The Universal S

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


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    Fabien Tell - The Farmer

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  • Liam Dienemann
    Liam Dienemann 10 hours ago

    I used to draw the long version as a kid... never thought of it as an S

  • Zerströrer Poronganator

    In Chile i drawn it too many times

  • woof woof
    woof woof 11 hours ago

    The 1533 painting "the ambassador" has the S

  • Xcreenz M9 2
    Xcreenz M9 2 11 hours ago


  • AirRaidJade
    AirRaidJade 11 hours ago

    The name of the middle school I went to started with an S, so this symbol was used as a symbol of the school. It wasn't until I was an adult and saw stuff about it online that I learned this symbol was far bigger than just something from a school I went to.

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 11 hours ago

    who'd use to make symmetrical instances of this across your paper when drawing these and then connect them all to see it cool it would look XD
    (Edit): 7:55 that's me too, but I would do them horizontally too 🤣🤣

  • Larry Chase
    Larry Chase 11 hours ago

    Where did you come from? How did we make you?

  • douglasg14b
    douglasg14b 11 hours ago

    Honestly, you could have had built (Or had a subscriber help build) a machine learning model to try and identify that symbol in pictures. Then set it to crawl images online. Would have let you do a deep search of every graffiti image you can get a hold of on the internet, without wanting to commit seppuku.

  • Potato Memes
    Potato Memes 11 hours ago

    It could be faschnat? Like the German twist donut.

  • ededdi
    ededdi 11 hours ago

    We used to find this engraved in school desks. It might explain the dispersion across the years, as school desks get changed out far less often than students but....still. that spread over the countries.

  • fervidgoldhoe
    fervidgoldhoe 11 hours ago

    I am to stuiped to learn how to do this

  • Gage Chipps
    Gage Chipps 11 hours ago

    I remember drawing this symbol as the logo of Michigan State U.S college football team, anyone else?

  • Chris Beckler
    Chris Beckler 11 hours ago

    Well that was a blast from the past

  • Clark Klent
    Clark Klent 11 hours ago

    Bruh can you still make that 2018 - TOP 10 Facts

  • sweetlyjen
    sweetlyjen 11 hours ago

    canadian here, they were called “gangster “S” “

  • Marcel Maurice
    Marcel Maurice 11 hours ago

    Antigua has it too

  • yeahitsme -
    yeahitsme - 11 hours ago

    made the best rage comics lmao and u make great videos

  • Flea B
    Flea B 11 hours ago

    In elementary school, my friends and I would draw this and we were told it was related to the Sureño gang, which is one of the gangs in our area.

  • Hitting 10 subs no vids cuz it’s realistic

    I remember in like 3rd grade the cool 5th graders would draw it on their hands and I would try and it’d look bad

  • geko ree
    geko ree 11 hours ago

    Me: *sits on bed not knowing what to do and eating all day*
    Lemmino: okay, so I found the origin of the S everyone writes in school.

  • Shock Shplock
    Shock Shplock 11 hours ago

    I remember drawing this back in elementary... that was before my battalions captain ran a foul of a bloke named god and started a war that destroyed the first macrocosm

  • Luffy
    Luffy 12 hours ago

    Oh my God, your back.

  • Youtube Kills My Brain Cells

    Ah yes, I remember drawing these back when fire was invented

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 12 hours ago

    I though it was an nc state thing

  • JB Saber
    JB Saber 12 hours ago

    I really thought it was the Suzuki symbol

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 12 hours ago +1

    I first saw this "S" in winter of 1975 under a railroad bridge in Stielacoom, WA. I've been drawing this ever since. I was a military brat and lived around the country drawing it everywhere. I then went to Germany in 1988 and S. Korea later same year. Drew it there as well. So no slipknot, Kiss, Slayer or any of them. I believe the power company used this in Stielacoom. Check it out.

  • IFDF: Admiral Y11
    IFDF: Admiral Y11 12 hours ago

    Perhaps it had origin in a war, like Kilroy Was Here?

  • Chris Gary
    Chris Gary 12 hours ago

    I used this symbol to help me levitate Egyptian stone blocks to build the pyramids

  • Url_removed
    Url_removed 12 hours ago

    ahhh, the s. I remember drawing that into fallen Neanderthals with pointy rock

  • PlayerX1994
    PlayerX1994 12 hours ago

    Okay youtube. You win. I've watched the video. Now please stop blowing up my recommendations lol

  • capbarker
    capbarker 12 hours ago

    I have to know... just how long did you take to make that ~4 second long bit with the penguins at 5:54 ?

  • Justin Reid
    Justin Reid 12 hours ago

    It's an SCP. It's obviously an SCP.

  • ObsidianWolf -YT
    ObsidianWolf -YT 12 hours ago

    It’s also found in Lebanese school we always used to drow it

  • Bradley Swanson
    Bradley Swanson 12 hours ago

    I thought it was Suzuki

  • Alejandro Márquez
    Alejandro Márquez 12 hours ago

    just saying that in Uruguay we used to draw that symbol too

  • Zekey moomoo
    Zekey moomoo 12 hours ago

    holy crap this video is insane you made an S symbol sound so interesting, safe to say I was subbed within the first few minutes

  • Emily Specter
    Emily Specter 12 hours ago

    @16:28 The proto universal S.

  • SeriousNorbo
    SeriousNorbo 12 hours ago +1

    Memes in 1960:
    Memes in 2019: *Lets storm area 51*

  • Danielcooks
    Danielcooks 12 hours ago

    I called it the “secret S”

  • Evan Herriges
    Evan Herriges 12 hours ago

    Anyone else: The Universal S
    Me, an intellectual: It's called a Somersloop

  • iRush Apollo
    iRush Apollo 12 hours ago

    I live in Wisconsin and I remember everyone drawing this myself included in grade school 😂

  • DistantDystopia
    DistantDystopia 12 hours ago

    Ah the stussy
    Edit: oh

  • Volstx
    Volstx 12 hours ago

    / \
    | | |
    \ \ /
    | | |
    \ /

  • Jimothy Ross
    Jimothy Ross 13 hours ago

    This man was able to withstand reading more than 10 youtube comments without having a stroke, let alone 27,000!

  • أشلي بوبي
    أشلي بوبي 13 hours ago

    You should do a video about the Yuba City five, your Dyatlov pass video was really good.

  • iBourne xx 1994
    iBourne xx 1994 13 hours ago

    We had it in the UK too

  • Cody The Liberal Slayer

    This is actually a secret ruin

  • Exploding Vortex
    Exploding Vortex 13 hours ago

    I always was told that it’s a gangster symbol

  • Kal Sizzle
    Kal Sizzle 13 hours ago

    southern ontario here yup kids used to always draw this

  • fortnite_ thaguywhojacked

    You have too much time on your hands i love it

  • Yebsi
    Yebsi 13 hours ago

    this is so weird to watch because i really always wondered where it came from. first remember it in third grade, early 2000's. still see it alot, up in ohio

  • Existential Crisis
    Existential Crisis 13 hours ago

    Your accent has faded so much since I first started watching you :,(

  • shakele Folajimi
    shakele Folajimi 13 hours ago

    did this in primary school in Nigeria. no idea how i new it, since none of my friends showed me. i just knew it. weird

  • Liam Coakley
    Liam Coakley 13 hours ago

    This wolnt get out my recommendation

  • Nattie98
    Nattie98 13 hours ago

    English language is hard wired to be written from left to right so for the Sator square to exist that means someone needed to think with asymmetry to begin with to make it possible. Ironically enough for the Sator square to be created it would start with the S and the first word would be written like so. So by this Square this shows humans are hard wired to utilize symmetry the S just so happens to be a tool that has alot of it hence its incorporation into asymmetrical artwork like the Sator Square. Not in the asymmetric look but its general letter being in use as the first letter in an incredibly early incorporation of Asymmetric abstract wordplay in English literature. Shows one thing, why this Universal S always peaks its head its because humans have hardwired tendencies that gives us uncanny resembling thoughts and in this case Asymmetry is the one thing that is like that and the S so happens to be asymmetric enough to all give us familiar thoughts. its why when it concerns it we think alike making us think in this pattern and the Sator square proves that.

  • Perpetual Collapse
    Perpetual Collapse 13 hours ago


  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    Back in the Stone Age I used to draw that on my cave desk

  • Eesa
    Eesa 13 hours ago

    a book called mechanical graphics with a section about graphic design and letter art made earlier than any previously known evidence of the universal s being the origin of the universally known letter based symbol seems pretty believable

  • RecardoGuillermo
    RecardoGuillermo 13 hours ago

    Super S gang wya?

    JESWAF 13 hours ago +2

    We used to write "SOS" in france, the "O" was 3 vertical lines 4 other edges

  • 💢Zalzion⛼
    💢Zalzion⛼ 13 hours ago

    I did the same thing. When i was in middle school in 03-05 write this symbol. So wierd

  • Silver1989
    Silver1989 14 hours ago

    I love the different words for ‘keyboard’

  • ySix__s2
    ySix__s2 14 hours ago

    we make that in Brazil too

  • Atomic Root
    Atomic Root 14 hours ago

    coooooooool =)

  • Dumb Jason
    Dumb Jason 14 hours ago

    Ontario Canada shout out!!!!!

  • Shaderston
    Shaderston 14 hours ago

    I could never draw the cool S

  • Cam Lau
    Cam Lau 14 hours ago

    Stoosi? That’s not what I say

  • pulpo detinte
    pulpo detinte 14 hours ago

    this is amazing! you saved us all a lot of time

  • luke mansell
    luke mansell 14 hours ago

    I always thought it was just the Suzuki logo

  • Dustin Ryckman
    Dustin Ryckman 14 hours ago

    I used to draw these in school all the time. After I would draw them, I would cut them out and collect them. What’s really odd is that I was drawing these the other day out of the blue... I drew it on my hand and then spelt the word Soul... it’s still fading as we speak. Thought I would share, especially after seeing this video randomly.

  • Viturin Catschegn
    Viturin Catschegn 14 hours ago

    Yeah I remember this sign. We always drew it.
    We called it „s‘Amerikanischi S“ (the american S) back then.

  • Abdulaziz Aljaser
    Abdulaziz Aljaser 14 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia too

  • Skaterboiog
    Skaterboiog 14 hours ago

    8:21 the third one looks so similar to the s if you make it a long chain wherever that was made is probably where it originated

  • os op
    os op 14 hours ago


    • os op
      os op 14 hours ago

      Yes Yes Yes Yes 7:58

  • Noodle Doodle
    Noodle Doodle 14 hours ago +1

    Blown away by how dedicated you were to finding as many answers as you could. Subscribed.