• Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    Boxing Social's Rob Tebbutt spoke to Ben Davison in Las Vegas...
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Comments • 1 743

  • manu1love
    manu1love 2 days ago

    Yet another fight he got away with wilder got conned now this in my eyes he lost both these

  • manu1love
    manu1love 2 days ago

    It was a head but 😂😂 bollocks he got punched

  • Kax Ramadan
    Kax Ramadan 5 days ago +1

    What the fuck you need your fighters to respect you and listen to you ben or tell them both to pay you more money then you can be a yes man

  • Guitargreat
    Guitargreat 10 days ago +1

    A head, a punch, what’s the difference how it started, once it’s there that’s when you deal with it!!!

  • Michael Friedman
    Michael Friedman 10 days ago +1

    That shirt is cringe. Dude you could be sharing a closet with Migos

  • james murillo
    james murillo 13 days ago

    Is this guy actually taken seriously? He's about 20... OK now I'm 7 mins in! This guys a fuckin idiot!

  • Martin Santillan
    Martin Santillan 14 days ago

    A guy with mental problems like him,admitting it and working towards getting himself “cured”is remarkable my simpaty and respect to him

  • Patriot Logic
    Patriot Logic 16 days ago

    Great thing about Ben is he actually puts his fighter first! Secondly he is intelligent and evaluates what he is going to say! Third he is not a crook like Don King!

    • james murillo
      james murillo 13 days ago

      I'd slap the shit out of the little bitch. He knows nothing and neither do you.

  • IrishTitanVol . . .
    IrishTitanVol . . . 16 days ago

    Davison is garbage

  • Clive Barnes
    Clive Barnes 18 days ago

    Sit up you hungover idiot.

  • Barry Hayes
    Barry Hayes 18 days ago

    Ben’s a very arrogant, novice trainer.
    He should take the chewing gum out of his gob and sit up straight. Show some respect. Just see Billy Saunders has a new trainer, wise lad !!!

  • randy palla
    randy palla 18 days ago

    Ben is clearly in a gay relationship with Tyson fury, Tyson fury gypsy Queen check out the video

  • TrafficScience
    TrafficScience 19 days ago

    Wax on wax off Ben my mate

  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone 20 days ago

    I know what was going threw furys head he didn't want it to go the same way as Cunningham he hates smaller fighters to awkward for furys style..... well done the gypsy king theres only 1 Tyson fury

  • sean moran
    sean moran 20 days ago

    Can't stand this bastard. One posing, arrogant gobshite.

  • Trailing Arm
    Trailing Arm 21 day ago

    Ben's got a lot of class. That was a great interview. It's a cliche to say it but he seems to have a wisdom beyond his years. Exactly the right kind of person to deal with Tyson and keep him on track. Funny how Tyson's dad going mad echoes AJ's father doing the same after his last fight.

  • Michael Seymour
    Michael Seymour 22 days ago +1

    the very thing fury levelled at AJ ...he did himself...wasnt switched on ..and was really close to being stopped ...BY a PUNCH -no fluke be so cocky fury ,wilder ...can happen , clearly .

  • JR
    JR 22 days ago

    I think this cut is going to be pivotal in the rest of Tyson's career.

    THE MITCH 23 days ago

    tyson only won 3 rounds the fight was rigged

    • J Robinson
      J Robinson 23 days ago

      @THE MITCH We all watched the fight, my dude. We all saw 12 rounds and probably with a better view than you. Fury lost the 12th for sure, and a couple in the first 4 rounds. Other than that he clearly won the later rounds. Rewatch and compare the work rate and compare successful strikes. Fury clearly won at least 8 rounds, 10 was a stretch but he sure as shit won 8-9

      THE MITCH 23 days ago

      @J Robinson hahahaha you saying he won 10 rounds i was there in the fight he was beaten badly almost stopped the fight but making tyson win will make them more money because of the wilder fight he won 3 lost 6 and draw 3

    • J Robinson
      J Robinson 23 days ago

      You're deluded, man. Wallin's a good fighter but nah, Tyson dominated 6 rounds easy and won clearly another 3 or 4

  • Simon Marks
    Simon Marks 24 days ago

    Was he a real cut man? I thought he hasn't even got one of those sticks. Just slapped on enough Vas for a gay orgy and hoped for the best? Only because Fury is hard to hit he survived it. Wallin was a dirty cheat when he dragged his glove down the cut, and for that I have no respect for him or his performance!

  • secretive Scorpio
    secretive Scorpio 25 days ago

    I've seen better fights down the pub

  • West Maguire
    West Maguire 25 days ago

    Otto got totally robbed holy shit

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 24 days ago

      hahahaha you are totally clueless. The fight wasnt even close. Tyson won at least 10 rounds

  • TERRY TIBBS All Eyez On Agenda21

    Might be both ortherdox but wilder bangs a hard left still anything poss guys but looked rusty in this fight very sluggish wilder would destroy the fury at moment

  • Moghster
    Moghster 25 days ago +1

    I don't understand, im not fully aware either, but why are they saying that Fury was light for the match? 254 Pounds is a lot.

  • Sweet Leaf
    Sweet Leaf 25 days ago

    Lords, just can't watch people in interviews or talking to people chewing on their cud.

  • futadore
    futadore 26 days ago

    gay ?

  • smithdvr
    smithdvr 26 days ago

    Ben WTF have you got on , looks like something my mum would wear

  • smithdvr
    smithdvr 26 days ago

    Where is Tyson why no interview .

  • Ian
    Ian 26 days ago

    Fury expossed as being shit

  • Fabian Asensio
    Fabian Asensio 26 days ago

    was a boring plodding and dull speed. And he makes millions...and nobody around him seems to be honest about that fact. Rip off for the fans...

  • Richard Horsford
    Richard Horsford 26 days ago

    Getting rid of Ben Davison would be a massive mistake. Like mentioned in the video everyone forgets the place that he was pulled from to now. One thing I do agree with is that he got given a lot of chances with that cut most fights would have been stopped in that position. John Fury imo needs to keep his mouth closed.

  • Spideog 77
    Spideog 77 26 days ago +1


  • Mark Orfanos
    Mark Orfanos 26 days ago

    Fury did not know how to fight a southpaw! He circled to his right into the lefty's power and his left leg was inside his opponent's right leg negating his right cross. This is not rocket science; it is Boxing 101. And that cut, even when healed, is a weakness to be exploited. Scar tissue tears more easily than fresh skin. Not hating. I am glad Fury won!

  • Michael John
    Michael John 27 days ago

    Cuts happen all the time. I don't know why the hell are you milking the cut story so much.
    Boxer get broken noses, cut faces and broken jaws ALL THE TIME.
    Fury got some blood on his face for once, and half of the world pissed themselves in the pants.
    This is the HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING DIVISION! This is not fucking chess or volleyball.

  • RoidWatch
    RoidWatch 27 days ago +1

    Ben Davison is one of those cunts who you don't initially realise how annoying his face and voice are.

  • Kev
    Kev 27 days ago


  • Richard Magee
    Richard Magee 27 days ago

    Mic up that chewing gum.. sounds f.great

  • Jacob Mangiardi
    Jacob Mangiardi 27 days ago

    I think the fight would have been stopped if otto didnt finger his cut like a shit bag.

  • spider man web
    spider man web 27 days ago

    Am putting money on wilder to ko fury and get the win.

  • Adam Pearce
    Adam Pearce 27 days ago

    Tyson rises to the occasion. Fighting Wilder brought out the best in him.

  • Lou F
    Lou F 27 days ago +4

    Ben is so calm. I imagine he's good for anyone's mental health. Not a panicker or bullshiter.

  • Nick D
    Nick D 27 days ago

    Fury didn't win that fight it was a ridiculous decision!

  • Lee Watling
    Lee Watling 28 days ago

    Wondering if fury had a few beers or so a couple of days before the fight

  • zthde
    zthde 28 days ago

    Tyson texting Ben for his pain killers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✌️✌️✌️ where the hell are ya Ben lad 😂😂😂

  • Shu Rau
    Shu Rau 28 days ago +1

    Overrated Gypsy King

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony 28 days ago

    Otto ran out of gas so fast cause of the body shots Tyson kept landing, most of the fight looks as if he was sparring, the punches had zero intent behind them

  • Steven Lloyd
    Steven Lloyd 28 days ago

    Bad shirt Ben.

  • Mark Simpson
    Mark Simpson 28 days ago

    Someone said ‘Level Headed Response “. In America we call this ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking”. This means: He’s had enuf time to note all mistakes and imaginate excuses. They’re all SO FULL of EXCUSES. UK Cultural HORSE CRAP. AJ, Fury, White, Chisora & who’s is the UK fighter that threw the chicken at Wilder then RAN AWAY? Yeah him too. U Bunch a Wankers. Wilder Will Kill Fury. Ortiz will PUNISH Fury. Ruiz will Embarrass him. Fury will end up with a Vegas residency next to Brittany Spears and Cirque du Soleil. Friggin CLOWN

  • alom gir
    alom gir 28 days ago

    Why do all these titles have 'brutally' on them 🙄🙄

  • Chris Haswell
    Chris Haswell 28 days ago +1

    He comes across as an arrogant prick. Why would people dismiss what a hof trainer like Freddie roach thinks.

  • Daniel Tilley
    Daniel Tilley 28 days ago

    Having followed Tyson's career and people should know that Tyson will adapt to who ever is Infront of him and always seems to arise to the big fights

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo 28 days ago

    It was a lose lose situation for Fury. If it goes 12 rounds it's a bad performance from Fury. If Fury wins in 2 rounds Otto is a bum.

  • Ian Drake
    Ian Drake 28 days ago

    Fury unbeaten in 30 fights yet still has haters lol , as much as I like Wilders power Fury will outbox him from the start .This team had to change some serious tactics in round 3 and still won very comfortable.

  • lonsdale belt
    lonsdale belt 28 days ago

    shirt very unpleasant

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 28 days ago

    This kid acting tough

  • James
    James 28 days ago

    I have maximum respect the Ben but something is not quite right with Tyson . How can you still be so flabby? with the keto diet you can lose weight and not suffer in the slightest. the extra quickness of being less heavy may have allowed him to avoid the cut . I just don't understand having the chance to create the greatest boxing legacy and earn millions, as well as helping avoid damage in the ring , yet the addiction to food is greater than these goals which are in his reach. that said Tyson has already achieved almost the ultimate and is set for life , and I will always be a fan , but I feel he needs to develop new skills on top of the great ones he has.

  • Mr MT
    Mr MT 28 days ago

    Break the Walllllsssss doooooowwwwnnnnnn

  • John Abramsky
    John Abramsky 28 days ago +1

    BD does not give a shit about TF, speaks as teenager

  • Matt Okray
    Matt Okray 28 days ago +5

    "It's the morning after the night before..."

  • Nakkita Mongan
    Nakkita Mongan 29 days ago

    I like Ben he obviously knows he’s stuff and he got fury in serious shape but I just think no experience at elite level I think Tyson should keep in the team but needs an experienced corner man