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Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other.
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Comments • 17 464

  • VoltingFlamez
    VoltingFlamez Year ago +4981

    I love how he just doesn’t care about the people around him and just records and acts happy and joyful 😌✨❤️

  • A monke
    A monke Year ago +1903

    Just imagine walking out of your hotel and seeing a man have a stroke over an egg sandwich

  • Aleksandr Smolnikov
    Aleksandr Smolnikov Year ago +1600

    Imagine a Japenese 7-Eleven is right next to your school, and you don't need to get school lunch.

    • Joseph
      Joseph 6 months ago

      You guys get school lunch

    • Cute Animalzz
      Cute Animalzz 6 months ago +1

      We have a 7-Eleven in front of our school. The only thing I found is a cockroach on the donut stand lol

    • yama
      yama 7 months ago +1

      there is a 7 Eleven next to my school and Im from Japan too lol.

    • 🌿Fern🌿
      🌿Fern🌿 7 months ago

      Germany doesn’t even have it👁💧👄💧👁

    • funny stuff
      funny stuff 7 months ago +1

      My school was bulit right next to a CVS and near by was also a zonic and on my walk home I would past convenience store that had fresh fried chicken but those japanese convenient stores sounds better then any food near my house

  • PSG
    PSG Year ago +110

    For those wondering about the frozen grape balls, it's called ice-no-mi. Itll be hard to find in the US, but you might be able to find it in some asian markets. Personally I have not found any yet in the 5 or so near me, but maybe one day!

    • Mandalorian
      Mandalorian Month ago

      Quite late but those really sound like devil fruits from one piece, point 1 it's an actual fruit, point 2 it's icey

  • Nothing
    Nothing Year ago +90

    This man's quote is "if you serve me this at a restaurant I wouldn't know the difference" I swear to god this man uses it so many times in 7 elleven videos. I love your videos. Thank you for making such amazing content. 😊

    • Ryan Xu
      Ryan Xu 5 months ago

      @JOSE LLERENA same

  • Eduardo Discaciate
    Eduardo Discaciate 2 years ago +4489

    I miss Japanese 7 eleven food, he's not overreacting, it is delicious.

    • Aayush Antwal
      Aayush Antwal Month ago

      7 eleven is shop best food

    • M H M
      M H M Month ago +1

      People thought I was crazy when I came back from my trip to Japan and told them about the 7-Eleven food. They just didn’t get it.

    • Jared Joseph Songheng
      Jared Joseph Songheng 9 months ago

      How would I know I never went to Japan yet

    • killerqueen2000
      killerqueen2000 11 months ago

      Taiwan is also really good

    • itsyeseniaaaa
      itsyeseniaaaa 11 months ago

      I wanna try it

  • elemental
    elemental 4 months ago +21

    Guys, he isn't exaggerating. Those mochi rolls are absolutely insane. They really do taste like a sweet, milkly cloud!

  • JenC in Texas
    JenC in Texas 4 months ago +26

    I've watched this video ATLEAST 20 times. I love it more and more every time, never yet tired of it, I visited Japan last December 2019,The food is phenomenal!

  • CacaCarpaccio
    CacaCarpaccio 6 months ago +58

    7-11 in Japan: clean, friendly staff and huge variety of cheap delicious food.
    7-11 in America: dirty, drugged employees who hate their life, overpriced stale food and groups of drugged or drunk bums outside asking for money.

  • Danny
    Danny Year ago +741

    In other words, Japanese 7-11 is a Michelin star establishment.

    • Aqua
      Aqua 23 days ago

      Oh...that's why it's soooo good lol

    • WOk K*9
      WOk K*9 2 months ago

      @binarypower 711 michelin stars

    • 딸기 산도
      딸기 산도 2 months ago

      @lollingme Felix 😩

    • lollingme
      lollingme 6 months ago +1

      Cooking like a chef I’m a 5 star michelin (sorry I had to)

    • Nadine Hoogenboezem
      Nadine Hoogenboezem Year ago


  • P L
    P L 3 years ago +1324

    I am jealous by how much can eat. It blows my mind how much food this guy can put down in one sitting! He's some sort legend by now. Flash-Player urban legend.

  • Johnny Shiao
    Johnny Shiao 10 months ago +14

    YES!! 7-11 has such great food in Japan. And you'd never think or realize that cold rice could be so soft and delicious but they're somehow able to accomplish that. 7-11 here in the states seriously need to step up their game. And the onigiri! I miss it =( This is seriously making me want to just spend another week there. I miss traveling.

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +18

    As a store manager in the states, I got so much anxiety watching you shop because of how many fresh and hot food items this store has. I'd lose my mind running this store 🤣

  • marcoscolga24
    marcoscolga24 8 months ago +16

    I just love his approach to choosing food. Like, 1:13. It speaks for itself. Also the way he doesn't restrict himself with mixing stuff. He just puts stuff together and eats it. I'd describe it as "liberal eating", and it's great. Keep it up, Mike!

  • TonyWildRiver
    TonyWildRiver 4 months ago +4

    Pizza buns were my typical winter breakfast when I lived in Japan! Egg sandwich and tuna mayo onigiri in warm weather. So tasty!

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris 3 years ago +4060

    This is Japanese culture, they put effort into everything.

    • Ranjan Biswas
      Ranjan Biswas Month ago

      But not enough effort when it comes to confronting their mental health. 🤷‍♀️

    • A monke
      A monke Month ago

      Even the people that are xenophobic they put alota effort into that

    • A monke
      A monke Month ago

      Especially the language like you see how descriptive they are

    • 딸기 산도
      딸기 산도 2 months ago

      @Tinkerbells' pixie dust and that's different in any other country? Come on.

    • dizzygunner
      dizzygunner 4 months ago

      @ZMAPP Chan the definition of lazy is: not putting in effort lmao

  • William Blish
    William Blish Year ago +14

    It drives me nuts how much variety there is. Its getting harder to eat things from convenience stores in the us. Nothing seems appealing nor healthy. I can only go so far with granola & protein bars.

  • Cheyenne S.
    Cheyenne S. Year ago +20

    I've watched this video ATLEAST 5 times. I love it more and more every time, never yet tired of it

  • CuriousCandy
    CuriousCandy Year ago +11

    I've watched this quite a few times! Can never get enough of Japanese food!! Their convince stores are awesome.

  • Nicole Eve
    Nicole Eve Year ago +70

    Serious question, do you really eat all these meals in one sitting?!?!?😱

    • 佐藤海翔
      佐藤海翔 3 months ago

      when you do intensive exercise. this amount is normal.
      is consider moderate.

    • Rafael Lucero
      Rafael Lucero 6 months ago +2

      Look at his chest.... that's his second and third stomach....just kidding ma man Mikey🤣✌️

    • Leafy
      Leafy 6 months ago +5

      Yes he does he answered that in a previous vedio

  • DrPixel Dude
    DrPixel Dude 2 years ago +3231

    Who else rewatches these 7/11 video like a million times 🤣

  • NoWSiNGLe
    NoWSiNGLe 3 months ago +2

    I love visiting Japan. There's always something so flavourful to eat with good portions and prices 🤣

  • marvinxmartian
    marvinxmartian Year ago +544

    He’s the Jackie Chan of food

    • 딸기 산도
      딸기 산도 2 months ago

      @Triptothebrightside yikes.... can someone get me a 10 meter pole to not touch this comment with

      ANGEL LOPEZ9 5 months ago

      His Variant

    • MaryLee
      MaryLee 7 months ago

      @A monke totally agree, both handsome

  • johnny cashew
    johnny cashew Year ago +4

    When I visited Japan, I lived off convenience food a lot of the time. Its easy to eat good and cheap in Japan if you supplement restaurant meals with "konbini" food. Not to mention 7/11 and Lawson and Family Mart have really good everything from fried chicken to sushi to snacks to this and that and etc etc etc

  • Unlawful Potato
    Unlawful Potato Year ago +8

    It’s one of my dreams to learn Japanese and move to Japan 🇯🇵

  • iChuuuzeYou
    iChuuuzeYou 3 years ago +5980

    Mike: "you know what would make this matcha cookie better"

    • crashpal
      crashpal 2 years ago


    • DC Wu
      DC Wu 2 years ago


    • Lacye Gupton
      Lacye Gupton 2 years ago

      iChuuuzeYou 😂😂😂😂

    • slowmotion Milk
      slowmotion Milk 2 years ago

      iChuuuzeYou i committed several warcrimes in albania

  • Kris Neillie
    Kris Neillie Year ago +14

    not going to lie, that egg sandwich looks amazing right now

  • DuckLama
    DuckLama Month ago +1

    2022 and I still watch this video non stop because it's comforting and amazing. You're the best Mikey!

  • Mickey
    Mickey 9 months ago +19

    One bento box and I’m full, three of those buns I’m full. It’s amazing how much you can eat. Respect.

    • Steve Stever
      Steve Stever 8 months ago +2

      He probably fasts for a good bit before
      He definitely doesnt eat all this shit directly in the middle of a normal eating schedule lol

  • Brandy Scott
    Brandy Scott Year ago +6

    Omg I’m so jelly !! That’s a 7/11 from heaven!! 🤤🤤❤️❤️ I hope Covid is over soon because I would like to go to Japan for the food !!!

  • Not Lee
    Not Lee 3 years ago +4941

    It’s funny to think that people over there might think “Jackie Chan just came in, bought 2 days worth of food and ate it all in one go”

    • Chris Avila
      Chris Avila 2 years ago

      LeeeOLee people over there aren’t racist idiots and can tell people apart so I’m sure that never happens

    • Jomo
      Jomo 2 years ago

      LeeeOLee ita funny to think might

    • Jaycey Allen
      Jaycey Allen 2 years ago

      marythe00001 saying someone looks like another isn't racist but a really popular racist/stereotypical comment is that all Asians look alike (hear the same thing for black ppl)
      The original comment obviously isn't racist bc he really does look like Jackie Chan but it's definitely a thing that some racist ppl say that Asians all look alike

    • abigail wright
      abigail wright 2 years ago

      Fiercely Humble I was thinking the SAME thing! Lol They don’t look alike, just close to the same complexion. Zoe is Dominican btw, not that it means anything-still has African in her blood but just sayin. And Will and the other guy look like they could be cousins.

    • Ning3n
      Ning3n 2 years ago


  • Auz
    Auz 3 months ago +1

    I love watching your videos they are just filled with positivity and good vibes and it’s a good distraction from fighting my loneliness so thank you for that too!

  • Joojoobeans
    Joojoobeans Month ago +1

    These videos are so great that I want to go to Japan just to visit their 7-Eleven stores and the Lawson stores! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Larisa Chan
    Larisa Chan 8 months ago +1

    Mike can make unhealthy foods seem healthy just by how he describes them 💓

  • Tracy Richardson
    Tracy Richardson Year ago +11

    Even the packaging fascinates me 😍

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 3 years ago +22893

    I want the confidence of Mike Chen where I can sit in 7 eleven Japan and have a buffet without looking around all insecure.

    • alexander arkum
      alexander arkum Year ago

      If you did that in America theyd call the police

    • Nyxus Rune
      Nyxus Rune Year ago

      Same. I can’t even be at peace in my own house without constantly worrying about making too much noise and someone hearing it.

    • SkyreeXScalabar
      SkyreeXScalabar 2 years ago

      you just need the motivation of sweet youtube money

    • Fine Aged Lime
      Fine Aged Lime 2 years ago

      And here I am surprised at how you can get a brunch for 30 dollars

    • Ayveh
      Ayveh 2 years ago

      Same, and I thought I was confident as fuck until I saw this video...not one once of insecurity or looking around to make sure no one is looking at him

  • Pit Wizard
    Pit Wizard 5 months ago

    I just had that instant udon with the big fried tofu rectangle the other day. Mike isn't wrong when he says it soaks up broth like a sponge. It literally squirts when you bite into it.

  • The Carrieshot
    The Carrieshot Year ago +18

    I keep coming back to this a few years later just to see the food, crave it, remember I can't, and repeat.

  • Eman Saleh
    Eman Saleh Year ago +2

    Man, the prices and quality are so much better compared to in the U.S.!! On my college campus, a plain prepackaged turkey sandwich is like 6 dollars. I wish we had a 7/11 like this... :')

  • effi evans
    effi evans Year ago +2

    everytime he's trying a new dish im like "okay he's not gonna like this one" and then his face is just like:😏 THAT IS GREAAAATTTT hahah love it x

  • Lisa Kakazu
    Lisa Kakazu 3 years ago +9275

    I can only imagine what the people working there were thinking. "Some guy came in, bought enough food to feed four people, sat down and ate it all."

    • sean juth
      sean juth 10 months ago

      I’m Japan, they have a belief in “only take what you need”. I guess if the people at the counter saw him eat everything, they would have just thought of him as a crazy person, not a Foreigner

    • zxycho22
      zxycho22 11 months ago

      @Patrick Vargas lol

    • TqT Gaming
      TqT Gaming 11 months ago

      @hayleywastaken he js

    • Zofia Adele Chua
      Zofia Adele Chua 11 months ago

      @Mhastery RMN true!

    • Sahil Ohe
      Sahil Ohe 11 months ago

      It's only for one person, not four people

  • Mitch Zimmerman
    Mitch Zimmerman 10 months ago +3

    I’m honestly astounded that you can eat so much in one go. I miss Tokyo so bad 😩

  • Debby Penia
    Debby Penia Year ago +3

    I dont know how many times i watched this video. Really good video and i love he can eat with happiness and doesn't care people around him.

  • Pandilli
    Pandilli 11 months ago +6

    This has been my favourite of his videos for a while 😭 Everything looks sO good 🥺

  • x_cuteness_and_more *
    x_cuteness_and_more * 11 days ago

    I could only dream the US 7-Eleven being like that 🤤

  • porkerr_
    porkerr_ 3 years ago +1131

    He’s literally the human incarnation of Kirby; it’s insane how much food he can stomach.

    • Lily Vuong
      Lily Vuong 2 years ago

      Having a high metabolism is a double edged sword. I know because I eat 3x what my friends eat and I barely gain a fraction of a pound.

    • Rohini VDS
      Rohini VDS 2 years ago

      Best reaction ever!

    • Spiritual G
      Spiritual G 2 years ago

      He literally hoovers the food up.

    • Nighthawk Imperium Corporal
      Nighthawk Imperium Corporal 2 years ago

      Parker Gonzaga
      I was thinking im sorta like kirby, too, like at times i dont eat alot, other times i eat everything.

  • 사랑들
    사랑들 Year ago +17

    I watch his videos when I have food, so it’s like we are eating together :)

  • Bear_Trap
    Bear_Trap Year ago +30

    I feel like you can get full meals worth of food for super cheap in Japanese convenience stores

  • Repli’ca
    Repli’ca 9 months ago

    The noodles with the pork belly looked sooo good😊 and the egg sandwich & strawberry sandwich

  • I am just a mom doing the best I can

    I love how Japanies foods and drinks like to have interactive themes!

  • OliviasWorld95
    OliviasWorld95 3 years ago +477

    I would literally go to Japan just to eat at their 7-Eleven 😩

    • 딸기 산도
      딸기 산도 2 months ago

      @Proud Beaner I think you've confused the USD ($) with yen ( ¥)

    • B Ruh
      B Ruh 3 years ago +2

      Z Malek Who broke your heart

    • holotrees
      holotrees 3 years ago +5

      Z Malek you sound salty as hell. Who hurt you

    • The Fast
      The Fast 3 years ago +7

      Z Malek You're the only one that sounds edgy.

    • Captain. Black
      Captain. Black 3 years ago +1

      That was 2000 Yen not USD, 2000 Yen = 17 USD.

  • Minion_Dave5-O
    Minion_Dave5-O 3 months ago

    I’m guilty for watching this a couple hundred times. Thanks Mike 😂

  • Extrolextyer
    Extrolextyer Year ago +5

    Watching this idk why but it makes me feel better Japans such a beautiful place and they have so much amazing food

  • kurluk04
    kurluk04 5 months ago +1

    The amazing video when mikey discovered the infamous egg sandwich! 😂

  • Dega
    Dega 6 months ago +1

    This guy is so calming to watch I love his videos

  • CookiesnButtcheeks762
    CookiesnButtcheeks762 2 years ago +1297

    This guy has balls to eat a buffet at a Japanese 7 eleven talking to a camera 😂

    • Xesnox
      Xesnox 2 years ago

      1000th like

    • Garrett
      Garrett 2 years ago +1

      I think you'd look a lot stranger doing this in an American 7-11.

    • Lee Yang
      Lee Yang 2 years ago

      I used to be on my Bluetooth talking on the phone sitting at the corners all the times. Don’t think I there’s much difference in it..lol

    • Nsummer
      Nsummer 2 years ago +9

      I don't think it's that embarrassing as you all say it is, for sure when one sees a person talking in front of a camera it just means they are filming themselves or that they are an online star. Unless you are just talking to yourself without any technology present, that, you're nuts.
      Y'all are pretty dense to make that remark.

  • Big PGB
    Big PGB Year ago +6

    I love this guy he's so upbeat and joyful and it makes my day

  • Tenzin Wangchuk
    Tenzin Wangchuk Year ago +1

    Love your videos sir 😁
    Keeping making more videos 😊
    Love from Bhutan 🇧🇹

  • TheMadameMystique
    TheMadameMystique 4 months ago +1

    I really wish 7-11 was like that in my country.😍

  • Christopher Ruiz
    Christopher Ruiz 3 months ago

    this man never fails to make me want to eat ramen noodles at 2AM

  • R Chan
    R Chan 2 years ago +1399

    Hi I'm in Japan right now and I got a lot of the items that he mentioned, here is my personal review:
    Matcha cookie:
    Average nothing special, just a regular cookie.
    7-11 Michelin star instant noodles:
    Great instant noodles a must try, very flavorful, even better than some restaurants.
    Lawson pudding:
    Omg you have to try this! The flavor and taste is so unique and smooth! With a distinct milky taste. 10/10 would definitely Recommend. Got one almost everyday that I was in Japan!
    Egg sandwich:
    Something that you cannot get in America, the taste is so different and good. Japan bread is very soft and fluffy. The egg is creamy and dreamy. Got one for breakfast daily!
    Peach drink:
    Very different from the fruit yogurt drinks in America. Not as sweet and more fruit flavor, some even have fruit chunks. Tried more drinks from the same line, very good. Recommend.
    Fruit ice ball thing that you put in carbonated water:
    Would recommend something else to drink, but if you want to try something new and different give it a try. Not bad but would rather just buy some soda.
    Thank you for uploading this video it was very helpful and informative on my trip to Japan! 😊

    • Zofia Adele Chua
      Zofia Adele Chua 11 months ago

      Thanks for this! I’m going to buy some or all of these next time if I go to Japan :)

    • Rena Urbina
      Rena Urbina 2 years ago +1

      @Cody Yellott not like that type of egg sandwich

    • Johnathan Luyando
      Johnathan Luyando 2 years ago

      Thats dope bro but if the person has never been im sure they love every idem u have no idea how hard it is to find any of this stuff in the u.s but hell yea u live there make videos bro

    • Idk What
      Idk What 2 years ago

      I will go there in year exaclaly i cant whait

  • Tobi J
    Tobi J Year ago

    Everytime he bites I nearly book a flight out of impulse to Japan. I've been to Japan before and I miss the 7-11, I wish we had one in the UK. Definitely going to try Lawson's Next time.

  • Leslie Marshall
    Leslie Marshall 4 months ago +1

    Just ordered Tsuta from Amazon and a bunch of reviewers on there said they bought it because of your videos lol! I'm excited to get to try it (it was definitely pricey!)

  • Jaime Knoble
    Jaime Knoble 9 months ago

    I'd kill for a selection like that in the US or Puerto Rico, where I am now. When I was in Georgia, I was never able to find a good pork bun. I found your recipe and made them myself for Thanksgiving one year and they were amazing. Someday, maybe I'll get to travel to Asia and stuff myself at 7-11

  • Zoro Cooks
    Zoro Cooks 2 months ago

    Now I'm in my country, concerned about the current world events, but this video takes me back to my life in Tokyo, 2 years ago, and makes me feel better. Thank you Mike!

  • living hooman bean
    living hooman bean Year ago +861

    Japanese here! The bun you ate that had the potatoes and cheese in it is actually seasoned cod roe(mentaiko), potato and cheese flavor.
    Thanks so much for visiting :)

    • 青トマト
      青トマト Month ago

      @Luqmannn “アイスの実” which is read as “ice no mi” means “fruit of ice cream” or like “ice cream fruit”

    • Star Platinum
      Star Platinum 4 months ago +1

      @ً one piece 💀

    • ItsaMeChols
      ItsaMeChols 6 months ago +2

      @Gilbert Galvan at least you have a 7-eleven in your country T_T

    • Draken
      Draken 6 months ago

      @Luqmannn ice ice no mi

    • Gilbert Galvan
      Gilbert Galvan 7 months ago +6

      @Cherryspacecät Man a 7 Eleven has better foods than the ones here in the US.

  • Army Ernst
    Army Ernst 3 months ago

    This food looks amazing!

  • Carli Elizabeth
    Carli Elizabeth 9 months ago +5

    okayy this is amazing. everything looks so good i wouldnt be able to stop myself

    • Carli Elizabeth
      Carli Elizabeth 9 months ago

      yes i literally just started the video and im already obsessed

  • Angelica vincent
    Angelica vincent 11 months ago +1

    Love love love watching you on your food adventure super awesome

  • y yzr
    y yzr 8 months ago

    Enjoy your video so much Mikey. This is seriously making me miss Japan. Hope things get better soon.

  • Mikel Gomez-Ortega
    Mikel Gomez-Ortega 2 years ago +5189

    Mike in a relation ship:
    Mike: you are a really good girlfriend, but you know what could make you better?
    Mike’s gf: please don’t dip me in broth or hot oil

    • Datrix
      Datrix 6 months ago

      @GreenBozo ҚĄʑ Mike: I have cut the FBI into ramen and made soup.
      GF: Welp I’m screwed I’ll just die now I guess.

    • Zach Dekoning
      Zach Dekoning 7 months ago


    • Larisa Chan
      Larisa Chan 8 months ago +1


    • Aleksander Ignatovich
      Aleksander Ignatovich Year ago

      Mike pulls out vat

    • OpenTheCase
      OpenTheCase Year ago

      Omg hahahaaaahaaahahaha

    ZENDEL ROSARIO M TARUC 11 months ago

    Wow that"s a lot of food. And all the food you eat are delicious. Now I am starving.🤣
    Wish to have that kind of food adventure from the convenience stores in Japan.🙏
    I'm lovin' it.😊😋

  • cool
    cool Year ago +9

    I’d probably be going to 7 eleven everyday if I were in Tokyo

  • Shop-Till-I-Drop
    Shop-Till-I-Drop 7 months ago

    You eat deliciously making me hungry 😋❤️

  • servicarrider
    servicarrider Year ago

    You are very good at giving these reviews. My first experience with your videos but you appear to me, to be, living the dream.

  • ᴄʟᴏᴠᴇʀ-sᴀɴ
    ᴄʟᴏᴠᴇʀ-sᴀɴ 3 years ago +1265

    The grape ice cube was my childhood when I lived in japan 😫😫 my grandma used to give me three pieces of those whenever I come to visit her. She told me I was gonna get cavities if I eat too much so she just gave me three💗💗 now she’s in a better place🙏 thank you for reminding me of my precious memory with her💕✨

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  • Exploring Alabama
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    • Nicole zzz
      Nicole zzz 3 years ago

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  • Comet the demon wolf Gaming

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      @Taliyah Clifton but you have meat pies , sausage rolls , custard squares , and cream donuts all over the place...what I wouldn't give for a meat pie, even the gas station ones.

  • OurCreative Beehive
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    Japanese man: Do you serve food here?
    Store employee: well yes but actually no

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      Is there anything in particular that they look for in a candidate? That sounds like an awesome job.

    • Sarah Graves
      Sarah Graves 2 years ago

      To be fair, their tuna or egg sandwiches are good for what they are. They were my breakfast goto in college when I delivered papers at 3am.

    • Geno2733
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      Our food is of lesser quality and costs two to four times as much. I'd eat 7-Eleven over McDonald's if I were in Japan.

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    2. It tastes so much better when you dip it in this broth.

    CHRISTIAN JENDEL ABARCA 10 months ago +8

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    • Team BlaDeZ
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      I went to Hotel Asia Center of Japan
      Where were you?

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    • MistBorn
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