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Let's get Eryn ready for PROM 2022

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • Let's get Eryn ready for prom 2022
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  • Manny Mua
    Manny Mua Day ago +4

    laura when i tell you…. that you did THAT!!!!!! she’s an artist yall don’t forget it!!!

  • YouTube
    YouTube Day ago +188

    you slaaayyed it laura! ❤

  • Courtelizz1
    Courtelizz1 16 hours ago +81

    Wow. She looks amazing! I hope she had an amazing time ❤️

  • NayNay
    NayNay Day ago +630

    Laura absolutely slayed Erin’s make up. Everything from the dress to the glam was stunning, she looked like a Bond girl! Hope she had an amazing prom. So glad she posted this, it’s always nice to see Erin’s & Laura’s dynamic, the way Laura speaks to her is wonderful.

  • marisa perrault
    marisa perrault Day ago +267

    Eryn has truly blossomed into such a beautiful young woman. She’s become so confident and secure with herself and is so well spoken for her age. I truly hope you and Ty are happy and proud. You’ve both been such a positive influence on her❤️

  • Sophie G
    Sophie G Day ago +169

    I love how Eryn knows what she wants and what will look good on her and doesn’t feel she needs to compete with influencers her own age or older to look a certain way. She makes looking age appropriate look fabulous and Laura supports all her decisions by guiding her and lets her express her own individuality. What a wonderful relationship they have. ❤️

  • JennyLeigh
    JennyLeigh Day ago +1

    This must be a beautiful feeling for you and Tyler to share this moment with her. I remember when you guys first started to care for her and it made me so emotional. She looks absolutely beautiful and seems like she's growing into a beautiful respectful lady. God bless you and Ty. You guys are amazing. Happy Prom Eryn and may all of your dreams and wishes come true. ❤️

  • Julie Remitar
    Julie Remitar Day ago +160

    1. Omfg i cant get over the fact that Eryn is friggin graduating and seeing her go through the process of getting ready for Prom 😭.

  • Daja Amato
    Daja Amato Day ago +80


  • Steph Eckstein
    Steph Eckstein Day ago +232

    Your niece just has the most AMAZING heart…..she’s such a doll. I hope she always holds onto that spirit. And u did the damn thing girl she looks BEAUTIFUL but she was beautiful before the makeup too ❤️❤️

  • Danielle Pardon
    Danielle Pardon Day ago +23

    This makes me emotional watching this, because what a beautiful life you've been able to provide her and just the way you and tyler have changed her life!

  • giorgia colangelo
    giorgia colangelo Day ago +189

    seeing Tyler and Laura being this adorable with Eryn makes me cry

  • Cate
    Cate Day ago +1

    What you and your husband have done for your neice is so inspiring to me, I have started going to ocean city Maryland from PA to help my sister with my neice and nephew. Help clean the house, do a big grocery shopping , take them to soccer on Saturday morning and help her by being there for her. She had a tough divorce. I’ve been going twice a month and feel so much closer to my neice and nephew . Childhood is so short then it’s over. I have so much respect for you all

  • Miss Hollywood
    Miss Hollywood Day ago +32

    Omg omg omg Erin you look gorgeous !!!! I cried like a baby when you were on the stairs getting photos taken and my husband looked at me like I was cray cray. I told him “she’s just so grown up now” (as I’m sobbing away lol) Laura the life and love you have been able to give Erin has and will continue to change her life forever as well as your own. You all have grown so much since Erin moving in. Your mom/grandma would be so proud of the two of you, I know it!!! I’m so thankful you shared this journey with us.

  • DansUneAutreVie
    DansUneAutreVie Day ago +3

    Such a full circle video! Eryn is gorgeous and has grown up so much. She's a blessed young lady!

  • H Witt
    H Witt Day ago +140

    I love that she said her confidence comes from her face. ❤ She is beautiful, not just physically but her personality and confidence from within is growing. We love confident young women who know their worth!

  • Marie J
    Marie J Day ago +5

    This really gave me all the feels, you have come so far with Eryn and this moment was so sweet between you. She looked gor-geous!

  • Kikifromhawaii
    Kikifromhawaii Day ago +82

    When Eryn said “ i wish I could take my hydro flask with me, that’s like emotional support” lmao! Felt that

  • Wafaa Ali
    Wafaa Ali Day ago +2

    Lucky Eryn doesn’t have to worry about going to the salon cause she got the salon already at home 😂💛💛💛

  • Maryel Reyes
    Maryel Reyes Day ago +6

    The fact that we have all seen her grow up through your channel! 😭 I felt like a proud mom watching her go to prom! ❤️