WoW Arthas and Sylvanas' Last Encounter - Halls of Reflection

  • Published on Feb 23, 2015
  • Arthas and Sylvanas meet for the last time in the Halls of Reflection - World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King
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Comments • 596

  • Adnan Abou Kewik
    Adnan Abou Kewik 5 days ago

    She's become more evil than arthas now. :/

  • DivineAtheistWannabe
    DivineAtheistWannabe 20 days ago

    Anyone else feel that sexual tension between Sylvanas and Arthas?
    They really need to just bang it out with each other to settle things for the good of everyone.
    A bit of choking and lots of slapping. You know, that angry sex

  • DivineAtheistWannabe
    DivineAtheistWannabe 20 days ago +1

    Uther as a ghost..... unfortunately sounds too much like Kel Thuzad.......😐😐😐
    And yes, I know they're both done by the same voice actor

  • jackie sarsfield
    jackie sarsfield 28 days ago +2

    it's sad to see where sylvanas is now, when she used to be more understanding of the living

  • marcus darkwa
    marcus darkwa 29 days ago +1

    The whole logic of trying to kill Lich King makes no sense to me...... So arthas was keeping the scourge from destroying all of azeroth... So we went to kill him.. Why?

    • Eric Lai
      Eric Lai 28 days ago

      I’m not sure how Arthas was keeping the scourge from destroying all of Azeroth? But Sylvanas for sure wants him dead because it was him that raised Sylvanas from the dead into a banshee/undead..

    • marcus darkwa
      marcus darkwa 28 days ago

      Would be greatful if somebody could shine some light on this who is clued up as I can't find any reason why

  • K. Syndae
    K. Syndae Month ago +4

    Back when the lore wasn’t trash

  • Bante Hayes
    Bante Hayes Month ago +3

    How did Sylvanas go from this to pure evil?

  • Arcrombie
    Arcrombie Month ago +1

    She could have been his Queen~

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Hail to the King

  • Lovac
    Lovac Month ago +3

    Recomended even tho i dont even play the game

  • Douge Glass
    Douge Glass Month ago

    My caption is turned on and it literally said "cum heroes" mothr fk

  • Windowsprodukt
    Windowsprodukt Month ago

    ”There must always be a lich king” is the dumbest plot point in wow history. If the scourge can be defeated in their own stronghold, I dont see why some uncontrolled mindless ghouls would pose much of an problem. Its not like they were doing much until arthas went to visit the north pole.

  • Blaze Z
    Blaze Z Month ago +1

    I mean... The sword is bigger than them....

  • parisa kalantari
    parisa kalantari Month ago +2



  • Efkan Kilinc
    Efkan Kilinc Month ago +1

    For crying out loud. If this place is so important, why don't nuke everything in that realm?

  • Last of the Romans
    Last of the Romans Month ago

    How convenient that Arthas put his only weapon not in the sheath but in a trophy room.

  • Forgotten Lore
    Forgotten Lore Month ago +3

    Damn those fricken Valkyrs and the deal they made... >:x

  • Matess 54
    Matess 54 Month ago +2

    Uther: You cant defeat Lich King
    Sylvanas years later: Allow me to reintroduce myself

  • shattered ¿
    shattered ¿ Month ago +6

    you cannot defeat the lich king ?
    think again Uther :d
    but yes , Arthas wasnt weak like Bolvar

  • Bawster
    Bawster Month ago

    There must allwasy be a lich king, Uther was FIRST

  • Abdullah Gökhan
    Abdullah Gökhan Month ago +1

    Guys dont forget Sylvanss was lvl 80 here. Now she is lvl 120 and Bolvar is 80 ofcourse she solo'ed him. Just be happy it was Bolvar and not Arthas she destroyed. We all know if it was Arthss he would have gripped her and killed her. Arthas deff. Looks better then Bolvar as the Lichking.

  • Samuraj Dzek
    Samuraj Dzek Month ago +1

    i guess people change

  • Triều Trần
    Triều Trần Month ago +14

    Remember when Arthas left Frostmourne un-guarded because he didn't care about powerful being in Azeroth. They were trash to him, food for Frostmourne, soldier for his Scourge.

    Well, look at the Helm now! :'(

    SHADOW Month ago +5

    Huh to powerful ohh the irony

  • Theodoros Xanthopoulos

    Let's be honest, the sole reason she is still a person of interest in WoW is on the thumbnail of this vid.

  • Ionut Preda
    Ionut Preda Month ago +3

    She defeated Bolvar, not Arthas... Arthas is and was the strongest Lich King, even the new Sylvanas is no match for him.

    • Ionut Preda
      Ionut Preda Month ago

      @Tox bell right now I just trust Void lords and us as players to make sylvanas suffer. I hate that bitch :))

    • Tox bell
      Tox bell Month ago

      @Ionut Preda dude, that is your speculation based on "if arthas was alive", is like saying "if arthas wins back in the day and becomes the most powerful entity on azeroth". you simply need to understand the origin of the powers that both characters wield (if i recall correctly they said that the lich king obtain his power from maldraxus, just a zone of All shadowlands)...also the lich king as an entity was created by the legion to conquer azeroth, his dominion over death is limited, and well the jailer is like death himself and he is bloating sylvanas with power directly. Hope this clarify this entire thing :)

    • Ionut Preda
      Ionut Preda Month ago

      @Tox bell but still, ppl forget one thing, that until now, Arthas could become more and more powerfull if sylvanas couldn't kill him before what chance does she have now? If Arthas was still alive and Frostmourne would be fully of strong spirit souls. Arthas in this point would be more powerful than an Old God.

    • Tox bell
      Tox bell Month ago +1

      No. The power that sylvanas have now is from the jailer himself (far more powerful than ner'zhul or lk arthas) and All the souls that are held in the maw, obviusly not a onesided victory (epic clash maybe), but still, win for sylvanas.

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D Month ago +3

    Now she unlocked the worlds secret the only one who can see world what it is she is not evel evil

    • T D
      T D Month ago

      Read Dark Mirror and tell me again that Sylvanas isn't evil.

  • mola4everyourz
    mola4everyourz Month ago +6

    5 expansions later...

  • HanTrolo
    HanTrolo Month ago +5

    ill enjoy when a resurrected arthas kills sylvanas in 9.1 or 9.2
    this is a redemption exp for arthas like they did with illidan

    • Tox bell
      Tox bell Month ago

      Sure he will be back, but not to kill sylvanas, thats for sure.

    • Arik Rotem
      Arik Rotem Month ago

      If arthas will be resurrected, ill return playing wow just to experience once again the greatness of this character

    • Hector Llamas
      Hector Llamas Month ago +1

      Sadly Sylvie is stronger than Arthas was. Also Arthas wouldn’t be the same if he returned, he’d just be the regular Arthas he was before he became the Lich king

    • Verall 77
      Verall 77 Month ago

      Me too

    • RiskaiNubcake
      RiskaiNubcake Month ago +1

      I hope, I would come back for that.

  • Alolan Vulpix Getting Railed

    4 Years Later: ***Mary Sue Sylvanas solos all the entire icc on her own***

    • Você tem gosto de mentiroso
      Você tem gosto de mentiroso Month ago

      It's pretty obvious you won't agree with me and I don't want to agree with you so ... bye, bye

      ps: go fuck yourself

      MR. KING OF PHENOMENAL Month ago

      @Samuel Speller I never said you can't have your opinion or comment about it. All I said if you don't like the game so much then quit and stop complaining.

      MR. KING OF PHENOMENAL Month ago

      @Você tem gosto de mentiroso She not a Mary Sue still. Like I said she not perfect character. She has fear and has many flaws and has lost many times. She failed the Horde and now she desperately trying beat death and has made a deal with the Jailer. She not Mary sue all because she beat Bolavar who isn't that strong compare to Arthas. It was clear she has became more powerful then ever before and has magic to help her out. That does not make her a Mary Sue.

    • Você tem gosto de mentiroso
      Você tem gosto de mentiroso Month ago

      You didn't read the example that I gave you, I already destroyed your argument, she's a Mary sue like it or not ...

      ps: dude, you're generalizing anime, you should see death note is very good

    • Samuel Speller
      Samuel Speller Month ago

      If arthas did not have frostmourne bolvar would 100% be stronger than him because arthas was just a kid still in training by uther. I'm not criticizing the gameplay of wow even though it is shit now, i'm talking about lore. Just because i have an opinion of something that isn't positive does not mean i should not be able to comment about it nor does it mean i hate the game. If i hated the game i wouldn't waste my time talking about it would i? It just means i want the game to improve and think that the lore is going in a bad direction.

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore Month ago +9

    Anyone here to enjoy the lich king kicking syls ass after that new cinematic? lol

  • Aganie
    Aganie Month ago +1

    Why did she become soo evil?😧

    • Eduardo N
      Eduardo N 19 days ago

      @Gutsu are you serious? She murdered thousands of innocents at Teldrassil. She's basically Hitler now.

    • Aganie
      Aganie Month ago

      Gutsu im asking why she became not post evil. This is before she did all that stuff and got obsessed w death

    • T D
      T D Month ago

      @Gutsuconsidering she made a human sacrifice out of Nathanos' own cousin (who looked up to her as a child). She's definitely evil.

    • Gutsu
      Gutsu Month ago

      what so evil about her? She just defeated Bolvar, killed Saurfang because he challenged her to a Mak'Gora which is a duel to the death.

    • xLetalis
      xLetalis  Month ago +1

      @DandyX P gotta ask Blizzard ;]

  • Love The Beast Within
    Love The Beast Within Month ago +3

    When times in WoW were great

  • Mrluckyjo
    Mrluckyjo Month ago

    I wonder how arthas would react if he saw all that happened to sylvannas so far, including splitting the helm of dominator

  • Short Vines
    Short Vines Month ago +1

    Back when Blizz was not runned by fiminist devs. Back when Blizz writing was actually decent and enjoyable.

    • Luke Atkins
      Luke Atkins Month ago +2

      "fiminist devs". I hope you don't expect people to take you seriously pal

  • Alberto
    Alberto Month ago +85

    who is here after sylvanas destroy bolvar¿?

  • UltraAnimaniac101
    UltraAnimaniac101 Month ago +265

    Sylvanas then: "He is too powerful! We have to retreat."
    Sylvanas now: "Lich King who?"

    • Mutaza hırrım
      Mutaza hırrım 22 days ago +1

      she is still
      can not defeat arthas's lich king.

    • arthur morgan
      arthur morgan 25 days ago

      @The Nameless nice

    • Victor Valenzuela
      Victor Valenzuela 27 days ago

      DownTownBrown06 she would have come with an army. She always comes with a plan B

    • Victor Valenzuela
      Victor Valenzuela 27 days ago +1

      UltraAnimaniac101 Bolvar is a no body compares to Arthas. Arthas was a powerful dead knight before he became the Lich King.

    • The Nameless
      The Nameless 27 days ago +2

      And fun fact that Arthas killed Nerzhul and get all Nerzhul's power as his own.
      So Bolvar only have the helm(And based from the CG, he likely barely trains the power of the helm).
      While Arthas have Frostmourne, Nerzhul full power, (Completely accept the helm).
      Not to mention Arthas as a Death Knight is likely stronger than Bolvar before he even become Lich King

  • Linkos
    Linkos Month ago +26

    ,,You cannot defeat the Lich Kin..''

    Sylvanas in Shadowlands trailer : Lmao, what did that paladin said ?

    • S W Y
      S W Y 19 days ago

      She still didn't beat arthas as the lich king so uther is still right

    • xLetalis
      xLetalis  Month ago

      See, nobody prior to sylvanas had the power to destroy that helmet ;]

  • RandomStuff
    RandomStuff Month ago +43

    Years later: Sylvanas destroy Lich king and Ice Crown

  • Ron Aladin
    Ron Aladin Month ago +2

    I dont like her voice. I prefer warcraft 3 sylvanas

    • Luca Dol
      Luca Dol Month ago

      WCIII Sylvanas' voice makes me feel so sleepy, like she's drunk when she talk or something. It makes her like a cheap pawn of the undead, nothing special, nothing big. WoW's Sylvanas has a better voice, better accent, it makes her more powerful, more evil and more like a villain boss.

  • ace spade
    ace spade Month ago +38

    Back before Sylvanas was ruined.

  • Martin Pelletier
    Martin Pelletier Month ago +1

    I hated that dungeon!

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago +18

    Step one: turn on captions
    Step two: restart video and wait 8 seconds
    Step three: Like this comment due to unbelievable kek

  • Longlive China
    Longlive China Month ago

    Funny those people laugh at sylvanas retreat, and then some of you play rouge and keep use hiding skill

  • Sauron Mordor
    Sauron Mordor Month ago


  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type Month ago +1

    "There must always be a Lich King" is WoW bullshit. Didn't Sylvanas and the Forsaken regained their consciousness when the Lich King got weakened in Frozen Throne. So if the Lich King is truly gone then the Undead would be free like her.

  • Eskimo JOE
    Eskimo JOE Month ago +1

    If only sylvanas was this cool now. Too bad.

    • Jovon Brown
      Jovon Brown Month ago

      nah that the agruement. Blizzard changed her in BFA..

  • Glarcier
    Glarcier Month ago +1

    ever since sylvanas saw the black of death after her attempted suicide, shes been driven by fear. the "twist" was not surprising at all. she serves herself and herself only.

  • Нико П
    Нико П Month ago +1

    This location looks great.
    I don't play in WoW but it's great.
    So many legends in one area.
    Sorry my English.

  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese Month ago +3

    Sylvanias is such a disappointment now.

  • Panter Punch
    Panter Punch Month ago +6

    2019 BFA happened!!!

  • menecross
    menecross Month ago +4

    I never understood why we killed Arthas. Even here Uther said that the bulk of the scourge is confined in Northrend by the Lich King.

    • Giulio Guilherme
      Giulio Guilherme Month ago

      I think he was the only one who truly understood the real nature of the Lich King.

  • idk
    idk 2 months ago +27

    Sylvanas: The Lich King is here? Then my destiny shall be fulfilled on this day!
    *Lich King actually shows up*
    Sylvanas: ight imma head out

  • PervySage
    PervySage 2 months ago +4

    Frostmourne hungers

  • Akis Idrizi
    Akis Idrizi 2 months ago +1

    Wow she has hope in her voice. She is so pure with her words.

    • Giulio Guilherme
      Giulio Guilherme Month ago

      Sylvanas has always been kind of innocent, in the sense that she can easily be carried by her emotions; even today, when she tries to be more cunning, cold and calculating. That's one of her most amusing traits, imho.

  • Cíba the Cíboušek :3
    Cíba the Cíboušek :3 2 months ago +1

    i just hope new expansion will be Wrath of the Banshee Queen

    • Elthenar
      Elthenar 2 months ago +2

      It's going to be Mists of Tirisfal, with the last raid being Siege of Undershitty.

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 2 months ago +7

    The Lich King couldn't even kill the living on Northrend, yet I'm to believe that they could wipe out Azeroth?

    • xxlCortez
      xxlCortez Month ago

      @awaker200 arthas just butchered through the land. The Scourge has very plot-driven strength, just look how they swarmed Quel'thalas when she sings her song. I played W3, it wasn't as easy. However Ner'zhul said that if Illidan kills him "the Scourge will be undone" which not remotely indicates that they just swarm Azeroth.

    • awaker200
      awaker200 2 months ago +2

      @xxlCortez for game purposes. And there mostly in hideing. The lich king had greater plans than conqureing a land he already owns. Arthas as a mere Deathknight under nerzhuls instruction dominated azeroth 🤣 for a short while

    • xxlCortez
      xxlCortez 2 months ago

      @F. P. No because he couldn't wipe them out. Neither the tuskarr or pretty much anything outside Icecrown. Northrend is full of living.

    • F. P.
      F. P. 2 months ago +2

      "However, the Lich King crushed their dark empire and sent them skittering into the arctic wastelands. Though there were few pockets of nerubian warriors left, they still sought to gain vengeance upon Ner'zhul and reclaim their subterranean kingdom.[3]"
      So he destroyed their whole empire, gets their own king under his command but it's not a done job 😆?

  • Ogikay
    Ogikay 2 months ago +25

    Saurfang saves her here but she kills her later on. Life is pain indeed

    • K. Syndae
      K. Syndae Month ago

      That isn’t Saurfang 🤦‍♂️

    • Jules Pittet
      Jules Pittet 2 months ago +3

      Isn't that blackscar who saves her?

  • Saša Bogdanović
    Saša Bogdanović 2 months ago

    solike arthas was good actualy bcif the would not be a king .undead would eat the world

  • alralfhszhian Lim
    alralfhszhian Lim 2 months ago +1

    They could just left arthas alone uther already said that arthas is the only one who is keeping the scourge from burning down the world

    • Giulio Guilherme
      Giulio Guilherme Month ago

      That would be too much of a happy ending, if you ask me.

    • Elthenar
      Elthenar 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, would you be ok with a genocidal maniac living down the street with a nuke who has a puppy to keep him happy and not blowing up the county?

      He might have had a piece of good Arthas left to hold the Scourge in check but who knows how long that would last.

    • xxlCortez
      xxlCortez 2 months ago +1

      But what about the heroes of Azeroth then who're looking for loot?