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  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • This is the reason WHY ACTIVISION / CALL OF DUTY Doesn't wanna work with the DOC!
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  • Noah
    Noah Day ago +2

    Activision literally invited cheaters to the event over Doc. That’s just insane.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +791

    Doc is a real one and always has been.

  • DemorianCale
    DemorianCale Day ago +419

    I've never seen someone rage so hard as Doc who still comes back around with constructive criticism and incredible ideas. You're the perfect example of someone that's just disappointed and wants better out of their favourite game. Their failure to see that is a major disservice to the development of this series.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Day ago +153

    This is literally why we love you. Don’t change for nobody, your fans will always support you. I’ve been watching your content for several years and Ill never stop. You don’t need Activision, they need you. Much love ❤️

  • Don't read profile photo

    It makes them feel superior by denying the greatest content creator on the scene. But they're only hurting themselves. Dr. DisRespect is the passion and personality people desire to see. Much Love, Doc. We all still love you man.

  • Nora Smith
    Nora Smith Day ago +212

    This is why Doc is loved by his community, he is his own person, Activision, GTFOH with that BS

  • ChevyLife Erik
    ChevyLife Erik Day ago +1

    I hope Activision read these comments we love you doc for who you are always speaking your mind and please never change

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams Day ago +160

    Stay true to yourself DOC, at some point in time they can’t stop the inevitable and have to give in to the biggest streamer in the world!

  • JaYScOpeZ_225
    JaYScOpeZ_225 Day ago +44

    Doc don’t change, the reason activision are using you as a scapegoat is because you have the biggest voice. To me your honest opinions is what’s needed in the gaming community

  • Kedo
    Kedo Day ago +15

    Doc is a real one and always has been. Very few content creators have the mental fortitude to stay themselves the way Doc does. The vast majority sell out to gain marketing favors from developers and media.

  • riccardo maconi
    riccardo maconi Day ago +29

    Doc as you can see your fans are educated unlike those at the triple A studios developing the same game every year you're a real human being who actually tries and does not conform you're a rare breed the mundane will not understand your energy never change man!

  • Username
    Username 12 hours ago +3

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY does it better, A living legend and we get to witness it in real time. The Doc will live forever

  • Sir Jackson
    Sir Jackson Day ago +827

    Kinda says it all about Activision. They’re willing to back and support proven cheaters and frauds rather than someone who legitimately cares about the state of the game

  • Vendetta BTK Gaming
    Vendetta BTK Gaming Day ago +20

    You are the only real one doc and your community will always have your back. There is nobody like you.

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo 20 hours ago +8

    What they don't understand is this is the entire reason we watch you is your honesty.

  • Ge0Ne0
    Ge0Ne0 17 hours ago +2

    It literally takes intelligent people to understand Doc’s character. Look at his fan base… Professional athletes, professional businessmen, members of the military, members of the medical community, lawyers, business owners. You can’t expect a company who doesn’t even understand what it’s own fanbase wants to understand Doc.

  • tou siuey
    tou siuey 15 hours ago +3

    Love you doc keep it up cause we need people to speak up on the problems or there will never be changes

  • 1991 Evie
    1991 Evie Day ago +19

    I love that Doc tells the true about the game and not selling his soul like some other streamers or influencers 😮

  • Daily Paper Trip
    Daily Paper Trip Day ago +773

    I'm 38 and used to think watching streamers is childish but your character caught me.. There's been many times you brought me to tears happy and sad.. You got it all my guy love from uk london.

  • Mitch James
    Mitch James Day ago +8

    All respect Doc, continue being a legend.