle almost an assault rifle...? Did you take a Savage .22LR & put an angled foregrip on it!?!?!?!? & then put on of them little crank twisty things on the trigger?? LOL fucktard imagen that a dumb ass holding a rifle in one hand, with 10rounds in it, trying to aim & Spinning around a little twisty arm thing to pull the trigger for you.. "For one twist of the little arm it pulls the trigger 3X's what im taking about"

  • Kimber 10MM
    Kimber 10MM 9 days ago

    YES.. Because i seen a video where they tried to stab a guy in the back & he was just pushing his bicycle, The bicycle guy wasnt saying word to anyone not doing Nothing

  • Dominic Markiw
    Dominic Markiw 10 days ago

    Most of the information here is incredibly misleading. That dude on the ground with tape over his fists? Right wing dude picking fights with antifa, who got knocked out, treated by antifa medics, then went back to fighting antifa. The dude with the hammer? Grabbed it out of the hands of a guy on the bus attacking them, also everyone on the bus was from a group called American Guard, a white supremacist alt- right group tied to nine murders. Crowder knows this and is intentionally misleading people.

  • Kristy Detar
    Kristy Detar 10 days ago

    there saying all cops are bastards, but there the first cry babies to call the cops for help funny.

  • P H
    P H 10 days ago

    Capital punishment for the red fascists !

  • Thomas Sailor
    Thomas Sailor 10 days ago +1

    It's sad that Stephen has to say the media would HAVE to cover it more accurately when the media should cover ANYTHING as accurate as possible wether its a human interest piece on turtles or antifa or terror or politics or education etc. We live in sick times where the mental disorders that have permeated our culture have now surfaced & are demanding rights, like satanists for example, & there is a plethora of sick things happening all around us & I feel as though that there must have been alot more seemingly normal people out there that were secretly living some seriously deviant lifestyles for this type of stuff to be at the forefront of our modern culture now. Maybe we as humans are going through a transition period or maybe the elite families that own banking systems are trying to incorporate a global governance structure and trying to disrupt the fabric of societies in order to consolidate their power, who knows but we the people better band together because obviously something bad is happening to our way of life & unless we want to say goodbye to a comfortable happy safe existence, we better start paying attention to our surroundings & to our politicians, who exempt themselves from their own laws on some occasions.

  • bob N/A
    bob N/A 10 days ago

    Terrorism is defined by disturbing the peace with the idea of harming any civilian. The only exception is if a government deems you to to be apart of them like you are a contract killer (blackwater) or a spy. That is the only actual way to get away with murder and then you have to be specially pardoned by the constitution of your country. War can only be declared by the government of a country as well which is also exempt from murder unless you break United Nations laws which then you have to serve a special trial like in the case of Germany back in WW2.
    Oswald who was a Spy and was a former CIA member was pardoned for killing JFK although most of the information is redacted since its highly controversial and for good reasons.

  • Taylor Howard
    Taylor Howard 11 days ago

    It shouldn't even be a question. Antifa fits the definition of a terrorist organization down to the very last letter. These rallies and events that they protest are always peaceful until they actually show up. I've seen people defending them saying that it's the other side that always turns violent first. Answer me this: if your goal is peaceful protest, why do you show up all dressed alike (prevents them from being identified), wearing masks, and wielding weapons more than capable of killing people? Trump shouldn't be considering anything. Antifa by definition is a terrorist group and they should be labeled (and treated) as such.

  • Jeff s
    Jeff s 11 days ago

    Pisses me off they wanna go after cops but yet they are the first ones to run to them.

  • Cursed
    Cursed 12 days ago

    But uhh... aren't the proud boys still white natiolists that promote violence?

  • alexander ferus
    alexander ferus 12 days ago

    Agreed fuck antifa terrorist pigs

  • Alec Hennings
    Alec Hennings 12 days ago +1

    Hey crowder did u know Hitler de regulated businesses and lowered gun control for non Jewish Arian citizens it’s almost as like Hitler was on the right wing weird
    Common everyone respond back to me plz let’s get into an internet argument just make sure u research the facts first like I do

  • Croatian Warmaster
    Croatian Warmaster 12 days ago

    Fascists dont hide their face, communists do that. Antifa are communists tho some are anarchists.

  • Jimmy Chaos
    Jimmy Chaos 13 days ago

    SPLC does list left-wing hate groups like Nation of Islam, they just don't list antifa because they don't hate based on ethnicity or religion. They hate based on ideology. www.splcenter.org/20171004/frequently-asked-questions-about-hate-groups#antifa

  • Jame Yung
    Jame Yung 13 days ago +1

    Antifa tryin test me close range chest shot with the glock where the vest be

  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 13 days ago

    Stay away from Portland and other places like it. Not out of fear, but to prevent spending your dollars there.

  • R Chrisawn
    R Chrisawn 13 days ago +1

    Yes Antifa should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization. Next, where did you get your Walther tee shirt?

  • Justin Mielke
    Justin Mielke 13 days ago

    Nobody who trumpets Justice ever turns out to be Righteous.

  • JustMeaty
    JustMeaty 13 days ago

    Question of the day: Do you think it's time to classify the United States Of America as a terrorist organisation after providing terrorist groups with weapons, bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and for disregarding the death of its people when it gets them money (Jamal Khashoggi)?

  • Chris Harkins
    Chris Harkins 13 days ago

    Be careful sounding like you support the proud boys, Andrew Klavin will call you a white supremacist.

  • Lukas Colman
    Lukas Colman 14 days ago

    slightly offensive

  • plumboss
    plumboss 14 days ago


  • Patrick Booth
    Patrick Booth 14 days ago

    Seeing as they don’t have an actual organizational structure, can they actually be a terrorist organization, despite their terrorist tactics

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 15 days ago

    1 thousand Antifa cucks were here 9-1-19.

  • Yeldur
    Yeldur 15 days ago +1

    Definition of terrorism:

    "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

    Unlawful use of violence - CHECK
    Unlawful use of intimidation - CHECK
    Use of said violence and intimidation against civilians - CHECK
    Use of said violence and intimidation against civilians in pursuit of political aims - CHECK

    They fit the definition of a terrorist organisation, why are they not marked as one? If a bunch of white supremacists started doing the exact same thing do you think they wouldn't be?

    I agree with you whole heartedly Steven, they ARE a terrorist organisation.

  • MnG
    MnG 16 days ago

    O&A Line of The Day.
    They are beating the Republican out of us.

  • Philip Dawn
    Philip Dawn 16 days ago +2

    Yes antifa is 100% a violent terrorist group. And they should be treated / caught and charged with the same crimes as any other violent hate groups.

  • Sharon Disbennett
    Sharon Disbennett 16 days ago +2

    Antifa are fascists and terrorists.

  • Matthew Warren
    Matthew Warren 16 days ago +1

    When does one of these Antifa cowards get shot? It's going to happen. They're going to pick the wrong person when 15 of them rush at them swinging weapons and fists. Maybe that's what it's going to take to teach them they can't go around hitting people

  • Matthew Warren
    Matthew Warren 16 days ago +1

    I'm shocked these cowards didn't get this title a long time ago. They 100 percent should be labeled for domestic terrorism. They're terrible humans who need to be sterilized

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 16 days ago

    Fascism isn't defined by violence ,it's by defintion " a form of far right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society" . I wouldn't call Antifa that , Antifa started in the 30's in Nazi Germany to oppose the nazi regime , it isn't one large monolithic group , there's no membership etc , it's simply individuals who want to take a stand against what they deem as 'fascism', giving the government the power to decide exactly who is a member of a 'terrorist organisation' , that isn't actually an organisation is very dangerous . I thought conservatives would know that

  • Q S
    Q S 16 days ago

    1..2..3.. YES

  • Travis Wood
    Travis Wood 17 days ago

    I hope you credited slightly offensive for those video clips! he makes amazing content and gets footage like that all the time and could really use a crowder shoutout! he crowdfunded money from his fans to get plane tickets from LA to portland for that footage, so if he got the support im sure he'd go all the time!!

  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 17 days ago


  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 17 days ago


  • Secular Conservative Talk

    Still haven’t heard anything about antifa killing anyone or the victims names, if they’re a terrorist organization they’re awful at killing people so I couldn’t imagine putting them in the same group as Isis. I would say they are still dangerous but maybe time will tell if they actually become a terrorist organization.

  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 17 days ago

    Plus the dayton shooter liked Bernie, that's all you have to go off of.

  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 17 days ago

    Also so antifa suck at killing people, the far right does not seem to have that problem

  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 17 days ago

    The right extremist have killed more people steven, 372 79% is the far right kills.

  • O C
    O C 17 days ago

    Nothing more than the KKK of today. KLANTIFA.

  • Steven Skaggs
    Steven Skaggs 17 days ago

    Yeah they are terrorists. Not very effective.. I understand people having the right to demonstrate. But what is antifa demonstrating besides violence? They dont have a clue what they are talking about. They just want to feel cool. Be down with the black man.. Yada yada. Democrats get your shit together. Have you seen the people you have running for office??

  • Denise Batalha
    Denise Batalha 17 days ago

    One does have to wonder if they honestly believe they're doing this for a great cause. Someone posted a video of anti-fa chasing a father and daughter. They literally act like predators. I saw NO ACT of violence from the father, nor daughter, yet anti-fa chased. It was literally like watching a video game of a zombie hoard chasing. Or, you know, The Walking Dead. I really didn't mean for that to be funny, but it is rather ironic, isn't it? Acting like a bunch of mindless zombies after food by any means necessary. LITERALLY. Pretty close to Nazi Germany at this point. Seriously, though, no one is fighting back, yet they attack, regardless. I really don't understand their mindset. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around it. If there are any members, I would love an explanation as to the need for violence, despite the lack of violence from anyone in opposition.

  • Shawn Bird
    Shawn Bird 17 days ago

    Link. Your. Sources.

  • altkovac
    altkovac 17 days ago

    “All cops are bastards” let’s just take them away then and let’s see how your self sense of security dissipates.

  • CRAZYJAY 365
    CRAZYJAY 365 17 days ago

    All vets are sworn to take the oath and i quote " I will support and defend the constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC" Antifa is a domestic organization and it sickens me that people are blinded bc of political beliefs these people are being protected by politicans and local government officals because they're looking for political power the portland mayor needs to be taken out of office and charged with protecting violent terrorists. I am a veteran and these people are destroying our country and dividing this great country.

  • DT M
    DT M 17 days ago

    Antifa ought to be the new 10,000 Maniacs

  • DT M
    DT M 17 days ago

    As a man of color, I have a story that will scare Leftists forever...black, Hispanic, Asians, etc., don't like you, and if you don't believe me, trust me, they're out there, you just gotta find them, THE END.

  • S&W M&P15 AKA Riley the Onni fan

    Liberal logic
    *antifa raising hell in the streets, burning cars and smashing windows*
    Vox: They aren't causing much havoc
    Trump supporter: *shoots antifa member after being attacked*

  • S&W M&P15 AKA Riley the Onni fan

    Antifa is definitely a terrorist organization, they have caused property damage to nearly 850 businesses and injured more than 100 law enforcement officers. If you walk into one of their marches with a MAGA hat on, plan on leaving with a few broken bones and missing teeth